Teacher gets barbered at school

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It was lunchtime in PCC. It was a special day, Mrs. Seemungal’s birthday to be precise. Mrs. Seemungal was the vice principal of PCC and her husband, Mr. Seemungal was the principal. He was a dark, muscular man, with a perpetually intense look plastered across his face. Mrs. Seemungal was very pretty. She was a strict though tolerable enough, middle aged woman though you would never tell (she looked as though she was 30). Her hair was a very dark brown, and was always thick and voluminous. She always kept it trimmed neatly into a bouncy bob that reached almost to her shoulders and was very fluffy over her ears. The entire staff was gathered around the table in the staff room for her birthday lunch. Spirits were high and everyone was jovial, though something was bothering Mrs. Mylene Seemungal. She and Mr. Seemungal had planned a dinner date that night, though Mylene had booked an apointment at her hair salon just before so she can have her slightly overgrown hair looking neat and proper. However, her hairdresser had just called Mylene to tell her that she was sick and would have to postpone the appointment.


She informed Mr. Seemungal who then came up with an idea to not disappoint his wife.

“How about I give you a haircut Honey, after all my dad was a barber and I learnt some from him.”

“I would actually love that Brian, but we dont have any tools or equipment for you to give me a haircut.” she replied.

Mrs. Delia, overhearing, interjected:”Actually Mike(her husband who was a barber also) has all his equipment in my car… Im sure he wont mind you guys borrowing it.”

Agreeing to the idea, a couple teachers went to help organize the equipment. When everyone was finished eating, and word had gotten around that Brian was going to cut Mylene’s hair, all the teachers assembled around the staffroom, leaving the centre of the room like a makeshift stage, where the portable barber chair was set up. Now although no one disliked Mrs. Seemungal, there were many grudges held and many of them were victims of her stern wrath. She was looked upon as the fiery boss who would come breathing down your neck. For this reason, everybody was eager to see her barbered by her husband in front of everybody. Mr. Seemungal had agreed that it would only be a trim, but a couple teachers had urged Brian to cut it shorter, which he loved the idea of.

A hush fell over the room, filled with spectators, as Mrs. Seemungal took her seat in the barber chair. Her brown dress complemented her dark hair, lots of which would soon be clipped off her head by her loving husband. Mylene looked around the room, making eye content with each one of them as her eyes darted around. Bryan, using a piece of tissue paper, wrapped it around his wife’s neck tightly. Mylene’s hands grasped the armrests firmly and her sandals rested on the footrest. Using the clean white cape Delia gave him, he draped it around his wife without having to put up her hair, and secured it snugly. Mrs. Seemungal looked quite serious. Brian picked up a big black comb and began passing it through his wife’s locks. The teachers really seemed to be enjoying Mylene having her hair combed by her husband, preparing for the shearing that was about to ensue. Mr. Seemungal played with her thick hair a bit, running his fingers through them, and began reminiscing. This was not the first time he was cutting a girl’s hair. In fact, he used to bob his 20 year old daughter Arielle’s hair when it got too long. In addition, when they were younger and more daring, one summer he buzzed his wife Mylene’s head. Focusing back on the present, he got ready for action. Bryan was going to use the scissors to do the haircut, but remembering how much he enjoyed clippering Mylene, he opted for the clippers.

Brian made sure that the entire staff had a full view of the shearing Mylene was about to receive. He pushed her head downward gently so that her chin was nestled on her breasts and her eyes were fixed downwards on her sandals. Mrs. Seemungal was now ready to be barbered. Bryan combed out a large section of her hair on the right side of her head over her ear, the comb holding the bulk of hair in place. Mylene jumped when she heard the ominous sound of clippers roaring to life behind her.  On rare occasions she had witnessed their use in the salon on a client who sought a radically brief style.  She knew how much damage they could inflict.  Never in a million years did she imagine her own precious locks being cropped with clippers.

