The Fixer

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The Fixer


I strained against my bonds, a thick blindfold robbed my sight, and the whooping of a crowd deafened my ears. I squirmed, naked, as I felt thick pens mark my skin, I couldn’t tell what they were writing, but it was easy enough to feel the broad arrow being drawn on my belly, pointing to my shaved cunt.

“Our guest is nearly ready for the show!” Declared some unseen announcer over a crackling microphone.

“Shave her head!” chanted the crowd, “Shave her head!”

A crack like thunder as some machine whirred to life, I heard it descend towards my forehead and touch against my hairline …

I lurched awake, twisted up in my bedsheet. My phone buzzing its morning alarm.

I was hot, my hair itched, and my breath came heavy.

I freed myself from my bedding and headed to the shower. I washed the nightmare-sweat away, and spent a little time making my hair presentable. It had almost become a routine these past weeks, always these nightmares, always ending with someone about to cut my hair.

They were my own fault though.

My association with him, the reason for these nightmares, the man who insisted I call him only ‘Shark’, began a few months ago. He was a fixer, a problem solver for people with problems that maybe couldn’t be solved legally. He specialised in cases like mine, or so he claimed.

My meeting with him had been brief and very to the point, I’d sent files ahead of time and he had his sales pitch ready to roll.

“So, Harper, you and this Daniel Green are ex-lovers, yes? Childhood sweethearts of a sort, but you grew apart after college. He’s done well for himself I see… but so have you, my rates aren’t cheap after all, but good to know its not about money…” He paused, looking for a response, but to meet his gaze was difficult, he had the eyes of a predator.

He turned a page in his file, and continued. “But he’s engaged to this Alicia girl now, some Mexican from south of the border? Heh, she got lucky. Or, considering this meeting, maybe she didn’t. Anyway, you and Daniel bumped into each other again recently, in the course of your work… strictly business, I’m sure you said… but it didn’t take long before you were fucking each other behind poor Alicia’s back. So now, you need her out of the picture, but don’t want him to know you were involved in the break up. Is that about it?” He closed the thin file.

I fidgeted, maybe this was a stupid idea, this man seemed even more of a mobster than I’d imagined, but I’d come this far. “Yes, I guess.”

“So I’ll seduce her then, she cheats on him, he breaks it off. Easy.” He seemed very confident he could deliver on that.

“No…” I stammered. “She’s very proud, and he does really still love her … it wouldn’t be enough, I need her to be the one who leaves him.”

He considered that for a moment, his fingers tapping on his desk. “That, I can also arrange. Daniel is out of town for two months starting next on the 8th, big business trip in Michigan, long way away. She’ll be lonely. I will be able to seduce her, but I’ll not stop there. I’ll break her spirit and destroy her loyalty to Daniel. She’ll never want to see him again when I’m done. Is that agreeable?”

Destroy her? That scared me, but I’d been assured she wouldn’t be hurt … and there was no sense backing out now.
I had to, for Daniel.

“Yes.” I agreed.

“Excellent.” He pulled a contract from a drawer and handed me a pen. “You fully understand the price for this service, don’t you?”

I thought I did.

“In addition to your monetary payment, this sort of service requires an additional assurance. A test of resolve, proof that this is really what you want. When the job is done, I will shave your head, and keep your hair.”

I sat, stunned. He wanted to shave my head? I was already paying him a small fortune in advance! Dedication? I didn’t buy that… this wasn’t just his weird fetish… but for Daniel … could I?

“If I’m unable to break this Alicia girl, I’ll refund your fee, and you’ll never see me again. However, when I succeed, I also get your hair. That is my price, and the only deal you’ll get.” He settled back into his chair, dark eyes fixed on me.

I didn’t think.

I signed the contract, and went home.


For three weeks, I heard nothing. But today was the day. My phone flashed with a missed message, must have arrived while I was in the shower. I finished putting my hair up in a towel, then reached for it.

Unknown number, with an image attachment and the message “13 Lincoln Street, 10:00, tomorrow.” Shark. It must be. My hand shook as I opened the attachment.

I dropped my phone on the bed in shock.

My breath came fast.

Fascination settled in.

I picked it back up, and studied the image that filled the screen. It was Alicia, undoubtedly, although it took me a moment to recognise her. She was crawling like a dog, naked with her tan-line tits dangling between her stretched arms. She had “Slut For Hire” written in thick black pen across her forehead. Which was easy to read because she had no hair to cover it.

