The Nit Epidemic Chapter 1

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Chapter I

The News

It was a normal Monday morning as far as we were concerned just getting on with another day at school. When suddenly the school nurse Ayda Evilian and accompanying assistant Cassara Payne walked into the assembly hall and announced something shocking. There was a nit epidemic at our school.

I instantly was worried for I by far had the longest hair in my friendship group. Ayda Evilian and her assistant Cassara Payne then announced that each form would be taken to the office for a nit inspection in close detail those that didn’t meet the standard of no nits would be sent to the school barbershop for an immediate haircut. And so, we waited after all no lessons were taking place until the end of this epidemic. Form by form we were taken out for our nit check and then shearing if we had nits. All the time I was becoming increasingly more anxious

Lice check

Finally, it was our turn as we were frogmarched with both nurses at either end of the long snake to the office where we were going to have our hair fully searched for lice meaning that we would have to endure the nurses sticking their unwanted hands into our hair for a brief check before going through them once again with a special comb designed to get into the roots and root out the nits.

Once in the office, we were instructed to line up with boys on one side and girls on the other. we reluctantly did so and as a result of the nurses then we were able to start a lot quicker and get this horrible ordeal over for many of us. As the nurses started moving down the line. Starting with the end and the reminder that our hair must be down for the check to work properly this one was mainly aimed at the girls we think

Then it was my turn to be examined. I was the last girl and so far, most had passed however those that haven’t been going to only one place the school barbershop. For a full head shave with the lather and razor. As Ayda Evilian began to brush out the long luscious locks of mine ready for the nit check I became increasingly more paranoid about what would happen if I were discovered to have nits. Now for the moment of truth, Ayda has started on her nit check with her comb pulling and steadily working hard to establish if any nits might be in my hair. Occasionally pausing to check the comb for eggs and lice. At one point I see her squinting hard at the comb I start to hyperventilate. She calls out to Cassara “got another one here Cassara”. My heart sank.


I realized exactly what I had received and then I realized my parents must have had to consent to this. So, I called out when I gave my consent for this. Ayda looks at Cassara with a look that says we got another one here and she goes into her desk and pulls out a letter detailing the epidemic and what my school is planning on doing about at the bottom I see a reply slip which upon closer inspection has my parents signature on the bottom

I realize right there and then that there is no way out I am doomed. My lovely waist-length hair will be gone within the day. As those of us that were clear of nits were marched back to the hall to await the arrival of the rest of the year group. As they were escorted back to the hall to the rest of their clean nit free friends. Meanwhile, those of us left in the office are left to react to the revelation that we have nits and are guilty of causing an epidemic of them in the school.

We jump when we see the handle of the door to the office begin to turn but unfortunately, we now know only one thing and that is that it is our time to go to the barbershop and be shorn. As Ayda and Cassara walk in looking very pleased with themselves. They said come on you lot let’s get you to the shop

The Barber’s Shop

We were yet again sandwiched between them and frogmarched down the corridor to the barbershop. As the door was opened by Ayda and we were frogmarched. There were three barbers inside. I sat down opposite the chair of one of the two barberrette who I decided was hopefully going to be shaving my head clean. As the first three from my form got up and reluctantly walked towards the chairs as though it was an electric chair.

I noticed a series of bindings ready to be applied to the occupants of the chair and these were locked into place. First ankle restraints and handcuffs next to a ball gag and finally a blindfold they were prepared for the butchering that awaited them.

The First Shearing

Once sat down they were yanked backward in the chair by their hair and upwards, as a result, they were now sitting back in the right position for shearing. Once in this position, they had an exceptionally tight neck strip applied, and then a very tight cape applied with an oversized hair cutting collar draped over the top of it.

The Clippers were turned on next to the ear of the nit victim. I noticed that all three of them jumped a considerable amount when the Clippers were turned on. They were then run from the middle down the crown and onto the base of the nape this process continued until the entirety of the nape and crown were buzzed down to 000 checking sporadically to make sure that they were all evenly buzzed. The sides were then next my desired barberrette was very systematic just steadily pushing the roaring clippers into the left-hand side of her victim once she had finished giving that section the once over, she then went back over it to ensure that the hair was the desired length. The same was then done on the right-hand side with the hair being clipped once and then gone over again to ensure it was the same length.

Next came my most enjoyable part of the cut the shaving. The barbers first tossed three large white towels into the sinks and tucked the towels into the tops of the cutting collar. Then the straight razors were sharpened so that they razor-sharp on the leather strop attached to the chair. The large white towel was then wrapped around the entire head of the victims to make the stubble stand upon the ends of the victim’s heads. They then filled a bowl with warm water to cleanse the razor. The barber then went to the shaving foam dispenser that was on the top of the barber’s stations. This was then gently massaged into the heads of the victims.

The razors then started their systematic scraping of the victim’s heads. The crown came first then the nape was shaved so that all of the tiny hairs on the crown and nape were removed and cleanly cleansed. In the bowl, the razor was cleansed after a few passes with razors were made. The sides were next only a few passes needed before the shave was completed and the capes and collars were removed with the neck strips being placed in the bin. The barbers then shouted next.

My Shearing

I then reluctantly and nervously walked towards the barber’s chair. I sat down and the bidings were applied and securely locked into place with padlocks to prevent any resistance from the butchering. First came the ankle restraints which were done as tightly as possible. Then handcuffs also did up as tightly as possible. Through my nose being pinched shut forcing me to use my mouth forcible insertion of the gag. A blindfold was then applied to ensure that I couldn’t see what was going to happen the elastic for this was placed as low down on my neck as possible whilst ensuring maximum tightness.

Once these were fastened the usual procedures followed my long gorgeously flowing waist-length hair was flowing behind me. My barberrette yanked my hair upwards backward. My hair was thrown forward. With a tight neck strip applied. An even tighter cape was thrown and billowed over my entire body once that was on. I had an oversized hair cutting collar applied. The Clippers were switched on with a large snap very close to my ear. They were then run straight down the middle of my crown and crowning glory. Huge three feet tresses went slithering down the cape and into my lap. My gorgeous barberrette ran the roaring clippers thrice over my crown. My crown was then buzzed right down to a 000. She then shuffled around to the back so that my nape could be neatly buzzed. The barberrette then ran the roaring clippers up my nape, one of the most sensual areas of my entire head. Like my crown, it was buzzed three times over to ensure that it was of the correct length. My barberrette shuffled to the right to buzz that thrice with the roaring clippers to a 000. My barberrette then shuffled to the left and buzzed that thrice to a 000. Then my most sensual part occurred: the shaving. I first had a large towel placed over my cutting collar and then my barber tossed a towel in the sink next to the station and turned it on so that it was piping hot. This was then wrapped around my head to make the ends of my hair stand up and soft so that they wouldn’t be any trouble for the razor to shave. The towel was removed from my head. The bowl was then filled up with steaming hot water to rinse the razor in. The razor was then re-stropped back to its razor sharpness. My barberrette then went to the lather dispenser. Once she got a large enough amount of lather, she then massaged it gently into my head. The razor was then run down my nape to shave off all of the stubble twice to ensure that it was especially clean. The razor was being rinsed periodically to keep the razor clean and efficient. My barberrette then shaved my crown twice. My right side of my head was then shaved twice smoothly then the left was then shaved twice very smoothly to remove all stubble all over my head I have now had the experience of a full headshave.
As I returned to the hall, I picked up multiple stares from all of my peers. Staring at us and our freshly bald heads.
The end or maybe

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