The Gang of Femboys

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Author’s note:  This takes place after the events in my story, “Complete femboy role reversal”.


The bully arrives

Many months after the events of Danni’s previous adventure, he finds himself sitting alone in his usual coffee shop reading.   He has since gone back to his femboy style consisting of bright colors, comfy clothes, shorts, skirts, and long nails.  While he had his fun switching roles for a period of time, it was inevitable he’d go back to his old style.  His hair however has stayed short, going through various short styles, currently wearing a freshly done southside fade.  Danni can’t seem to get past the awkward grow out period, always getting annoyed by it and going to get it cut.  He’s come to like having short hair, and experimenting with different options, so it’s not a big deal to him.  


As Danni is sitting there reading his book, he notices a group of people walk by out of the corner of his eye.  He peers up to inspect them, and is shocked when he realizes it’s a group of four femboys together.  “Am I in some kind of tv show all of a sudden?  Who is writing this unrealistic situation?”  He jokes to himself internally.  


Danni stares back at his book, as the group sits at a table not far from him.  The group on their way to their table had been quite loud, but Danni notices they have gone silent after sitting.  He notices with his peripheral vision over his book to see the group whispering to themselves and looking Danni’s way.  “What a time for me to forget my airpods.” he thinks to himself. 


Danni sets down his book and asks them, “Can I help you?”

One of the members of the group, whom the rest seem to have designated as their leader, responds, “Are you like… trying to be a femboy?”  

Danni snaps back, “What the hell do you mean trying?”

The leader says, “It seems like you’ve got the general style going on, but you’ve got a weird ass haircut, so we were curious.”

Danni squints his eyes in annoyance, then says, “Just because I don’t have long hair doesn’t mean I’m not a femboy.” 

The leader grabs a strand of his shoulder length curly brown hair and responds, “No ya see, this is being a femboy, what you have is some masculine bullshit.”  

Danni rolls his eyes and says, “Are you always this annoying?  Just leave me alone.”

“Bitch, I’m a delight.” the leader responds, as he swings his hair behind his head and swivels back around in his chair.  


With this incident, Danni decides he’s had enough of the coffee shop for today, and heads home.  


“Certainly not forgetting my headphones anymore.” he quietly says to himself as he gets up from the table. 


Passage of time

Throughout the next few weeks, every time that Danni is at the coffee shop, the same group comes in.  Without fail, in every encounter the same person makes a snide remark to Danni as he walks past. 


“When does boot camp start?”

“You know you can take vitamins to get your hair to grow out faster.”

“Hey look, Vin Diesel’s in the coffee shop.”  

As an avid fast and the furious connoisseur, Danni is especially annoyed at that one.  “I don’t even have his haircut!”  he responded in his mind. 


Everyone has a breaking point, and eventually Danni hits his.  At the rate this guy is going, Danni has to do something or else this is going to go on every time he encounters the group at the coffee shop.


“This is my coffee shop damnit, I was here first, they’re not gonna make this place uncomfortable for me.”  he tells himself.

“It always seems to be the same person making the comments to me, I wonder how the rest of the group feel about him. Maybe I can find an opportunity to talk to them without him there.” he ponders.  


Developing a plan

Danni finishes formulating a strategy in his head, and as if he willed it himself, the leader gets up from the table to go to the bathroom.  He channels his inner alpha from his previous experience with Jonathan, gets up from his table, confidently walks over, and sits down in the leader’s chair.  Danni looks around the table and sees a timid expression on the other three members of the group, he quickly realizes he can assert some dominance here.  


“Alright, first off, my name’s Danni.  What’s that guy’s name?”  Danni asks as he points to the bathroom behind him with his thumb.  

“His name is Max.” responds one of them.  

“Is he always an asshole?  I haven’t heard him say one nice thing in the WEEKS we’ve encountered each other.”  Danni questions.

The group looks around at each other before one responds, “He is pretty toxic most of the time…”

“And you don’t have a problem with this?  Why are you even friends with this guy?”  Danni asks. 


One of the members of the group opens their mouth to answer before they’re interrupted.


“Hey baldy, get out of my seat.”  Max yells coming back from the bathroom.  


Danni stands up to meet him as he returns, and is shocked to realize he is much shorter than him.  As he stands next to him he realizes Max barely comes up to his shoulders.  


“First off bitch, I’m not bald, and second, I was heading home anyway.  By the way, I didn’t realize you were such a short little cutie.”  Danni sarcastically smiles at him before giving him a patronizing pat on the head and sashaying his way out of the coffee shop.  


Max sits back down at the table and keeps one eye on a leaving Danni.  Danni can hear Max probing the group about what happened as he pushes open the door to leave the coffee shop.  



