The Good Teacher

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At Giovanni highschool, Ashley is a teacher of a pre-algebra class.
She wore a teal button up blouse with white disco pants. What really set her apart from all the other teachers was her giant, light brown Afro that elevated her stature.
She always arrived early as to not block half the walkway for the students.
Her pupils marveled at her foliage and she allowed them to touch it or if she was really chipper that day: would allow the girls to braid them into mini dreads.
They were studying fractions that quarter but Ashley failed to keep the students’ attention on her.
They would rather text their friends or otherwise dose in class.
She laid in bed, thinking of ways to keep her pupils invested in her curriculum.
Then a thought struck her:
The next day, the class filed into her classroom to find the tables pushed away and the chairs stacked upon them.
In the center, sat a barber chair with its cape draped over one armrest.
Ashley sat her desk, looking at her schedule.
“Don’t mind the chair”,she said,”Sit wherever you like”.
As teacher took role, a pleasant woman came in: she wore a vintage barber getup and had her short and tidy.
The students were even more confused but were willing to find out what was going to happen.
“Um.. pardon to interrupt”,said the stylist,”But are you ready Miss Applebaum”.
“Right you are”,replied Ashley,”Class, I will be teaching fractions in a creative way today”.
She put up her hair as she took a seat and her shoulders were covered with that blue cape.
“So, how much will we be taking off?”
“That’s for the class to decide”
Ashley undid her updo and looked at her class.
“Those who answer this question correctly can cut an inch off my hair. Now what is 1.5-.75?”
Shirley piped up and gave the right answer so up, she stood, walked up to the two women, took the scissors, and got behind her teacher.
She was hesitant to continue but her teacher mouthed: go ahead, she took a kinky lock and snipped off Ashley’s fluffy hair.
The class clapped as Shirley gave the lock to her teacher and went back to her spot.
Problem after problem, Ashley’s huge fro became shorter and shorter.
When all her tresses had been chopped off, she turned to her stylist,”About time we finished the job. Don’t you think”.
The barberette nodded and took up her clippers. No inch was spared from the extermination of stubble.
When Ashley sat with zero stubble on her clean, chocolate brown scalp, she instructed the class to measure the length of their hair as a task.
Once the mess of kinkish hair was swept up, Ashley was asked by so many students if they could feel her scalp which she agreed to.
Before the barber’s chair was taken away, a girl named Izzy came to Ashley’s stylist.
“I want a haircut, please”
Ashley was going to say her stylist didn’t have time but the hairdresser said,”Sure, hop on and we’ll get started”.
Happily, Izzy mounted the chair and a light green cape was placed over her shoulders.
“Did you measure your hair?”asked Ashley.
“Yes, ma’am”
“How short are we go’in, sweetie?”asked the barberette.
“Can I go to chin length”
“I dunno, can you?”joked Ashley as the class looked unimpressed.
“Yes, you may”,said the stylist.
The barber got behind her teen client and tied a rubber band around a ponytail she made.
“Ready?”she queried, hovering her shears at the tail.
So away, the shears chopped at Izzy’s ponytail until it was completely severed.
The stylist trimmed the severed ends of the new style and she then mused,” You would look good with bangs”.
“No thank you, but thank you for the offer”,said Izzy.
The cape was taken off the young lady and Izzy’s classmates marveled at such a sacrifice of beauty.
Izzy’s crush asked her out because he found her new do hotter than her old locks.
Ashley smiled at her lot of happy pupils and knew her mission had succeeded.
She rubbed her clean scalp and smiled warmly

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