The Dig

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Hi my name is Summer.
Summer Day to be precise and yes I know, my parents had a sense of humour. What kind of parent would name their only daughter Summer with a surname like Day but alas my father was a Johnny Cash fan and his favourite song was A Boy Named Sue.
But I suppose giving me a comedy name made me tough and I quickly learned how to look after myself.
Despite my comedy name I have done well in life. I am a freelance photographer who specialises in working with archaeology teams making a photographic record of the dig.
I have travelled the world and I consider myself very lucky to have a profession I love that allows me to live a very comfortable life.

My latest assignment was to accompany the archaeology department from York University to the Amazon Rainforest and record their dig deep in the rainforest.
The archaeology department had been commissioned by the Brazilian Government to assist in the dig on a long-lost ancient city deep in the rain forest.
The team was made up of five male and one female archaeologists plus me.

The plane landed at Manaus Airport and as soon as the plane doors opened the heat and humidity hit me. It was unbearable and within minutes of walking across the apron to the terminal building my body and clothes were soaked in sweat.
The dig was scheduled to last four months and I had had enough after four minutes.
“Oh my goodness, it’s so hot, is it like this all the time?” I asked.
“Oh no, this is a cool day, just wait till we get to the dig site in the rain forest, it’s twice as hot and much more humid.” replied Clara.
Clara Croft was the only female on the dig team, she was a professor of archaeology at York University.
She was a little older than me, tall and slim with shoulder length dark curly hair.
“Please tell me you are kidding.” I said pulling a length of blonde fringe that was now plastered to my skin with sweat away from my forehead.
“Nope, not kidding, you are really going to suffer with this.” she said reaching out to touch my long blonde hair.
My hair was very long and very thick, it reached down way past my bra strap and as my stylist constantly reminded me. “ You have enough hair on your head to fill two scalps.”

After passing through security, I found myself sat in one of three all purpose vehicles heading to the dig site with the rest of the team.
The team from York University was made up of five men; Professor Jim Bond, the team leader who was in his late fifties and in pretty good shape for a man of his age.
The other guys in the team were all archaeology graduates, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and of course Clara.

The one member of the team that caught my eye was Matt.
Matt was Finish and had a beautiful head of long blonde shaggy hair. His body was ripped with pecs that would send any girl weak at the knees.
The only problem was that Matt seemed to have taken a dislike to. What was wrong with him?
I was young, 26 years of age, perfect body shape 36 26 36 DD, pretty face or so I have been told and long naturally blonde hair that could put his hair to shame.
“What is wrong with Matt?” I asked Clara.
“He seems to have something against me.” I replied.
“Ah, that’s because he fancies you. When Matt fancies a girl he acts like a school boy, calling her, making jokes a about her. He needs to grow up.” Clara said.

The further into the rain forest we progressed, the hotter and more humid it became so after a three hours drive over unmade roads and dirt tracks I was ready for a shower and a rest.
Base camp was very basic; a large communal tent where we eat and held meetings to discuss the days event and a number of smaller accommodation tents. I was billeted with Clara.
“Where are the showers?” I asked the group.
“Oh wow, Barbie wants to know where the showers are?” laughed Matt. “Just over there past that clearing.”
“Ignore him, there are no showers.” Clara said.
“Then how do we shower? “
“The river and the waterfall, I’m afraid. “ she said.
The university team had the advantage of having had a full briefing before they left the UK. I didn’t.
Jesus I hate Matt, he’s such an arse.

The following days were busy and tiring. The heat and humidity were relentless.
After only 10 minutes in the heat my body was dripping in sweat and my hair was just stuck to my scalp. I did my best to control it by platting it but it was becoming unbearable.
On the third evening after a hard day’s work we all gathered in main tent for our evening meal.
After finishing my meal I was ready for bed and stood to leave when I saw Matt stand and take hold of a holdall.
“Right, who’s first?” Matt said.
“I’ll go first.” said Jim.
Jim took a chair and placed in the centre of the tent and sat on it.
Matt unzipped the holdall and took out a pair of hair clippers and attachments.
Jim unbuttoned his shirt and removed it.

Matt flicked the clippers into action and the tent was filled with a menacing buzzing sound.
“Is a number 2 ok? “ he asked.
“Yes, go for it.” Jim replied.
I sat back down in my chair.
Matt striped Jim’s head of his hair in a matter of seconds.
The other three guys took their turn in the chair and joined Jim in getting a pretty cool buzz cut.
I have to admit the spectacle of seeing the guys get their heads buzzed was pretty hot and I have to say that the feelings between my legs was unexpected but very enjoyable.

