The Experimental Robot Part 4

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The experimental robot pt. 4

“My, my,” said Professor. Hardison, “what do we have here?”  Karen and Anna looked up at him from the floor with shocked expressions on their eyes.  “Professor Hardison, we are so sorry, we didn’t think you would mind,” Karen said, worried that her old mentor was angry that they had not announced their presence to him earlier when they had arrived.  “It is quite alright girls, I heard your car pull up and I knew immediately who was on my property.  So, I take it you young ladies have been enjoying the machine?” The two girls looked at each other and blushed.  The bald and brow less style of Karen and the light blue Chelsea cut and brow less style of Anna gave them both away immediately.  “Well I truly am not surprised.  I figured that once people could get their hands on a machine that would allow them to change their hairstyles at will, everyone would become a hair fetishist!”  Karen and Anna laughed and Anna responded, “truly Professor, when Karen told me about this place, I didn’t think the machine would work, but I really loved the results!” she said as Karen tousled her blue bangs.  “Professor,”  said Karen, “you never gave me a true explanation of how this machine works.  Since you are finally here in person, would you mind explaining it for us?”  “Certainly my dear, although I am guessing you two have some theories about the machine already.  You see, my experiments with you have could extraordinarily close to reaching a solution for regenerating destroyed hair follicles, however, throughout my research I concluded that replacing the destroyed hair follicles was actually quite inefficient.  It worked better, you see, to simply grow new hair over the depilated follicles.  I discovered that the mango fruit has a curious enzyme which serves as a super strong adhesive, but which is also so gentle to the human skin that it can easily be scraped off the human body without leaving a trace.  With much of my work into hair follicles having been completed already, I created a curious compound in my lab that could facilitate rapid hair growth, but which had only failed because previously those people with completely destroyed hair follicles had nothing for these hairs to latch onto!”  A look of shock crossed over Anna’s face, “so what you are saying is that my hair follicles are completely destroyed??  I will never be able to grow hair again naturally??”  Professor Hardison smiled, “Yes my dear that is correct.  But you see soon these machines will be all over the country and no one will grow their own natural hair.  Why would they when they can simply use this machine and have whatever style or color they choose for as long as they please?  My adhesive can last for decades, perhaps even longer, without weakening.  Don’t you all see?  My machine has revolutionized the hair industry!”

Anna turned to look at Karen, who had not said a word this whole time.  “What do you think about all this Karen?”  “To be honest I kind of knew that the machine was making us permanently bald as soon as you tried it.  The machine had to depilate your scalp and destroy your follicles or else it could not work properly.” “Wait,” Anna said, “does this mean my eyebrows are gone forever too?”  Professor Hardison knelt next to Anna and began stroking her shaved head.  “Well my dear, they are gone until you choose to use my machine again to restore them.  But I must say, you two look strikingly beautiful.  Even I am beginning to get a hard on for your beautiful brow less, blue, Chelsea style.”  The two girls gasped at each other and then looked at Hardison’s pants.  Sure enough a substantial bulge was evident beneath his trousers.  “Well Professor Hardison,” said Anna, “How would you like to get some real use out of this machine?”  “Whatever do you mean?” Hardison responded.  “I think what she means,” said Karen, “is that she wants to know what hairstyle you want to see us in, seeing as that seems to be the point of this machine and everything.”

With that, Anna stood up and sat once more in the chair and the electronic screen appeared in front of her.  However, Anna selected the option for “Crowd Selection,” and the hologram flipped so that she no longer had access to any of the haircutting options, only Karen and Hardison did.  Hardison slowly approached the machine, as the bulge in his pants grew bigger and bigger.  “Well I have always wanted to see a beautiful girl have this hairstyle,” and he pushed one of the holograms on the screen.  “This surprise haircut will be for the viewer’s pleasure of course.”  With that, he pressed the screen and the dome appeared over Anna’s head.  A mango scent began to fill the room and quickly long fire engine red hair emerged from under the dome.  The hair grew down to Anna’s thighs and then the dome disappeared.  Then the ring emerged from the seat.  “Haircut Commencing.”  A clipper emerged from the ring and passed just above Anna’s eyebrows, giving her a perfect set of red blunt bangs.  The ring then sucked up Anna’s bangs and began buzzing them away, leaving her with a triangular shaped bald patch at the front of her scalp.