Over the next few weeks, Danni continues to encounter the group at the coffee shop, but he notices an interesting trend among them, the group seems to be dwindling.  Each week that passes by, the group reduces by one member, until only one remains, Max.  After the group is reduced to its lone member, Danni notices another interesting trend, the insults have all but disappeared.  


On one of these encounters, Danni is sitting there with his airpods in, reading his book.  He can see a person standing at his table out of his peripheral vision, he knows who it is.  


He takes out his airpods, continuing to stare at his book and asks, “What do you want?”

“Can I talk to you?” Max asks.

“You can talk, I don’t promise to listen.” Danni responds bitchily.  

“Alright, I deserve the attitude..”  Max says as he pulls out a chair at the table to sit down.

“Listen, my friends all left.  They said I’m an asshole, and they don’t know why they hang around me with how I act.”  says Max.

“How is this my problem?”  Danni chirps back.  

“Well it’s just that you talked to them, and then…” Max starts to say before he’s cut off. 

“That’s not my fault, that’s your fault.”  Danni interrupts.  

“I know that now… It’s just.. I don’t know how to change my behavior to prove to them that I’m different though.”  Max shyly responds.  

“Why would I even help you?  LITERALLY every sentence you’ve ever said to me before this was an insult directed at me.”  Danni asks.

“Yeah I get it… It’s just like, I don’t know who else to talk to.  They were my last friends, my behavior caught up to me … I was hoping you could help me somehow.  I don’t know how, but like, there has to be something.’  Max responds forlornly.

Danni sits and stares into his book for a couple seconds, thinking about the situation, then responds, “Alright, let me cut your hair.” 

“Ex-excuse me?”  Max responds with a puzzled look on his face.

Danni reinforces his response from before.  “You heard me.  Let me cut your hair.’  

“Why would you want to do that?”  Max asks.

“Isn’t it obvious?  You’ve made fun of me for probably three months at this point about my hair.”  Danni says. 

“Yeah no, I’m not doing that.  What else can we do?”  Max responds.

Danni puts his book down and looks at Max, “You don’t understand, this isn’t bargaining.  Here are your options, you let me cut your hair, you go spend countless hours at a therapist until your friends think you’re fixed, or you fuck off out of here, leave me alone, and go be lonely somewhere else.”  

Max sits and thinks for a few seconds before responding, “How short are you going to cut it?”

“However short I want to, but the longer you sit and deliberate, the less lenient I’ll be.”  Danni responds.  

Max, frustrated, responds, “Fine, whatever, I’ll let you do it.”  

The stern look that Danni has had this whole conversation perks up as a big smile comes across his face.  “Great, back to my apartment we go!”  he says as he packs up his things to leave.  



The apartment

As they approach the apartment door, Danni stops before they enter. 


Danni alerts him, “Now I should warn you, the reason I’m frequently at the coffee shop is because my roommate is wild.  I love her to death but… you’ll see.” 

Max rolls his eyes, “I’m sure she’s fine.”


Danni pushes open the door, and makes a break for the hallway to his room with Max, pushing him along.  As they sneak their way past the back of the couch, the blaring tv show is paused and a yell erupts from the couch.


“HEY, did you think you could sneak past me?” asks Jessie as she spins herself around on the couch.

‘WHO IS THAT BOY?”  she energetically yells at Danni.

Danni responds, “Oh just a boy from the coffee shop.”  

“Is it that one that’s been harassing the shit out of you?”  asks Jessie.

“Yeah… that one.”  Danni answers.

“Do you want me to hogtie him for you?” Jessie asks.

“I’m sorry… what?”  a puzzled Danni answers. 

“I’ve been watching a lot of this show ‘Alone’, it’s a survival show.  I was searching up survival skills on youtube, which led me down a rabbit hole, one thing led to another, yadda yadda yadda, and now I know how to hogtie a human.”  Jessie responds rapidly.  

“You know you’re probably on some kind of internet watch list now.”  Danni jokes.

“Please, I’ve been on one for a looooong time.”  Jessie responds seriously.  

“Well uh… no hogtie this time… maybe later?”  says Danni as he pushes Max down the hallway to his room.  

“I guess you need to be careful of bear traps on the way to my bedroom, I don’t know what she’s been doing all day.”  Danni jokes.  


Danni closes the bedroom door behind them as they enter, then points to a seat that Max can have a seat in.  “Over there, and remove your shirt.”  Danni instructs.  


