The Barbershop Assistant: A Gentleman’s Servant

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The Barbershop Assistant: On the Run

I’ve forgotten the login for my original account but I’m the author of the Austin’s Razor Series, The Start of Something New series, and the Barbershop Assistant series. This is the next installment of the Barbershop Assistant series. If you like this series make sure and check out my other work on my old account. Now let the story begin! Or I guess, resume! I won’t see comments on other stories so if you have any suggestions, only comment on stories on this account!

A Strange New Life

”Aim small, miss small,” Cara whispered to herself as she focused on the front sight of her pistol, her left eye squeezed shut, the right open.

She slowly squeezed the trigger, ready to destroy her intended target. Rick had taught her well, she knew that if she held her sites steady, squeezed the trigger evenly, the shot would be true.

Pulling back through the slight mushiness of the compact pistol’s trigger, she met the wall of resistance. With one last increase in pressure, she felt the trigger break and at the same instant felt the sharp recoil of the small 9mm pistol.

Atop a fence post ten yards to her front, the empty Coke can flew up into the air before coming to rest on the ground behind the fence post.

”That-a-girl!” Rick whooped, clapping her on her bare shoulder.

Smuggly, Cara holstered her pistol at the front of her cut off denim shorts and flipped the shirt tail of her white tank top over the gun. She crossed her arms and looked over the top of her aviator sunglasses with her contact altered brown eyes at the attractive, older man teaching her, a piece of her slicked back undercut pixie falling forward.

”Told you I could do it in one shot,” she said confidently. Her southern twang had returned in fullness after her months out in the country.

”Yeah but it took you about a year to do it. When they’re shooting back, you won’t have that kind of time,” he said, crossing his arms at her in return.

”I thought you said ‘slow is smooth and smooth is fast’ Mr. Soldier Boy,” she said, and incredulous smile forming on her lips.

”Yeah, well that was just slow,” he said with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

”Well that was just rude. It makes me almost not want to kiss you to say thanks for the shooting lesson,” she said, stepping in closer.

“Then I guess I should take it back,” he said, taking a step closer to meet her.

”No, I like it when you’re a little mean to me,” she wrapped her arms around him and looked up at his chiseled, stubbly face.

”If I’m going to teach you to defend yourself, there’s going to be a lot more where that came from then,” he wrapped his arms around her.

Stepping up onto her tiptoes she kissed him on the lips, long and slow. She grabbed his ass and pulled her body against his, feeling his manhood grow hard against her as his fingers wrapped around the back of her head. With the touch of his hand, she could feel that she was due for a trim. The thought of going under his clippers only aroused her more as the kiss grew more hungry, their mouths opening, tongues searching.

She knew he wanted her but she also knew that for whatever reason, he wanted to wait to know each other any further than this so she pulled away and smiled up at him.

”Good. I want more,” she said with a sly upturn of one corner of her mouth.

If she had learned anything in her life, it had been how to seduce a man. And she had intensified her efforts in the weeks following their first date. She desired the comforting and stable man so strongly and he obviously desired her but something stood in the way of them getting to know each other sexually.

”Alright, you can count on it. Now come on, little mama, we’ve got to get back to the shop. I’ve got a friend bringing by a girl,” Rick said, using the affectionate nickname he had given her.

The girl formerly known as Caroline rubbed the back of her head, “You think I can get a turn in the chair after she does?”

After reaching out to men that he served with, telling them of his idea to help rescue women from bad situations, whether it be women like Cara in dangerous relationships with dangerous men, or young women trapped in human trafficking, one of Rick’s contacts had finally reached out with a young lady who, at 21, had been trafficked eight years earlier.

”It depends on how much hair she has because it might take a while. She’ll be going through an extreme change most likely. Anyway, you’re getting greedy, you know Monday morning is your weekly time for a cut,” Rick said, opening her door on the old pickup, like the Southern gentleman he always was.

Sliding into her seat, she squinted up at him through the open window. Running her hand over her slicked back hair she said, “Maybe I’m just trying to make you mad so you’ll shave all of this off to punish me.”

”All in due time little mama,” he said, giving her a quick kiss on the forehead before walking around to his side of the truck and getting in.

