The perfect couple – part 1

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It was a sunny Monday morning during hot summer, something around 10am, when I and my girlfriend were just lying in bed and cuddling. She had very long, thick, and light hair, that was keeping disrupting our sunny morning full of cuddles. I kept putting her long hair out of the way because my face was almost fully covered by her hair. After a couple of minutes, she realized that it’s pissing me off so she apologized and promised she is going to make an appointment in her salon to get her hair cut for the summer soon.

I have always wanted to see my girlfriend with a very short haircut because I found women with short haircuts extremely attractive. This made me come up with an amazing idea that can easily solve this problem and as a bonus, fulfill my little dream to see my girlfriend with a short haircut.

When I was still living with my parents I had to cut my brother’s and father’s hair every Sunday because my dad is a military officer and his hair has to be very short to meet the military standards and regulations. That’s why I and my brothers had to keep our haircut military short too, as a form of discipline. Since when I left my parent’s house to live alone, I have had a medium business cut because I needed some type of change for the new phase of my life. To be honest, I always enjoyed getting a military high and tight or recon, because it looks very sharp and neat when it’s freshly cut.  Because of that, I have learned the basics of cutting someone’s hair but the problem was that I only knew how to work with clippers and cut hair into short military lengths.

I offered her that I can cut her hair right now into something shorter and more enjoyable for the summer. She immediately rejected my offer because she knew I don’t have any experience with cutting women’s hair, but I kept trying to convince her. After 10 minutes full of promises and kisses, she finally agreed to let me cut her hair. You can’t even imagine how excited I was to finally be able to cut my girlfriend’s hair into something much shorter.Before we started with the cutting I went to my basement for my old box full of different tools used for haircutting, that I took when I left my parent’s house because my dad used to come to my house for a regular military haircut. When I got back from the basement I put a bed sheet under a bar stool I took from the kitchen. I told her to take all of her clothes off so there won’t be any hair on her clothes after we finish. After she took off her shirt and pants she sat on the stool with only a black bra and panties on. I wanted to make it more exciting so I put a paper towel around her neck and a barber cape to cover her body just for the role-play. She was a little bit surprised at first, but then she seemed to enjoy it.

I started with brushing her hair while we were discussing what haircut I should give her. Her first idea was to cut her hair to shoulder length, I didn’t like the idea because it was still too long for my taste but I agreed because I didn’t want to make her feel pressured. I started to cut her hair inch by inch until her hair was directly in the shoulder-length, then I took a mirror to let her see her new haircut. She was surprised how good it looked on her and she seemed to be satisfied with this look. I still wanted to see her with much shorter hair so when she was standing up, I lightly grabbed her arm and gave her a sweet kiss on her cheek.

I looked at her with sad face and asked her if we can make it even shorter, maybe cut it to a chin-length bob. She took the mirror to look at her self one more time and said, “You know what, let’s do it! I always wanted to try haircuts like this.” I immediately grabbed my scissors and started with the cutting. After a couple of snips, she had an asymmetrical chin-length bob. When I handed her the mirror, she seemed to be kinda disappointed because she didn’t like the way her nape looked. Her neck still looked kinda hairy because I didn’t know how to cut it properly. After all, it was my first time giving someone a haircut like this. She almost started crying so I was trying to come up with something how to fix it. Then I came up with an idea to use clippers to clean the edges to get her neck more of an asymmetrical look. She didn’t like the idea of using clippers at all because she has never experienced clippers on her neck before.

She was so desperate so she agreed on using clippers on her neck to clean it up a little. When I plugged the clippers in and turned it on, she started to shake because she was scared of this, for her, unknown sound. I gave her a couple of kisses to make her feel less scared and held her head very tight to be able to clean her neck properly. I was super focused and a bit nervous to not go too high and just clean her neck without giving her undercut. After I finished, she instantly put her hand on her neck to feel the change. After she touched her neck I saw the happiness and her easy because she was enjoying the feel when you touch freshly cut hair with clippers.

She looked at me and said, “Do you think you can use those clippers again and buzz my nape way higher than this?” I couldn’t believe my ears so I immediately asked full of excitement how high she wants me to go and what clipper size I should use. She almost didn’t even let me finish and showed me with her hand how high she wants her neck to be shaved and told me to use #3 guard. I was just standing there with my mouth open because it was super high, maybe even too high for my taste but I was extremely excited to do it.

I changed the guard on my clippers and pushed her head to her chest to be able to shave her nape precisely. I ran through her nape with my clippers and saw a path of little hair that looked even shorter than I was expecting. My girlfriend was not even breathing when I was holding her head almost on her chest while I was shaving her nape how excited she was. When I finished I put those clippers away and applied a little bit of shaving cream to clean up the edges. Then I brushed off all of the small hair on her neck and released her from the barber cape. She immediately ran to me and started kissing me. It was one of the best moments in my life to kiss her and run my fingers through her highly shaved nape.

Then she told me to get back to the bedroom and wait for her there until she gets ready in the bathroom. I couldn’t stop looking at her shaved nape with bra and panties on her body when she was leaving for the bathroom. I got to bed extremely excited but I didn’t know what’s about to happen which I wasn’t expecting. After 2 minutes I heard that she is talking with someone on the phone, I started getting curious about what’s about to happen.

After she finished talking on the phone, she opened the bathroom door and kinda aggressively walked to our bedroom. When she got there she yelled at me, “Get out of the bed right now and get ready, we are leaving in 5 minutes so don’t make me wait. I’m not the only person who is getting a summer haircut today!!!!!”

To be continued…..

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