Temptations: Karina

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Last year I created a short story about a man who housed a special salon in the basement. I’ve finally made a new addition to the story which is going to be a collection of short stories, but it will probably be a while before another one comes about. University is taxing. I would love to know what you think about it.





There was anticipation as I waited for the clock to strike at 8:00. I had met a young girl at the bar a few nights prior. AS we discussed what we did, she alluded to wanting to make a change. Considering we were both into the kink scene, I offered her a night that she would remember for her life.


My little shop that made a profit from serving the kink scene also offered packages for willing subs, subs that were wanting to experience a night of pleasure and euphoria. I offered my services to Karina, mentioning that it had been quite some time since I offered a package as I did. I offered it at half price.  In exchange, I could have my way with her body and hair.


I heard a knock on my salon’s door and as I unlocked the shop the gorgeous girl with the long hair.




She nervously smiled at me, revealing to me what she wore.


“Welcome Karina,” I said with a wide-tooth grin, allowing her to step into the shop and lock the door behind her. “Follow me, I just need you to sign a few things.” I motioned her to follow me to my desk. “And might I say you look marvellous.” The little lady dressed in a little plaid black skirt. If it wasn’t for the black stocks she wore, there would likely be a clear shot to her undergarments. Covering her tiny chest was a tight black tank top and a black leather jacket. Every time she moved a click and a clack reverberated in my ears.


“As you can see, everything in my agreement is there. Make sure to check the list of things that are a red light for you, things that you’re willing to try but maybe not, as well as the green light for things you are fine with.” I instructed. Any client of mine that came willingly was given this form. Everything was left up to the client. Some gave me free rain while others gave me guidelines.


She spent a few minutes going through the documentation before signing her name with a heart at the bottom. I gathered the forms and looked them over and a smirk filled my face. She smiled nervously at me.


“There’s no need to be nervous, you’re completely safe in my hands. I just want to be sure, you’re okay with all of this,” I asked.


“I am,” Karina’s voice delicately replied.


“Alright Karina, then as per the forms, from here on out, if I ask you a yes or no question, I would like you to reply with a yes sir or a no sir. You’ve indicated that your safe word is potato. If at any time what we do becomes too much, mention that word, everything comes to a full stop, and we will go from there. If you need me to slow down, say yellow light and I will do so. Are we clear as mud?”


“Yes sir,” she smiled.


“Then follow me,” I said softly and guided her to the “staff only sign.” I guided the petite frame down the stairs, introducing her to my playroom. “Now, Karina, come stand right here,” I instructed, guiding her to a point on the floor. I slowly guided her purse from her to be set on a chair. “Stand straight, with your hands at your side. I want to inspect you. I also plan on removing your clothes here. Do you understand?”


Slowly she nodded.


“Speak up Karina, I wish to hear your voice.”


“Yes sir,” she said, keeping her hands at her side.


I slowly moved behind her and ran my fingers through her lusciously long hair. Apart from a few split ends, the hair that nearly reached her bottom was in immaculate shape.


“You have very gorgeous hair,” I whispered as I raked my fingers through it, breathing my words through the side of her ear. “Are you really willing to give me free rain with what I do with it and your body?” I asked, confirming the papers.


“Yes sir,” she spoke again.


“Very good Karina, you are going to be in for a wonderful evening. Now, when we last spoke, you mentioned that you have been meaning to get back to the one who waxes you, correct?” I mentioned, running my hands across her shoulders and down her arms, returning my hands to the top to remove the jacket from her body.


“Yes, that’s correct,” she said nervously.


“I told you that night if we were to continue with that today, you were to leave it as is and I would deal with it. Do you remember that?”


She nodded her head, lost from speech as my hands glided over the zipper of her skirt and released it from her hips, slowly dropping the plaid skirt to the bottom of the floor. “Should I inspect if you have done what I requested?”


“Yes, you should…. Sir,” she spoke. I could tell she was becoming tense in a good way. Even her tiny chest seemed to fill out the little bra she wore. I moved to the front of her body, running my hands across her sides and slowly I removed her stockings, as I moved down her legs I looked up. “Put your hands on my shoulder to steady yourself and step out of these,” I said sternly. Like a little sub, she quickly followed, setting her hands on my shoulders and stepping out. I followed suit by pulling the lacy black panties from her waist and instructing her to do the same thing. I held my mouth close to her busy scent and as I stood back up and held her close to my body, I ran my fingers across her little kitten.


