The Impulse

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For months now Rebecca had been dreaming of a drastic change. Every night when sleeping her mind would travel through a fantasy of having every last strand of her beautiful brunette hair shaved off. One Saturday morning, after a particularly intense night of these dreams, Rebecca awoke and slipped on her favourite blue skinny jeans. She loved the way they hug her ass. And she threw on one of her boyfriend’s shirts from the pile on the floor. Without waking her boyfriend, Rebecca grabbed her purse and keys and started walking the short journey into town. The walk into town was short and within 15 minutes Rebecca was stood outside the barbershop.

The barbershop pole stood proudly outside. Without pausing to think this over, Rebecca swung open the door and stepped over the threshold and into the shop. The barber, a big beefy man in his 50s was shocked to see Rebecca in his shop. “Are you lost miss?” He asked, not quite knowing what an attractive 20 something year old woman would want with a barber.

“No, I’m here to have my head shaved”. Rebecca said confidently.

The barber looked taken aback when he replied. “I don’t really cut women’s hair”.

“Do you have scissors, some clippers, and a razor?” Rebecca asked. The barber nodded and without invitation Rebecca sat down in the chair. Just as Rebecca sat down in the chair a mother with two children came in, both children were teenagers, one boy and one girl.

“I will be with you shortly, take a seat” the barber said looking over at the family. Then he looked back at Rebecca and grabbed a cape. The hairdressing cape fluttered over Rebecca and the barber then pushed her head down so that her chin was on her chest, the barber pushed the hair aside to expose Rebecca’s neck and he placed some tissue there. Finally he picked up a menacing looking pair of scissors and asked “Are you sure about this?”

Rebecca smiled and instructed him to begin. He held a section of her hair and slid the scissors in at the level of Rebecca’s earlobe. Then the scissors sliced shut and Rebecca saw the huge severed lock slide down the cape on to the floor. The barber picked up another section and cut it above Rebecca’s chin. Rebecca could feel her arousal building, her nipples were stiffening and her pussy was becoming wet. The barber picked up a big section behind Rebecca’s head and she felt the steel of the scissors touching her scalp as he snipped off the hair below the blades. There was a sea of chocolate curls cascading down the cape and swirling on the floor. There was still more hair to cut off but already the barber was having to tread on her fallen locks in order to work his way around her head. Rebecca had been so fixated by the haircut up to now that she was disappointed when the snipping of the scissors ceased.

But then the clippers switched on and the ominous buzz filled the room and filled Rebecca with sexual anticipation. The barber wasted no time and dragged the clippers through the shaggy remains of Rebecca’s hair. Starting at the forehead and working his way back brown clumps of hair fell in the wake of the path of the clippers. All that was left in the place of Rebecca’s long hair was the faintest suggestion of stubble on her pale white scalp. The clippers moaned as they travelled around Rebecca’s head. Soon the clippers started rising up Rebecca’s nape, the feeling of the barbers hand on top of her shaved head felt amazing. The barber could tell that Rebecca was enjoying this and he rubbed the stubble on top of her head. Rebecca moaned without meaning to and the mother and her children looked up, the mother looked disgusted but this humiliation just made Rebecca’s pussy wetter.

When the clippers fell silent the barber brushed off the clippings with a fluffy brush and rubbed Rebecca’s head. “Is this short enough sweetie?” The barber asked. Rebecca inspected the sandpaper stubble on her head, the stubble was faint and only noticeable if you were really looking. It was now that Rebecca noticed some odd lumps in the shape of her head.

“I asked you to shave it bald” Rebecca said looking at his straight razor. At this command the barber grabbed a pot of what Rebecca assumed was shaving foam and a brush, in circular motions the foam was applied. It tingled a little on Rebecca’s newly nude head and Rebecca found herself having to bite her cheek to stop from gasping with pleasure. The barber placed a towel over Rebecca’s shoulder and picked up the sharp straight razor. With light feathery strokes the barber shaved Rebecca’s nape. Rebecca tried to stay still for the shave, but this was difficult as an orgasm was imminent. Slowly, the barber knew that Rebecca was enjoying this and she was sure that he was shaving her head torturously slowly so as to prolong Rebecca’s need to cum. As the barber shaved around Rebecca’s ears she nearly exploded into an orgasm but the barber sensed the crescendo rising and slowed down because she would not cum until the right moment. Finally the barbed used long, smooth strokes to clear the top of Rebecca’s head. He then used the towel on her shoulder to wipe her head clean.

A small bottle sat on a shelf next to the mirror and the barber picked it up and poured some of the lotion within onto his hands. He rubbed his hands together and then slowly, sensually the barber massaged it into every inch of Rebecca’s exposed scalp. Rebecca’s head shone with the lotion now applied.

Rebecca spun her head to look at her new style, her ears looked larger and stuck out more.  Rebecca’s eyes looked magnified and the deep blue was much more noticeable. Rebecca didn’t think it looked good and new that people would judge her, what would her boyfriend say? But she felt liberated to look at her shiny bald head and all of her once beautiful crowning glory of hair on the floor.

The barbed bent down and whispered to Rebecca, “Come back daily for a fresh shave, free of charge. It’s not uncommon for a woman to find this erotic and stimulating. Every woman I have ever shaved has orgasmed in my chair”. And with that Rebecca’s back arched, she gasped and clutched the sides of the chair and felt warm cum trickle around her pussy.

Rebecca stood to leave, she paid the barber £20 for his service and walked to the door. As Rebecca opened the door she heard the mother say “Kirsty, you’re up first. Your grades have been falling at school and I think a haircut like that lady should teach you a lesson to remember”. The teenager, with long blonde hair began to cry and scream but her mother marched her to the chair for her punishment to commence.

To be continued.

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  1. Nailed it dear !!! Realy love the way u right , as if u were siting the barbershop it self and was recording everything . Plz write the next of this with the teenage girl getting punishment and plz add some Bob cut and headshaving to it . Yours only #shaver

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