The Package

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The Package

The the pandemic raging on all around us, the one thing I obviously neglected was my hair. Back in March, my dark brown hair hung at my shoulders and was perfectly shaped. Now, it hangs towards my mid-back in a limp pony-tail. Thankfully as a graphic designer, I was able to work from home and frankly didn’t care what I looked like when I rolled out of bed.

No husband or kids to care for, and a limited social life, left me completely on my own much of the time. My only reason to venture out of my apartment and communicate with someone not on a Zoom Call came from my neighbor Becky, who could be frequently found on my couch hanging out and eating my junk food stash while I worked. As poor as her diet was, Becky maintained her athletic body. Compared to the disheveled state of my hair, Becky always kept her red hair in a short Pixie cut that she frequently cut herself.

“You going to be done any time soon Holly?” Becky asked as she reached for another chip from the bag. “I think I need to get out and get some fresh air.”

“If you’re going for a jog, count me out.” I replied not turning away from my laptop. “It’s cold and exercise doesn’t sound appealing to me right now.”

“I was thinking more like the mall.” She said sitting up from the couch. “I have to stretch these old legs.”

I continued to plug away at my project until I felt Becky’s hands on my shoulders.

“Come on.” She said as she massaged me. “You know it’ll be good for you to get our of here for a bit. It’s starting to smell in here.”

“Only because of you stinking it up.” I turned to her with a smile.

“I didn’t say it wasn’t me.” Becky chuckled. “I just said it smells. So let’s get out of here.”

I saved my work and shut my laptop before standing up and to stretch.

“We need to do something about this hair girl.” Becky said as she playfully lifted my pony tail and let it drop.

“Don’t feel like risking my health by going to a salon.” I replied taking my hair out of my scrunchy. “I don’t think it looks that bad.”

“I could cut it for you, but I gotta be honest, you’d lose the bulk of this mess.” Becky said referring to her own hair as an example.

“Not sure I could pull off your signature look.” I replied while changing out of my sweatshirt.

“We could always go shorter and create your own signature look.” She said with a wink, giving me a firm pant on my butt. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

As chilly as the weather was right now, the sun felt absolutely wonderful on my face. The mall wasn’t too far away from our apartment complex. The sad part about the building was that due to the pandemic, much of the businesses had left. Walking the main strip of the mall felt great, but honestly there were no stores to go into. Still, we enjoyed our time reminiscing about the gold-olde days. Just as we started talking about the possibilities of stopping somewhere for dinner, we noticed what looked to be a massage chair outside of a closed salon. The chair looked brand new and had a sign on it that read “free to a good home.”

“Check this out.” Becky said as she gravitated to the leather chair. “Are they seriously giving this away?”

“Looks like that salon has been out of business for a while.” I replied picking up the sign. “Guess they couldn’t take it with them.”

“It looks like one of those massage chairs, but there’s a dome hanging from the back.” Becky said as she sat downing the chair. “Maybe it’s for cutting hair.”

As Becky settled into the chair, a panel lit up on the arm. We both leaned forward and saw that the panel served as a selection for possible cuts.

“Okay this is awesome. Help me move the dome to my head.” She said as she continued to flip through the possible cuts.

“You can’t be serious.” I replied as the voice of reason.

“You only live once Holly.” She smirked as she settled on her selected cut. “I doubt that a haircut from a robot in a somewhat abandoned mall will be the way I die. Help me with this dome.”

Choosing to not argue with the unstable force of Rebecca Jones, I lifted the heavy dome to sit over her head. As soon as I got the dome in place I heard a whirring sound from underneath it. I could tell that Becky was trying to talk, but her voice was completely drowned out by the sound of the machine. After what seemed like 5 minutes, the sounds stopped the panel light turned green. I helped Becky lift the hood up and was amazed to see that her Pixie was reduced to a uniform flattop haircut.

“Holy crap, that was awesome.” Becky said with a big smile. “How do I look?”

“You look great.” I said touching the back of her head. “Is that the cut you picked out?”

“Yeah.” She said back as she ran her hands over her head. “I figured, ‘why not?’”

Becky stood up and patted the seat, motioning me to sit down.

“No thanks.” I said with a smirk. “Lets go get something to eat.”

“Come on Holly.” She said as she continued to motion to the chair. “You need a hair cut, and you only live once!”

Becky just about pushed me into the chair as I tried my best to passively resist. I finally gave up and sank into the comfortable leather seat.