Max slowly walks to the chair, pulls off his shirt and has a seat.  Danni walks to his dresser, opens one of the drawers and pulls out the case containing his clippers and the guards.  He drops the case on the bed, then opens it up to decide what guard he’s feeling.  Danni looks at them for a few seconds with his hand on his chin before reaching for the #1 guard.  He clicks it onto the clippers, plugs them into the wall, then walks behind Max.  



A humbling moment

“Are we still doing this?”  Danni questions him.

“I’m still sitting here aren’t I?”  Max responds sarcastically.


Danni smirks, leans down and drapes his arms around Max, the clippers hanging at his chest.  He brushes some of his hair away by his ear and whispers into it, “You’re cocky now, but I don’t think you realize that I’m going to break you with this haircut.”


Max tries to keep up his cocky demeanor, but that statement makes him question what he’s got himself into.  Danni clicks the clippers on and off quickly, Max jumps slightly.    


He whispers to him again, “That’s what I fucking thought.’   


Danni stands up behind him, and clicks the clippers on for real this time.  He pushes Max’s head forward, places the clippers at the base of his nape, and pushes straight up to the crown of his head.  With each pass, a wake of stubble is left in the path of the clippers, the brown curls falling by the wayside as Danni reaches the crown of the head.  After clearing a patch on the back of the head, Danni goes over it a few more times to ensure he’s gotten it all. 


He then pushes Max’s head to the left, places the clippers at his sideburns and pushes straight up.  The clippers leave another path of stubble, every path of newly buzzed hair makes Danni more satisfied.  Danni quickly finishes with the right side, and repeats the process on the left side.  In a short time, Max is left with a very high undercut, the only long hair left being the hair residing on the top of his head.   Danni pushes Max’s head forward again, his chin hitting his chest, his long hair falling around his face.  He places the clippers under his hair, at the top of his forehead, then begins to pull back.  


Danni’s strategy of giving him an undercut first was deliberate.  He wants Max to feel like he went from long hair to short hair in an instant.  In his mind, he believes it’ll be a more humbling experience.  By pushing his head forward at the end, he wants the long hair to rain down in front of Max, without the safety net of long hair on the side of his head to serve as somewhat of a security blanket. 


As Danni works on the top of the head, the hair pile in Max’s lap continues to grow.  Danni can’t tell over the whirr of the clippers, but Max has begun to sniffle the tiniest bit.  The clippers rip through the rest of the top of Max’s head, leaving him with a cute, velvety soft, number 1 buzz.  


Danni does some slight housekeeping on the haircut, going over some stray hairs here and there before clicking the clippers off.  He rubs his hand over the fresh buzz, proud of the work that he’s done.  Danni unplugs the clippers, then walks back to the bed, putting his back to Max, to take off the guard and pack up his tools.  


“You know your long hair was unbelievably soft and silky, I don’t know how you did it.  You’ll have to give me your list of products you used.”  Danni snarkily remarks.   


When he doesn’t hear Max respond, he turns around.  Max is still sitting in the chair, head down with his chin in his chest, sniffling while rubbing the buzz cut with one of his hands.  


Danni looks at him and can’t help but feel pity for him.  The disciplinarian attitude he displayed during the haircut disappears as Danni holds out his arms for him.  “It’ll be ok, come here.”  


Max gets up from the chair and hugs Danni by the waist, Danni pulls him close as Max nuzzles his head into his chest.  Danni rubs the nape of Max’s new buzz with his long manicured nails.  


“The hair will grow back, you’re still a femboy, and you’re still super cute.  You know that right?”  asks Danni.

Max nods his head from Danni’s chest.  

“Did this experience humble you?’  asks Danni.

Max nods his head from Danni’s chest.  

“Well I hope it was worth it, and this is enough proof of change to get your friends back.”  

Danni continues to scratch away at Max’s buzzcut with his long nails, “Take your time, whenever you feel comfortable you can leave.”  

Max nods his head from Danni’s chest a third time.  




A couple weeks go by, and every trip to the coffee shop has shown the same result, no Max.  But then one week, Danni is doing his usual reading when through his peripheral vision he can see four people standing at his table.  


“My peripheral vision is sure getting a lot of work at this coffee shop.’  He thinks to himself.  


He puts his book down, takes out his airpods and looks up at the group.  Standing around the table is Max, with his buzz cut that’s definitely been trimmed since he last saw him, and his old group of friends.   


“Hey Danni, can we sit with you?”  Max asks solemnly.  

“Hold up, I didn’t agree to getting more friends.”  Danni quips.  

Danni looks around the table at the group standing around him.  He can see the looks on their face eagerly hoping he says yes.  

‘…. Fiiiiiiiine, but I reserve the right to buzz the rest of you if y’all start to annoy me.”  jokes Danni.  

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