Temptation House

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WARNING: The following story may contain scenes of female punishment beyond haircutting and headshaving. If such things are likely to offend you, please look elsewhere.


It had been a slow day for the 3 sisters from Temptation House.  Their mission was to find girls with drug or alcohol problems or women with loose morals and convince them to join their order and straighten out their lives.  It had been pouring rain most of the day, so they returned to their van defeated, and headed back to the compound.

Earlier that evening, Kara had gotten into another big fight with Dylan, her boyfriend.  They had been out to the bar, and in typical fashion, they both drank too much and her boyfriend caught her flirting with both guys and girls while he went to relieve himself.  This time Dylan had seen enough.  He told Kara that he was moving out of her aparment, and he would be gone the next day.

Kara knew she shouldn’t be driving, but with nowhere else to go she decided to make the hour drive to her mother’s house.   The rain was heavy, and drivng on the country roads outside the city was tough enough when she was sober.  Kara never saw the giant pot hole and as she hit it her tire went instantly flat.  Several attempts to call for help failed as her quickly dieing phone had no service.  She remembered, from her previous trips, that there was a large compound about a mile down the road, and between not sure about changing the tire and most of all, after all the drinking she had done, in desperete need of a bathroom for some relief.

Kara had been walking in the rain for about half an hour, her halter top and shorts were totally drenched.  Just when she thought about walking back to her car she saw the lights of an oncoming vehicle.  As the mini van stopped an offered her a ride she accepted without hesitating.

Inside the warm van, she wiped the rain from her face, and was surprised to see the 3 people inside.  They were all dressed in dark grey outfits, and had their heads covered with matching fabric.  Kara made the assumption that they were all women, but in their outfits she couldn’t really tell.

The sisters welcomed Kara “Poor thing, you must be soaked to the bone”  Kara, still trying to get a handle on what she needed to do politely said “I’m okay, any chance I could use your phone to call for a tow?”  The sisters had made their plans already “Sorry dear, but we’re not aloud to have cell phones, but you can use the phone at the compound, and we can get you some dry clothes”

It was just a 10 minute ride to the compound, once there Kara was led to the front reception area.  “Sister Ruth, this is Kara, we found her walking on the street.   Can you get her signed in, so we can get her out of these clothes?”

“Of course sister Agness.  Young lady, if you would sign here I’ll have someone take you to get some dry clothes”  Kara, who by now wanted the restroom more than anything else quickly signed her name on the tablet and gave it back to Agness.  Another one of the sisters came into the room “Sister Esther, please show Kara to the intake area, so she can change out of these clothes”  Esther took Kara by the hand “Come on, you’ll feel so much better when you get out of these things.”

Esther led Kara into the adjoining room.  “Kara, you can use the restroom in here, and I’ll run you a nice hot bath”  All Kara really cared about was being able to relieve herself and as she pulled open the door to the restroom smiled and gave Esther a quick “Okay Esther”  Esther was in charge of new intakes, she knew just what was needed to put Kara in a nice calm state for the evening.  A beautiful milk bath with plenty of essential oils and some chamomille always calms down the new girls on their first night.

“Okay Kara, go ahead and get out of those clothes.  i’ll get you something nice and dry to wear after your bath.”  Kara, now with most of the effects of the alcohol past just wanted to call for a tow and be on her way.  “I need to call roadside assistance, so they can fix my car.”  Esther quickly defused Kara’s plans.  “The local towing service is closed until morning, so the Head Mother said you can stay here until morning”  Kara, still trying to politely say no to the bath told Esther “That’s okay.  I will call my mom to pick me up, so I won’t cause you any trouble”  “The Head Mother came in while you were in the restroom.  She said that she let your mother know that you were here and safe, so come on then, in to the tub”  Kara, too warn out from the day to put up a fight “Okay, as long as she knows to come get me in the morning.”

Kara saw the large bathtub and it sure looked inviting.  As she finished removing the few clothes that she actually had on she stepped into the hot bath, slowly lowering herself as she got used to the temperature.  Esther picked up the items that Kara had dropped and as she walked out of the room told Kara “A nice long soak will be good for you.  I’ll be back with some nice clothes for you to put on”  Esther then took all of Kara’s street clothes and stepped out of the room.  Kara assumed she would dry them for her, but Esther took them straight to the trash where she thought they belonged.