At the sight of her friend being rendered bang-less, Karen began to grow very wet.  She began to finger herself at the sight of her friend’s growing bald spot.  As she slowly began to slide her hand down her panties, which were growing more damp by the second, she glanced at Professor Hardison to make sure he would not notice her sexual excitement.  She quickly surmised that he would not, as he appeared to be astonished and fixated on the haircut that he had selected to take place in front of him.  She also did not think he would mind her sexual satisfaction, as she noticed that his cock had come to full attention at the sight of Anna’s haircut commencing.

The machine quieted down and then sectioned off the remainder of the hair left on the top of Anna’s head with a small metal arm that had a combing tool at the end, and two small prong arms that resembled metallic chopsticks.  These arms worked together to lift the hair on the top of Anna’s head clear of the ring, so that the clippers had the ability to access the hair on the sides and the back of Anna’s head.  The machine buzzed back to life and two clippers emerged from the ring that began shearing all of the hair on the sides of her head away.  As the vibration of the clippers reached the erogenous area of the nape of her neck, Anna began to feel her pussy grow dripping wet.  Finally, the clippers finished their job leaving her with an extreme undercut style all around her head, which complemented the bald patch where her bangs used to be.

Meanwhile, Karen’s panties were soaked from her furious fingering by the time the machine finally fell silent, her panties were dripping with the juices from her pussy.  She glanced at Professor Hardison, and saw that he was now touching himself as well.  Curious, she approached him from behind and slid her hand into his pants.  “Now, now Professor, I think it’s against the rules for a Professor to do that while his students are watching,” Karen said slyly.  “But I won’t tell anyone if you promise you will satisfy me.”  She chuckled as Hardison quickly nodded his head in response and began to unzip his pants.  Karen took off her panties and bent over with her ass in the air.  “You can choose the hole Professor, don’t worry, there’s no wrong answer on this test.  Just make sure you make me cum.”  With that the Professor grabbed a stool and slid it in front of Karen for her to lean on and proceeded to slid his cock deep into her tight asshole.  He began to pump slowly at first, while sliding his fingers in and out of her dripping pussy.  With her left hand Karen gripped the stool, her knuckles turning white as Professor Hardison began to increase the speed he pumped in her asshole and fingered her dripping flower.  With the other she rubbed her hand over her denuded scalp sensuously.  She loved the feeling of her hand sliding over her slick scalp as she let Hardison pound her ass.  With her sexual impulses being satisfied, Karen was excited to watch Anna’s haircut continue.

While the Professor and his favorite student were engaging in their explicit biology lesson, Anna was watching them with excitement.  She reached down and begin to furiously finger her wet pussy.  She barely noticed when the two prongs emerged once again from the left and right of the ring to twirl the two small pigtails on either side of her head.  These were comprised of only a few locks of hair on just behind the spot where Anna’s bangs used to be.   The rest of Anna’s hair laid sensuously over her undercut.  The sound of the clippers filled the room and they passed over the shaved area where the middle of Anna’s red bangs used to be, and buzzed right down the middle of Anna’s hairline, just between where her two tiny pigtails now were.

As red hair cascaded down Anna’s body and onto the ground, Karen began cumming furiously, her pussy dripped juices all over the floor of the lab.  Just as the clippers were about to finish buzzing Anna’s head, leaving her with just two small pigtails on either side of the top of her head, Karen felt Hardison’s cock pulse and pull out of her tight asshole.  Still facing Anna, Karen tossed the stool aside and quickly got to her knees.  Just as she wanted, Hardison’s cum shot all over the top of her head.  He had so much sticky seed that it dripped down over the sides and back of her scalp, and even onto her forehead, where her eyebrows had once been.  She erotically rubbed her hands over her newly sticky bald head and became aware that the buzzing from the machine had quieted down once again.

