“Perfect Wife Treatment” – Auction

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“Perfect Wife Treatment”


The auction hall was completely packed. There were multiple platforms scattered across the room. Young women of all walks of life stood naked on the platforms. Each had two numbers at their feet and a dental lip retractor on, to force their mouth open. The group was incredibly varied, but all of them had two things in common: gorgeous hair, regardless of color or texture, and amazing teeth. Occasionally, a girl would be asked to change position or to play with her hair to better show off the items on sale.

Then, it was time for the bidding. The auction master went through each item one by one. It was a good night, many of the items had closing bids of multiple thousands. A few items had a reserve on them, but those were all met many times over.

Afterwards, money was exchanged, including the auction house’ commission. Of course, everything was cash only.

Next, the girls were sent to the back. There, their hair was braided, the lip retractors were removed, and a mold was placed into their mouths instead. They were injected with a substance called the “perfect wife treatment”, which destroyed hair follicles and caused teeth to loosen. After some time, the braids were pulled away cleanly from the girls’ scalps and the molds removed from their mouth with their teeth. Even body hair including eyebrows and lashes was collected.

Everything was given to the respective buyers. The happy customers went home with their new hair and teeth. Most of them would turn the hair into high end wigs and the teeth into dentures. However, there were also a few collectors who were going to put their new additions on display.

The now permanently hairless and toothless girls were left with a pretty penny. Additionally, all of the young women discovered that their denuded skin and bare gums were incredibly sensitive. They quickly grew addicted to giving gumjobs and the feeling of hot spunk on their scalps. Everyone fell in love with their baldness and toothlessness. Everyone was happy.

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