“Perfect Wife Treatment” – Skye Part 1

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“Perfect Wife Treatment”


Lately, Skye was noticing a lot of bald women who were getting really popular online. They were completely hairless, so they didn’t have eyebrows or lashes either. She thought they were very sexy, but keeping yourself smooth like that seemed a lot of maintenance. She herself had an odd relationship with hair. Hers was thin, shoulder length, and mousy brown. It was boring. She never liked it and often wished to be rid of it. She wished to be bald. Up until that point, she had been too afraid to actually do it. However, seeing all of these bald, attractive women gave her the motivation.

A lot of the women Skye saw claimed to have used permanent hair removal and didn’t need to do any maintenance. Laser was too expensive for her. However, many claimed there were alternative products that really worked. Of course, Skye was skeptical.

One of the products that was widely praised was called the “perfect wife treatment”, which seemed like an odd name. Skye was really curious and checked it out. The product was from a country she didn’t understand the language off, but a few of them sold internationally. She ordered the product.

When it arrived on her doorstep, Skye tried making sense of the instructions and warnings, but the translation app was no use. She unpacked it and found a pen needle inside. Luckily, the device was easy enough to figure out on her own. It was a plastic container with liquid in it and a few sterile screw-on needles. There was a button on top of the pen that needed to be pressed to get it to inject. It was already set on a specific amount and there were ten doses in total.

It was Friday night, when Skye decided to try it. She undressed and stood in the bathroom to contain the mess. Then, she screwed on the needle, and injected the stuff in the fat of her belly. The little clock icon on the box said 30 minutes, so she waited.

Within ten minutes it started; loose hairs started falling down her head. Skye pulled on her hair, and it came out in big clumps, which she dropped on the tile floor. She took another handful, this time from the top of her head, leaving a big bald spot. Then, she put both of her hands on her forehead and raked her finger through her hair, making the top of her head hairless. She kept playing with her hair until everything was on the floor.

Skye stroked both hands over her bare head. It felt amazing! As she did so, she rubbed against her eyebrows and lashes and those fell out. Finally, her body hair was falling out as well.

By the time Skye was completely hairless and smooth, she was dripping wet from arousal. Her skin felt so sensitive, she couldn’t stop stroking her own body.

Suddenly, Skye started drooling excessively. She had to open her mouth to let some of it drip out. When she tried to wipe her mouth, her front teeth felt loose. She pressed her tongue against them, and knocked two teeth completely free. Instead of being alarmed by this, she felt so horny her pussy was throbbing. One by one, she pulled out every single one of her teeth with her bare hands. She placed them around the sink. At first, there were gaps in her gums where her teeth used to be, but they closed up quickly.

Skye glanced at the clock. In exactly 30 minutes, she was left utterly hairless and without teeth. She grinned at herself in the mirror, showing off her gums. Then, she put a finger in her mouth and gasped at how sensitive it was.

Skye couldn’t help herself. She was so aroused she started masturbating right there on the bathroom floor, lying on top of her own hair. She orgasmed in record time!

After that, Skye took a shower to rinse off any loose hair. The sensation of water dripping down her bare scalp was enough to make her come again. Then, she started furiously fingering her pussy to make herself come a third time.

When Skye was done, she toweled herself off and went to her bedroom. There, she took out two toys. One had a suction cup on the base, which she attached to the floor. She rode the toy while sucking and thrusting the other one in her mouth. Like this, she came twice more.

Then, she dropped on the bed still naked and promptly fell asleep.

When Skye woke up the next morning, she first believed it had been just a dream. However, it quickly became  apparent that the whole thing had been real. She inspected her mouth and felt a throb of arousal going through her body. She wanted nothing more than to stay in bed and masturbate all day. She was rapidly turning into a huge slut! Unfortunately, her stomach protested loudly.

