Taming a “Karen”

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Barbara : Fuck!(x4) LET ME OUT !!!!!! HELP !!!!!! ANYONE HELP!!! FUCK!

Barbara is trapped in a room. She has been screaming for help for days and nobody came to her aid. Barbara a 34 year old woman. She looks good for her age and has long wavy thigh length brown hair. Ever since husband filled a divorce, she’s has been growing it out. Nobody like her because she’s a 100% “Karen”.

One day, Barbara woke up in a unfamiliar room, naked. On a specific time, a door would open to the outside. But, there are walls, and barb wires surrounding the area. This was only chance for her to get fresh air, walk around, and release some of her stress. Barbara used her thick brown thigh length hair to cover her body for warmed, since its cold during the night.

A man would open a small window and serve Barbara food. She would shout at the man, demanding him to let her go. But, he doesn’t care to listen to her loud mouth.

The next couple of days, Barbara stop shouting for help. She realized nobody is going to get her, and broke down in tears.

Barbara (crying): Please, let me out… (softly hitting a another door that might be an exist)

The door open, the same man who feed her appeared in front of her. He grab her hair and striped Barbara to the chair.

Master: Called me Master…(he said in a manly low voice). You’re here for a reason. These people have pay me to do so.

Barbara: What “people”? What the fuck did I ever do to them?

Master (he picked up his notes): According to the “people”, you have been a nuisance in the neighborhood. You picked on little kids, you block a guy from parking who’s just visiting his parents, you called the police to stop a birthday party of a 6 year old girl for making too much noise…. and the list goes on. You’re label as a “Karen”


Master: Who is on your side  now? (he smiled at her). Entitlement doesn’t exist here. I’m here to tamed you, and I won’t let you out until you know how to behavior.


Master: That would be interesting (As he laugh of out, and went his way)

Fallen into submission

Barbara has went through countless of abused. Master put her in a cage, fed her dog food, and whip her butt off. He electrocute her nipples, and inserted dildo into her pussy. It took a few weeks until she’s broken down into submission.

Master was impress with Barbara guts. Master admit that she’s was not easy to tamed, but he enjoys every challenge. He felt aroused and wanting more of her.

Barbara was tied up and hanging by her hands up in the air. Master stroke her thick wavy thigh length hair, and stared at Barbara with a lustful eyes.

Master: I have decided to take you in (he pull her head up right and look straight into her eyes)

Barbara: please… stop, just let me go. I will do anything, just let me go home. (crying desperately)

Master: I’m starting to develop a feeling for you Barbara… You’re special, you made me feel excitement somehow. I don’t know if its your endurance or guts. But, I love the way you fought back.

Barbara: What do you mean, I have been obeying your comment for  days.

Master: I might have beaten you, but not your heart (he kissed her on the lips, take off his pant, and bang her)

Barbara: Ahhhhh!! Please stooooopp! FUCK! STOP IT!

Master: From now on, I will your take your heart and make you mine.

A month later

Master has a hair fetish. He trained Barbara how to used her thigh length hair. She learned different way to tie a perfect knot on his penis. Also, he taught her how to make a bun that suit his big dick.

Master have lessen the torture. Barbara have been obedient, and only speaks when asked. Master took decided to take her out of the room, since she’s in a good behavior.

Barbara was surprised. She was living in a mansion, but couldn’t recognized the area. Master put a dog collar on Barbara neck and take her for a walk around the mansion. There were people in the mansion or rather “customers”. Women will stand at the front door, waiting to be pick up by the customers, and stayed in one of the mansion room. This was Master business, those women were actually trained slaves by him to be sell off.

Master: Don’t worry, you’re mine. Even if those old rich customers offer a million dollar, I won’t accept it.

Barbara: Thank you, master (speaking politely)

Master: You’ll be given clothes and a room. I have chosen a specific shampoo, wash it and make your hair smell good only for me.

Barbara: My hair is yours, and I will follow you, Master.

Master: That’s my girl.

A week later, Barbara was planning on an escaped. She was giving a permission to roam around the mansion from Master. She gotten his trust, and using it to her advantage to plan her escape. But, she knew this was not going to be easy with the cameras.

At night, Barbara went on her way. She quietly went out of the house. Barbara manage to reach the fence quietly without any detection. She took out a cutter from her bag and cut through the thin steel wire, and ran.

Barbara was thrilled to escaped from the mansion. In her mind is all about escaping the hands of Master, and didn’t want to be his hair slave. After a 1km run, she stop at a cliff. Barbara scream in frustration because she finally realize there’s no escaped. Mansion is located in an Island.

