The Challenge II: A Tournament of Champions

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They invited me back to The Challenge a year later. They wanted me to participate in an all past winners’ game. Due to the “more difficult” nature of the game, they offered me $10,000 upfront. I often touched myself to the footage of my first time participating. Especially the end where I’m bouncing on the sybian, sweat dripping from my bald head. They didn’t need to double my fee. It was nice though.

When I arrived on the set with my fellow competitors, production took our clothing. Then they brought us on stage where a trio of barbers was waiting to shave us head to toe. The audience cheered as they strapped us down. I liked this twist as well! I had expected a headshave, though not so soon in the game. They weren’t going to wait to humilate us. Once all our hair was off, they wrote our names on our foreheads in Sharpie.

When the hostess walked out, I noticed that she wore the wig made from the long dark brown hair that she took me during my last appearance. She winked me at when she saw me staring.

The first challenge was a trivia round again. I almost lost. Thankfully, throw by her unexpected shearing, one of my fellow contestants did worst and got to experience the first punishment – a round of electroshock therapy. They dragged her off dazed and drooling.

The second round was another obstacle course. At the end of this one, however, we needed to suck off a PA. They both were ugly. I, however, got the slightly less ugly one. My competitor underwent her electroshock. Then she got her ass fucked by the ugly PA who was not gentle.

The hostess caressed my bald head. Then she asked again if I was too good for the punishment that the other two women received. And, again, I said that I wasn’t.

I rather enjoyed the electroshock. It feel like blanket being wrapped around me. It also prepped me for the ass fucking. Mine came from the hostess herself. She wasn’t gentle. Thirteen inches of dildo went up my asshole. After she took her pleasure, she supervised the final punishment – a big black SLAVE tattoo on my left asscheek.

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