Matt held up the clippers. “Who’s doing me?”
John stepped forward and took charge of the clippers.
Matt unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off giving me an unrivalled view of his ripped chest and oooooh those pecs.
The feeling between my legs had gone beyond enjoyable and had moved up a gear into overdrive.
That was not just sweat making my panties damp, I was positively leaking sex. Thank goodness I had worn thick cotton panties and cargo pants.
Matt sat down on the chair.
John placed the clipper blades on Matt’s head and pushed them back towards his crown leaving a shorn path of ¼ inch fuzz.
Stroke after stroke the clipper blades stripped Matt of his long shaggy blonde hair until all that was left was a ¼ inch all over fuzz. Because of his blonde hair he looked bald.
Matt looked hot, not as cute but definitely hot.
Matt stood and took the clippers from John and started to pack them away.

“Not so fast.” Clara shouted stepping forward.
Clara sat on the chair and looked over to me.
I mouthed the words, “What the fuck.” to her.
She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.
Clara unbuttoned her shirt and removed it to give everyone a view of her more than ample breasts being restrained in her black sports bra.
“ You want a number 2?” Matt asked.
“No a little longer please.”
“A number 4 ok.? That will leave you a good half inch of hair.”
“Go for it.” she replied.
The clippers buzzed into action.
Matt placed the blades on her crown and pushed back. A long clump of dark curly hair fell to the floor. Stoke after stroke the clippers stripped Clara’s hair. That woman has balls.
Clara stood and brushed the severed hair from her shoulders and chest.
She returned to her chair and sat next to me. Her hair had been stripped from her head leaving a ½” inch covering of soft brown fuzz.

“There’s only you left now Barbie.” Matt shouted.
I didn’t make eye contact and ignored him.
Matt started to make chicken noises.
I’m going to show that arrogant bastard I’m not a chicken, I thought to myself.
I stood and walked towards him.
Matt still had the clippers in his hand. He switched then on and waved them in my face.
“How’s about it Barbie, ready for a haircut?”
I untucked my T-shirt from my cargo pants and pulled it off over my head to reveal my 36DD breasts.
I wasn’t wearing a bra.
“ Very nice, take a seat Barbie.” He said.
Arrogant chauvinist bastard.
I sat in the chair and unclipped the two long braids of hair from the top of my head. I shook my head allowing my long blonde hair to cascade down my naked back.
I looked across at the watching audience to see all the guy’s eyes including Jim’s, the dirty old bastard fixed firmly on my breasts.
“A number 4 is it Barbie or do you want it leaving longer?” Matt said.
I held my hand out, palm up and indicated for Matt to pass me the clippers.
I took the clippers and removed the number 4 guard from it’s teeth and handed them back to Matt.
“Just do it big man and don’t fucking call me Barbie.”

Matt stood in front me still shirtless, his pecks only inches away from my waiting and wanting mouth, If only he knew how much I wanted him.
Matt placed the hot blades of the clippers at the top of my forehead and pushed back.
Oh my fucking god, that feels amazing. I wanted to scream as my pussy started to leak into my panties. I gritted my teeth to stop myself from screaming out in pleasure as wave after wave of the clippers stripped my hair.
I felt my head being pushed down as the clippers touched the nape of my neck. If I thought the sensation of the clippers on my crown was good this was indescribable. I gritted my teeth and squirted my sex into my panties.
I could smell Matt, his sweat, the smell of a man and I’m sure he could smell my sex as he looked into my eyes and smiled.
Matt shaved me.

I stood up from the chair, looked down at the ground to see my long blonde hair mixed in the multi coloured mountain of human hair.
I reached up to my head, where once my long blonde mane had been was just short sharp stubble, not even a soft velvety fuzz.
I hid the damp patch on the front of my cargo pants with my T-shirt and walked out of the tent without speaking.
When I reached my accommodation tent I took my compact mirror from my backpack, looked at my reflection and burst into tears.
Someone was outside the tent.
“Knock Knock.” said the voice.
It was Matt. The fucking bastard that had made me do this, he forced me into a corner and made me do this.
I ran from the tent and started to beat my clenched fists on his chest.
He took hold of my wrists. I looked into his eyes and that was my big mistake.
Matt leaned into me and kissed me. I opened my mouth and our tongues met.
The touch of his hands on my shaved head made my legs buckle and as I fell back Matt pulled me into him pressing my breasts into his chest.
He scooped me up into his arms and carried me to the waterfall.
Softly, slowly, gently Matt lay me down on the soft undergrowth by the side of the waterfall.
Our hot sweaty bodies joined as one as his penis entered me. Slowly at first as I wrapped my legs around his back pulling him closer to me.
Deeper and deeper, faster and faster until we both exploded in unison to the sounds of the waterfall gushing behind us.




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  1. Nice idea for a story, Stacey. I liked the idea of the heat driving everyone to shed their locks, even the women. And I also loved the fact that Summer, one-upped Clara by going ‘sans guard’ on the clippers. The hot scene between Summer and Matt in the Amazon pool was a nice way to end the tale.

  2. Hi Stacey,

    I really loved the idea for this story! I would like to think that it would be common for both men and women to get very short haircuts when they were in such a hot and humid environment as the Amazon rainforest. I think it’s really nice that everyone ended up getting clipper cuts to deal with the weather.

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