Skye got up, not bothering to get dressed and not uncaring whether any of her neighbors got a show or not. No, that’s not entirely true, she was sort of hoping that people were watching. She made herself a smoothie, because she didn’t have a lot of things in her home that she would be able to eat without teeth at the moment. The coldness of the smoothie felt good on her gums.

Then, it was time to clean the mess she made. First off, was the bathroom. Skye put all of her teeth and one lock of hair in a pretty little box as a souvenir before she swept up the remaining hair and threw it in the trash. Next, she took the toys from her bedroom and cleaned them as well, placing them next to the sink to dry.

Floundering for a bit, she sort of forgot that she didn’t have hair nor teeth to brush anymore. Instead, Skye took a good look at herself in the mirror. Yesterday, her scalp had a grayish sheen over it, but that was gone now. Her head was indistinguishable from the rest of her skin. Skye looked better than she ever did before. When she still had hair and teeth, she used to look boring. Now, utterly hairless, without brows and lashes, and toothless, she looked ethereal and somewhat alien. She grinned at herself. She was gorgeous and so sexy! She was bound to turn heads.

Skye took a picture of herself grinning, she felt amazing!

After that, Skye sat down and did some proper research. She should have probably done this beforehand, but she had zero regrets about her transformation. 

Apparently, the “perfect wife treatment” originated in the Victorian era. Back then, lower class women would get all of their teeth removed before marriage to avoid dental costs for their new husbands. Many of them also kept their heads shaved to prevent lice.

In a few places over the world, these traditions were still going strong. However, instead of it being a sign of poverty it grew to be something admirable, over the decades. In areas like these, bald, toothless women were considered the most desirable.

People there had perfected the way to give women the “perfect wife treatment”. It was described as quick and painless. It took only a tiny injection. Skye sure could attest to that. The substance completely destroyed the hair follicles, causing the hair to fall out. Additionally, it made the roots of the teeth shrink, and connected nerve endings close, letting the teeth fall out painlessly. It accelerated healing of the gums, preventing blood.

Though, the majority of women didn’t get the “perfect wife treatment”, for their future husbands, anymore. They just did it because they liked the way it looks and feels. Every sensation felt more intense with no hair and teeth. Therefore, a lot of them turned into sex addicts or complete sluts.

Skye saw a lot of pictures of bald toothless women in various compromising positions. A lot of them had some form of body modifications. Giving gummy blowjobs was a favorite activity for many. She was so wet from the whole thing.

Thus, Skye retrieved one of the toys she cleaned and put it in her mouth. She winked at the camera as she took another picture. She updated her profile on a hook-up app and posted the pictures with the caption: “I know it’s early, but I wanna suck some real dick!”

Within a few minutes, she got a couple of reactions. Many people wanted to know what a gumjob felt like. Skye got dressed in her sluttiest dress, without underwear, and went out.

Skye sucked some dicks in a public bathroom. The floor was disgusting, but she didn’t care. She let them come on her bald head. All the heightened sensations were enough to bring her to orgasm, without having to touch herself.

Hours later, Skye returned home. While she took a shower, to get rid of all the grime and fluids, something was niggling her mind. For the first time since her makeover, she considered her job.

There was no way that Skye would be able to hide what she had done to herself. It was Saturday night. She might be able to find a wig in time, but it would be cheap. Her scalp was so sensitive, wearing it was going to be itchy and uncomfortable. Even then, she would need to draw on eyebrows and put on lashes every day, she had no energy for that.

However, getting dentures was going to take way longer. Skye looked it up and getting them could take up to six months. Plus, they were expensive, since her insurance wouldn’t cover them. She could try to keep her mouth closed, but for six months that was impossible. Her speech was clearly affected and she would have to change her entire diet. People were bound to notice.

Therefore, Skye decided that she would hide nothing and wear her unusual look with pride. If people asked what had happened, she would tell them the truth.  She had wanted to do it for a long time, but didn’t have the guts. This was bound to cause quite a stir. Skye couldn’t wait.

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