She was bald, her bare scalp glistened as if oiled. Even her eyebrows were gone. She looked … high, or stoned, or something. Her eyes had a thousand-yard stare, her mouth hung slightly agape.

THIS was what he’d done to her? I couldn’t deny she looked broken … but I’d never imagined this, not across weeks of dreams about what he’d do to me.

I found I couldn’t look away, she was oddly mesmerising, beautiful in her own way … was this what he meant to do to me as well?

A time, an address, tomorrow.


I called in sick at work.

I found myself spending more time than usual with my hair that morning, brushing it out and admiring the way the light of the sun bounced off it. I’m what I think of as a kind of buttery blonde, smooth with hints of yellow. In good light, my hair bounces those rays around its twisting length. Not for much longer though.

I arrived on time at what turned out to be a pretty innocuous residential street, he was already parked in a large car, waiting for me.

“Harper”, his voice was lighter than I remembered, “hop in.”

I did. He began driving.

“I’m always pleased when my clients show up on time. It is such an inconvenience to track down the ones that don’t.” He said it so casually. How many times had he done this? Had other girls tried to run?

I was quiet for a long while.

“You’re nervous? You’d be silly not to be.” He stated.

I nodded, “yes…”

“Um…” did I really want to know? “Can you… tell me more? About what you did to Alicia?” I had to know, I found myself quite drawn in by it.

I’d saved the photo of her he sent.

“Hmm, you’re curious? Ok, from the beginning then…”


“I began with observation.” He didn’t look at me while he spoke.

“I watched her at work, I watched her with her friends, saw her hobbies and interests. I learned her routines. Listened to her talk about Daniel. Its vital to know a target to pull of a quick seduction.

She’d had car troubles recently, it wasn’t hard to sabotage her engine while she was at one of her social clubs. When she found her car wouldn’t start, I became a kindly stranger there to help…

I failed to fix it of course, but made a good show of trying. Got my hands real dirty. When it seemed a lost cause, I offered to drive her home until she could get it looked at professionally.

I’d been nothing but helpful and charming, and she was missing a mans company.

I didn’t expect her to invite me into her home for some tea, she was so grateful. While she excused herself to the bathroom, I moved quickly and silently to install half a dozen hidden cameras and microphones around her apartment. She had no idea, but those would help knock a week off my timeline.

I played awkward, made it seem I had to go soon. She asked me to stay, got close enough that she surely noticed I was wearing the same cologne Daniel prefers. She was actually surprisingly easy after that…

I fucked her like a dog for an hour, that way she didn’t have to look at me, she could pretend I was him if she wanted.

I actually got most of that on one of the cameras, do you want a copy?” He turned fo glace at me for the first time since I’d sat next to him.

“Huh? Oh!” I’d been getting into his story, something about his voice just took me somewhere pleasant. I’d even thought about how he’d be in bed… “No, I … no, that’s ok. But what did you do next?”

He pulled onto a motorway. “Heh, easy, I watched more, and listened.”

“Turns out that Mexican girl really had a thing for white men. She always specified for that when she was watching porn, which she did nightly. That Daniel must really he something to leave a need like that.

She’s also a bit of a pervert, at one point she tried on a range of her lingerie, while trying to talk herself out of calling me. What harm could one more night with a stranger be?

I learned how she liked to touch herself, her fixation on her nipples and the way she pulled on her dark hair. I watched her look at videos of other girls getting it in the arse, but never touching her own. Other girls getting pissed on, and licking her lips. She had a humiliation kink, that she was clearly too proud to indulge.

When I called her, she was like soft clay in my hands.

When we next met, I put her hair in pigtails, and pulled her against me. I teased and crushed her breast while letting my cock slide against her bare ass.

She had no boundaries with me, no stakes to lose, I was disposable, so she could ask for what she really wanted without damaging self image. Soon, I had her begging me to humiliate her.

We met every night for a week.

By Friday, she was ready. I took her to my studio, and let her see my equipment. She picked out what she wanted to use herself. A blindfold, a ballgag, belts and pulleys …I could suspend her like the fuckmeat she was.

I let her dangle with her hair across her face and her arse in the air as I filled her with a jewelled buttplug. She groaned like a whore at that.

