The Last Train

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“Miss, please get up. The station is closing.” A man in uniform forcibly yelled. Jessica stirred from the sweet, very much needed sleep. She took the surroundings in blurry eyes. The train was empty and the station was one she had never been. “This is the last stop of the last train”. The man continued. “Please leave.”

This answered all her questions.  She gathered her coat and purse and got out of the cart, in a trance right after sleep. The night light was eerily bright for her still adjusting eyes. Her steps stumbled, without any certain direction to head to. She thought about calling her colleague, only to find her phone’s battery dead. Her only other option would be to call a cab and get back into the city but it’s already over midnight.

Surprisingly enough, one of the shops was shining as brightly as the lights amidst other dark, closed boutiques. She, like a mayfly, was strangely attracted to the light and her legs carried her towards it. A big red and white pole was in front of it. Inside the shop, there were three chairs and a barber was sitting in one of the large chairs.

Jessica pushed open the door and entered the shop. The barber turned back at the sound of her entrance. His lips quirked up to form a smile. “Hello. How can I help you?” He spoked with a hint of Russian accent.

Jessica had only associated barbers with old greasy men and this barber in front of her was definitely not one of them. This barber was tall, lean and had the dreamiest blue eyes she had ever seen. She couldn’t help but blush, even under such strange circumstances. “Hi! Can you tell me any way I can get back into the city?” The words stammered out of her mouth and her blush turned to a deep red.

He seemed to be thinking by the way his eyes seemed to be lost within themselves. “I’m afraid not, Miss” he replied after a while. “The train is the only way and you seem to have already missed the last one.” he replied. Jessica’s heart almost stopped. Nonono, she had an early business meeting and it is the big project, the turning point of her career.

“But don’t worry, the first train is at five. You can take it.” He gave an alternative, maybe having sensed her despair. This eased some of her despair. But the fact still remained that she was gonna be in the deserted streets for another four or five hours.

Again, he seemed to have sensed her tension. “Why don’t you come in and sit? The shop is open twenty four hours and I wouldn’t mind a companion” Jessica found it strange that a barber shop would open all the time but his smile assured her there wasn’t anything she would need to worry about. Moreover, she didn’t have any other choice. Better be inside than outside at night, right?

“Sure” she meekly replied. He got out of his chair and offered to make some coffee for both of them. In spite of herself, she took her place in the recently occupied seat. It was warm and had this masculine scent. For the first time in a week, or a month, she can’t exactly remember, she finally had time to admire herself. Her black hair was longer than it had ever been, covering her breasts and flowing to her stomach. Her hands touched the waves and was marveled at how soft they were. She was so interested in the image in the mirror that she didn’t notice he had come back with their cups of coffee.

He put them on the tray and his hands moved into her hair. “Relax, sweetheart, relax” His voice was very soothing and persuasive. She saw in the mirror his fingers grasping hers and guiding them back to her lap. The gaze in his eyes and the way his fingers moved surprisingly made her relaxed.

He started massaging her head. His strong hands clasped her hair and gathered it all the way to the back. His slender fingers danced on her head, pressing the right amount of pressure at the right place. Her eyes slowly closed, focusing more on the sensations his fingers were creating inside her. Her breath deepened and deepened until she was moaning out loud from the pleasure.

“We should cut it” He said out of a sudden. Jessica didn’t know what exactly he meant and so she kept on moaning by herself. But his hands stopped and she was brought back to the less pleasurable reality. Her baffled eyes met his extremely determined ones. “We should cut it” He repeated his words in that soothing voice again.

Jessica was so surprised she could only nod to his unnatural request. He brought out his trusted shears. She had expected him to maybe start at bra length because that would be half of her hair. But no. He was hungrier than that. The scissors rested right under her earlobes and when they closed, a large chunk of hair slid down onto her lap and to the floor. Her eyes were unable to register what they had seen. It was her precious hair, after all. But she didn’t have the time to mourn as he kept sliding the shears into her hair and cut everything under the blades off.

The woman she was seeing in the mirror was not one she was accustomed to and this highly aroused her in places she never expected to. The blades resting high up her nape, the air against the exposed flash and the sound of her long hair hitting the hard floor with a thud not only made her heart shake fiercely in its chambers but also aroused her parts in a way she never expected to. The moans and whimpers escaped, despite her attempts to keep her lips shut.

When he reached the other side of her head and cut the last remaining locks, she knew she was enjoying this more than she had ever expected. It was almost humiliating, knowing how much she enjoyed having her pretty locks severed from her head. But beyond that humiliation was intense pleasure. The fact that she knew she would hate it the next day made her so excited she kept rubbing her thighs ferociously. The moans became louder and louder.

His daft hands subtly picked up her bangs and cut over one third of her hair. When the remaining hair fell on the middle of her forehead, she reached her climax. Her fingers squeezed the handles. Her entire body shook with pleasure. She came with a screech sound from her mouth.

Maybe missing that train turned out to be a great thing, after all.


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