“There we go. Now lets pick your cut.” Becky said as she flipped through the selection. “Can I interest you in a flattop?”

“No.” I sternly said. “I can’t pull off short hair. Just select something smooth, clean, and shoulder length.”

“This option just says permanently smooth.” Becky said. “But it doesn’t say anything about length.

I shrugged my shoulders as Becky lowered the hood over my head. I heard an audible click as the hood was locked into place followed by the whirring sound from before. I felt a strong suction as my hair was sucked up into the hood. Before I knew it, my hair wetted down and I could feel what I assumed was shampoo being squirted onto my scalp and lathered. After the lathering I felt a strong tingling sensation all over my scalp that started feeling intense. I tried calling out to Becky to tell her, but she couldn’t hear me. After about 5 minutes the tingling sensation subsided and I started to feel light pressure for a moment. After the pressure stopped. I felt the machine run something all over my head that felt like a scalp massage. After the massage ended, the whirring sounded stopped and Becky listed the hood off of my head.

“That was weird.” I said still seated in the chair. “How do I look?”

Becky stoop there with her mouth open.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Your hair.” Becky said as she walked to me. “It’s gone.”

I reached up and expected to feel hair, but was met with only smooth skin. I immediately started to panic as I stoop up from the chair and looked at my reflection in the salon window. I was met with an image of a bald woman. My scalp felt smooth and looked as if I never had hair before.

“I’m bald.” I said. “What happened?!”

“I guess that is what ‘permanently smooth’ meant.” Becky said touching my head. “I thought it was talking about perm solution.”

“I’m bald.” I said again touching every inch of my head. “Like bald, bald.”

“Maybe permanently if that is what this means.” Becky said with tears in her eyes. “I’m so sorry hun.”

I stood there for a moment, getting used to my new reflection. Honestly I really didn’t look too bad, it was just the shock of seeing a bald head attached to my body.

“What can I do Holly?” Becky asked

“Sit back down in that chair.” I said with a smile. “I’m not going to be the only bald girl leaving this mall today.”

Becky didn’t argue as she sat down in the chair. I didn’t hesitate to click on “Permanently Smooth” before lowering the hood over Becky’s flat top. I watched as Becky’s hand clenched the arm rest when the whirring sounds began. I knew it wouldn’t take long until her flattop was reduced to a smooth scalp just like mine. I couldn’t stop touching my head and staring at my reflection. The more I touched, the more I liked the idea of being bald. It felt right.

As I waited for my friend to be denuded, I looked at the base of the chair and saw a small pink vial and a business card had printed.

The card read “Good sir, congratulations on your permanently smooth look. It is our opinion that this is the only true treatment for male pattern baldness! Although your initial treatment is guaranteed for at least 2 months, application of this serum is necessary for permanent depilation. You may notice heightened sexual stimulation when used. Prolonged use may have some side effects. Thank you for using the Port-a-Salon for your grooming needs.”

Suddenly the whirring sound from the hood stopped and another vial of serum was dispensed. Before I lifted the hood from over Becky’s head, I snagged the extra vial. Afterwards I was greeted with the sight of her shiny scalp.

“Do I look okay?” She asked, reaching up to explore her new look. “It feels so soft.”

“You look great.” I said pocketing the card and serum. “I guess this is how we’re going to look from now on.”

We decided on ordering takeout and returning to my apartment, choosing to not shock the world with our new bald look. After dinner we settled onto the couch to watch a some TV. It was common for us to snuggle with one another under a blanket, although we never looked at each other in a sexual way.

“How about a head rub Becky?” I asked, dragging my fingernails across her smooth scalp. “I’m sure yours feels as sensitive as mine right now.”

“I wouldn’t turn one down right now.” She said with a smile. “Your fingers feel heavenly.”

“Okay, but I’ll expect some attention in return.” I replied, standing up from the couch to go to he bathroom. “Let me get some oil or lotion.”

In the bathroom, I found where I had stashed the two vials of pink liquid and decided that Becky should be the first to experience the permanent effects from the chair. After all, it was her idea in the first place. I took one of the vials and returned back to the couch where Becky promptly placed her head on my lap. I unscrewed the vial and poured some of the serum into my hands. It had a texture similar to baby oil, so I warmed it up in my hands and began to massage Becky’s scalp.

“That feels wonderful.” Becky purred softly. “What is it?”

“Just some massage oil I had in the bathroom.” I replied as I continued to run my fingertips down her scalp.

“It tingles.” Becky said as she snuggled deeper into my lap. “I love it.”