As Anna watched from the machine as Karen’s slick, shiny, bald scalp was covered with Hardison’s cum, she orgasmed furiously, only to have another as she saw her friend caress her shiny scalp and then lick her Professor’s cum from her fingers.  As Anna’s pussy produced a puddle in the chair of the machine, the prongs lifted up the two small pigtails.  Scissors emerged and sliced each pigtail in half, leaving her with two small tufts of two inch long hair, on either side of her head.  The ring then disappeared and was replaced with the dome.  The machine announced “Haircut Complete. Shaving Commencing.”  With that, Anna felt the only two tufts of hair left on her head get sucked up into the dome, and the machine sprayed foam perfectly around her remnants of red hair.  While Karen and Hardison were looking fatigued from their furious lovemaking, but also attentive to her haircut, Anna was beginning to feel her pussy begin to grow wet as the razor scraped over her scalp.  Finally the shaving ended and the machine announced, “Shaving complete.  Final Polish and Style Commencing.”  She felt a sticky substance seep into her tufts of hair as the buffers emerged from the dome and polished the rest of her scalp.  Then she felt her tufts being styled by combs, then prongs, and finally the dome lifted away from her head.

Karen was astonished at how sensual her friend looked as the dome lifted from her head.  The machine had regrown Anna’s eyebrows and colored them in so that they looked just as perfect as they had before the machine had destroyed their follicles.  But even more amazing than that, was the erotic hairstyle that crowned her friend’s olive scalp.  Gazing up at Anna from the floor, Karen felt herself become incredibly wet as she saw her lover’s gorgeous olive skinned body, with her pussy dripping wet and her perfect breasts accentuated by perfect, small, hard nipples.  As she moved her gaze upwards, Karen saw Anna’s gorgeous oval face, with glimmering white teeth displayed by a perfect smile, which highlighted her bright, blue eyes, now framed once again by her dark brown eyebrows.  But when Karen’s eyes finally took in the hairstyle that Anna’s had emerged with, it took her breath away.  She had two spikes of red hair protruding from an otherwise denuded, slick, shiny, bald, scalp.

Karen couldn’t control her impulses, she jumped to her feet and embraced her lover, probing Anna’s mouth with her tongue and exploring her wetness with her fingers.  As the two pulled apart from their kissing to gaze into each other’s eyes, Hardison said, “Wow! I knew you would look amazing, but I can truly say I am shocked.”

Anna reached up and touched the spikes and caressed the bald scalp that covered the rest of her head.  “I really want to see what this looks like!  Especially if it made you both so aroused!”  As Anna walked over to the mirror, and found herself taken aback.  The red spikes looked like horns on the sides of her head and made her seem like an erotic embodiment of a bad girl, but her sparkling blue eyes and olive scalp contrasted the look, making her look absolutely stunning.  Not only that, but her perfectly shaped, brown eyebrows were back.  Unable to help herself, Anna began stroking the spiked hair.  The red hair had been gelled up and was hard and gleaming with product.   Anna’s right hand slowly crept down to her pussy as her left continued exploring the new hairstyle and slick, bald scalp that accompanied it.

As Karen stared at Anna becoming one with her new hairstyle in the mirror, Hardison said, “Well Karen, I suppose it is your turn to submit to my choice of hairstyle!”  Karen laughed and sat down in the chair.  “I’m ready whenever you are Professor!”  She saw the button that said “Viewer’s Choice,” and pushed it so that the holograms turned to face Hardison.  “Oh my, what hairstly do I want to see on my favorite student?  Hmmm.  I think you will look awfully kinky with this hairstyle.”  Hardison pushed one of the holograms, and Karen could only make out that it was under the “For the Viewer’s Pleasure,” section.

Anna turned away from the mirror, just as the hologram disappeared, and approached Hardison.  “So big fella,” she whispered in his ear as she grab his cock, “Does my new hairstyle make you horny?”  Anna began to stroke his now rock hard cock as he nodded.  “Is it okay if I taste you?” She whispered.  Hardison nodded again.  He could barely believe that his hair fetish dream was happening with two beautiful college girls.

As the dome appeared over Karen’s head, she saw Anna get on her knees and take Hardison’s cock into her mouth.  Not only was she aroused by the wetness of the seat, which she knew had been made by her lover’s pussy juices just minutes before, but she was also dripping at the site of Anna’s horny head bobbing back and forth as she sucked Hardison’s cock.  As Karen’s fingers explored deeply into her pussy, the scent of mango emerged from the dome.

