The Healing Cut

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As Kate’s last customer walked out the door, her phone rang.

When she picked up her phone, she saw the caller was her husband. 

Once she accepted the call, JD said “I’m bring Linda in for a haircut”.

Linda was young lady that they were fostering.

Before JD could say anything else, Kate said “there are rules about us cutting her hair”.

JD laughed, and then said “you will do as I say, or I’ll shave her bald myself”.

In a confused tone of voice, Kate said “you want me to shave her bald”.

Their were a few moments of silence, and then Kate said “they will take her away from us, if I shave her bald”.

In a loud tone of voice, JD said “I’m done trying to manage her hair”.

Right after JD said that, Kate said “they will take her away, and we will never get another placement”.

Rather than respond to Kate said, he just ended the call.

As she researched what could happen to them for shave her bald, she hoped JD would change his mind about wanting her to be bald.

15 minutes after JD ended the call, he walked though the door with Linda. 

Linda walked towards Kate, as she said “I’m here for my haircut”.

At this point, Kate didn’t know what to do. 

She loved Linda like she was her own daughter, and didn’t want her taken out of their care.

JD put her in the booster seat that was placed on Kate’s barber chair.

Kate made eye to eye contact with JD, as JD said “it’s not going to be a big deal”.

He took a brief pause, and then he said “Linda wants to look like her foster mom”.

At the time, Kate was bald my choice.

As Kate pumped up the chair, she said “do you want to look like me, honey”.

Linda giggled, and then said “off course”.

She grabbed a cape, as she said “are you sure, honey. Once I start the cut there is no turning back”.

The cape was being secured to her neck, when she said “yes”.

Right before JD sat down in a waiting area chair, he said “just clip her down with the clippers, and call it a day”.

As Kate began to comb her Afro, she said “obviously, I’m not going to take a straight razor to her head”.

Kate knew this wasn’t going to end well, as she reached for her clippers. 

She began oiling her clippers, as she said “I should probably call Laura, before we get started”.

Laura was Linda’s social worker. 

JD looked over at Kate, and then said “just do it”.

He took a brief pause, and then said “I got other stuff I need to get done, today”.

Kate sighed, and then turned on the clippers. 

Once the clippers were directly in front of her forehead, Kate said “are you sure”.

Linda nodded, and Kate began her first pass.

Kate quickly worked to remove the top section of her hair.  

Linda seemed happy, as Kate moved onto the right side of her head.

They smiled at each other through the mirror, as Kate made short work of the right side of her head.

Right before Kate started making passes up her nape, Linda said “my biological mother is bald, too”.

Kate began making a pass up her nape, when Linda said “I remember watching the barber take the straight razor to her head”.

She began her third pass on linda’s nape, as Linda said “I always wanted Mike to shave me, as well”.

Linda took a brief pause, and then said “my biological mom always had lexus braid my hair”.

As Kate started the left side of Linda’s head, Kate said “did you enjoy having your hair braided”.

With out even thinking about it, Linda said “no”.

Kate continued to work, as Linda said “the last time I was in that shop, I tried to grab a clippers. I wanted to buzz to short to braid”.

She was making her last pass on linda’s head, as Linda said “my biological mom beat the crap out of me for trying that”.

JD could tell the water works were about to start. 

He grabbed the clippers from Kate, as Kate began to hug Linda. 

As they she hugged her, linda said “she had no idea how much it hurt when Lexus braid my hair”.

At this point, Kate didn’t know what to say. 

She knew she had to say something, so she said “no one is going to braiding your hair for a long time”.

Kate pulled away from the hug, as Linda said “thank you”.

As Kate took the cape off her, she said “no, problem, honey”

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