Although she made the joke about him shaving her head often, Cara gulped. This was the first time he had said something like that. Usually he just dismissed her with a chuckle and maybe a kiss. But now it sounded like he had plans to shave her head and although the thought aroused her, it also terrified her. She had grown fond of the small amount of dyed brown hair she had left and really liked how it looked on her. A shaved head was new and terrifying to the girl who had previously always had perfect, long, red hair.

“So this friend of yours works for the FBI? Will that be okay? Considering my current status as a fugitive from justice?” Cara asked as they drove off of Rick’s family property that they had just used as a shooting range.

”He’s a US Marshal and he’s only responsible for protecting people in the witness protection program. Plus he knows not to ask questions,” Rick said with a shrug.

”So what is this girl getting today? A mohawk like Lyla got? Did I show you the picture she sent me the other day? She’s got a tattoo artist boyfriend and is addicted to ink apparently. And getting new piercings,” Cara said of her former acquaintance who had once been known as Jacqueline before undergoing a huge transformation at Rick’s hands.

”You didn’t but in glad to hear that she’s settling in. And I guess she’s committing to her new look,” Rick said with a subtle smile.

”She cut her mohawk shorter too. Apparently having one as long as hers used to be was a lot of work to fan out so she had her boyfriend cut it shorter after he finished up doing a butterfly tattoo on the side of her head.

”So what I’m hearing is that she has already gotten a new haircut while you’ve had the same one for even longer?” Rick said, raising an eyebrow at her.

”Yeah I guess so,” Cara said with a nervous chuckle.

”Well anyway, no, not quite like that but it’s going to be pretty extreme. One of my friends is the head of security for this billionaire that needs more maids. It pays really good, they’ll help her get her GED and even a college degree if she wants one but there’s one condition. They have a uniform and a required haircut,” Rick said.

”Oh gross, is this some sex thing? She’s just getting out of trafficking and is going to work for some nasty handsy billionaire?” Cara asked in disgust.

”Not at all, my buddy says there is a major no touch policy on the maids that he makes sure is followed. It’s just a tradition that has existed for at least a couple generations. They wear those French maid outfits and they get micro bobs with shaved undercuts. Most guys don’t like extreme haircuts like that anyway so it actually kind of helps.” Rick said.

”Ah so a little bit more girly than what I’m working with?” Cara said with a smirk. She had found that although her haircut was rather androgynous and she was wearing less makeup, she still found ways to feel like a girl, whether it be with dangly earrings, the occasional dress or clothes that show off her more petite figure, she wanted to impress her man and so she found ways to do it.

Even on Sundays like today, which Rick insisted they attend church like every other person in the town to help her blend in, she got to wear dresses, she wore a little extra makeup, and she even styled her hair a tad bit more feminine, not used the slick looking hair goop she normally used and instead sweeping it back with a matte finish pomade that let the front fall down slightly, softening her features. It was a long shot from what she would have done before, when she would have spent at least an hour curling it, straightening it, or styling it in some elaborate updo.

“Ma’am, you look gorgeous all the time. And don’t complain so much about that haircut, it could be worse. But yes it is a little bit more girly,” Rick rubbed her buzzed nape fondly.

Ex-Escort and a Marshal

Back at the shop, Rick and Cara arrived with enough time to unlock, get the lights turned on, and prep his station before Rick’s friend pulled up in an unmarked black Tahoe SUV. Rick had taught Cara that federal law enforcement always used cars like that so she’d know what to watch out for. She knew exactly would he getting out of the car.

First, the man in the driver’s seat stepped out. He was clean cut and clean shaven and looked to he about Rick’s height. Even though it was warm enough for both Cara and Rick to still wear shorts in the early Alabama autumn, the man wore blue jeans and an overly large short sleeved button up shirt. Cara saw the telltale bulge of a concealed firearm on his right hip and she felt a moment of silent pride that Rick’s lessons were working. The man walked over and opened the door of the passenger side of the SUV.

The girl that stepped out looked exactly like what Cara expected. She had poorly bleached, blonde hair down to the middle of her back with badly grown out roots. She wore heavy makeup that didn’t quite conceal a black eye and skimpy clothes. The poor girl refused to meet the eyes of the marshal and he led her inside.

Rick met him at the door and shook his hand. “James, how are you brother?”