I told her not to cum, that I was her master and she was my slave. We played for an hour before I made her consider
… how beautiful she would be with no hair, my own personal bald sex slave.

I don’t think she believed I would do it until I started cutting.

She screamed into her gag when I took two feet of dangling hair in one go, I left her a few inches of ragged mess, and dropped the rest where she could see it.

She was slipping, so I added some weighted nipple clamps I knew she’d enjoy, and upped my charm offensive.

I told her to forget pride and shame and the future, to think only on pleasure, only of now. To transform herself from a woman concerned about the world, to a being interested only in how good this moment could be.

Perverts don’t need self esteem, and ecstasy makes no time for half commitments.

Within minutes, she begged me to shave her head. She grinned like a fool and panted like a dog in heat as she watched her hair fall to the floor below her. It had been so beautiful, now it was gone.

Finally, she was so worn out from orgasm and fulfilment of years of supressed desire, she could hardly walk. She crawled behind me to finally see her new self in the mirror. I reminded her that she chose this.

She broke when she saw.

She panicked, how could she go back now? She was a bald, used up whore, drenched in sweat and piss and filled with cum in every hole.

She couldn’t go back to who she was, that woman was dead, now she could only be who she is.

We had some more fun after that, maybe I’ll show you later.

Anyway, that’s how I did it. I have most of that on video as well, if you’d like to see?.”

I sat in the warm leather of the carseat, quietly hoping to hide how wet I’d become.

“Maybe.” I whispered.


We eventually came to a large country estate, well out of the way and hidden among acres of farmland. The place felt quiet, as if we were the only two people for miles around.

He showed me inside, and to the room where it would happen. Large, big windows on two walls, wood floors, a single mirror against another wall, next to a half dozen mannequins, each wearing a wig. Two cameras, each on a tripod. Both cameras pointed at a large leather chair that dominated the centre of the room. I again wondered how many times he’d done this, how many others had sat there?

“The sun is setting,” he said, “Lets get this done, remove everything you’re wearing.” He tossed a cardboard box at my feet, then stood back and watched me.
I took off my shoes, then slowly peeled down my tights, and put them in the box. As I shuffled down my skirt, I felt excitement beat in my chest, and tried to ignore it.

I unbuttoned my blouse, tossed it to the box and looked at him. He stared at my body, clad only in my dark underwear, but he was unreadable.

With a moment of hesitation, I reached for my bra. This was the last chance to back out, surely. Unless I planned on fleeing naked to the car and trying to drive back to the city in the buff. I unhooked it, let my pert breasts bob free, then tossed it to the box.

“Smaller than Alicia’s.” He noted.

Factual, disinterested, didn’t he find me attractive? I was an athletic young blonde stripping in front of him, but he looked like he may as well have been watching a cashier check out his groceries.

I turned away from him and slipped down my dark panties, flashing my butt his way as I did, then turned back around. I’d left a little fine pubic hair, but tidied up most of my body before coming.
He gestured to my neck.

I hesitated again, but then unhooked the white gold necklace Daniel had brought me, and added it to the box with the last of my clothing.

He picked it up, all of my belongings within it, purse, phone, clothes. “Wait here, I’ll be back shortly.” He left me in the room, naked and alone. It was cold.

I walked slowly to the large leather chair, and sat in it, the cool skin of it tight against my own. Listening, I could hear the house creak and groan and bend as he took everything I had brought with me to … somewhere else. I began to worry I may never see that box again. Then he returned, carrying a bag that he set down behind me without a word.

He began to touch my hair, I flinched away at first, but he was gentle, subtle, his fingers dexterous as he moved my hair, folding it across itself in gentle motions.

“You have good hair, clean, supple. It moves easily. You should thank your genetics, few have hair like this. I wonder if Daniel loves it too, or maybe he preferred Alicia’s?” he leaned in close to my ear and inhaled. He was sniffing me?

“Ahhhh.” He seemed satisfied. “I always loved the smell of a woman.” As he spoke, he worked my hair, loosely, into a single long, thick, plait. “The perfumes and oils are nice and all, but I prefer a natural, unmasked, scent … I suppose that’s where this all stems from. It’s time.”