“Good, just relax and enjoy.” I replied emptying some more of the serum into my hands.

All of a sudden, I felt Becky start kissing the inside of my thighs. As I continued to rub, her kissing became more frequent and started gravitating towards my crouch. I didn’t stop her. I just kept rubbing her head. Soon I felt Becky hook her fingers around the waist of my yoga pants and start to pull them down. I lifted my butt from the couch too make it easier for her. Before long, my panties were around my ankles and Becky’s bald head was buried in my mound, kissing my clit. It felt amazing. Suddenly Becky got onto the floor to position herself to better please me as I rubbed her head. Out of nowhere, she took her scalp and began grinding her smooth skin onto my clit. A tingling sensation swept over my mound and I felt my clit start to throb. It didn’t feel bad, it was just intense. The more I grinded on her head, the greater the throbbing grew. Before long, Becky returned to lapping at my juices.

“Your clit is so big right now Holly.” Becky said as she started to lick at it. “I can see it pulsate.”

I looked down and saw that it was quite a bit bigger than usual.

“It feels so sensitive right now.” I replied with a moan. “Every time you touch it, I feel like I’m being electrocuted, but in a good way.”

“It looks like it’s begging me to suck on it.” Becky said as she inserted my swollen clit into her mouth.

I felt like I was going to absolutely explode as I felt her gently suck on it. The more she played with it, the more I felt it throb. Eventually she pulled away and I could see that it had swollen a little more from the suction.

“It’s starting to look a little penis Holly.” Becky said as she kissed it again. “You never told me you had a mega clit.”

Without warning Becky took the vial from my hands and poured a little into her hands.

“Tell me how this feels.” Becky said rubbing her hands together before she grasped my clit between one of her hands.

I could feel my eyes twitching and body convulse as Becky essentially jerked my clit off like a penis. I didn’t have any words to say as I felt like I was going to explode with pleasure.

“I feel it growing in my hands Holly.” She said as she continued to jerk me off. “It really looks like a penis.”

Becky changed up her grip and began rubbing her other serum soaked hand onto the newly formed shaft of my clit. I could feel fluid run out of my vagina as I convulsed.

“Be still for me sweetie.” Becky said as she slipped out of her pants to reveal her dripping vagina. “I need to feel something.”

All of a sudden she got on top of me and inserted my swollen clit into her.

“I can feel it throbbing inside of me.” She moaned with her eyes closed. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you are about to blow a load in me right now.”

“I don’t know what’s happening.” I gasped. “But I feel like I’m going to explode.”

“Let it go sweetie.” Becky said as she gyrated on top of me. “Explode in me.”

Each thrust brought me closer and closer to the edge, until I felt a tremendous release that I couldn’t quite explain.

“I’m cumming!” I screamed as I arched my back.

Becky did not stop her gyrating immediately, as she coaxed me gently to relax again. Slowly she pulled my swollen clit out of her.

“Holy shit hun.” Becky said in amazement.

I finally opened my eyes and saw what Becky saw. My clit resembled a fully erect penis and seemed to be oozing from it’s tip as it continued to throb. Becky leaned over and inserted it once more into her mouth to clean it up.

“What’s happening to me?” I asked out of breath. “My clit has never done that before. It’s so sensitive right now.”

Becky pulled it out of her mouth and smiled. “Unless you’ve been hiding this all along, it looks like you just grew a penis. I need more of this inside of me.”

“I can’t.” I said out of breath. “I feel so weak right now. I want the swelling to go down, so I look normal again.”

“Thats no fun.” Becky said as she licked the liquid oozing from the throbbing tip. “I want to see how much bigger this baby can get.”

“Please stop Becky.” I said gently touching her scalp. “I don’t want to do any permanent damage.”

“Have it your way.” She said, giving the tip once last lick. “Your cum, or whatever this is, is delicious by the way.”

With that she stood up, and I watched as a flood of white liquid came pouring out of her vagina.

“We’re definitely not done with this hun.” She said with a smile before walking to the bathroom to clean up.

Completely exhausted, I drifted off to sleep beneath the blanket. Before I knew it, I was awaken by the smell of bacon.

“Good morning sunshine.” I heard Becky say from the kitchen.

“How much of last night was real?” I asked as I stretched my arms.

“Not sure.” She replied. “We’re still bald, so that definitely happened. I respected your privacy and didn’t peek at your undercarriage this morning.”

