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I’m so excited. I’ve made a bet with my husband because of the football match. Even if we aren’t at the stadium, it’s better because we aren’t missing a move. So, even if we both don’t want to lose, the loser is cutting their hair as the winner decides. Doesn’t matter who wins, the punishment is crap for both. But that’s what makes it interesting. 

The program starts some minutes before the match does. I know I’m dead just when I see the introduction: the guy who always scores isn’t there. The narrator says he is not going to play because he is hurt. Everything is good for the first five minutes until the goalkeeper gets hurt too. 

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John wakes me up in a moody but happy way. He seems excited. It’s Saturday and I’m sure he’s taking me to a barbershop. I’m kinda scared about that because his favorite barber is known for his super-short haircuts. He takes me inside the car almost forcefully because even if I don’t know what my hair is going to look like, I don’t want to cut it. 

We get to the barbershop but suddenly my mood changed. There was a huge piece of paper on the door: ‘NEW: Women haircuts’. Nice. So he gets me on the chair taking me by my hand. I don’t want to. 

‘Hi, Nick’

Okay. Everything normal.

‘Can you cover the mirror?’

I could see a weird expression on Nicholas’s face. 

‘Yeah, hm, she lost a bet’

‘Uh, I see’

 So he starts cutting. I can feel the scissors right at my bra’s strap and I silently say goodbye to my long waist-length locks. I guess John doesn’t even care I’ve been growing it for three years, since we met he always said he’d like to see my hair short. It wasn’t really bad. I think it’s over. 

‘Hey…’ I hear. 

I imagine how Nicholas and John are making weird hand signs. John points at something at the table and that makes a chill go right to my stomach. 

I jumpscare when I hear the buzzing. The clippers come to life. I’m paralyzed and I can’t even try to stop the situation. 

‘John-‘ I mumble.

I feel cold on my nape. 

‘Just. Stop. Talking. There’s not going back’

Some fresh air caresses my neck.

‘I hope you like your ear length…’

No, no, no… I am not ready for that. But the back of my hair it’s already cut. Tears of panic start coming down all over my face. I’m really scared. Goosebumps take control of me. The last time I had my hair that short was… when I was so young I was growing my first hair. I sniff. 

I hear John laughing at the back. He sounds like an authentic psycho. That’s when I realize his second really-dark personality is taking control of him. But it doesn’t even matter. 

‘Yes, John. That’s it?’

I don’t think so. 

‘Please stop.’


Nicholas takes a section of my hair and gets his scissors really close to my scalp. He is crossing the line. 


He doesn’t pay attention. But the worst, he keeps cutting. Half of my hair, from the top to the bottom of my ear, is short. The other part is short too, but still around six inches long. 

‘Alright John, this looks like a nice long bowl cut, doesn’t it?’

‘Ah, still don’t like it… can you give her a shorter one’

Tears roll down my face again.

‘No. Go even shorter. Do that all head long’


He doesn’t care. It’s probably because John is paying him some good money. He keeps cutting as he did before. I can feel his fingers taking my hair part by part and I hear the metal sound of scissors. I am too afraid to move and my jaw tremor is making it difficult to work. After a minute, I feel John’s big hands going through my incredibly short hair. 

‘An inch. I think you’ll like it, sweetie.’

He hands me a hand mirror. I look at myself and I’m horrified. I don’t like stereotypes, but I can’t think I look just like a boy. And not lying, a boy who got a haircut for five cents. 

Nicholas starts cutting a piece he didn’t while I move my head to see what time is it. I’ve spent thirty minutes in hell. 

‘Oop! You moved. That’s not good.’

He stops a second to think. 

‘Just… go to a zero.’

I start crying a little more loudly. But my hair is gone. 

As my confidence is gone.

But it wasn’t him. 

I still love him

even when he takes me to the barbershop

every two days. 



im sorry this too bad but i enjoyed writing hdjfhd

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