The Auction, Nate’s Story – Part 2

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The night of the fundraiser I was a ball of nerves, as was Nate. I’d made him promise to act surprised when Hannah, the event chair, made the announcement about what we were auctioning. The plan was I would make a beeline for Nate, who was going to sit right up in the front row. Then all I had to do was force myself to lop off eight inches of his hair, if it came to that. I was hoping no one would bid and then nothing would have to happen. Well, actually I was kind of hoping my wet dream would come true, but that seemed cruel to wish on Nate…

When I got up on stage I locked eyes with Nate and prepared myself to make a run for it in order to be able to choose him. I listened intently to Hannah’s speech, and then as soon as she made the announcement, I was off the stage in a flash. Only, I wasn’t the only one headed straight for Nate’s seat. I could see the panic in his eyes as one of the other volunteers, Julie, came out of nowhere and took his hand before I’d had a chance. How did this happen? I’d been planning this moment in my head all day, and I’d ruined it. I haphazardly took the hand of the nearest Alpha Chi I could see and dragged him on stage, feeling defeated and honestly a bit resentful. I didn’t even know this kid’s name, and I didn’t care. He didn’t seem flustered in the least bit, which was a relief on some level. I wasn’t really paying attention to the guy in front of me though, all I could think about was the fact that Nate had been counting on me, and I’d let him down.

Bidding started off slow, but as people started to get tipsy, they started flying in left and right. Before long we were up to two thousand, and that was my cue. I gathered his hair in one hand and began slicing away at his thick blond locks. However, the scissors were horrendously dull, so my attempt to make it quick and cut off the whole ponytail in one go didn’t happen. Rather than try to keep sawing at it, I resorted to plan B, and sliced off a handful just under his ear on both sides and then at his nape. I was careful to hold the section at the back on an angle, so that I wasn’t cutting the hair at the base of his neck down to the scalp.
Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Nate. He was up next, there was nothing I could do to stop what was happening. At three thousand I looked over just as Julie enthusiastically severed a chunk of his forelock, sending a foot long tendril of hair to the floor. He was stiff as a board the whole time as she hacked away. When she was finished, his hair was only about an uneven four inches all the way around. My stomach was in knots knowing he was hating every second of it, but that neither of us had the luxury of showing our emotions. I’d get penalized if my sisters knew I’d alerted him to their plan, and he’d be harassed for being a pu$$y if he cried on stage over the loss of his hair.

When the night was finally over I ran off stage and gathered Nathan into my arms, and that’s when he finally broke down.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered, kissing his cheek tenderly.
“It’s ok,” he whispered back.
“I love you,” I said into the top of his head, stroking his mangled hair with one hand.
“I love you too,” he said into the crook of my neck.
Pulling away, I raked his lopsided hair away from his face, grimacing at how short it was cut in the back near his nape.
“I just want to go home,” he whispered, “Please.”
I nodded and took his hands, heading for the parking lot.

The drive to his house was silent. And when we got to the frat house it was eerily quiet. Normally it was bustling with people, but everyone was out ‘celebrating’ at the after party.
Once inside his room, Nate slipped his shirt off and then went over to his desk. “Alright, this should be everything we need.”
He turned to me and handed me scissors, a comb, a brand new clipper set, and a box of brown hair dye.
“Nate are you sure about this? You don’t want to sleep on it and decide in the morning?”
“I’m positive,” he said, “This is the push I needed. I’ve been wanting to do something different, to feel like my own, true, self for a while now. And knowing I have your support, that means everything. That’s what made me realize, as scary as this feels, no matter how much BS the guys are going to give me, none of that matters.”

He seemed pretty certain, so I went about getting things set up. I set out a mirror, spread a towel on the floor and then had him sit at his desk with another towel around his shoulders. “I’m going to cut first, then we can dye it, and I can shape it up after. I’m afraid to ask this, but how short were you thinking?”
He reached a hand up and felt the back of his neck where his hair was now only about an inch long, and then totally threw me for a loop by saying, “How confident do you feel in trying to do a skin fade? I’ve always wanted to see what it felt like to have it really short on the back and sides. But if you leave the top a little longer you’ll have something to play with still.” He gave me a cheeky look in the desk mirror.
I stroked the back of his neck and tugged at the short hairs, “Don’t start talking sexy to me, we’ve got a long night ahead, and I can’t do hair and do you at the same time.”

