The neighborhood “Karen” part II

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This Saturday morning our trip to the barber took a different twist. As we walked into the City Barbershop, all seemed like our now – normal visit. Deana walks in, struts her shit, sits for a haircut and and has her weekly shape up. Today was different.

By now Linda had cut Deana many times – always taking her nice and short. Today I would be in for a treat in two ways.

“Take it real tight on the sides, and maybe flatten the top, you know like an old fashioned Flattop” Deana said as Linda pumped the chair and spun the little Diva bitch facing the waiting area.

“Isn’t it called a landing strip baby?” Deana looking over as if I were giving her my approval. “I always get them mixed up, a landing strip and whitewalls, is that what you want babe?”

Several other customers overheard her loud ass comment, especially the middle aged woman with silky long blonde hair with 2 kids – her looking up at me as if I was urging my woman to sit for such a haircut.

Texting as she always did, I received a message that even coming from Deana Wilcox made my member hard as a diamond cutter!

“Can’t wait for you to shoot your hot load on the my landing strip baby!” Oh and yes – I got the lingo from the web, when I leave this chair, you’ll be able to land a plane and cum on my runway! Maybe you can even tickle behind my bald ass ears with your rock hard cock!”

As the older female barber spun her around in the chair and began to pump the chair. Deana by now seemed to really get off playing the part. Each time Linda brought the clippers to life, Deana would drop her head, in a very intentional and dramatic way. And when her top was being “Mowed down” she sat stone faced, eyes closed as her longer tufts of hair fell across her forehead, dropping into her lap.

“Looks great- nice and tight, your such a talent. What do you think baby, short enough for ya?” Now rubbing her nape and motioning for my approval. “Speak now babe, while her clippers are still nice and warm, don’t want you chasing me around with the shears when we get home!”

I nodded, slightly embarrassed, as the whole shop looked at me… Instead of walking directly to pay, she struts over, in her heels and bends down as if to whisper in my ear. And whisper she did:

“Get your ass in that chair mother-fucker, my man is NOT going to have longer hair than me. Make sure she cuts you short, or I’ll embarrass your ass even more in front of the whole shop, now get in her fucking chair… now.

Stunned, I walked over, sat gingerly, as my cock went from hard watching her get sheared to now as hard as Chinese math!

“How short are going” as the chair elevated and the cape was fastened tightly around my neck. My love of short hair, seeing Deana get scalped and me sitting for routine trims had me in a hair daze! And in a crackled voice:

“Just a little shorter, you know, just like usual” I said as I was spun around, now facing Deana and the several folks waiting for haircut.

Deana over hearing the conversation walked over and in true bitch “Karen” form:

“Take him down to the skin please – Triple 000 all over. It will keep looking descent until I get the clippers I ordered. And on the sides and nape, smooth bald over the ears”

15 minutes passed as she sheared me damn near to the bone. Deana slowly walking over now rubbing my nape, asking if this was indeed the shortest blade in her supplies.

“Deana insisted on paying as we stood next to the register, a dude and his “Karen” standing just having been sheared like a sheep.

“Hey girl, yes we will see you all at the rodeo tonight, save us a seat we should be there by 8 at the latest” she said assuming she was speaking with her girlfriend as to our evening plans.

That evening, Deana Wilcox , dressed in tight faded, boot cut jeans, cowboy boots and a thick flannel shirt was in rare form. Make up applied with perfection, popping red lipstick, and 8 inch hoop earrings – all making her at least exude a small glimpse of femineity. Her flattop maybe an inch long, gelled, slick and squared to perfection.

I parked, Deana walked over to my side of the truck and opened my door. Pulling me by the front of my jeans the “neighborhood Karen” dropped to her knees (in the corn field) and proceeded to wrap her lips around my cock like a pro. After sucking the life out of my cock, she began stroking my dick with a fucking fury.

“Shoot it on my fucking head baby, all over, coat my fucking runway with your cum” now jerking, pulling and twisting until my load landed dead center of scalp. Finishing, she gave it one last lick and told me to “Button up”.

As we walked toward the gate, Deana was dusting off the dirt stains on her knees and rubbing the cum through her hair, which dried later rock hard.

“I love the new cut babe, especially the new Gel you’ve given me. Linda really is quite adept with the clippers. So glad you’re turned on by a woman with a boy’s haircut, I don’t see me ever letting it grow now!”

Later that week, and after another round of suck and squirt, Deana Wilcox, the diva bitch from the old hood’ – sat at the bar as I approached for a happy hour get together. Her TEXT from 30 minutes prior.

At Sal’s @ the bar, let’s grab a few cocktails and head over to Linda’s – way overdue for a trim! I also need her to take the top down a bit, the dried cum from this morning has gotten so stiff! See you shortly”



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