Master: Pretty nice scenery (he appeared, knowing her plan after all). The cliff is really high, if you manage to survive the jump, the strong waves is going eat you up.

Barbara: YOU KNEW! (she broke down and cry) YOU KNEW! x3

Master (grab her by her hair): I also knew you haven’t given up hope. (he smiled and drag her back to the mansion)

Taming the Karen within her 

A brutal first month after Barbara escaped. Barbara was tied and hung up in the air by her hair. She has been raped and abused by Master. Her feet never touched the floor that month. 

Barbara finally give in and accept the reality. Master successful brainwashed her after months of taming. He’s proud of it, changing “Karen” to a slave and this was his greatest achievement.

Barbara mentality has changed from “entitlement” to “submission”. Master brought her back home after a year of taming. They walked around, went shopping and have nice food. People who knew Barbara the Karen was stunt at the transformation. The last time they saw her, she was loud and bossy. Now, she’s a polite and soft spoken lady.

Barbara last day at home 

Barbara gotten the permission to packed her stuff, and allowed to lived in her home for a week On the last day at home, Master appeared in Barbara house. When she saw him, she tie her hair into his favorite bun, and walk towards him on her knees.

Master: I miss your hair (he sniff her bun). How’s the packing going (undoing her bun and stroke her hair with his fingers)

Barbara: Its done Master (she undid his pants and messaging his dick with her hair)

Master: I saw an old picture of you, you had an bob cut. (Playing with her scalp)

Barbara: Yes Master, that is me with a bob (She sucking his penis with her long hair).

Master: From all the picture I seen, this is the only time you had short hair, why? (Picking her hair up and dropping it continuously)

Barbara: My ex-husband loves my long hair. I didn’t like the cum on my hair every time we had sex. So I cut it and keep it short until we signed the divorce papers. (giving him a hairjob while telling her story)

Master: I see… when I met you, your hair was to your thigh. Now its grown to the knees. Do you love your long hair? (he gently pat her head)

Barbara: If master love my long hair. I will love my long hair.

Master order Barbara to undress and bring him a scissor, cream, and a razor. He then asked her to sharpen the scissor. Master glazing at Barbara knee length hair. He watched that beautiful brown hair moving back and forth, while sharpen the scissor. After she was done, Barbara kneel and presented him with the scissor, cream, and a razor.

Master: Now, tie my dick with your hair and make sure everything is covered. (Barbara followed his order) Good, nice and firm. I want you to cut that hair covering my dick.

Barbara: Yes Master… (“SCHHIINKKK” “SCHHIINKK” “SCHHIINKK” and the hair was detached)

Master: Nice… I’m going to shave you bald. Because you hair has been stained by your ex-husband.

Barbara (with emotionless expression): If Master is happy, I’m happy. (She gave him a hairjob with the piece that she cut off)

Master took the scissor and started slowly cutting her hair close to her scalp.

Master: So, I’m going to miss your long hair… (SCHHIINKKK” “SCHHIINKK” “SCHHIINKK”) But, I know you its going to grow even beautiful (SCHHIINKKK” “SCHHIINKK” “SCHHIINKK”).

Barbara (sucking his dick while her hair is being sheared off): Hmmm… I will grow it again for you Master (SCHHIINKKK” “SCHHIINKK” “SCHHIINKK”).

Master took a good 5 mins cutting Barbara long hair. After that, he orders her to sit up straight so he could shave her head clean. Master took 10 mins to finish up shaving her head. He then commanded Barbara, to jerk him off. When Master reached to a cumming point, he release on her head to mark as his.

Barbara from knee length hair to bald was a transformation that Master didn’t like it.

Master: Now you look like a true SLUT. I don’t like things that have no value to me. I’ll come back to you when your hair grows again. Barbara, make sure you take care of your head. I’ll visit every 3 months to check on you to see how your hair grows.

Barbara: Yes, Master.

4 years later 

Barbara hair had reached to her butt, and it more thicker and healthier than before. In those 4 year, she was well behaved and didn’t cause any problem in the neighborhood that her nickname “Karen” self – entitlement bitch is clear. One day, Master appeared in her home.

Master: Are you ready to leave? (he smiled)

Barbara: Yes, Master (she turned her back for him)

Master (touching her butt length hair and smelling it): You know maybe I enjoyed the haircutting on you too, I wanna give you a bob cut just like in the picture.

Barbara (emotionless expression): If Master likes it, I like it too


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