Esther left the room, returning after about 20 minutes, giving Kara time to relax and forget about the day.  “I have a housecoat and slippers that you can put on when you’re done.  I’d love to help you comb thru your hair if that would help you.”  Kara was a bit surprised when Esther sat down on the chair in the corner, but reallly didn’t want to be left alone, plus she always loved  when her mom would comb out her long hair. “Thanks Esther.  If you could help with my hair that would be a big help”

Another 10 minutes and the water had lost most of its heat.  “Esther, can you hand me a towel?”   Esther stood and pulled a towel off the shelf, rather than hand it to Kara she held it open in her arms and waited for Kara to step out of the tub. As Kara emerged from the water Esther was quick to take control of her.  “Let me get you dried off then we can get you dressed.”  Kara really didn’t mind the attention as she loved when others looked at her tanned, toned body, dressed or not.  “Kara, come have a seat and have some tea while I comb out your hair.”

Kara was enjoying the herbal tea as Esther worked on combing her hair.  The tea, like the bath was blended to put new intakes into a very plyable, relaxed state.  “Kara, your hair is very knotted.  I think we should trim up the bottom so it will lay nicely”  By this time Kara had finished her tea and was quite easily swayed by Esthers suggestion.  “Okay…If you think it needs it.”

Esther of course knew that Kara work go along with her suggestions, she knew just how to get her new intakes thru the first few days of their entry into the Order.  A pair of razor sharp cordless clippers at the ready, she quickly cut Kara’s hair straight accross the back at neck level.  Kara sat there fully trusting whatever Esther had in store for her.  Esther wasn’t about to stop there, as she now inverted the clipper and plunged it into the middle of Kara’s head.  Several more passes and Kara now had a very rough bowlcut.  Kara never questioned what Esther was doing until she started cutting at her forehead.  Kara now had bangs a full inch above her eyebrows.  “Esther, I thought you were trimming the knots out of my hair?”  “Oh Kara, it looks perfect now.  No more knots”  Kara, at this point, felt too tired to worry about how it looked.  “Esther, is there someplace I can lay down?”  She handed Kara a housecoat to put on.  When Kara first saw it she thought about her grandma, who always wore them  Esther  “You are going to be stayingin my room Kara, so go ahead and put this on, and we’ll get you settled.”

They made their way to the third floor room that they would share.  Even in her tired state Kara was surprised by how plain the room looked. All there was were 2 single beds and a small dresser.  Kara thought “This must be a spare room they put me in”  Kara got straight into bed while Esther excused herself, and stepped out of the room.  Minutes later Esrher returned, now wearing a matching nightshirt to Kara’s, but all Kara noticed was Esthers hair.  it was almost non-existant.

Kara didn’t want to be rude, but had to ask “Esther, your hair is so short'”  Esther rubbed her hand over her buzzcut “It’s like this because I’m still a novice”  Kara, still staring at Esther’s hair “Oh, so like the Army you get a short haircut to start, but then you can grow it back later?”  “No silly, just the opposite.  When you first enter the order you get a short bowlcut.  Then when you become a novice, like me, you get to have a buzzcut.  Once your journey is complete, then they let you shave your head.”  Esthers answer was surprising to Kara “You want your head shaved Esther?”  “Oh yes Kara.  I’ve been waiting for almost a year to be allowed to have my head shaved.”  Kara couldn’t fathom why anybody would choose to shave their head.  Her hair has always been one of greastest assets, often a quick shake of the head was all it would take to get a guy, or girl, attracted to her.  Kara laid her head on the pillow, and within minutes started one of the best nights sleep ever.

The next morning Kara awoke and saw Esther already dressed and praying next to her bed,  As she sat up Esther turned and gave her roommate a smile and a quick good morning.  “The restroom is next door, I’ll have some clothes for you to wear.”  Kara gave a quick “Thanks” and made her way to take care of the morning routine.  After she took care of what came first, she went to the sink to wash her hands and splash some water on her face.  She figured her full beauty routine could wait until she was at her moms house.  It was then that Kara ran her fingers thru her hair, and found that her long, beautiful hair now stopped above her ears.  In a state of panic, she raced back to Esther’s room.  “Esther, what did you do to my hair!”  Esther, skilled in calming sown new intakes quickly.  “Kara, your hair was totally ruined, remember telling me it was okay to cut it for you?”  Last evening was still a bit foggy and she was livid about losing one of her greatest assets “You really didn’t need to cut it all off Esther.”  Esther did her best to calm Kara down “It’s the only haircut I was ever taught how to do other than a buzzcut.  I have to give them to all the new girls that join.”