”I’m good, man. Thanks for offering to help out. We suspect the bad guys have an informant so we’re trying to keep most of this off the books so you’re doing me a pretty big favor,” James, the marshal said.

”No trouble at all, me and Cara want to help as many girls out as we can,” Rick said, cocking his head in Cara’s direction.

”You must be Cara then? This guy seems to think you’re pretty special from what I hear. Deputy Marshal James McCoy. You can call me James,” he said, walking up to Cara and shaking her hand.

”It’s nice to meet you, James. We’re happy to help. Well mostly Rick, a quick makeup job is easy,” Cara said.

”And this is Beth,” James said, sweeping his arm back to the woman who was busy staring at her feet.

Cara walked up to Beth and offered her hand. Beth, instead, crossed her exposed arms and looked at the floor.

”Sorry, Beth is a little shy,” James said.

”It’s okay, Beth. You’re safe here,” Rick said, patting her shoulder and guiding her to his barber’s chair.

“Thanks,” she said softly as she sat down.

”Have you told her the hair requirements?” Rick asked James.

”Yeah, and we also need to dye her hair. Apparently it’s only natural colors allowed and it’s either dye it or shave it all off so I figure she’d probably rather dye it,” James said.

”Yes, please,” Beth said, finally looking up but only meeting Cara’s eyes.

Cara smiled, “Hey, at least you’ll have more hair than me.” She pretended to toss her hair, like she would have with the long curls she always styled her hair in.

”Not by much. But whatever it takes. I’m not ever going back and I’m glad I can help those motherfuckers go down,” Beth said with a surprising degree of anger.

”Hell yeah you are,” Rick said. “Alright, I need you to lift your head so I can get started.”

Beth lifted her chin and Rick set to work. He first gathered up the hair on her crown and clipped it up. Rick tied a strip of tissue paper around her neck and draped a black cape over her body just like Cara got each week for her cut and color. While he began his work, Cara and James took seats in two of the other chairs in the shop. Rick began to snip away the hair, using his scissors to remove the bulk of the hair before using clippers and finally a razor to make the undercut.

”So what’s it like working for this guy? I used to work for him technically but things were a little different back then,” James said.

”It’s so great. This is pretty much my first real job and he’s taught me so much,” Cara said, watching the haircut and enjoying it like she enjoyed watching the hair cutting videos she found online.

”You like him, don’t you? I can see it when you look at him,” James said knowingly.

Cara’s eyes left the cut in progress, the bleached blonde hair littering the floor. “Maybe I do,” she said.

”Good, he likes you. And that’s a big deal. I can’t say he’s felt this way about anybody since his wife,” James said, never looking away from the parking lot that he watched.

”His wife? He never told me he was married? Was it an ugly divorce or something?” Cara asked.

”Nope. They loved each other, big time. She was the perfect soldier’s wife and everybody in the company loved her. No, she was killed in a car accident. Not long before he retired,” James said.

”She died? I had no idea. He never said anything like that,” Cara said, finding the only information that would pull her from the haircut that was going on in the chair.

”It’s not my place to talk about but I’m telling you this because you need to be careful with him. And patient. He’s a good guy, don’t break his heart,” James said, looking away from the parking lot for the first time.

”Never,” she said confidently.

”Good,” he said, looking back to the parking lot. “You know, I guess he has a type. She always had short hair too. Not quite as short as yours though.”

Cara ran her hand thoughtfully through her hair, something she found herself regularly doing to keep it from falling forward. “I guess he does.”

She heard the clippers flip on and looked back to see the Beth looking down at her feet, this time not because she didn’t want to look up but because Rick was about to begin buzzing the hair away from her nape, no guard on the clippers as he removed as much hair as possible.

Strip by white strip, Rick drive the clippers up into the hair on the back of her head, sending clumps of half dark brown, half bleached blonde hair tumbling to the floor. It piled on top of the blonde hair that had been cut off by Rick’s relentless scissors. Beth seemed to keep a brave face, but as someone who had been through a similar sudden removal of hair, Cara believed that Beth was probably thoroughly shaken.

Then, as Rick finished her nape and lifted her chin, Beth let a single tear fall down her cheek as the barber shaved up through the first section on the right side of her head, revealing a pale scalp and brown stubble. Even sitting next to James, Cara could feel her heart start to race as she grew wet and hungry for release.

