The Cutting Cage part 2

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This is a sexual fantasy story.

Years passed by and I was now in high school. Two inches taller, in good physical condition, and a driver’ license in my pocket.
Bobby and I remained close friends through the rise in age and even Molly had realized the bitchy older sister act was tired. She even could be talked into buying us beer when she was home from college on random
The three of us would play drinking games she learned at her University and an invitation to spend a Saturday night up there with her had even been proposed. Gladly we excepted.
” Will Amy be there?” I asked her casually.
I had not seen Amy since she left for college to a different school than Molly.
I admit I use to think of her whenever it was time for a haircut. And now that I was older and more confident around the opposite sex, I had actually convinced myself that I could stand a chance with her.
” Amy took a year off and has been kinda undecided on what she wants to do, I think she is bumming around down at the beach this winter.” Molly informed me.
Molly looked me over and asked, ” Why, have you got a crush on sexy little Amy?” I laughed it off and said, ” I have a crush on everyone lately,”
” She’ll surface sometime soon out of no where, that’s Amy.” Molly offered up.
I put it in the back of my mind and looked forward to our Saturday night of college debauchery.

The weekend arrived and we headed to Molly’s house that she shared with 2 other girls from our hometown. Molly was the prettiest of the three which was common with all her friends but these girls lacked nothing in the essence department. Plus they were older and that brought something to the table regardless.
They were twin sisters who always seemed inseperatable. With their backs to you, you would never which was Jennifer or Ashely. Blonde straight hair hung to just to their shoulders and being on the gymnastic team should sufficiently describe their bodies.
The one thing that held back my complete liking of them was they were prudes. The twins studied too hard, never partied in high school, and upon running back into them when we arrived at Molly’s I could clearly see they had not changed.
The first thing out of Jennifer’s mouth was ” I have an exam tomorrow so keep it to a minimum noise level please.
Bobby looked at each other and both spit out a bold faced lie as we said, ” ok no problem.”
He, Molly, and I started the night off playing quarters and as the game carried on we were suddenly smashed and it was time to take our loud asses to the bar where Molly knew a bouncer who would let us in underage.
It unfolded as predicted, Bobby and I being used to light beer, over consumed liquor shots as they were shoveled towards us by Molly and her friends.
Both of us were stumbling around the bar aimlessly when Molly realized she had created a liability for herself, we were corralled too and out the door
by her as she joked about how I fell asleep for a moment at the bar before Bobby kicked the stool out from under me. Good times.

Somehow she got us home and back into the house without incident, my bladder was overflowing with tequila and other spirits so I headed to the bathroom tucked under the stairs in the small hallway.
As I stood there swaying side to side reliving myself I could hear the twins upstairs pouting to each other about how loud and obnoxious we were being.
I amused in it and focused forward on the pictures hanging in front of me behind the commode. It was a typical assortment of photos hosting girlfriends having a good time here and there. House parties, beach parties, etc.
And then it caught my eye, there was Amy. She in a picture taken at a pool party what seemed to be not so long ago. I looked in closer and she was still rocking the same haircut Bree gave her several years earlier and my mind immediately went back to that vivid memory.
Her sitting back in the black chair, Bree standing behind her whisking her salon cape over her body, and how her auburn hair cascaded to piles under the elevated chair. I had to slap myself to return from the living dream I was having.
As I fell into a drunken sleep that night she was all I could think of, the picture of her was taken while she was wearing a biquini if it could even be called that. Whatever it was, it hardly covered what needed and the her tan body complemented the white suit.

That morning she was still in on my mind when I woke up, I could still feel her fingernails in my hair pulling it from my head and cutting it away.
The feeling of her pumping the salon chair up with me in it, her eyes locked on mine through the mirror.
I couldn’t escape the thoughts that resurfaced from that day in the Cutting Cage, I was in torture.

The following months I drove to different cities close to home looking for hair salons that a look alike Amy worked in. Sometimes only waiting a week in between haircuts, just letting my hair get long enough so it didn’t look like it had been cut the day before.

I probably hit 6 different hair salons in 2 months before my appetite was somewhat appeased by a barberette who could have been Bree’s sister in a different lifetime. I imagined her standing behind me as the beautiful young girl combed and cut away at what was a already decent looking haircut because I had been another salon chair only a week and a half earlier.
I pictured Bree’s glossy high heel on the chairs hydraulic pedal as the stylist pumped it higher. And tried to feel the thickness of Bree’s silver shiny cape as the hairdresser flung hers out over me.
The whole thing had reached a boiling point and I knew it so declared to myself that I would reel it back in and not get my haircut for a month.

Everyday life resumed. Getting drunk on the weekends with Bobby, school, and girls whenever possible.

