Tara Gets Her First Head Shave

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“Tara, hurry up. I need to run you down to the barber shop before school. It’s time for you to get a haircut this morning.” Mary Foster called to her daughter. Tara was a seventeen year old girl, with light brown hair, and a small petite figure. She was quite pretty. She had always had short hair. She hated it, but she had no choice. Her mom kept her hair in a half inch flattop, tapered to her nape. She liked Tara’s hair fairly short as well. Short hair suited Tara’s face well though. For most of her life her mom had their barber give her a bowl cut, buzzing the back and sides with a number two guard, about an inch above the tops of her ears, and very short bangs. But for the last few months, she had allowed her daughter to grow out it out longer into a short bob, with a buzzed nape, which was more feminine looking. Tara hurried along, not wanting to make her mother angry, and finished getting ready for school. She glanced at her watch, seven thirty. She grabbed her backpack, and ran to the car, where her mom was waiting for her. “Tara, summer is approaching. I’ve allowed you to grow your hair longer this year, but it’s time to get your summer buzz cut again.” Mrs. Foster said. Tara groaned. Her mom always had her hair buzzed to a half inch about two weeks before school got out. Tara hated it. “Mom, does it have to be so short this summer?” I really like the way it is now.” Tara whined. “Well, maybe you can grow it back into a bob next year.” Mrs. Foster said, as she drove down their street. “But your hair is going to be buzzed short today, as it is every summer.” Mrs. Foster said, as drove down town to the barber shop. Tara’s arms were folded across her chest, and she had a sour look on her face. When they reached the barber shop, it was just opening, so they were the only customers. There were two barbers, but Meg, the woman barber was the only one today. Tara and her mom always had Meg cut their hair anyways. “Good morning Mrs. Foster, Tara.” Meg said, as she walked over and greeted them. “What can I do for you today?” She asked. “It’s time for Tara’s summer buzzcut Meg.” Mrs. Foster said. “Great, come on back Tara, and let’s get started.” Meg said, enthusiastically. Tara reluctantly walked back to the big red barber chair, and got in. Meg pulled a tissue out of the dispenser, and wrapped it tightly around Tara’s neck. Then she snapped a cape over it. She called to Mrs. Foster, “The usual half inch buzz?” “Yes please.” Mrs. Foster said, looking up from the women’s short hair magazine me had picked up. Meg smiled, and took the clippers off the shelf. She put the half inch attachment on them, and then turned them on. POP hummmmmmmmm the clippers went. Meg pushed Tara’s head into her chest, and started buzzing up Tara’s nape. Tara felt chunks of her hair sliding down as the clippers buzzed them off. Buzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzz. The clippers felt good, as much as she hated them. Having her whole head buzzed was the only thing she enjoyed about her summer buzzcut. She sat still as Meg continued to buzz up the back of her head. Buzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzz. Then Meg tilted Tara’s head back up, and started to buzz off Tara’s sideburn. She buzzed all the hair off Tara’s left side, then started buzzing Tara’s right sideburn. She kept buzzing until the whole right side of Tara’s head was reduced to one half an inch. Then she placed the clippers on Tara’s hairline at her forehead, and pushed them back. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Tara felt all her long hair float down as it was buzzed off. It brushed past her cheeks, then slid down the cape, and piled in her lap. Meg buzzed all the hair on the top of Tara’s head, then finally turned the clippers off. Then she got out the smaller edging clippers and turned them on. They had a much higher buzz. Tara felt her head again being pushed into her chest, and felt the small clippers running partway up her nape. She felt little hairs floating down the back of her neck. Meg finished tapering her nape, then buzzed around her sideburns and ears. Then she turned the clippers off and called Mrs. Foster over. “It looks very nice Meg,” She said. “I’ve decided that I want you to just take it all off this year though. Give her a full head shave.” She said. “No mother!” Tara said, as she began to cry. You can’t shave my head.” Tara, you will sit still and stop fussing. Your head will be shaved today.” Mrs. Foster said, as she walked back to her seat, and continued reading her magazine. “Don’t worry Tara, I’m sure you’ll look great with a shaved head.” Meg said as she unsnapped the cape, and shook it out, then put it back around Tara’s neck. Then she picked up the big Oster clippers again, and took the guide off them. Then she turned them on, and they made a loud POP, hummmmmmmmmm. Tara closed her eyes to try to stop the tears, but it was no use. Her cheeks were blushed bright red, and were soaking wet. Tara felt the guard less cold steel clippers on her forehead. Meg slowly pushed them back, buzzing a path of stubble down the center of Tara’s head. The tiny hairs clung to Tara’s soaked cheeks. The buzzing continued until the whole top of Tara’s head have been buzzed to stubble. Then Meg buzzed all of the hair off the right side of Tara’s head, then the left side. Meg pushed Tara’s head into her chest firmly, the placed the cold clippers at the base of Tara’s nape. Slowly she pressed them upwards. The clippers peeled Tara’s hair off, setting free little tufts of hair that rolled down Tara’s neck. Meg buzzed and buzzed. Tara’s head became