Soon, the single tear was joined by another, then another, until her heavy makeup began to run and she began to sniffle. Cara, still aroused but also empathetic, decided to stand and hold the younger woman’s hand. She both wanted to be closer to the action and wanted to show support for Beth. Taking Beth’s hand, Cara was surprised that it was snatched away quickly.

“Don’t touch me! Do you think I want some girl that looks like a fucking man to hold my hand? I’m losing all of my hair and I have to go work for as a fucking maid!” Beth shouted, not moving her head for fear of messing up her haircut and losing more hair as Rick shaved the last of her undercut.

”Beth!” James shouted.

Cara’s cheeks flushed red as she ran her hand through her hair. She knew she had a man’s haircut and although she loved the way she looked as much as she loved the new life she was living, she was embarrassed. And the shame was only turning her on more. She swallowed and shook her head at James.

”It’s okay, I’d be upset too. I know I was when I first cut all of mine off,” she said, touching Rick’s arm fondly before returning to her seat.

”Yeah I’m fucking upset. I might not look as bad as her but I’m still going to look ugly,” Beth said through her tears.

”Are you wanting to back out?” Rick asked as he began to apply shaving cream to the sides and nape of her head.

”No but that doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed,” Beth complained.

”Well don’t take it out on Cara. Be mad at the men who forced you into this situation,” James said, patting Cara on the shoulder.

”Fine, I’m mad at them.” She looked at Cara in the mirror. “Sorry, you don’t really look like a man. I mean your hair kind of looks like a man’s but you’re really pretty. Even without makeup.”

Rick began stropping his straight razor on a strip of leather and placed a towel on the former escort’s shoulder.

”I’m still wearing makeup, just something more subtle than you’re used to. I’m going to show you how to do it so you’ll blend in with the other maids,” Cara said, trying to work past the awkwardness of the other girl’s outburst.

Using the part of Beth’s head still covered with hair, Rick pushed her head down and began shaving up on her nape. His hands were skilled and fast and Cara found herself jealous that she didn’t get to be under the razor like Beth who had only just shown up. Even if being shaved still terrified her. She felt her mouth grow dry as she watch, fighting the urge to masturbate as she watched like she did so often watching videos.

”Hey James? Did you bring that stuff I asked for?” Rick asked as he scraped away stubble from Beth’s nape. The sound was intoxicating and Cara knew that she would have a wonderful time later on her own.

”Sure I did. I imagine it’ll come in handy with what you’re trying to do now,” James said. “It’s in the car, I’ll go grab it now so I don’t forget.”

”Yeah, you do that a lot,” Rick said, finishing off Beth’s smooth nape and shaving around her ear. He folded it down the same way he folded Cara’s down each time he cut it for her.

James stood and walked out, only furthering Cara’s desire to slip her hand down the front of her shorts. What James was getting, Cara did not know but she wasn’t concerned with anything other than the quiet metallic scraping sound coming from just a few feet away. Rick was expertly clearing the last of the stubble from the young woman’s undercut as James stepped back in carrying a brown paper bag.

”This should cover at least a few people for a while,” James said.

”Thanks, Cara, will you take that and put it back in the office,” Rick said, wiping the girl’s neck with a clean section of the towel he had been using to keep his towel clean.

As Cara grabbed the bag from James and passed Beth to put the mysterious item in the office, she couldn’t help but notice just how pale and smooth her undercut looked. She was disappointed as Rick let the long hair fall down from the clip so he could begin cutting the short bob.

Hurrying to watch the rest of the cut, Cara placed the bag on the desk in the office that she also used as a bedroom and rushed back out to her chair, just in time to see Rick finish up wetting the teary-eyed girl’s hair with a spray bottle.

At a slight forward angle, Rick began to cut the bob. At the front where he started, it left the tips of her earlobes slightly exposed and reached the corner of her mouth. With so little hair left, Beth’s grown out roots looked especially bad and it was a good thing that Rick would be dying over the brassy yellow blonde hair.

As Rick worked in a blunt line around the back, Cara was pleased to see a good amount of Beth’s shaved nape thanks to the angle of the bob. Cara’s womanhood throbbed so bad it almost hurt and she knew she’d need to look up undercut bobs later while she pleasured herself.