We planned a much needed trip to his beach condo around the time my month of no haircuts was coming to an end. Friday afternoon we left straight from school in an attempt to get to a party some his island friends were throwing.
Even only being 7pm when we got there we felt late, everyone was shit faced so we bucked up and started drinking like the world was about to end.
We shot gunned and funneled cold beer until what followed became a blur.
It must have plenty of fun because I didn’t wake up until 4pm the next day with a pounding hangover. I blasted a liter of water into my stomach and rolled back over.
An hour later I convinced myself to stand up and see if I still hurt as bad, I still was in pain but needed food too desperately to get back in bed.
I opened Bobby’s bedroom door to see if he was alive and barely from the look of it.

” I need food, you want any.” I struggled to get out of my dry throat.
” There’s nothing here, good luck” he said with his head still under the covers.
” I’ll go grab a pizza I guess, don’t die on me.” My joke had no effect on him.
I pulled myself together and started walking to the middle of the island where civilization carried on carelessly of my condition.
It dawned on me half way there that I was going to be standing only feet away from Bree’s Cutting Cage while I ordered pizza from the shop below.
I reached up and felt the shaggy hair on my head and began dreaming again of my experience in her chair.
“Did I really feel good enough to get a haircut, did my breath still stink of stale beer, and did Bree even still cut hair there?”I started wondering.

I shook it off and convinced myself this was a food run and that only.
As I stumbled into the pizza parlor I looked up curiously and the hair salons’ sign still hung there. I stayed on task and went in to order the biggest pizza they had.
20 minutes later it was in hand and I was back on the sidewalk with it.
I felt the Cutting Cage’s tractor beam pulling at my hair as I walked by the outside steps that led up to it.
I stopped and looked at them, ” what are you doing?” I asked myself.
I couldn’t stand it, my hair was long enough for a trim and how many times did I get the chance to have Bree cut it.
I shook my head disappointingly at myself and started to climb the stairs.
My heart began to race as I thought of the black leather chair with its cape hanging on the back waiting for me.
Images of Bree sitting in it with her high heel shoe dangling off the toes her crossed legs and the smell of her perfume made me light headed.

I reached the landing and gulped as I started to push the door open.
This was happening, I was a junkie in need of my fix.
The aroma of hairspray and shampoo washed over me as the door cracked and I was almost inside when I saw exactly what I hoped for.

My hairdresser was leaned back in her styling chair, legs crossed and all waiting for fresh hair to scissor away. The only difference was The Cutting Cage had received a makeover. The black salon chairs had been replaced with ironically tacky yellow ones. Black vinyl capes hung off the back rest of all three and the one holding my hairstylist was slightly turned with her back to me.
It turned with her in it in my direction and my heart almost stopped when I saw Amy sitting in it.
The Auburn hair should have gave it away but hairdressers are always changing their hair color, one of the perks of working along side other stylist daily.

It didn’t appear that Amy recognized me right away. As I stood there barely though the door, she lifted her hand to her mouth and took a puff from her cigarette , as she exhaled toward me she said ” were closing, can you come back tomorrow?”
” Its me Amy.” I said praying she would recognize the now older and different person standing in front of her.
She looked the same but twice as gorgeous. Long legs ran down from a extremely short black leather skirt with a half unbuttoned red flannel 2 sizes too small form fitting her upper body.
Amy was wearing a black leather cutting apron with straps wrapping it around her thin waist.
” Holy shit, you grew up! ” she exclaimed as her bare thighs peeled from the chair and she stood to examine me. She put her cigarette in the ash tray and walked up to give me a hug. She carried the smell of shampoo and smoke with her as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt the leather apron wrinkle against my shirt as she squeezed my body.

She pulled back and said ” what are you doing here?”
Bobby and I were in town for a party and I thought I would come in for a haircut.”
” Yeah I can see you’re stii afraid of the barber chair!” She joked as she flicked my hair around in the front with her sharp fingernails.
“Well you need a trim so have a seat in my chair.” She demanded.
With those words I started to feel the memories rushing back of her standing behind the chair snipping away as I sat caped and helpless .
I was so turned on by the thought of it I couldn’t resist.
She pulled the front of my shirt and led me to the yellow chair, pushing me into it.

As I sat into it I noticed it was softer than the black leather chair it replaced and began to thank myself for climbing those steps. Amy stepped to the back of the chair and said, ” aren’t you glad I’ve been to beauty school?!”
” I can cut hair a little better this time.” We both laughed and I asked how she ended up here?
” I just did. ” she said with no more explanation. I left it at that, I didn’t care anyway. I was in her salon chair and it felt good.
Amy slid the cape out from behind my back and shook it out a couple times before I could only see the shiny black material in front of me as it fell onto my body.
I leaned my head back a little as she wrapped it around my neck and closed it shut tight.
Her hands were now in my hair combing through it, I remembered the way her nails felt from before as they inspected the hair she would be cutting.
” I would love to shave all of this off but you probable don’t want that.” She joked.
” Think you can cut it like Bree did last time I was here? I asked.
” Sure, and I know how she turned you on so I want hold back.” She joked again.
” Remember this? ” Amy asked as she pumped the salon chair slowly into the air. I just smiled. I could see she still enjoyed the feeling of pushing down on the salon chairs pedal, watching her client bump up higher.
I had no idea when I walked in the door that Amy would have me back sitting in front of her, under a black cape with the chair jolting upwards.