I slowly looked underneath the blanket and found that the swelling had gone down significantly, but from all of the stretching, my clit now resembled a flaccid penis. It wasn’t as sensitive as it was last night. I stood up and walked to Becky in the kitchen.

“It still looks like a penis Holly.” She said, glancing at my clit. “You sure you didn’t have that before? It’s okay if you did.”

“No.” I replied grasping it softly with my hand. “This is new.”

Becky emptied the bacon onto a plate before placing the pan in the sink.

“Can I See something before we eat?” She asked as she moved towards me.

I didn’t reply as she got down onto her knees and started to kiss my clit. I felt a wave wash over me as it began to throb. Before long, I felt Becky take me into her mouth and begin sucking on it. I placed my hand on the back of her head and encouraged her to take me deeper. Her mouth felt so amazing that I couldn’t control myself. I soon felt the same release from last night as my body convulsed. I held her head, as I emptied a load into her mouth. After a moment, I let go and Becky stood up as she swallowed.

“You just came in my mouth.” Becky said licking her lips. “I don’t know what happened last night, but I’m loving ever second of this.”

I looked down to see the same erect penis from last night. I reach down and grasped it in my hands to feel it throb. At the tip, was a little hole, oozing with the same white liquid I just deposited in Becky’s mouth.

“I have a dick.” I said in amazement. “This is a dick.”

“It’s a great dick too.” She replied, pealing off her robe. “Think you might have it in you for a little fun right now?”

“I’m so confused right now.” I said still holding my throbbing cock.

“I’ll be quick, I promise.” She said moving closer to me. “I just need that thing inside of me.”

Becky bent herself over the counter to display her glistening vagina. I couldn’t resist as I slid myself into her. It felt amazing. It felt right.

“Fuck me harder.” She said biting her lip. “Fuck me.”

I started thrusting harder until I felt Becky convulse. A wave of pleasure washed over me, causing me to “ejaculate” inside of her. I pulled my clit out of her, which was now dripping with our juices.

“Think you could clean me up?” I asked, motioning to my clit.

Becky needed little encouragement to take all of it into her mouth. After a moment of bobbing, she came back up.

“I hope you get to keep that thing.” She said as she wiped off her mouth. “That’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time.”

I stood there staring at it not wanting to admit that I now had a penis, but having a hard time thinking that it was still a clitoris.

“Do you think it was that massage oil that caused it to swell like that?” Becky asked as she walked to the stove, absolutely dripping to grab the food.

“I don’t know.” I said, still grasping my throbbing cock.

“Do you like it like that?” She asked taking a bite of bacon. “You know. Having a dick.”

“I don’t know yet.” I said. “I’m still wondering if it’ll go back to normal.”

“The only thing I’m wondering is if it would have the same impact on my clit.” She replied touching a hand to her mound.

I barely heard her comment as I walked to the bedroom to find a pair of panties to put on. Where I was still half erect, I could feel it push against the delicate fabric. In the mirror is was hard to see anything besides a bald woman with a bulge in her red panties. All of a sudden, I heard a moan from the living room and I went to investigate.

“Holy shit Holly!” Becky said spread eagle on the couch clutching the vial of pink liquid. “This feels amazing!”

I could clearly see that her clitoris was throbbing and straining against the skin as she continued to rub her serum soaked hands on it. The more she rubbed and played with it, the longer it got until it looked like a pinkie finger sticking from her mound. Before I could realize what I was doing, I drifted over to the couch and knelt down in front of her. I felt Becky put her hands on the back of my head as she guided me to her throbbing clit.

“Please suck on it Holly.” She said softly as she pushed me down.

I couldn’t resist sliding her long, skinny clit into my mouth. As I sucked on it, I could feel it squirm and grow. As I continued to bob up and down on her I felt a strong tingling sensation spread over my head. I had forgotten all about how the serum makes the hairlessness permanent. I figured it was too late now, as Becky had touched every inch of my head as she encouraged me to suck her off. Soon the squirming turned into a steady throbbing and it felt super rigid in my mouth. I tried to pull away for some air, but Becky held my head firm.

“Please don’t stop.” She moaned as she began thrusting into my mouth. “I need to finish.”

I continued to feel her clit grow until it started pushing its way down my throat. All of a sudden I felt it start to pulsate before she began cumming in my mouth. It was almost too much to handle as I tried to gulp it all down. I felt her grip relax and I was able to pull free. Her clit was double the size that mine had been.

“Now that’s what I call a package.” I said gasping for air, staring at my friend’s newly grown penis.

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