He seized my long plait in one hand and tugged my head back, I stared at the roof and watched his arm curl over me, clippers in hand, they burst to terrifying life. My heart skipped and my stomach flipped.

I think I told him to “wait!” but I don’t know if the word ever actually passed my lips.

The machine hit my hairline, right above my eyebrows, and it sat there, a long moment of stillness millimetres from my scalp. A symphony of screaming steel. Then he dragged it though my hair. A path of devastation opened in his wake. The hair didn’t fall, it was bound tight in my plait, itself held firm in his fist. But I felt its severed strands tickling down on my scalp.

He ran across me over and over as my mouth hung loose.

“Your hair does not disappoint! Strong, but easy to shear. Like spun gold and sunlight, it’s a fine payment.”

It didn’t take long for him to be running that dread machine up the back of my neck, assaulting my last stubborn hairs as their fallen sisters blew about against my scalp, as if trying to grab back on.

Then there was a snap of force as the tension of his hand, on my plait, gave way. I lurched forward as the last hairs were cut. I lowed my head and fidgeted with my hands. Was this price really worth getting Alicia out of the picture? How would I explain this ‘new do’ to Daniel?

“Doesn’t your head feel so much lighter now?” He asked. “Can you feel the air on your scalp?

I reached up to touch it, but he grabbed my hand. “Not yet.” He said, pushing my hand back to the arm rest.

“It’s no matter if you can’t. This stubbly head is no good, it ruins your looks don’t you think? We have more to do for you to really embrace baldness.”

A stiff brush hit my head, shaving foam.

“Don’t look so worried, you’ll be sexier than ever now.”

Scraping steel against my scalp.

“Exposing your head like this, its erotic! Its like showing your privates off, something people shouldn’t see… you’d be surprised how it feels to walk down the street like this.”

I thought of Daniel complementing my hair.

“Don’t you feel the thrill of being so exposed like this!”

I thought of his hands among my long locks as we made love.

“There, we are done.”

He had loved my hair, and now it was destroyed.

For the first time since he started to steal away my hair, I softly cried.

He didn’t stop working as I sobbed. He rubbed some sort of oil on my head, muttering to himself about how shiny it was.

He moved infront of me, taking in my body. It was cold here, my pink nipples were stiff. A fine dusting of fair hair was scattered on my shoulders. My makeup was smudged by the tears I couldn’t hold back. He leaned in, and touched my chin, for a moment I thought he may kiss me…
He tilted my face left and right, then grabbed my hand and pulled it towards my scalp.

“Now you should touch it.”

I resisted his pull. But he overpowered me and slapped my hand down on fresh virgin skin. It was more than what I expected, smoother even than the many times I’d shaved other parts of my body.

Warm, and soft.

Strange and scary.

“It’s amazing, yes?” he rubbed my hand across my head. “To feel your own hairless head for the first time!”
Then he stood back, and turned the cameras off.

“You may choose a wig from over there,” he gestured broadly. “There is a shower in the next room you may use. Otherwise, you will wait here until I return.” He picked up my fallen plait, years of growth and care, it looked small now. Then he left me again.


I sat curled against myself in that leather chair until the sun finally set.

I felt so conflicted, I could hardly explain to myself why, but I wanted more from him. I felt a strange, desperate connection to this man. I thought of him talking about all the things he did to Alicia… the ecstasy he brought her as he broke her down. By comparison, what he’d just done to me was … mechanical.

I stood and walked to the few wigs he’d left, various lengths, various colours, one was even metallic blue. They each felt as real as any hair I’d ever touched. I chose one that was similar to my lost colour, if shorter, a sort of bob. Then looked at my still-naked self in the mirror.

I moved my head this way and that, but it felt wrong. This hair didn’t move right, not like mine. It was a lie, fakery.

I tugged the wig off and looked for the first time at my bare scalp.

I looked bizarre, my blue eyes framed now only by thin eyebrows and pale skin. Yet, this at least was honest. I was a bald woman. I’d have to accept that for now.

But I also wanted more.

By the time he returned, I’d set my resolve.

I frowned at him as he entered, I wasn’t wearing any of the wigs.

“You never called me beautiful after you shaved me.” I began “The way you spoke about Alicia though… you never even said this suited me!” I was shouting now, I know I sounded irrational, crazy even.” I … I want what she got. To experience the same care you gave her. I’ll even pay you more…”

He stared back at me, a touch of a smile on his face. “You understand what you’re asking for?”