I really had no experience cutting hair other than the handful of times I’d given my little brother a buzzcut over the summer, but I had watched my ex get his hair done twice, and I was fairly certain I could recreate what I remembered.
When the cold metal of the clipper blades touched Nate’s neck he shivered. I began driving them up the back of his head, using the #4 guard to get started. I pushed them up to the crown and then stopped, dumping the clump of blond hair onto the floor. The half inch swath left behind was a rich chocolate, and I found myself wanting to run my tongue over it. Instead I took my fingers and traced it, which led to Nate holding back a moan. “Why does that feel so damn good?”
I made another pass and then dumped the hair on to his lap, before tracing my fingers over the shorn hair again. I could see him squirm a bit at my touch and I realized this was turning him on, which thank god it was, because it was getting me going too! “You like that huh? It’s looking really good so far, I can’t wait to see how sexy it looks when I’m finished.”
“You’re going to make me lose it, babe. Finish this part, and we might need a quick shower session?!”
It didn’t take long for me to get the back and sides shaved down to a half inch, and once that was done I gathered what was left on top in one hand and severed it with the shears, leaving only about two inches behind. “Good lord that feels freeing,” Nate murmured.
For the first time in years I could clearly see his whole face, and I could see how much he’d really matured. His features, which I’d always found boyishly cute, were now well defined, manly, and handsome. He’d really been hiding under his hair this whole time, just casually transforming into a freaking male model, without me even knowing!

We didn’t do much showering in the shower, but we managed to at least get all the hair clippings off of him. Once we were both wrapped in bath towels, I started slathering on the hair dye. “I am so glad this is making you just as horny as me, because this would be super awkward if I was getting a lady boner and you weren’t participating.”
“Who would have thought? If you’d asked me last week I’d have told you there was no way in hell, I was going to have long hair until I died. But tonight? F-k it, I don’t think I could ever let it grow out again.”
We had a little fun while waiting for the dye to fully seep in, and then it was time for another ‘shower’ before I finished off his final cut. Combing out what was left of his thick dark hair was making me a bit flustered all over again. I hadn’t ever considered myself vain, but right now I wanted nothing more than a neatly shorn boyfriend with gorgeous chocolate brown hair. And I was about to have just that.

I left the hair on top longer in the front, about two inches or so, and then tapered it off to meet the half inch buzzed part as it went toward his crown. The best part was taking a safety razor and getting the back and sides of his head completely smooth. I went from the ears down, not wanting to go too high on my first attempt at a fade. It was everything that I was craving and more.

We’d never put our clothes back on after the first ‘shower’ so the transition from me shaving his head to us diving into bed was like lightning. And let me tell you, I’ve never hit nirvana so fast as I did when I had one hand tangled up on the top of his head, not-so-gently pulling his dark thick locks, and the other stroking the bald, smooth, nape of his neck.
“Don’t stop,” he grunted, “F-k that feels so good, you feel so good. F-k Bailey, you’re gonna have to shave my head every night, because f-k…” The rest of whatever else he was going to say was drowned out by us reaching our breaking point together. I was extremely hopeful no one was in the frat house to hear how loudly I yelled his name.
Lazily, I rolled off of him and snuggled up next to him, burying myself in his warmth.
“I’m not asking you to marry me right now, but be prepared, because I am never letting you go. And I am never growing out my hair again, oh my god, that was insane.”
“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I promise I will never allow another speck of hair to grow on the back of your head. How do you look so much more hot as a brunette? I mean seriously, who even are you? I’ve always thought you were hot, but I’m sweating right now.”
He responded by nibbling my earlobe and wrapping his arms around me, “I love you, Bail. Thank you for being by my side, no matter what stupid sh-t is going on.”
“I love you too Nate,” I say back, kissing where his shaved neck meets his thick hair, “And whenever you’re ready, my answer is yes. One million percent yes.”

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