“My, my, you’re already a little wet I can see,” I mentioned, pulling my fingers back as they brushed through the unruly mound. I licked my fingers before moving behind her again. Goosebumps ran across her arms as I pulled her tank top over her head and finally unhooked her matching bra.


“Follow me, Karina,” I instructed and guided her to the barber chair. Freshly cleaned with straps that were ready to hold her in place. It was as if I had her under hypnosis. As I guided her to the chair, I sat her down.


“Now, I wouldn’t want you squirming as I work down here, so I need to make sure your secure in this chair. How does it feel to be sitting int this chair?” I asked.


Her body fit perfectly against the dark brown leather.


“It’s…. a little cold,” she mentioned.


Laughing I guided her arm to the first strap and locked it in place. “I bet it does, but I promise you, you’re only going to get warmer sitting there,” I assured as I guided her second hand in place. With the hydraulics of the chair, I tipped it back.


I could feel her body tense as she wasn’t quite expecting what I did. “It’s alright Karina, just relax,” I encouraged.


“It’s almost like I’m at a dentist,” she tried to laugh.


“It does,” I confirmed. “Should I make sure to clean your wonderfully white teeth too?” I asked. This question seemed to catch her off guard.




She didn’t know what to say and I only moved to her to silence her mouth. “I promise you it can be quite erotic to have another man brush your teeth. Perhaps later,” I chimed, eluding that it may or may not happen. “Now, let’s get your feet up on these holsters,” I mentioned and guided the feet into the cushioned holsters. With a turn of a crank, I spread her legs wide and made sure to strap her legs in place.


As I hummed, I moved away from the little lass and started collecting materials, everything from scissors to a set of clippers and freshly frothed shaving cream. “I think I should blond fold you for a bit, what do you think?” I asked curiously, coming behind the woman. “Do you think I should blind your eyes, Karina?”


Immediately she breathed out “Yes sir.” On her papers, she included that this was a major turn-on for her. Making her wish come true I slipped on a blindfold over Karina’s eyes to blind her. When she could no longer see I ran y hands across her naked chest, preparing her body for an experience.


Slowly I fondled the breasts until the nipples were ripe. I gave a little squeeze, and she gave a little yip. “I think I will have to put something on those later, don’t you think?”


“Yes sir,” escaped her mouth once more. I could tell she was no longer as cold as she was before as heat moved through her body. I let my hands returned to her little kitten and pulled through the hair. Finding a comb, I slowly raked it through. I could tell this caused a little bit of pain, but it made her luscious lips so much bigger. Slowly as I pulled the comb through, I snipped off a couple of sections before grabbing my high-powered clippers and turning them on. Instead of plummeting their sharp teeth into her mound, I slowly pushed her legs open wider and pressed the vibrating tip to the top of her kitten. It elicited a moan.


“Now, I don’t want you cumming for me yet. So, you better make sure you ask for permission if you plan on relieving yourself. Do you understand?


“Yes sir,” she breathed.


“Good, now be very still, I wouldn’t want to nick something important,” I commanded and slowly ran the clippers over the mound of hair. The black curly pubes were reduced to nothing but stubble. I moved away from Karina and returned with a pink dildo and turned the vibrator on. “Now Karina, I’m going to be placing this inside your little kitten. I’m then going to let you experience several other sensations that you will love. But if you cum without permission, I’m going to stop and shave your pretty little pussy and punish your perky little breasts if you don’t ask. Do you understand?” I coerced, playing with her nipples a little more.


“Yes sir,” she moaned.


Satisfied with her answer I used just a little lube to edge the dildo inside of her. Her juices provided the most lubricant. Soon the little lady began to uncontrollably moan while trying not to cum. I thought of reducing the vibrations but figured I would give her more stimulation instead by filling my mouth with her left breast, letting my tongue tease her perky nipples.


There were no goosebumps left on her body anymore. She was warm and supple. For what must have seemed like an eternity to her was merely minutes to me. Her moans became louder until I could hear words come from her mouth. “Sir, please, I really need to cum.”


