The older woman outdoor encounter

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A few days after our last salon visit and my roller perm she had asked me to help her in her backyard planting some flowers and a few small trees. As I arrived at her house she met me at the front door wearing some shorts and a short sleeve button top blouse that she had tied in front just under her breasts exposing her smooth flat stomach. She had a bandana tied around her hair that she tied in front with kind of a vintage 1940’s look. I told her that she looked very pretty like that and she took me by the hand and pulled me inside the house. She kissed me and said ” thank you sweetie, I have some clothes that you can change into before we get started getting dirty.” She led me back to her room where she had laid out some denim shorts and a cut off half shirt and some sandals. I got changed while she watched and teased me occasionally. She gently brushed my hair back into a loose ponytail and tied it with the same color bandana she was wearing. She kissed me again and said “Let’s get started.”

We went to the backyard and she had all the garden tools ready with the plants laid out where she wanted them to go. She said ” you start planting the trees since they will take a deeper hole and I will start with the flowers.” I agreed and got started digging. She had bought about six small trees and a bunch of flowers along with some bark for ground cover. After I had finished planting three of the trees she had about six of the flower pots planted and she said ” OK time for a little break, I made some tea, care for some?” I said please, I would love some.

We sat on the back patio next to her jacuzzi and drank tea and talked a bit. She asked ” How do you like you hair now with all those loose curls in it?” I told her that I liked it very much and had received a lot of compliments that week. She then asked ” Have you gotten to shampoo it yet since your perm? It has been about three or four days right?” I told her that it had been almost four days sine my perm. She continued ” Oh good then we can shampoo it today? I had bought some shampoo and a conditioner pack for your hair from Miss Judy and she told me how to apply it.” I told that she could shampoo my hair if I could shampoo hers also. She said ” I have already had that planned honey, I  got some new shampoo for me as well.”

We finished our tea and got back to work digging and planting. I kept looking over at her bending over planting the flowers and thinking to myself I am attracted to that body, so I like women, but I also like men, boy was I confused back then. All I could think of was shampooing her hair and getting naked with her. She had finished the last of the flowers and I was on the last tree. She went to the porch and took the cover off the jacuzzi and turned it on. She said ” we have to get it warmed up before we go in.” She then grabbed the garden hose and brought it over to start watering the flowers and trees we had planted. She had me get the bags of bark and open them up to start spreading it around. I poured it out in small piles around the plants and trees and we both got on our knees to spread it around. We had gotten it spread out pretty well when she decided to take the hose and water the area a bit more. She decided to turn the hose on me then to cool me off and get me wet. She reached over and took the bandana out of my hair and took out the ponytail and continued to wet my hair. She then took off her bandana and started to get herself wet including her hair.

She asked me if I was ready to clean up as she pushed me onto the ground face up and ran the water through my hair. She then turned the water on herself again and then turned off the water at the nozzle. She reached over and grabbed a bottle that had been sitting next to where we were working and opened it up. She poured the contents on her hair and then put the bottle down. She reached up into her hair and started to work this into a lather. She straddled me and continued to shampoo her hair. She began rocking back and forth and moaning until she felt me getting ” excited” and reached down to take off my shirt. As she did this she began kissing me and worked her way down my body until she reached my waist. I tried to get my hands into her hair but she told me ” not yet baby, I have something planned first.” She grabbed my shorts and pulled them down to expose how excited I was. She took me in her mouth and started her motion. After a few seconds she looked up at me and said ” now you can start shampooing me.”

We kept going for a few and just when I was going to explode she stopped and got up. She said ” not yet, come with me.” She took me by the hand and led me to the jacuzzi and she got in. She had me stay out and get in front of her as she knelt on the seat and over the side of the jacuzzi. She told me to continue shampooing her hair in this forward position while the jets of the jacuzzi were reaching her special spots. She reach over to handle me to keep me aroused while she was enjoying the shampoo and the jets. She must have climaxed at least twice while in that position. She had me get the garden hose and rinse her hair. She had me get in with her and get on top of her. She handed me the bottle of shampoo and said ” now give me a backwards salon shampoo honey.” So I opened up the bottle and poured a lot on her hair to work up a thick rich lather. I continued to shampoo her hair as she reached down to guide me in. With every thrust came a kiss and more lather. I tried with all that I had not to climax too soon, until she said ” OK baby I am ready go ahead and explode.” That was all it took and we both climaxed at the same time. The poor neighbors.

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