The one I left

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Anne was wobbling down the cold chilly road. She clutched onto the small thin fabric on her body. Her long waist-length hair was all over her body as if in an attempt to cover herself better. The night was dark and everything down the road has already closed up.

It was still 10 but in this kind of remote area, everyone would be asleep by 8 or would be down at the bar. That was where she had just escaped from when two big bulky guys had tried to get into her pants. In an attempt to do so, she had to leave behind her purse with her phone and her thick warm coat.

She was swinging side to side as she tried to find a place to crash in. Her rented house was 45 minutes drive away and there was no way she could walk there on this particular chilly night.

Hope filled her up as she saw a dim light down the street. The desperation to escape the night got her as she walked as fast as her heels allowed her towards the light. Without a hesitation, she opened the door and got herself in. She chucked to the jingle of the bells attached to the door. The alcohol really was getting to her head.

The smell of a barbershop hit her as she speculated the small shop. It had a cozy and lively atmosphere to it. There were three barber chairs with their plush cushions and welcoming looks. They looked completely different from the ones she had always experienced at the salons. Maybe it was the tiredness from the long night or out of curiosity, she climbed into the one nearest to her.

A beautiful male appeared out of the backroom door. His lean build can be estimated under the white shirt. An apron was attached to his waist further complimenting his figure. His features were strong but enough to make a woman melt under him.

Anne was ogling this familiar man as he walked towards her. She had always been subtle but she had had too much drink to mind her manners. And after all, she would be out of this town in a week and would never meet him again.

He broke the silence; ‘Hi, is there anything I can help you with?’, he asked politely flashing his pearly white teeth.

She melted under the smile. The fact that she hadn’t had male touch for three months was starting to get out of control.

‘Hi, umm’, she thought for a moment. Her situation was too embarrassing to explain to this beautiful specimen.

His gaze was long and hard. His eyes were pitch black. You could sink into them forever. He winked his eyebrows in the way the certain someone had always done to intimidate her. And this one also had the same effect.

‘Can I spend the night here?’, she blurted out like a little girl. She could only blush in embarrassment after realising that.

This was rewarded by his familiar smile. She was finding this man familiar the more she looked at him. His eyes, smile and his facial expressions were just like that man. And yes, he also had this familiar intimidating presence.

She thought long and hard but the effect of alcohol blurred her from remembering the exact information of him. She just brushed it off as one of her random one-night stands who couldn’t have remembered her either.

‘ Not just one night, you can stay so long as you want.’, he said every word loud and clear into her ears from behind her. A chill ran up from spine. Before she could utter another word, he handcuffed each of her hands to the barber chair.

Adeline rushed through her as he seemed to be retaining her. As he made way to her legs, instincts took over and she kicked him straight into his face which was by her knees. Her kick was strong enough to make him stumble backward but not enough to pass him out.

She expected him to retaliate like any other guy would but he didn’t. He was clam, too clam like the one before the storm. He smirked as he wiped away the blood on his devilishly handsome face. She immediately sobered up.

‘Don’t you remember me, baby girl?’, he stressed out the last two words. Memories came running back to her as she remembered him. She was wrong. This was the man she had left years ago. This was the man who had loved her too much. This was the same man who tolerated with every of her behaviour and the same whom she had left heartlessly.

Tears flowed down as she started to remember his sad expression when she broke up with him and how he had kneeled and begged to make her stay with him. And as cruel as she was, she left him, drank herself nearly to death and slept around with all of his friends.

Now at this moment, all she could say was a mere ‘ I’m sorry’. She could only whisper the words. She was not sorry for whatever he was about to do to her. She was sorry for what she did.

‘ No, babe. You’ll be real sorry after I’m done with what I’m about to do.’ His tone was calm but his words were full of sarcasm. He came down to look into her eyes as he licked away the tears, the same way he had done whenever she cried.

She shivered involuntarily. He was so serious. It would have been better to strand around the streets.

‘ I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Let go of the cuffs. I…. I’, she was mumbling. She didn’t like the suspense nor whatever he was planning for her.

He shut her up, ‘ Don’t worry. Unlike you, I don’t have the heart to hurt you even after what you did.’ His eyes were full of sadness and loneliness. At this moment, all she wanted to do was hold him and comfort her and say how much she love him. But in a second, they returned expressionless and his next words shook her up.

‘ But I guess I should have a souvenir from you. After all, wasn’t it your hobby to take away what others value most?’