Kara by now was ready to go home.  “Esther can I have my clothes so I can get dressed?”  Esther again trying to calm Kara down gave her something else to wear “I don’t know what happened to your other clothes, but you can wear this until I find out.”  Esther handed Kara a long white frock, identical to the gray one that she wore and a pair of socks and underwear.  “We can ask the headmother.  She’s expecting us in her office in 5 minutes”

Kara was still unhappy about losing her hair, but figured there was nothing she could do about it now.  She started to get dressed, surprised that both the panties and the socks came up way higher than she was used too “it’s only for a little while” she thought as Esther helped her put the long dress-like garmet over her head.  She saw a name embroidered on the front of it “Charity-Esther” similar to what was on Esthers chest “Esther-Agness”.  She figured it must belong to one of the other girls.  Esther had a pair of very plain brown shoes for her to put on “Oh Kara, you look so nice.  Come with me, it’s time to meet with the headmother.”

They were welcomed in to the headmother’s office “Please, ladies have a seat”  Kara, for some reason, was starting to feel a little bit uneasy sitting before the old woman.  She always became timid around authority figures, her school principal, all of her friends parents, and her boss at work.  She drew on what energy she had and asked “Do you know what time my mother will be here to pick me up?”  The headmother then gave Kara an answer she certainly hadn’t expected.  “I had a nice long talk with your mother last night.  She was so happy that you have joined us, and decided to stop living a life of sin with your constant drunkeness and sexual exploits”  Kara was now completely in shock “What do you mean joined you?  She’s still coming to pick me up isn’t she?”  The headmother than gave another blow to Kara “Your mother’s name is on all of your bank accounts, and she signed them all over to the order, plus we’ve already terminated the lease on your apartment”  Kara slumped in the chair, not sure of what she was hearing “Listen.  I need to get my car fixed so I can get to work on Monday.”  The headmother then dealt Kara the final blow “Your boss has been told that you have you have resigned your position and joined the order.  She too was happy that you have found your calling.  Your car was picked up last night, and will be auctioned off to help pay for your treatments.”

Kara could hardly keep her thoughts straight at this point “Why do you keep saying that I joined the order.  I didn’t join anything.”

The headmother had heard enough of the newest member “You signed your name on the tablet last night, correct”

“Yes, but I didn’t read what it said.  I thought I had to sign to enter the building.”

“So lets see what we have here.  A signed lifetime commitment contract.  You are wearing the uniform of a new intake.  You have the haircut of a new intake.  What that means to me Kara is you are now a member of the order and your journey will take another big step in a matter of minutes”

Kara now felt totally defeated.  The only thought she had was “I need to call my mom.  She will come get me.”

The Headmother gave Kara a smile and told her “Your mother will be here next Friday.  She is bringing your sister for a visit.  She is tired of her poor choices too, so we are going to be welcoming her to the order next week.”

“Esther, you can escort Charity to the dispensery the doctor is waiting for her.”

As they walked down the hall towards the doctor Kara asked “Esther.  Why did she call me Charity?”

“They filled to have it officially changed to Charity Esther.  You get my name because I will be your tutor.  If you break any rules I will get punished the same as you.”

Esther held the door open for Charity to walk in “Sister Eunice.  I have Charity here for her appointment”

“Sister Eunice was one of the founding members of the order.  She donated all of the land and buildings and gave up her medical career to take care of us”

“Esther, you can put her in the first treatment room.  Give her a gown to put on so I can start her examination.”

Esther wasted no time in getting Charity out of her clothes and into the gown.  She then had her sit up on the exam table ready for the doctor.

Eunice came into the room.  “So dear, what is your name?”

Still quite timid by people of authority “Kar…no Charity”

“Wonderful Charity.  You’re taking well to your new life”

The doctor had her lay back on the exam table then opened her gown.  Kara was always proud of her fit body, and perky c-cup boobs.

