The Magic Clippers

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The bell above the door chimes and a beautiful girl enters. Her long blonde locks fall down over one shoulder, like a curtain of silk that almost reaches her waist.

“Welcome to The Magic Clippers!” a middle-aged man approaches her, introducing himself. “I’m Harold.” He gives her a smile.

“H-how did I get here? I’m Emma, but I seem to have forgotten everything else when I came in here” Emma nervously replies as she looks around the shop, not understanding how she got there or why she’s here in the first place. Her eyes gaze upon the hanging clippers with fear.

“You remember our appointment don’t you? We had a haircut scheduled?” He questions her, smiling kindly at her.
Emma nods shyly, feeling confused. “Y-yes…” She slowly removes her coat, revealing her curvy figure underneath. Harold smiles and approaches her with his hand extended, reaching for her. She places her hand in his and he guides her to a seat in one of the barber chairs.

Emma watches in the mirror as he pins her hair up and whips a barber cape around her. It feels heavy, like a weighted blanket, despite the ease in which it was whipped around her. He fastens a paper collar around her neck before dropping her hair loose. It tumbles down and somehow looks even longer when on display. The light blonde strands contrast with the blackness of her cape.

“So tell me…how much were you looking to cut off?”

“Um…I don’t know.. How about a trim?” Emma asks shyly.

Harold glances over her head and shakes his as he points to a sign above her, in bold red letters it states ‘NO TRIMS’.

“Sorry that’s against our policy.” He tells her, placing his hands on her shoulders and looking into her eyes in the mirror. “But I can give you a fresh new look you’re sure to love, everyone leaves here satisfied.” Harold strokes her shoulder gently, sending shivers through her body.

Emma watches him closely, getting lost in his hypnotic stare as he begins to groom her hair. A feeling of fear creeps inside of her but she is so mesmerized by his touch that she allows it. The warmth of his fingers on her skin sends shivers up her spine. She takes deep breaths in an effort to keep calm.

A buzzing sound starts from behind her and she feels the clippers on the nape of her neck as he pushes her head down with his hand. Her head tilts to the side, exposing her delicate neck to the clippers as it begins to buzz. She would jumped from the feeling, but the weight of the cape keeps her still.

“You are going to enjoy this.” Harold says in a hushed tone. Emma doesn’t respond as the clipper buzzes louder and faster. The sensation is electrifying and she can feel the heat coming off of it in waves. As the warm clippers move up her neck the trail it leaves feels cool but pleasant. She relaxes further into the chair as the clippers continue along until they reach just below her right temple. The short blonde stubble left looks practically bald. His voice sounds distant and soothing; whispering softly while continuing to work.

The buzzing of the clippers seem louder and louder. She feels like she’s falling deeper under a spell. The hairs being removed from her head seem to be falling in slow motion, and she doesn’t even feel she’s looking at her own reflection anymore. She can feel it vibrating through her scalp, like an energy she cannot control. A warm, tingly sensation creeps down her neck and over her shoulders as the clippers make their way across her head.

“We’re almost finished,” Harold says, “and I promise you will love it once we are done.” He strokes her head gently.

Soon the buzzing subsides and she can feel the weight on her head disappear, but for some reason she is not concerned by it anymore. She’s still under a trance-like state as she sits there. She doesn’t move. Her heart is beating faster and her breathing is heavy, but she has no control over what she is experiencing. She’s losing herself to the feeling of ecstasy, it feels like a high she cannot control.

Emma’s eyes slowly open, her vision blurry and unfocused. She looks around and the first thing she sees is her reflection in the mirror. She does not recognize herself.

Her hair is gone! Her long blonde locks have been shaved off, resting in a pool on the floor underneath her seat. Her face is pale, her eyes wide in shock at what she sees before her.

Emma is unable to speak as he places a warm towel on her head. For several moments all goes silent between them except for low moans escaping her lips.

When he removes the towel he begins lathering some shaving cream on her head. Soon she feels the smooth glide of the razor as he shaves. Her eyes are drawn to him in the mirror, watching in awe as he moves back and forth from one side of her head to the other. When the cream is shaved away only smooth barren skin remains, showing off her freshly shaven skull.

The sensation of the razor on her scalp sends chills up her spine and she lets out a soft moan in pleasure. She is mesmerized by how smooth and silky her skin feels now that her head has been shaved. It almost makes her feel naked and vulnerable, but at the same time so desirable, like something new. She’s not sure what it is, but there is a strange sense of satisfaction when she looks at her reflection. It’s as though she’s been in a dream, unaware of what has happened to her. She stares at her reflection in the mirror, drinking in every detail of her new look. Her face looks different, more defined and feminine. She feels confident and sexy, like she could take on any challenge.

She whips the cape off with ease and stands up from the chair.

“What do you think?” Harold asks.

“I love it!” Emma exclaims, running her fingers through her newly shaved head. “It feels amazing.”

“I’m glad you like it.” Harold says, gazing at her. “This one is on the house, since you were such a good sport today. I hope you enjoyed your experience.” He grins.

Emma walks out of the store with a bounce to her step. She feels liberated. Her confidence levels have skyrocketed and she feels like she’s a completely different person. When she passes through the doorway however, she’s hit with the sense of reality again.

She turns back and the Barbershop has vanished like a dream. A few people walk by, laughing and chatting amongst themselves. One of them notices Emma and looks at her curiously. She quickly turns her head, covering it, and scuttles off in confusion.

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