‘ No no, don’t do anything to my hair. Jake, you want me back, right? I’ll come back and we’ll live together like we used to’. She blurted out without much thinking in an attempt to prevent the upcoming disaster.

‘ So that you can party all night and sleep around with all the guys you want?’ The glimpse of sadness appeared in his eyes again but they disappeared as fast as they came.

‘No, that’s not what I meant. I’ll be loyal to u and there will only be you in my heart and my bed.’, she emphasised the last two words. How stupid was she to think he didn’t know about her fooling around.

‘Fine’, he just gave her a word but she was so happy to get his sweet smile. He came in front of her to release her from the cuffs or so she thought. Instead, he finished what he hadn’t. He restrained her legs. She was struggling to break free but they didn’t make way. Without losing a moment, he covered her with the Cape.

He combed her long hair in the way she had always enjoyed. But she was squirming and shaking free. He was very careful not to pull her hair because of her shaking. When it was tangle-free, he picked up a long strand near her ears. It was one of those parts where she would have to cut her hair all over to make it even. She was already tearing up. He held the scissors to cut the hair but when he noticed how scared she was, he put them down. He was itching to do it, to take his revenge and fulfill his desires, but he couldn’t. He just couldn’t hurt the woman he loved whether she deserved it or not.

He pressed his large palm on her head to calm her down and whispered into her ears ‘I know you don’t want to lose it and I’ll stop if you say so. And we’ll never cross each other and became strangers again. Make your choice’. There came those lonely eyes again that said how much he wanted to be with her. Those puppy eyes that she could never resist.

Her hair was her pride and joy. But him, he was her soulmate. Her missing piece that she loved so much.

‘ Do it’, she could only whispered the words out.

But she calmed down and stayed still for him to start.  Not wanting her a chance to get out, he placed the guardless clipper onto her forward. He slowly moved it up into her hairline. He pushed it very slowly wanting her to enjoy the clippers. As the clippers made their pass, she expected to at least see some stubble. But she could only see the clean skin left off on her bare scalp. And the long gorgeous hair slipped down the cape and onto the floor, where it coiled like a lifeless snake.

He made pass after pass, devoiding her of hair. He let down the clippers and caressed her bare head with his hands. She looked hilarious with a big bald sport on the front but with the back full of healthy hair.

Despite the appearance, she was aroused. His hands felt heavenly against her scalp. She had never imagined it would be this good. A wet pool was already forming in her pants but he would have no idea about it.

‘ See, it isn’t all bad.’, he was comforting her as he pressed a kiss onto her head.

‘ Yes’, she could only purred it out.

He chuckled to her reaction. He was glad she wasn’t furious and was actually enjoying it. With newfound confidence, he pushed her head down softly and started shaving her nape. Long piles of hair were snaking around the chair. Little snippets were flying everywhere.

An orgasm was already forming inside her. She was moaning loudly. Her moans were getting louder than the noise from the clippers. She was itching to finger herself down there. Her hands were trying to break free from the cuffs.

‘ Don’t you dare’, he shouted out loud. He was smiling by her reaction. He never thought in his wildest dreams that he would share his fetish. He even slowed down the process and took his sweet time.

Her fingernails were digging into the chair. She was holding out but she knew, as well as him, she wouldn’t last long. It was all too much. His hands touching her head and the clipper dancing on her head. She hadn’t had this pleasure ever since the time she lost her virginity.

The lump in her body was getting heavier and heavier. Her thighs were clutching against each other. She was forcing her pussy lips tight.

After everything is shaven clean, he quickly snapped the cape loose and put it away.

‘ I.. I…I ammm…. cum..ming’, she could barely make out the words. He slipped her panties out. His mouth was in position as she came in big clamps. He was sucking all her juices and even her lips. His tongue was playing all kinds of tricks as he sucked and sucked until she finished her orgasm. He efficient licked it clean.

When he moved up his head to look at her, she was still panting and catching breaths. Her face was flushed. He had missed that sexy expression for so long.

He freed her of the restraints as he slowly licked her inner thighs. She almost fainted when she touched her head. The feeling was indescribable. It felt stubbly and something you would want to grind against. And suddenly she understood why he had done that with her bald friend.

He lifted her up princess styled as he took her through the back door to his bedroom. Her head nudged his muscled chest as her hands winded his head.

‘ I love you’

‘ I love you too’











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