A laugh came deep from my throat as I replied, “hold it, my dear, I want you to wait a little bit longer.” More than moans escaped her mouth as she tried to hold her need to orgasm. “Just a little more, just a little more,” I cooed, continuing to fondle her breast while sucking on the other.


A cry escaped her mouth, and I felt her lower body gyrate.


“Oh kitten,” I said. “You dirty little thing, I didn’t say you could cum yet.” My free hand moved from the side of her body all the way down to the vibrating dildo to ease it out. Her crying moans were now breaths. “You know what this means, don’t you? I need to punish you.”


“No, please, I’m sorry, I just, couldn’t hold back.”


“Shh,” I soothed. “Don’t worry, I’ll start off light.”


I eased away from Karina and moved towards my drawers of tricks to receive a pair of fuzzy nipple clamps. She didn’t know what I had retrieved until I placed the first one on her right breast.


“Ow,” she moaned. I slowly dipped my tongue onto her other breast to give her a moment of rest before I clamped the second nipple much like I did the first.


“Now my sweet darling, I need to finish what I started down here,” I said, brushing my fingers across her kitten shat had been shaved. “If, and only if you are really still, I may reward you for being such a good little girl,” I instructed.


Retrieving my black swivel stool, I edged my way in between Karina’s legs and grabbed the shaving cream to lather her mound. When it was freshly white, I pulled the skin taught in place, preparing to use my straight-edge razor. “Remember what I said Karina, be very still.”


I spent a slow deliberate amount of time denuding her of every little bit of hair between her legs. I was careful not to cut her most private parts until finally, she was bare. “Marvellous, Karina,” I congratulated, finishing with a healthy coat of lotion. “Now, I believe you need a reward.”


Using my tongue I pleasured her between her legs, sucking on her lower lips until it elicited more moans from her mouth. As soon as she was about to cum, I pulled my mouth away to lick my lips. “No, my sweet dear, you don’t get to cum just yet. Maybe a little later. For now, I would really like to work on your hair,” I mentioned, pushing her chair into an upright position and removing her blindfold. I directed the chair to the mirror and allowed her to look at the precision I shaved with between her legs.


“What do you think?” I questioned.


“It looks very good sir,” she replied. I moved back to her legs and pulled them out of the stirrups to move them to a natural position. She gave a little moan as it shifted from the unnatural position. “That feels… much better sir,” she said.


“I bet it does.”


I cleaned up a little more around her and returned behind her chair. “How are your nipples doing darling, is the tension okay?” I asked.


“They feel fine sir,” she answered diligently.


Smiling I replied with satisfaction. “Wonderful… now, for your hair, this very long hair. What should I do with it? You gave me complete freedom to style it. I haven’t been able to have this much creative freedom in a long time.”


I gathered her black hair behind the chair, grabbing the wispy sweaty bits that were catching on the front of her head. “I think I’m going to give your hair a really good wash. Pamper your head with a massage. I’ll blow dry it and then I think I want to take you short,” I commented, collecting several inches of hair and bringing it off her shoulders. “Real short.”


At the mention of short, I could see a little bit of fear in her eyes.


“You… you won’t make me bald… will you?”


I had a feeling that she wasn’t planning for my creative freedom to bring her hair as short as it was going to be. “Don’t worry, you’ll be leaving with hair on top of your head. But I think we need to let this little firecracker inside you out, don’t you think? Need something a little, spunky. Maybe with a little pop of colour.”


“Do… you think I will look good with short hair?” she asked.


“I think you would look marvellous,” I encouraged. “Just remember, you can always say potato if you need to.”


She shook her head.


“No sir… you know what’s best.”


“That’s music to my ears darling.”


Moving from her chair once more I grabbed a brush and carefully starting detangling her hair. “Now, I don’t think there’s any need to wash all this hair,” I chided. Normally I would do what I could to donate hair. But I wanted to make the process of shearing her locks to be a long and tantalizing one. Once all her hair was brushed like silk, I traded my brush for a sharp pair of scissors. I opened and closed them next to her ear, holding a chunk of hair I poised the sharp instrument. “Open your eyes, Karina,” I instructed.


“Yes sir,” she said and slowly opened them. I wanted her to take in as much of the process as she could. I could also see a squirm with her legs as much as they could. She was enjoying this, not having a choice.