Then it got even better as Rick combed forward the front section of Beth’s hair and began to cut bangs that, at the moment while wet barely covered her eyebrows. Cara knew that the bangs would likely rest just above her eyebrows. Although Beth had more hair than Cara, Cara was pretty sure that Beth had a much more extreme look. And although she was relieved, she was also a little jealous. Now two girls had come through and left with more extreme transformations than she had gone through and she felt a lot less special now.

As Rick began to apply brown dye to Beth’s hair, the girl finally stopped crying. James handed her a tissue to clean her face with.

”So she’s doing my makeup right? Because what I did this morning is kind of ruined,” Beth said as she looked at her reflection sadly as Rick stacked the brown dye covered on the top of her head.

”Yes I am, but you need to pay attention so you can do it too. Subtle is better sometimes,” Cara said.

Soon the dye was applied and Rick stepped away to let Cara do Beth’s makeup. She did just as she promised, minimal makeup with just enough to cover up any blemishes, including the nearly healed black eye. Then some light mascara and a subtle pink lip color. Overall, Beth looked incredible and once her new hair was finished and styled, she really would look like a new woman. Hopefully soon she would feel like one too.

”I look great, don’t I?” Beth said, turning her face to look at it from different angles in the mirror, a real smile on her face.

”You do, and I even like the undercut on you. I guess I’m a fan of undercuts,” Cara said, bashfully rubbing her buzzed nape.

”Sorry I said you look like a man,” Beth said. “In terms of girls, you’re actually my type. Not that I’ve had much of a choice up until now. That Rick is my type of man though.” Beth bit her lip and looked at the man.

Cara felt a flash of jealousy but when she remembered that Beth would be gone to never return soon enough, she instead chose to laugh at the compliment.

”Oh so you think I look like a lesbian, not a man,” Cara said, raising a dyed brown eyebrow.

”I’m going to stop talking myself into a hole now. Seriously though, I’m sorry. You are beautiful and it was rude for me to say that. I was just defensive because I don’t feel very good about how I look. Maybe if you’ve got a phone number you can give it to me. Then I can reach out once I have a phone again. Just so we can stay in touch,” Beth said, taking Cara’s hand.

”We can for sure. I’m not on social media or anything but I have a phone I can send texts and pictures on,” Cara said.

Much to Cara’s surprise, Beth leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth. It wasn’t her thing but she didn’t jerk away and kissed her back, sweetly rather than hungrily like she did with Rick. It was over as quickly as it started and Cara barely concealed a smile as Beth laughed.

”I’m so sorry. I just thought we had something going. But you definitely kiss like a straight girl. It’s a good thing I’m about to take on a new identity and disappear,” Beth said, her cheeks flushing red through the minimal makeup.

Either having not seen it or choosing to ignore it, Rick patted Beth on the shoulder and helped her stand. “Let’s rinse this dye out and I’ll get your hair styled and get you two out of here. Cara and I have a little bit left to do to get ready for the week.”

Cara smiled in awkward amusement as Beth walked away to the sink where Rick would rinse out the dye. She supposed that if she did have to kiss a woman, someone with an undercut bob wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Soon, Beth’s hair was rinsed out, revealing a brown that did mostly match her natural color. Rick moved her back to her seat in the barber’s chair. He used a blow dryer and round brush to style her hair.

”I usually only cut men’s hair, or Cara’s, so this is a little different for me. Hopefully I did okay,” Rick said as he gave her bob a pleasant amount of bounce.

”It looks as good as it can with such a weird haircut I guess,” Beth said, reaching up and feeling her shaved undercut for the first time.

”You do what you have to do,” James said.

”Yeah and it could be worse. It has been worse,” Beth said.

”Well not anymore,” Rick said. “Here’s the new you.”

Beth looked at herself and played with her hair. Rick had brushed the hair inward at the ends, making the bob bouncy as Beth turned her head side to side. She tucked hair behind her ear, revealing that the undercut went all the way around.

”Okay, I can work with this,” Beth said as Rick swept the cape off of her and removed the tissue paper strip from her neck.

”Good, we need to get out of here and head to your next stop,” James said, standing up and shaking Rick’s hand.

”And that is?” Rick asked.

”Classified,” James finished for him. “Thanks for the help buddy.”