I stood before him, in that big room, arms folded, legs together, naked and bald, feeling very small.

“Please,” I begged, “I need this.”


Shark had me bound tightly in soft ropes. My arms behind my back, my breasts grossly compressed. He had me stood with my legs spread in the middle of the room, the cameras were rolling again.

He circled me, holding a slim butt plug, on the outer side was a coil of soft pink plastic, a pigs tail. I’d never taken anything in my ass before, but for some reason, I wasn’t afraid. I trusted him.

“This is the start of your transition.” He said, now staying behind me. “No longer a proud business woman, no longer Harper Green, no longer a person at all.”

I felt his hand grip one of my butt cheeks, pushing it aside as his thumb stretched my virgin ass. “Instead you’ll be a pig, a glutton for sexual pleasure, oink for me.”

I shuddered, and took a breath, “Oi…” then he shoved the plug into my ass, “nugh!” it hurt. It smouldered against my stretched anus. “I told you to oink.” He said, slowly pulling and pushing the plug.

“Oink!” I choked through a sob of pain. “Oink!”

“Good piggy.” He rewarded me with a gentle caress on my back as he moved to my side. There he attached something to the ropes that bound me, and dragged a taunt strap up over my bald head, it had two small blunt hooks, which he placed into my nose. I grunted as the tension pulled my nostrils up.

He’d given me a tail, and now a snout.

He circled me once, then stood in front of me. “Now urinate.”

I blinked at him.

“Piss on the floor like an animal. Go on.”

I nearly started to cry again, but I felt my bladder react as if on command.

“Yes … sir.”

I hung my head and let go.

He stepped back and watched me make a puddle between my feet. “Good pig, do you feel it? Those silly barriers of civility and polite society breaking down? Good. You don’t need them anymore.”

I could feel splashes of my own urine on my ankles. I was tied up, naked, bald, dominated … humiliated … so why did it feel good? By the time I was relieved, I was panting at the ceiling and wishing I could reach my clit.

He smiled at me, reaching into a bag. He pulled out a thick lock of hair. My hair. Not all of it but it was unmistakable. I stared at it as he tossed it into the puddle of piss I’d left at my feet.

Then he approached. He grabbed my chin and licked my scalp as his other hand found my cunt. I groaned louder than I ever had.

He pinched and pulled my sparse pubic hair taunt. “You still have this…” he rubbed his other thumb over my eyebrow, “and these… you’re not perfect just yet. Imagine the even greater depravity you can experience…”

I was seduced, so I let him do it. He scraped away every pubic hair I had, and rendered my brows bare. My eyelashes were the only hairs left anywhere on my body.

Then he made me a proposal. He explained as he let me out of the ropes, that he wanted me to make a video for Daniel. Showing him what I was, begging him to still love me as I truly am. He placed one of the cameras right in front of me, and took the other from its tripod so he could film more dynamically.

I thought for a moment, he filmed my feet as I began talking.

“Daniel, there are things I need to tell you, things you need to see. I think you’ve always known I’m not a normal, conservative, Texan good girl…”

The camera was tracking up my body, he’d reached my bald cunt, which I played with in my right hand.

“I broke free of all that long ago, now I want you to see my true self.”

I still had the pig-tail in my ass, and the nose hooks in, attached to a collar now. The camera settled on my upper body, and then my head.

“I’ve had all my hair shaved off, everywhere. My whole body feels so soft and sensitive now! My head, my arm pits, my limbs and my cunt, all bare for you to see. Isn’t it exciting?” I rubbed my head and grabbed my breast.

“I’ll do anything, any desire, nothing is taboo to me now.”

I fingered myself and licked at my juices, I tugged on my nipples and rubbed my head.

“Could you love such a perverted woman? Can you accept all that I am?”

I lay on my back, spreading my legs to the camera as I finger fucked myself.

“Please hold me, please fuck me. Your ugly bald pig! I’m so wet, I need you!”
Tears fell across my face, I don’t know why.


I sucked his cock after that. Shark, not Daniel.

As soon as he stopped filming I’d practically torn his trousers apart.
He called me pathetic. A hairless, sexy, cock starved, beautiful, perverted freak.

