The old couple

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I was looking up some stuff on my computer when a couple entered my shop.
The man looked 70ish and the woman about 5 years younger.
“Good evening”, I hailed them,”How may I be of service?”
The man huffed and the woman shoved him for doing so.
“I’m sorry, sir”,she charmed,”My husband is still a bit salty of what I want done”
“I ain’t damn salty”,rebuffed the husband, taking a seat in a waiting room chair.
I looked at them silently.
“Don’t worry about him, deary”,she told me, making her way to the chairs.
She plopped into one of the chairs,”he’ll come around eventually”
I shrugged and caped the ma’dam,”What would you like done?”
“That’s the thing”,she stated as she undid her ponytail, letting her mid-back length hair fall.
“I want it all gone”
I sensed the man grunt from the front, I was a bit taken aback at the request.
“Like, skin bald”
She nodded,”Yes sir”
I took up my comb and clicked on my clippers, I couldn’t believe I was doing this.
The hum of the device signaled the old man to shiver a bit, he was uneasy about this.
Without hesitation, I started buzzing the lady’s hair down to almost nothing.
Turn the head this way and that and soon, her head was fully buzzed.
I sprayed some cream on her scalp and wetted a brush to spread.
She smiled as I wiped away the white form.
“I guess…” I was cut off
“Oh, do my eyebrows please, dear”,she said.
“Like, all of it?”
She nodded so I reclined the chair so her head was between my knees.
The old man groaned as I buzzed off her brows and whittled off the cream.
I was finished and put the chair back up, she was rubbing my work vigorously with a smile upon her face.
She looked at her husband who was still looking ahead of him, away from us.
“Frank, do come and feel my head, it’s quite soft”,she invited as I unclipped the cape.
He huffed but did come to his wife and patted her bald scalp.
“It’ll take some time to get used to”,he joked with a smile.

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