Anna took Hardison out of her mouth and whispered, “make my pussy cum.” She picked up the stool to support herself as she turned to face Karen and put her ass in the air.  As she watched Karen, long sandy blonde hair sprouted from beneath the dome and grew past her breasts, and she felt Hardison’s cock fill up her pussy.  She saw as the dome was replaced with the ring that Karen’s blonde eyebrows were back, as perfect as they had ever been, and her new sandy blonde hairstyle reached past her breats, although, Anna was sure that Karen’s new hair would not stay that length for very long.  Anna wondered what Hardison had selected for Karen as she felt the power and speed of his thrusts began to make her pussy drip with cum.

Hardison was amazed by the veracity of the two girls, as he slid inside Anna’s pussy, he felt her warm juices lubricate his thrusts.  He reached up and grabbed one of her sexy horns in each hand.  He loved touching her new horny hairstyle as he pumped his penis deeper into her pussy.  He then remembered that Karen’s haircut would be the kinkiest haircut he could consider and as he pumped into Anna, he looked up to watch the action unfold.

Karen was watching the erotic sex show unfold before her and feverishly rubbing her pussy lips.  She came back to reality somewhat when the buzzing sound began to come from the ring.  She felt the clippers plow right down the middle of her new middle part.  Sheets of long sandy blonde hair fell to the floor.  The clippers plowed over the top of her head leaving it covered in a fine stubble, which she knew was sure to be removed later.  She was surprised, though, since the clippers did not touch the breast length long hair that covered the back and sides of her head.  Finally she felt the buzzing shears reward her patience and begin clippering the bottom of her nape and the sides of her head.  She felt sheets of long hair fall over her body, but she could also feel the sensation of clippering grow less strong as the clippers grew closer to the top of her head.  “What kind of style is this going to be?” she wondered.  As the buzzing disappeared, leaving her with a buzz cut on the sides and back that got longer the higher on her head the hair was, until the top of her head which was bald!

As the dome appeared, Anna felt Hardison’s cock pulse, and she turned around and knelt in front of him.  His seed sprayed right between her horny hairstyle, and Anna rubbed the cum with each hand, then stroked her horns.  “It will make them extra sticky,” she whispered in Hardison’s ear as she stood up.  “Oops! Missed a drop!,” she said as she reached up an wiped one lone drop of cum from between her two horns, right in the middle of her slick, shiny, bald head.  She placed her finger in her mouth and sucked on it then as she pulled it out of her mouth, grabbed Hardison’s cock and said, “You taste so sweet.  I could eat your cum everyday.”  After she said this, she heard, “Shaving Complete.”  She turned and saw her gorgeously tanned friend, stand up from the machine.  Her new hairstyle was super kinky!  Hardison had chosen MPB, the Male Pattern Baldness style.  And Karen looked sexy as she rubbed her fingers through the short buzzed hair covering the back and sides of her head and caressed the slick bald scalp that she had come to love.

When Karen looked in the mirror, she had to admit that she looked sexy.  It may be male pattern baldness, but its appearance had a kinky eroticism that made her aroused.  She walked over to Hardison and knelt in front of him, taking his cock in her hand and slowly running her tongue up and down his shaft, as her head, adorned with its kinky male pattern baldness style, moved back and forth.

Without another word, Anna stood over her lover and spread her legs, letting Karen’s smooth scalp stimulate her pussy lips.  Anna, pulled Hardison close and eased her tongue into his mouth.  When he flicked his tongue into her mouth, she sucked it and he returned the favor.  Clearly she was a master at all sorts of arousing behaviors.  Hardison, meanwhile was exploring the kinkiest haircut he had ever programmed into the machine.  He loved being able to caress a smooth scalp and also run his hands through the buzzed back and sides.  Finally as he was about to cum, he pulled out of Karen’s mouth and once more splashed her scalp with his sticky cum.  Anna knelt down and licked her lover’s sticky, shiny scalp clean, eating all of Hardison’s cum until once more Karen’s scalp was slick, shiny, bald, to accent her male pattern baldness style.

After this, Hardison thought the night would be over, but the two girls looked at him and said, “Are you sure you aren’t ready for some more fun?”

To be continued….?

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  1. I always loved this story, amazing to see part 4 of it. I think there is more to explore here still. First, the machine should be upgraded to provide full body treatments. Secondly, maybe this technology could also be applied to tattoos? A way of creating permanent designs that could also be removed or changed on a whim?

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