I sat there feeling like a willing captive, Amy knew it too. She used every opportunity to touch my neck and scratch my scalp with her nails.
I began to wonder if she was flirting or just being Amy?

Who cared, a haircut from her would be enough.
She walked to the counter and I stared the whole time.
As her ass peeked out the bottom of the leather skirt I really was getting horny now. I wanted to grab it and throw her over the back of the chair and ease into her slowly while watching her face moan in the mirror.
I couldn’t stop the perverted thoughts when I noticed I was now fully erect under the black cape.
Amy turned around and looked at me like she knew it, ” you know I don’t feel like staying here after your cut so I’m gonna lock up and pull the shade.”
I let my imagination run wild and thought ” is this really happening.”
Amy locked the door and dropped the blinds on it. As she was walking back to me I could see in her eyes she was about to do something bold.

She stood behind the chair and lowered it and then walked around in front of me.
” You know you turned out cuter than I thought you would.” She said as she just stood there looking at me.
With every bit of bravery I stood from the chair still caped and leaned in fast to kiss her.
Amy pulled me in all the way and stuck her tongue into my mouth, I could taste her last cigarette and smell her perfume.
I’m put both of her ass cheeks in my palms and gripped them hard, she moaned with pleasure as I pulled the leather skirt up over them and had her bare skin in my hands now.
Our bodies pressed against each other’s as we kissed uncontrollably, she reached up pulled the cape away from my body and threw it to the ground.

Amy pushed me back into the chair and regained her composure as she stood over in front of me. She slowly knelt to the floor and ran her fingernails up my legs from my knees until her hand was going up my shorts.
I felt her grab my hard cock and she started massaging it firmly.
I sank into the leather chair and looked up at the ceiling as she pulled her hands from the bottom of my shorts and unzipped them. The same soft fingers worked the throbbing boner out of my pants and I looked down to see her lips moving to it.

Amy gently kissed it and licked it all over before putting the top half in her wet mouth. I wrenched the chairs armrest in my hands as she moved up and down with her thick lips holding it gently.
I moved my hands to the back of her head and and ran my fingers up under her hair where it was buzzed short. She bobbed up and down a few more times before she lifted up and put my dick back in her hand and jerked it more at the base. She looked up at me and knew I was about to explode from the look on my face.

Amy released me and stood back up turning around with her back to me.
Her leather skirt was still pulled halfway up her ass where from where I had it in my hands moments earlier. She reached to the counter and started looking threw her purse before she turned back around with a condom.

Somehow this moment of absolute perfection was getting better.
Amy tore it open and knelt back down with the rubber cap in her nails.
With my boner still pointing straight up she slid it over my cock pulling it completely down to the base with just her finger nails.

She stood back up quickly and turned her back to me again, reached both her arms back towards me and placed her hands on top of mine as they still rested on the yellow chair armrest .
She looked back down over her shoulder as she lowered her vagina just above my cock.
And then I felt the tip of my dick pinch as Amy pushed down on top of it and swallowed it whole.
I groaned out loud with pleasure as she rose back up slowly and down again on it never letting it come out of her.

I stayed still while she made all the movement, humping my erection with her bare ass hitting my lap before she would rise back up slowly again.
My cock drove into her hard as she sped up and started to squeeze my hands under hers tighter and tighter.

Faster and faster she moved like a jack hammer, now screaming louder and louder with the salon chair holding us starting to shift with the movement. I felt her sharp nails digging into my fingers as she moaned uncontrollably in pure pleasure.
We were both on the brink I could tell, I wanted to make sure she made it all the way so I held it and held it as she was violently humping me now with the chair shaking in its place.
I absolutely couldn’t control the urge anymore from the feeling of her tight cavity pulsating with me in it. I felt the release coming and and as I let go she screamed a high pitched squeal and fell back into my chest.

I held Amy’s thin body as her back rested on me, her head on my shoulder with her beautiful face next to mine.
She panted as she took her hand off of mine and reached down to pull my now exhausted cock out of her.
She continued to lay on top of me looking over and extending her lips for a thank you kiss.
I kissed her neck and ears slowly while her breathing came down.

Without looking down she pulled a cigarette from her apron pocket and put it to her lips. Still laying back looking up she lit it and took a long satisfying drag.
The smoke left her pursed mouth in a long stream upwards and she breathed a sigh of pleasure as she stayed in place on top of me.
I held her there never wanting her to get up. Her light frame was better than any salon cape she could throw around me.

I was still speechless from what had happened and she hadn’t said much either.
Minutes passed with us in the yellow salon chair, her laying back on me blowing smoke upwards and she finally spoke up saying,
” So how about that haircut?”

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