I let him fuck me every way he could. He wrote on me as he went, a thick black marker. ‘Bald Pig Slut’ on my forehead. Arrows on my thighs, one pointing at each hole, both reading ‘cum here’. Slave, whore, freak, bitch, and more scrawled in places I couldn’t even see.

He encouraged me as I rode his cock, and I yelled and screamed and let go like never before as I let him fill me.

“I love it!” I cried “I love being your bald sex toy. I love being a smooth bald whore. I don’t need dignity. I don’t need hair! I don’t want it! Just fuck me! Please!”

He left me on the floor with hot cum leaking out of my arse and down across my raw cunt.

Half an hour later, I was still lay there when he returned. “Come with me, pig.”

I did.


He took me to a room.

A room with a dozen pony tails of every colour hanging from hooks on the wall, most held hair longer than I’d ever had.

There were plastic bags too, each stuffed with hair, loads of them. Each had a picture stapled to it, smiling women.

He tossed me one, my one. It had my plait wound inside the bag, and my former self attached to it, under that photo was another, my current, hairless self.

He stroked the hanging pony tails as he passed them. He really had done this before.

“Do you like what you see here?” he asked me.

I looked around, I was far, far from the first. That didn’t matter though, I wasn’t his I hadn’t expected to be. I was chattel, an animal, a slave to be given to anyone he wanted. I wondered if he really would send that video to Daniel, would he buy me?

“It’s beautiful, you’ve liberated so many of us…”

“Yes, but not you, not yet.”

“What else can you do? You’ve already given me so much.” I rubbed my scalp again, it was comforting.

He pulled up a tub of what looked like tar, and placed it next to me.

“This is the last step. A coat of this will destroy any hair follicle it covers. Commit to this, and you’ll be hairless forever. Only then are you really one of my girls.”

I didn’t hesitate, I plunged my hands into the tub, it was cool and silky in texture, but clung to my skin. I rubbed it over my scalp, where it seemed to dry instantly in a thin black gloss layer.

He only smiled and watched.

I rubbed it under my arms, across my cunt, up my belly and over my tits. I wiped it over my face and neck, and reached down to spread it between my ass. I covered my arms and legs and feet… everything.

Then fell to my knees and began to feel it work, it burned then tingled, sensation swept over me as I hit orgasm without so much as touching myself.

“Yes, a beautiful pervert, your dignity and pride destroyed. That is your reality now…” he flicked on a monitor, and I watched myself having my head shaved as I lay there, the last traces of me burning away.


Home, I guess. For a month I did nothing at my apartment but eat, sleep, and watch the dozens of videos of other girls Shark had sent me. Masturbating constantly. I never wore clothes, they’d all been removed from my apartment. I hadn’t quit my job, I’d just stopped going. Yet my bills were still paid by an anonymous account, and food was delivered daily. I wondered if the delivery boys told anyone else they regularly brought veggies to a naked bald woman in apartment 23.

He picked me up on a Friday, an hour after sending a text to say he needed me. I had showered quickly, it didn’t take long now. There had been no sign of any regrowth anywhere, I was indeed hairless for life. He at least handed me a long coat at the door.

He didn’t say much in the car, and I knew not to talk. When we arrived at our destination, another large country estate, he handed me another pig tail butt plug, larger this time, as well as the collar with the nose hooks, and a headband with piggy ears on it. He told me to get ready and go wait in the garden, while he himself headed inside.

I rounded the house, dressing in my not at all modest costume as I went. Sexual getup aside, I was naked as the day I was born, and with less hair. Two other girls waited on the grass.

One was paler by far than anyone who grows up in the south, with a smattering of freckles and a fox-ear headband on her bald head. Like me, she was head to toe hairless. Her tail was nicer than mine, a furry red and white that hung to her knees. I felt a pang of jealousy compared to my little pink plastic pig tail.

The other, likewise hairless, was olive skinned, with black bunny ears and a poofy bunny tail poking from between her cheeks. I stopped walking as I realised I knew her face. It was Alicia. Hers had been the first video I’d watched when I got home.

She smiled at me, she didn’t know me, we’d never met face to face.

“It’s ok to be nervous, pig.” She addressed me, taking in my sparse costume. “I was the new girl last month, you’ll do fine! You’re going to have more fun then you ever believed possible.”
I believed her, and walked forward to introduce myself to Fox and Bunny.


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