“Good little kitten,” I praised and closed the scissors on a chunk of hair slowly. The crunch of the scissors was the only thing that could be heard. Finally, a large chunk came free, leaving the hair just above her shoulder. I finally sprinkled the hair in front of her onto her breasts. “There’s no turning back now,” I informed and slowly started cutting the thick hair all the way around until it was all about one length.


“So much hair darling,” I prodded, releasing the last of the hair in front of her. “And now you’re so dirty,” I added. “What am I to do with you?” I pondered. “I can’t have someone dirty with hair in my seat now can I.” Slowly I turned Karina to face me. Hair had congregated in her lap. A few strands caught on the nipple clamps.


I released her nipples from the clamps and slowly began to unbuckle the straps.


“What are you going to do sir?” she asked.


“I’m going to get you cleaned up. See that corner over there,” I directed the chair. My dungeon was equipped with an open shower. Hanging from the ceiling of the shower were several straps to hold my client by their wrists. I also practiced bits of Shibari here.


Slowly I guided Karina up from the chair, slowly dusting off the hair that had accumulated, taking an extra-long pause between her legs. “You are very wet, my dear. You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” I asked. Her free hands had moved to cover her breasts. She no longer had the hair to cover them. “Hands at your side, darling,” I said softly, and her hands slowly returned to her sides.


Soon I had guided her to the shower and secured her hands above her head. With a quick turn of a tap, a shower of cold water fell over Karina. She let out a scream as the freezing cold water touched her body.


“Oops,” I chuckled, turning the taps to be warmer. “Colder, hotter, or just right?” I asked.


“Just right, sir,” she concluded.


As the water fell over her body, I moved away briefly to take my shirt off and kick off my shoes. I returned to her side with a soft loofah and vanilla-scented body wash. “Feel free to close your eyes, Karina and enjoy the sensations,” I prodded and slowly began to wash her body. I would return to her hair when I had gone over every nook and cranny of her body.


“What a beauty you are,” I praised, taking special care around her breasts and neglected kitten. When she was all clean, I released her arms and guided her to sit down on a stool. I let the water continue to fall next to her to keep her warm.


“Now how about that head massage,” I said softly and grabbed another showerhead to start washing her hair. When it was sufficiently wet, I grabbed my shampoo and slowly started to work it into her remaining hair. With sufficient pressure I almost had Karina falling asleep. “Tip your head back, my love,” I guided and carefully washed the shampoo out of her hair and followed with a conditioner. Soon her hair was clean, and I was ready to move on to the next step in the process.


“Are you ready to start the next part of your transformation?” I asked, guiding her to stand and wrapping her in a large fluffy towel. I rubbed her shoulders and dried every part of her body before securing it around her.


“Yes, sir,” she replied as I guided her back to the chair. Before I let her sit down, I brushed off the rest of the hair onto the ground.


“Good,” I commented. “Now, let’s get you strapped back in here,” I said. “You can keep that towel on, so you don’t get cold. And I’m going to put a heated cape on you to help.


“Do… do I need to be strapped in?” she asked curiously.


“What are you going to do if I don’t strap you in?” I saw her face blush red when I asked this question. I knew exactly why she didn’t want to be strapped. She wouldn’t have been the first person to pleasure herself in my chair.


“Nothing… sir,” she lied.


“Oh, my darling, you can’t be telling the truth. Lying to me won’t get you anywhere. You don’t want to be strapped in because I bet you want to sink your fingers inside you little pussy, don’t you?” I asked.  “You can’t fool me, Karina. I can see it all on your face.”


“Sorry, sir,” she said as I firmly secured her to the chair, moving to a fridge that housed my heated capes. Soon, Karina was covered in a dark red cape.


I danced around her, humming softly and retrieved my hairdryer. With a brush, I dried her shorn hair. It was a bit uneven, but it was going to get much shorter. When each strand was dried to my liking I moved around Karina and filled my styling cart with all the instruments that I was needed. Scissors, thinning shears, two sets of clippers and various attachments, with a few clips to section her hair I returned, ready to create her new look.


“Now Karina, are you ready for the real transformation to begin?” I asked.


“Yes, sir,” she replied like a soldier.


