The Internet Date

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This story was inspired by a lovely man who is a member of this forum.   

Please enjoy 

Stacey xxx 


They say that the English countryside is beautiful but I hardly noticed as the Intercity train sped south towards the south coast. 

My head was elsewhere, full of questions,

What If ?

Why am I doing this? 

Am I doing the right thing? 

I hardly know the man I am going to meet. We had meet in an online chat room for people with a hair fetishism. 

I had told my husband Dave that I was going to meet an old university girl friend from Southampton and he had kindly dropped me off at the railway station to catch the early train to London and then I would catch the train to Southampton. 

Steve, my online friend and I had hatched a plan that we should meet at his apartment and he would satisfying  my insatiable  need to cut my hair short in the most dramatic and brutal way possible. In a way that could never be achieved at a hair salon. 

In my mind It was my husband’s fault that I had to act in such a underhand and deceitful manner. 

 Since marrying him he had always insisted that I wear my hair long and it was now midway down my back. I hated it and all I wanted to do was cut it short. With every passing year the hunger and passion grew inside me. 

My fantasy was to have a very short haircut with a shaved nape but that was never going happen as long as I was married to Dave, so I suppose meeting a total stranger with a similar interest was the only option I had to fulfil this outlandish fantasy that occupied my every waking moment. 

I changed trains at London and was soon arriving at Southampton Station. 

My instructions from Steve ‘Look out for a man wearing Southampton football shirt’. 

Steve stood looking down the platform. He was a big man, big in stature. His hair was cut short at the back and sides but was quite thick and wavy on top.  

He was quite a hunk. 

“Hi, are you Steve?” I asked. 

“You must be Stacey.” 

“Yes, that’s me pleased to meet you.” 

Steve held out his hand to shake mine, I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. 

After introducing ourselves we drove to Steve’s apartment by the quayside. 

Steve fixed us  lunch and we sat and chatted mainly about the fixation that had brought us together. He was a such a kind and gentle man and I could not believe that I was asking him to treat me in such a  harsh and brutal way just to satisfy my sexual fantasies. 

What was going through Steve’s mind right now?  

Would he be appalled at my requests? 

I felt at ease in his company and ready to fulfil my fantasy. 

 “Shall we get started because my train back leaves at five.” I said. 

Steve was a little shocked at my sudden bluntness but stood and led me into a room that contained nothing but a chair placed in its centre, to the side of the room sat a small trolley filled with hair cutting equipment, lengths of rope and the item I had specially requested. 

I undressed, leaving on just the underwear that Steve had requested I wear, black bra and panties, suspender belt and stockings. 

I sat on the chair. 

 My hands were now shaking with anticipation and excitement. I had dreamed of this moment for so long. Steve and I had emailed each other planning this day for weeks and now the day had finally arrived. Steve was going to shave me. 

Steve covered me in a striped barber’s cape before wheeling out the trolley full of hair cutting equipment. He had really planned this meticulously. 

Steve took the lengths of rope and bound my ankles and wrists to the chair. 

“Are you ok?” Steve asked. “The ropes are not too tight, are they?” 

“No pull them tighter.” I replied. “I want them to hurt me.” 

Steve looked a little shocked but did as I asked. 

Now for my special request. 

Steve took the roll of gaffer tape, ripped off a strip and placed it over my mouth. 

“Are you sure you’re ok?” he asked. 

I nodded in response. 

Steve gathered the outer sections of my hair and twisting them into a ponytail he clipped it to the top of my head, leaving the remaining under sections of hair hanging down. 

I watched as Steve took the clippers from the trolley and heard their captivating buzz fill the room as he turned them on. 

It was a good job that I was sitting down because my legs started to shake. This was it, this was the moment. My body tensed in anticipation.  

The warm metal of the clippers touched the base of my nape. 

“Are you ready?” 

I simply nodded. 

Steve pushed the clippers up my nape as I felt the tingle of the blades rise up my neck towards the crown of my head. The blades stopped just below the occipital bone. 

Again, the blades returned to the base of my nape but slightly to the left and once again rose up towards my crown sending tingles of excitement through my body. I had dreamed of the moment that a set of clippers would part the hair from my head and it was happening to me now. 

Steve striped the hair from the back and sides of my head. 

Where once my long had been, all I could see was short spiky stubble. 

Steve set the clippers down on the trolley and picked up a can of shaving foam. 

Taking a good handful of foam he covered the stubble on my nape and sides of my head. 

“Are you ready for this? he asked holding a straight razor in his hand. 

I nodded. 

I was more than ready. I really didn’t want this meeting to be physically sexual because I loved my husband despite of all his short comings but I did not anticipate how sexually excited the experience would make me feel. My poor panties suffered as a consequence. 

Steve slowly and gently shaved away the foam to reveal the soft white skin of my nape and the skin around my ears. 

I had never experienced feelings like this before, the gentle touch of Steve’s fingers on my freshly shaved skin and the touch of the razors cold metal as it striped away the shaving foam and remnants of my hair.  

 I felt my face redden as the feelings deep inside me grew.  My pussy lips wet, rubbing against the soft fabric of my panties as I wriggled in the chair trying to satisfy myself. 

 “Sit still or I might cut you.” Steve said. 

I opened my eyes to see Steve stood directly in front of me as he shaved the skin around my ears. 