The doctor was giving her a full going over and writing down lots of notes on her chart.  As she finished up she looked at Esther “Let the dentist know she can come in late this afternoon once I’ve finished up”  With that Esther left the room and Charity was still laying on the table.  The doctor was out of eye sight when she wiped Charity’s arm with something cold, followed by a needle jab in her arm.  Charity hardly flinched before she started to go under.

Charity opened her eyes.  It seemed like only seconds since the doctor gave her the injection.  She felt a strange feeling in her nose, and as she looked around she saw a very large bag of a white colored liquid hanging from a pole.  She reached up to her nose and felt a hose going into her nostril.  “No Charity.  Leave that alone”  someone called out.  The nurse came over to make sure the tube was still in place.  “That is what has been feeding you for the past few days”

“Few days!  Why was I asleep for a few days?”

“The doctor will be in soon to go over all of your procedures and tell you what to expect next”

Charity couldn’t imagine what medical treatments she needed.  She was at the gym every day, and in perfect health.

Minutes later Esther and the doctor appeared by the bed.  Esther took her hand and smiled “Charity, you look lovely.  Eunice has done a masterful job on your transformation”

“Transformation?” Charity said in a worried tone

Eunice then spoke up “You’re my best work ever Charity.  I was able to complete the entire first round of treatments in just 3 days”

“What treatments”

“Your first steps towards ridding yourself of all the sins of your past life.”

“What did you do to me?”  Charity shreiked

The doctor lifted the chart “We removed the unneeded tissue on your chest and a gynecological revision surgery, plus a full series of hormone injections to jump start your body so it will process food into fat at an eccelarated rate”


Esther tried to calm Charity down “You’re a whole new person now.  You never have to worry about going back to your old ways”

“What do you mean old ways”

“Well, your whorish behavior Charity.  You will never have to worry about temptations of the flesh again.”

“What are you talking about Esther?”

Eunice then took over the conversation  “We’ve removed your breasts and your clitoris.  I also closed your vagina to such a small size that even the smallest penis would not fit in the opening.  The dentist also removed 6 teeth, so over time the ones you have left will move far out of their perfect alignment.”

“You see the bag next to you?  Each bag has over 16,000 calories and we have been stretching out your stomach so much that you can have 2 full bags each day.”

Charity was in tears “I’m going to get fat?”

“Well actually dear, you are already on your way to full blown obese.  Based on our calculations you are already up over 30 lbs in 1 week.  We should have you well over 250 lbs in just 3 months.”

Charity passed out, overwelmed by everything they had done to her.

It was the next morning before Charity awoke.  Esther was still by her side, and smiled when she saw Charity open her eyes.  “Good morning Charity.  I have a special surprise for you.”

Charity struggled to lift her fatter body up from the bed “What is it Esther?”

“I have someone for you to meet”

Just then a girl came thru the door., her face looking towards the floor. She had the same white outfit that Charity had worn, and her hair too was cut into the same short bowlcut that Kara had.

“Charity, this is Faith-Agness.”

It wasn’t until that moment that she saw the girls face.  It was her sister Kyra.  Charity knew what was in store for her sister as she was even more of bar-slut then she Charity ever was.  Even though both their lives were going to be changed forever, she smiled knowing her sister would be with her for the rest of their lives.

Charity was allowed back to her room with Esther as her sister would soon take her place in the dispensery.  She still had the feeding tube, and her stomach keep stretching to receive more and more.  With such a volume of calories her body strained to stretch from its toned beginning, but the gain was huge.  Charity gained well over 100 lbs in 4 months, but her sister Faith actually loved the transformation she too had received.  Always tired of being the skinny little sister, Faith asked if they would give her more feedings so she would be the bigger of the 2.  A whopping 140 lb gain for her put her at just over 275 lbs, while Charity had only gotten to 250.

A few months later both girls had completed their initial training for the order.  They had both had since forgotten about the life that they used to live, any sexual thoughts they once had were a thing of the past.  Their days too filled with duties to even think about such things.

The order held a leveling up ceremony where both of them had their bowlcuts buzzed off.  Then it was Esther’s turn.  She had finished her first year in the order, and as they did the ritual shaving of her head, Charity actually began crying, thinking how beautiful it was, excited for the day when her and Faith would have their turns in the chair.


Special Thanks to author ‘never sure‘. for the story idea.  Hopefully she will post another one of hers soon

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