cold as it was buzzed to stubble, and the wind bit it. Tara shivered. Finally, Meg turned the clippers off. She unsnapped the cape, and shook the hair off of it, then folded it and placed it on the other barber’s chair. Meg got out a large white towel, and put it un the sink, and turned the hot water on. Then she got another towel and stuck it under Tara’s collar. Next Meg got the straight razor off of the shelf, and stropped it on the leather strap. Then she took the hot towel out of the sink, and wrapped it around Tara’s buzzed head. The hot towel burned Tara’s skin as it soaked her stubbly hair. Then Meg placed the straight razor under hot running water in the sink, and walked over to the lather machine. Tara heard a whining sound as thick hot shaving lather was pumped out onto Meg’s palm. When Meg was satisfied with the amount of lather in her hand, she took the hot towel off of Tara’s head, and replaced it with hot shaving lather. Meg rubbed the lather gently into Tara’s buzzed head, making sure she had covered every inch of stubble. Then she rinsed the lather off of her hands, and dried them, then took the straight razor out of the sink, and dried it off. She walked over to Tara, and pushed her head into her chest. Tara felt the hot razor blade touching the base of her nape. The hot metal burned her skin. Tara took a deep breath, and Meg started to shave upwards. Meg shaved up up up. As the razor shaved over Tara’s occipital bone, Tara started to have an orgasm. The scraping feeling of the hot razor shaving her hair off was quite erotic. Tara stuck her hands down her pants and felt her wet pussy. Meg did not notice, and kept on shaving the back of Tara’s head. Meg would shave a long stir, then wipe the blade. Then she would slowly shave up the next path, and wipe the blade. Meg shaved using long, slow strokes. She shaved and shaved until the entire back of Tara’s head was shaved smooth. Then she started shaving the right side of Tara’s head. As she shaved Tara’s right sideburn off, Tara’s orgasm grew. Meg slowly shaved the right side of Tara’s head entirely clean. Then she started shaving the left side of Tara’s head. As she shaved Tara’s left sideburn off, Tara moaned in total ecstasy. Meg, did not notice, and continued shaving Tara’s head. Finally, Meg started shaving the top of Tara’s head. She shaved a long strip, slowly down the center of Tara’s head. Tara couldn’t believe how great this really was. Having her head shaved was great. She smiled and closed her eyes as Meg finished shaving the top of her head. Meg shaved all of the lather off f Tara’s head, and put the razor in the sink. Then she took a clean hot towel, and rubbed Tara’s newly shaven head with it. She rubbed her fingers over it and searched for any stubbly patches. She carefully shaved them, then rubbed Tara’s head with another hot towel. Then Meg dried Tara’s shaved head, and applied some lilac talc, gently rubbing it in to Tara’s tender shaved skin. Tara gently rocked her head back and forth as Meg rubbed it. Finally, she called to Mrs. Foster, “Come tell me what you think!” “Oh, it’s just adorable!” Mrs. Foster exclaimed, and she started to rub her daughter’s freshly shaved head. “Oh, it’s so soft Meg. It’s perfect.” It’s be great look for Tara.” Tara kept her eyes closed as Meg removed the towel from her head, and talked with her mom. Mrs. Foster asked, now how often should I bring her by for another shave?” “Most people with shaved heads do it themselves, because it requires daily shaves. I can show Tara how to do it if you want me to, or I could show you. I would be happy to do it right now, I don’t have any other customers.” Meg said. “That would be wonderful.” Mrs. Foster said. “I’ll teach you how to shave her head Mrs. Foster, then you can teach Tara.” Meg said, as she took out her shaving tools. “Ok, now the first thing you will want to for when you are going to shave someone’s head is take a big thick towel, and wrap it around their shoulders, making sure to tuck it into their collar.” Mrs. Foster did as Meg instructed. Next you will need to soak another large towel in very hot water. The hot water helps to soften the hair, making it much easier to shave. When it is hot and has soaked up enough water, you need to carefully wrap it around Tara’s head. Remember, since this was her first head shave today, her skin is going to be extremely sensitive. So be very careful when you wrap it around her head. You have to wrap it tightly though.” Meg said, helping Mrs. Foster wrap the towel around Tara’s head. While that is soaking, you will need to prepare your straight razor, by stropping it on a leather strap or belt. When you have stropped it enough, then you need to stick it under very hot running water, and let it sit for a few minutes. You may need to sharpen the straight razor before you strop it sometimes. While that is in the water, you need to pump out a large amount of hot shaving lather from the dispenser. If you don’t have one, you can heat some normal shaving cream on a pan over a burner. Then you will carefully unwrap the towel from Tara’s head, and start to apply the shaving cream to her head. Make sure that there is a nice thick layer of shaving cream covering every area of her head before you start shaving. While that is soaking in, wash your hands, and dry them, then dry off the straight razor. Hold the straight razor firmly in your hand, and place it on her hairline at her forehead. Slowly start shaving . You should shave from the front to the back on the top of her head. and from the bottom up, on the back and sides. Tara said, as she demonstrated shaving the top of Tara’s head. Then she wiped the blade, and said, “remember to