I could see Steve was becoming aroused from the experience, the bulge in the front of his trousers was more than evident. 

Steve released my hair from its bun as it fell into place giving the impression that I still had a full head of hair. 

I watched as he took the scissors and comb from the trolley and expertly cut my remaining  hair into a most gorgeous bowl cut. The hairline finished 2 inches above the top of my ears. The skin below the hair line was completely void of hair leaving soft virgin white skin for the whole world to see. 

“Do you like?”  He asked. 

I nodded. 

“I want you to shave me.” Steve said. 

Steve released me from my bounds. 

Without a word passing between us Steve stripped off his clothes revealing that not only was he big in stature but he had a very generous manhood. 

I stood from the chair whilst Steve sat down. 

“Tie me up.” He said. 

I tied Steve’s ankles and wrists to the chair and covered him in the barber’s cape. 

“Have you cut hair before?” he asked. 


“Take the clippers and remove the guard.” Steve said. 

I did as instructed. 

“Now turn them on and place them at the top of my forehead and gently push back.” he said. 

I did as instructed .  

Oh my god I have just shaved a 2 inch strip down the middle of his head. I was shocked at what I had just done but I was also excited that I had done that to someone else’s hair. 

My panties now dripped with my sex. 

I striped Steve’s hair like a woman possessed until all that was left was a very short stubble covering his head. 

“Have you ever used a straight razor before?” Steve asked. 


“You had better use that safety razor then, cover my head in foam and then my head is all yours.” 

I covered his scalp in foam and tentatively started to shave the foam away to reveal the white skin of his scalp. 

I think Steve was enjoying the experience as I watched him rub himself under the barber’s cape whilst groaning softly. 

Steve’s head was soon shaved. I touched his scalp to discover how soft and warm it felt. I massaged his head as his groans grow louder and deeper. 

Steve pulled away the barber’s apron to reveal  his very impressive 8 inches stood to attention. 

I did not want our meeting to be sexually physical but we were two people enjoying a shared experience. 

I sank to my knees and took him in my mouth.  

Steve’s hands slowly and gently caressed the shaved skin on my nape. 

My mouth worked on Steve’s cock swallowing deeper and deeper with every stroke. 

Steve was close as his body started to tremble, suddenly his cock stiffened more and started to pulse before shooting his hot sticky cum deep inside my mouth. 

I looked up at Steve from my subservient kneeling position, our eyes met, I swallowed , wiping his cum from my lips and thanked him. 

“Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy.” 

“Do you like your haircut?” he asked me. 

“Yes but I want to go further.” I replied. 

“ In that case  I have the perfect look for you.” Steve said. “Take a seat.” He said pointing to the chair. 

I sat back in the chair and Steve once again covered me in the barber’s cape. 

I watched as he took hold of the hair clippers and place a guard in the teeth’s edge. 

“This  guard will buzz your hair to a ¼ of a inch. Is that how short you want to go?” he asked. 

“Oh yes, let’s do it.” I replied.   

I was lost in the moment as all my inhibitions disappeared.  

Steve placed the hot vibrating blades of the clippers at the top of my forehead. 

“Ready?” Steve asked. 

“Ready.” I replied. 

The clippers pushed back across my head towards my crown striping the hair. 

“Oh my god.” I screamed as I squirted my sex onto the chair. 

Steve leaned into me and kissed the shaved patch on my head. 

He pulled back the clippers to my forehead and shaved another strip from my scalp, again and again the clippers stripped my head bare until all that was left was a patch of hair ¼ inch in length on top of my head with shaved back and sides. 

Steve blended the short hair and the bald sections. 

“Finished and may I say you look stunning.” Steve said handing me a mirror.  

It was true I did look stunning. I had the haircut I had dreamed of. 

A very short high and tight buzzcut that would not have looked out of place on an army parade ground. 

Dave was going to kill me but I didn’t care. It was his fault for not letting me have a nice chin length bob that I had been asking him to let me have and now I had been forced to go to the extremes. 

Steve and I kissed and said our goodbyes.  

We had both fulfilled our dreams. 

I sat on the train home and daydreamed, rethinking the day’s events with a smile on my face. 

My hand constantly stroking the bare skin of my nape. 

The young woman with long blonde hair sitting opposite me smiled. 

“Your hair looks good.” she said. 

“Thank you, you should try it.” I replied. 

“Oh, I would love to but my husband insists I wear my hair long.” she said. 

I smiled and gave her my email address. 

Never say never. 

10 responses to “The Internet Date

  1. Very nicely written, Stacey. I enjoyed the concept of placing yourself in another fetishist’s hands, your husbands wrath be damned. I wondered whether you might not be able to restrain yourself sexually, and pleasing Steve orally was a nice compromise. I wonder if a part two is in order, one involving the blonde on the train. Hmmm…
    PS Lovely to have you back!

  2. This was fantastic — absolutely love the teaser at the end. I’m glad you’ve found this small bit of a release for your passion (though maybe that’s a little biased since we benefit from it).

  3. Hi Stacey,

    Wow that was an amazing story! I really loved the concept of her getting her hair cut short by Steve as her husband didn’t want her to have short hair. I also thought it was nice that Steve got his head shaved after, and all the sexual excitement from the haircuts were fantastic too!

    You are a very talented writer, and I look forward to reading your next story!

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