And just as quickly as they came, the pair left. As Beth passed by, Cara slipped her a scrap of paper with her phone number on it. The two girls winked at each other and that was the only goodbye they had.

A New Style

”Alright, little mama, now it’s your turn,” Rick said, putting his hands on his hips and looking at Cara.

”Oh, I thought tomorrow was my normal day?” Cara said, happily taking her favorite seat in the shop, Rick’s favorite chair.

”Nope, we’re doing something special tonight and it may take all night,” Rick said, tying a tissue paper strip around her neck and draping his favorite black cape over her body.

”Something special?” Cara asked, excitement building at the thought that maybe they would finally take things to the next level.

”Yep, I shaving you. Completely,” Rick said, flicking on his best clippers.

“Wait what?” Cara said, starting to rise from her seat that she was normally so comfortable in.

”Excuse me, stay in your seat,” Rick said with his normal pleasant Alabama twang as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

”I’m going to be bald?” Cara asked, shuffling in her seat but not trying to rise again.

”I mean how many times have you joked about me shaving your hair off? Now’s your chance,” he said, putting the humming clippers to her forehead.

”Hold on one second! Are you sure about this? Joking about it is one thing, doing it is entirely something different. What will the ladies at church say?” Cara said, delaying what she knew was inevitable but the reality of the situation made her heart race with nervousness.

”They’ll probably hate it. But I won’t. And I bet you won’t either,” Rick said, plunging the clippers into the short brown hair at her hairline.

He swept the clippers back and left a pale white strip with the faintest red stubble. She had seen him use this set of clippers to make many customers bald or at least buzz their fades down to the skin. And now it had just been used on her head.

”Rick! Oh my god!” Cara gasped when she saw it.

”Ma’am, don’t I have total control of your hair?” Rick asked, pulling the clippers into her hairline again, sending another clump of hair tumbling down.

”Of course you do! But oh my god!” Cara’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment at her head that grew rapidly balder by the second.

”Well then you need to be shaved. Not just because I want to see you bald either,” he said, making another pass with his clippers.

”Why else would I be getting my head shaved then?” Cara asked.

She felt an all too familiar heat rising within her. Her embarrassment, the suddenness of the cut, her lack of control over the situation, it was turning her on. More than anything she had ever experienced. Cara could see that Rick was turned on as well, a familiar bulge growing in his pants.

”That thing James brought me is for your cover. But you have to be completely shaved to use it,” Rick explained, either unaware of her growing arousal or playing it cool.

”Whatever you say, babe. Shave me bald,” Cara said, succumbing to the pleasure and her man’s strength.

”Oh you like this?” Rick teased.

”Fuck yes I do,” Cara said breathlessly as Rick made another pass, robbing her of the last bit of the longer hair from her crown.

”I knew you would. I know you’ve been watching head shaving videos. I know you’ve wanted this all along but have been too scared. Do you even want to know why you have to be shaved?” Rick asked.

”Later, I want to enjoy this. I can’t control myself,” Cara said, sliding her hand into her pants.

”Good, I’m tired of playing it safe with you,” he admitted.

”Then don’t. When we’re done with this, I want you to fuck me,” Cara said seductively as Rick pushed her head down and began shaving the buzzed hair from her nape.

”Yes ma’am,” Rick said politely and confidently. Cara was quickly discovering that a southern gentleman would make an excellent lover.

He sped up his pace, shaving her nape quickly with his softly humming, well oiled, sharp clippers. The hair from her nape was gone and he lifted her chin by holding his hand on her shaved crown and pulling up. Controlling her head, he tilted her head to the left and began shaving that side.

”Make me bald, Rick. Oh fuck it feels so good,” Cara moaned as her fingers fondled her clitoris.

He finished shaving her right side as quickly as he had finished her nape. He moved to her front, putting his bulge directly in her face as he tilted her head to the right and began shaving the left side of her head. Waves of pleasure surged through Cara as she climaxed. She gasped as the last of her hair fell onto the floor.

”Okay, are we done? I can’t believe I’m bald. I want you inside me,” Cara said hungrily.

”Not quite. And you’re not bald enough yet either,” Rick said, picking up the straight razor he had used on Beth’s undercut.

He teased her, taking a hot towel from the warmer and putting it on her head. He then stropped the razor in front of her and she grew desperate to feel the razor on her head.