wipe the blade after every stroke.” Then she handed to straight razor to Mrs. Foster and said, “Here, you try.” Mrs. Foster took the razor, and placed the blade on Tara’s hairline. As Meg did, she started shaving backwards on her daughter’s head. She shave a long strip of lather, then wiped the blade and repeated, until the top of Tara’s head was completely shaved. “When the top is done, I usually do the sides next,” Meg said. “When you begin shaving the sides, always start at the base of the sideburns. Use your free hand to fold her ear over, to shave around it. Then just continue shaving until it is al smooth. Do the other side the exact same,” Meg said, as she gave the razor to Mrs. Foster and motioned for her to shave the other side of Her daughter’s head. When she was done, Meg said, “Good, now lets finish the back. The first thing you will do is firmly push her head down. Push it all the way into her chest. Then place the blade in the center of her hairline at her nape, and gently shave upwards, like you did n the sides. Shave all the way until you reach the crown, then wipe, and shave the next section.” Meg said, watching Mrs. Foster shave the back of Tara’s head. “Good. When you are done, rub her whole head down with a clean hot towel. Then dry it off, and rub your fingers over it for any missed hairs. If there are any, simply shave them off. If not, then massage some talc into it, making sure you rub it in well, to all of her head where it has been shaved. This is important, because it cools off her head from the hot shave, and helps the hair to grow back straight, not ingrown.” Meg said. “Now, you will need to purchase some special shaving tools. I can order them for you and have them in by Wednesday. I will buy you a straight razor, a leather strap, a sharpener for the razor, a lather dispenser, some lilac talc, and some special scalp moisturizing cream for her head for daily use. That way you can use the same tools I showed you how to use today. You could buy disposable razors and shaving cream, but straight razors work much better. Most people don’t use them because they shave their own heads, and straight razors are difficult for that, but if you plan on shaving Tara’s head, then a straight razor is the way to go.” Meg said. “Wonderful!” Mrs. Foster said. “Come Tara. You need to go to school.” Mrs. Foster called. Tara walked over to the desk where her mom was paying itching her back and chest. “My word Tara, what are you doing?” Mrs. Foster asked. “It itches mom.” Tara said, while she kept scratching. “Oh, it’s probably from all the little hairs,” Meg said. “Well,” Mrs. Foster said looking at her watch, “I’ll take you home for a shower and you’ll have to be late for school.” Mrs. Foster paid and thanked Meg, and then she and Tara walked out of the barber shop. “So, what do you think of your new look?” Mrs. Foster asked Tara. Tara smiled and said, “Oh mom, it’s so soft and smooth. I love the way it feels. It felt so good to be shaved like that.” “Yes, I know how wonderful it feels. My whole life I was forced to have short hair. I hated it. But when I was your age, my mom took me to the barber shop, and had my head shaved. I was so turned on by the haircut. That is when I discovered my hair fetish. I saw you getting wet Tara. I know you were turned on by having your head shaved.” Mrs. Foster said. “I just thought that this was the right time to share my fetish with you.” “Oh, mom, it’s great. I loved having my head shaved. I can’t wait to get it shaved again.” Tara said. “You know, you have already missed first and second hour. Why don’t we run home so you can take a shower, then we can go to the mall and get lunch, and buy you some new clothes to go with your newly shaved head.” Mrs. Foster suggested. “You’re the best mom!” Tara said, as she leaned over and hugged her mom. Tara and her mom had a wonderful time bonding that day. Shaving Tara’s head brought them much closer together than ever before. Mrs. Foster became a pro at head shaving, and shaved Tara’s head every morning, and some times before she went out on dates and stuff at night. Mrs. Foster continued shaving Tara’s head until she graduated from high school. Then Tara learned how to shave it for herself. The last time Mrs. Foster shaved Tara’s head was the day before Tara left for college. When the shaving was done, she surprised Tara and held out a pair of clippers. “I’ve decided to start shaving my head again. I want you to be the first person to shave it,” Mrs. Foster said, handing the clippers to Tara. Tara beamed, as she turned on the clippers, and started shearing off her mother’s flattop. Then she soaked her mom’s head, and covered it in shaving cream. Tara slowly shaved her mother’s head completely smooth. When she was finally done, she and her mother looked at themselves in the mirror. “We look like a couple of billiard balls,” Tara joked, then hugged her mom. “I’m going to miss you so much Tara.” Mrs. Foster said, as a big tear rolled down her face. “I’m going to miss you too mom,” Tara said, also starting to cry. They spent the last day before Tara left hugging, and crying, and laughing. They shaved each other’s heads several times. The next day before Tara left, Tara and Mrs. Foster both shaved each other’s heads one last time. Just as Tara was about to get in her car, her mom said, “Come back soon, I can’t stay bald without you!” Tara laughed, then waved, and started her new life at college. As she drove, she wondered what all the people at school would think of her bald look?” Oh, well, who cares, she loved having a shaved head, and wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!

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