“Brian, aren’t you gonna use scissors to trim me?” she asked. Bryan shushed her and smiled deviously.Using the clippers over comb, he quickly passed the machine along the length of the comb, which was still holding her hair in place. It hungrily devoured her luscious, luxuriant locks. Mylene watched as the chunk of hair fell onto the cape and slid off onto the floor. This was met by a reaction of cheering and laughter around the room. Many phones were out, capturing the amazing scenes of the Vice principal being shorn by the principal.

“Wow” exclaimed Mrs. Sooknanan, one of the teachers, as her eyes lingered on her Mylene’s butchered hair. Mrs. Seemungal seemed irritated with Mr Seemungal, clearly upset with the way and how much Bryan was cutting. She tried to talk to him  but Mr. Seemungal was adamant on clipping his wife’s hair.

For the next few minutes she sat in the barber chair anxiously as her husband repeatedly combed and clipped her tresses off in front of all her coworkers. It was raining hair. Mylene winced everytime a clump of dark hair slid onto her lap. After some time, Mr. Seemungal had clipped her hair to no longer than lip length, to the delight of all the teachers.

Now it was time for him to buzz her nape.The barber, Bryan, placed his hand on the top of her head, gently forcing her chin down toward her collar bone.  Mylene felt the clippers on her bare neck, and then heard their deepening growl as they marched up the back of her head.  Mylene desperately tried thinking of something other than the amount of hair her husband was removing, but the evidence was all around her; there was nowhere in her field of vision that she wouldnt see large clumps of shorn,brown hair.  She closed her eyes and stoically endured the shearing her barber was administering enthusiastically. After many rapid passes of the machine, her nape was now neatly buzzed down to a #2. She opened her eyes when the clippers switched off. Mr. Seemungal smiled and playfully ran his fingers through her freshly clipped hair. Then he vigorously combed her short hair into style and dusted off the bits of hair that were stuck to his wife’s face.Bryan was satisfied, seeing his wife caped in the barber chair with her short, lip length wedge bob haircut and big piles of her gorgeous hair all over the cape and floor. Mr Seemungal snapped a picture with his phone and smiled broadly. His wife now definitely had the shortest hair on any female in the entire school. One teacher, Mrs Boodoo complimented Mylene and put a mirror in front of her face. Suddenly, all of Mrs. Seemungal’s anger and bitterness disappeared. She actually loved her haircut. She felt her nape and grinned widely. Mr. Seemungal removed the cape and tissue, allowing more clumps of butchered hair to fall to the ground, joining the rest and watched as Mrs.Delia Lalchan took the initiative to sweep up all of her coworker’s clipped hair(it was a LOT).

While still on the barber chair, all the teachers came up one by one to compliment her, and some even took the opportunity to feel Mylene’s freshly buzzed nape. After Mylene got off the chair, she went over to her husband and kissed him passionately.

“Thanks for the best birthday present ever,” she said.

“I knew youd love it if i cut your hair nice and short for you. You look so hot.”

Though Mylene was happy, she had to continue teaching, even with bits of hair all over her clothes. When she entered her next and final class of the day, Mrs. Seemungal was greeted by oohs and aahs and applause from her students. They loved her new cut. Mrs. Seemungal, unable to break free of her exuberant mood, engaged with the class instead of being her generally strict self and jumping into the biology work straightaway. She took a seat at the teacher’s table.

“So what do you think class?”

Everyone expressed their love for her new bob. This was followed by a bombardment of questions which she answered happily.

“Who is your stylist and when did u cut it?”asked one student.

“Oh my BARBER was Mr. Seemungal. And I was shorn just a while ago, upstairs in front of all the teachers!” she replied.

” Why did you choose this hairstyle?” asked another.

“I actually didnt choose it… my husband just sat me down and barbered me with the clippers.”

When the questions were done, she allowed them to come up one by one and feel her buzzed nape which was quite lovely. When the class was dismissed, they requested that she let them see her haircut when next she got one, and so did all of her other classes.

Sure enough, a good while later when she was in need of a haircut as her hair had grown out a lot, she asked Mr. Seemungal to cut her hair in front of the whole school. And sure enough, Mylene was shorn by her husband in front of everyone.






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