”Fuck, please shave me. Take it all away,” Cara said, barely above a whisper. Her fingers slipped inside her, her thumb still touching her clit.

”I am. I would, even if you didn’t want me to,” Rick said, setting the now wickedly sharp razor down and removing the towel from her head.

From the warmer, Rick took a healthy amount of shaving cream and began to massage it onto Cara’s head.

”Oh god, this is incredible,” Cara moaned, eyes nearly rolling back in her head.

Shaving cream now applied, Rick expertly began to shave her head, starting with the top. First, he went with the grain on her tender, never before shaved scalp. The patches she could see already looked so bare but she knew that when he went against the grain she would be truly bald. She now stayed still, not pleasuring herself for fear that her tremors of ecstasy would lead to a cut.

Her crown was soon shaved, then the right side of her head. Then her nape. The metallic scraping sound of the razor was intoxicating, the feel of his strong hands guiding the razor and controlling her head was orgasmic. He finished his first pass on the left side of her head and put a new hot towel on her head.

She lifted her head and kissed him. “I want to take my contacts out. I want you to see my real eyes when you fuck me. Not these muddy brown eyes that are part of the disguise,” she said as they parted from their long kiss.

”I’d love that. God, Cara. I love you,” Rick said, kissing her again.

”Rick, I love you too. You’ve given me everything and I would do anything for you,” she said as they parted again.

”Good. You will,” he said with a wink as he stood and removed the towel, again coating her scalp with shaving cream.

He now worked against the grain, removing any trace of hair. The scalp that was uncovered was shiny and truly bald. Her light, red follicles were not even visible. He was taking every trace of hair from her and she loved him for it.

Just as quickly as his first pass, he was done with the second pass. Cara reached up and felt her head for the first time after Rick wiped her head clean with one of the towels.

”Oh fuck this is incredible. It’s so smooth, I’m so bald,” she said as she began to stand up.

”Hold on, you’re not done,” Rick said, pushing her shoulder down.

”What? But I’m bald?” Cara asked confused but excited.

”Look up and close your eyes,” Rick said.

Cara complied readily, even though she was confused. She felt him put something on her eyebrows. She regularly had them dyed to match her hair, but this felt different. Keeping her eyes closed, she had almost figured out what it was when she felt Rick hold her face and begin scraping away at her eyebrows.

It was shaving cream. He was shaving her eyebrows off. She was humiliated. Her eyebrows had always been one of her great prides, and one of the only ones she had been left with after her dramatic transportation. They may have been dyed brown but they always looked immaculate. But no more.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Cara whispered.

”Believe it. I told you I was shaving you. I didn’t just mean your head,” Rick whispered back as he finished shaving her first eyebrow off.

”Rick, when you finish this eyebrow, there won’t be any hair on my body. Anywhere. This morning when I showered at your place before church, I shaved everything. Arms, legs, my pussy,” she said.

”Good, I like the idea of you being smooth all over,” Rick said, shaving her other eyebrow off quickly and cleanly.

He wiped her face down and her head one last time. “Keep your eyes closed.”

Applying moisturizer to her head, he massaged it with his fingertips lovingly.

”Okay, open them and look at yourself,” Rick said.

Cara opened her eyes and saw herself. She gasped. She looked like an alien. A freak. The only hair she had left on her body was her eyelashes. She reached up to her head and stared at herself, mouth agape. Her cheeks flushed red. As pleasurable as the experience had been, now seeing herself made horrible reality set in.

”Rick, what have you done to me?” she asked, hands exploring her shining scalp, the ridges of her brow where hair used to cover.

”You need to be hairless for what James brought. After I fuck you, in going to use it on you. We’ll leave it on overnight and it will stain your follicles brown. It’ll last a year which means we won’t have to dye it every week. It’s something special that gets used for deep cover assignments. But you have to be shaved down to nothing to use it,” Rick explained, removing her cape and the strip from around her neck.

”Well it sounds like we have work to do. But first, you’re going to fuck me. Hard. Because nobody else would want me right now, I’m sure,” Cara said, standing and pulling herself close to Rick, her hairless face close to his.

”Maybe nobody else would, but I sure we fuck do,” he said, kissing her before guiding her back into the office and locking the door.

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