I slowly sectioned her hair to expose the sides and nape. I grabbed my scissors and comb, once more I opened and closed them by her ear. “You’re going to look marvelous,” I pointed out I soon began cutting the hair as short as I could get it with scissors. She gasped as she could hear the cutting and realizing just how short she was going to be going.


Every so often I would sprinkle the hair in front of her as a tease. When I had made the hair short enough to my liking, I set the scissors down and grabbed a number 8 guard and attached them to my clippers. I could tell this concerned Karina, but I set a reaffirming hand on her shoulder. “Don’t worry, you are going to look great!”


I teased her just a little, pressing the clippers next to her shoulder before finally starting at the sides of her hair, from the bottom up, I reduced the hair to uniformly be an inch all around. “How do the clippers feel?” I asked. “Be careful not to squirm too much,” I teased, knowing full well that if the straps weren’t in place her thighs would be trying to press against each other.


“It feels… different,” she said.


“Have you ever had your hair cut short?” I prodded. I held the side of her head firmly and guided the clippers around her head until the hair was shorn an inch all over. When I was done, I turned the clippers off and released the rest of her hair.


“No, sir, I’ve always had it long.”


“Well, I think you are going to look even better with short hair instead of long,” I commented. I played with her hair a little bit, moving it from side to side, trying to find a part that I liked more. Using a fine-tooth comb, I sectioned her hair so there was a heavy part to the left. With her remaining hair I slowly started to comb and cut, taking more of the length so it was about five inches on the right side, and two to three inches on her back. I ignored the left side for a bit until I securely clipped the remaining hair on her right so it wouldn’t get in the way,


I grabbed my trusty clippers again and exchanged the clip for a number 2. “Now, Karina. This is where the true fun begins,” I smiled. I let the hum of the clippers sound the basement. I firmly held her head and reduced the left side of her head to 1/4 of an inch.


“Are you making all my hair like this, sir?” she asked nervously.


“No, no, my dear, just this side. I’m going to do something fancy with it in a bit,” I encouraged softly. I turned the clippers off and unclipped her hair once more. I grabbed my thinning shears and used them to get rid of a bit more hair. Once I was satisfied, I began to feather the remaining hair so it would blend seamlessly with the undercut that I was going to touch upon. I secured the remaining strands of hair once more above her crown and grabbed a number six attachment for my clippers and slowly started to taper the previously clappered undercut. Deciding it wasn’t short enough I grabbed a number five attachment and tapered the rest. I also blended the back of the head to be more to match the closely shaved left side to not be so harsh.


“We’re nearly their darling,” I said softly as I grabbed a small set of clippers with a 0 attachment to make an intricate design. The design popped with her black hair to the colour of her tan skin. When I was done creating the design, I once again unclipped her hair and tidied it up a bit. I cut the back a bit shorter, so it blended, while the right side of her hair was still long.


“What do you think?” I asked as I turned the chair left and right so she could see. I grabbed a mirror for her to see the back.


“It’s so… short,” she commented. “It looks so much different.”


“It does, doesn’t it?” I commented.


“You mentioned colour?” She asked.


“I did,” I pondered, playing with her hair.


“Would it be possible…. To do it another time…. So, I can come back again for… the same treatment?”


A grin was on my face the moment she spoke those words. “Someone’s enjoying this aren’t they,” I chuckled. “I guess we can wait to colour it,” I laughed and moved my tray of goodies out of the way to retrieve my curling iron to heat it up.


“Tell me, Karina, what else should I do with you tonight?” I asked.


“Isn’t that for you to decide…. Sir?” she asked curiously.


I rubbed her shoulders and smiled. “Why aren’t you an obedient little sub. There are so many things I can do with you tonight.” I reached around her and pulled her chin up and then whispered in her left ear. “I could gag you, tie you up, suspend you from the ceiling. I could use your bodies in ways that it probably has never been used before. How does that sound?


I had her in the crook of my hand. I knew how turned on she was with being in submission. I slowly moved away from her to retrieve the curling iron and proceeded to curl sections of the longer hair that remained.


“It… it seems silly to curl it when it’s just going to get messy…” she commented.


“I can always fix it, darling.”

The same story can be found on Wattpad with inspiration images. 


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