The apartment complex

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When I was about fifteen or sixteen I had a friend who lived in an apartment complex. It was a nice place with a lot of space and nice landscaping. I used to ride my bicycle around there when I would go visit him. On one occasion I was around the far side of the complex by some trees when the chain on my bicycle came off. As I was trying to fix this problem I noticed a young woman standing by her kitchen window with the curtains opened. She had a towel wrapped around her shoulders and no blouse, only a bra on. She had looked up and seen me trying to fix my bicycle but did not attempt to close the curtains. I continued to try to get the chain back on. As looked back up towards the window I had noticed that she was bent forward and was wetting her hair in the kitchen sink. I kept looking out of the corner of my eye to see her pick up a bottle of shampoo and pour some on her hair as she was still bent forward. She began to lather up and then stood up slightly to keep shampooing. I think she noticed I was looking periodically and was slowly working in that lather.

I finally got the chain back on the sprocket but by this time my hands and shirt were kind of greasy. I attempted to wipe my hands on my shirt to get some of the grease off when I noticed she was gone from the window. Just then I heard a door open and a voice call out. It was her in her doorway still with the shampoo in her hair and a wet towel in her hand. She handed me the towel and had me wipe my hands as best as I could. She asked me if I wanted to wash my hands and invited me in. She led me to the kitchen sink so I could clean up. As I was washing my hands she was standing behind me still shampooing her hair. She took some of the lather from her hair and placed it on my head and worked it in. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was going to clean me up.

She poured some more shampoo on her hair and some on mine and worked up even more of a lather. After quite a few minutes she leaned me forward and rinsed my hair, then she rinsed hers. We both got a towel and dried our hair and I noticed she had some scissors and a clipper out. She combed my hair and began to trim a bit of the hair on top of my head. She then got the clipper and used it on the back of my neck and the sides of head making my sideburns even with the top of my ears. She looked and said well that is better. She sat down and had me trim the back of her neck just where she told me.

I handed her the towel and she handed me a clean shirt to change into. I told her thank you for the shirt and the shampoo/trim. I also told her that I would return the shirt soon. She told me that she was going to need to shampoo her hair again Thursday and would like some help.

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