The Fetish Room

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She always had really long thick brown hair to her waist that made everyone look. Finally it was time to go in the fetish room. We have been dating for 2 months he had never showed her the fetish room. The door was red and he opened with a black key. He said “when i open this door you will get on your knees and submit to me completely, entering this door means you are agreeing to allow me to do anything i want to you”. She loved submitting, she longed for those dominant words, it made her feel cared for and also wet. She nodded with shiny eyes while staring deeply at him. He opened the door and she got on her knees and started crawling. There was sex toys all over and also a chair and haicutting tools. He grabbed her ponytail and guided her to the barber chair with a mirror. He was big and rough. She sat and he tied her hands back she said” i dont really need to get a trim.” He said ” sweet girl rules are rules and it will not be a trim so get ready and dont say a word or ill cover your mouth”. Her eyes got watery his voice was so sexy but she was now scared for her hair.
He grabbed the scissors and cut her skirt off and then he cut her bralette off.
” i know you like haircuts and i will see how wet you will get” he cut off her panties. She squeezed her thighs together but he opened them” you will leave your legs open” she did so.
He started combing her hair and admiring her beauty.
He grabbed the scissors and cut the thick hair midback length and went around cutting all of it to that length she cried silently while the hair fell on her boobs and between her legs. He combed theĀ  hair and chopped it at shoulder length from the backĀ  but she couldnt see how short he had cut. He kept going and the shoulder length hair went forward. She said” no thats so short’
” bitch i said no talking so now were going shorter” she was soaking wet and he could tell. He grabbed the hair around her crown and sectioned it up, he let down all the other hair. He grabbed the clippers and took off the guard. He pushed her head down and shaved the nape all the way up and then the sides, the thick hair was gone. He put down the hair from top and combed it and cut it showing her shaved nape, he cut all around to her nose length. She was a wet crying mess. ” this bowl cut looks cute on you but a chelsea would be hot. He grabbed the clippers and shaved up her crown leaving a little fringe at the front and shaved everything else bald.
“Now we have to make this smooth. He put shaving cream and used a straight razor leaving the bangs. He asked ” do you like it” she said no while crying, He said ” okay well ill just clean it up if you dont like it and then ill buy you a wig” He used the straight razor and shaved it all off. Her waist length hair was beautiful and it comforted her, well not anymore.

He untied her and said” get on the floor slave” she crawled down, she knows her place. He pinned her to the floor. ” now were gonna take care of your virgin pussy” he shoved his huge dick up her wet pussy she moaned with pain. But now he owned her entirely. She was now his bitch

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