“Perfect Wife Treatment” – Skye Part 2

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“Perfect Wife Treatment”


Sunday was spent in much the same way as Saturday: with Skye on her knees on the disgusting bathroom floor, while happily gumming on as many cocks as she could get. She wished she could do this every day, but unfortunately Monday was just around the corner. In the middle of a gumjob, she came to the realization that she had gained some sort of oral fixation.

On Monday, Skye showed up to work. Her sudden transformation turned a lot of heads. Everyone was shocked, some people looked disgusted, some leered, others looked a little jealous. She was getting wet from all the attention.

Her work friend, a young lady named Violet, was brave and approached her.

“What happened?” Violet whispered.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time, but I never had the guts.” Skye explained

“Well, you look great!”

Skye grinned, showing her gums. “Thank you.”

Her boss leered at her for the longest time and Skye wondered if she would get into trouble. However, he only ogled silently before leaving. It felt like he somehow suspected what she had been doing this weekend and wanted in on it. He was not the only one looking at her like that, though.

Of course, there were a few coworkers who weren’t as accepting or horny. They made comments behind her back, as if she couldn’t hear them. Some people called her a dumb slut, a freak, a pervert bitch. Well, they weren’t exactly wrong. She didn’t care.

Skye remained her friendly self and did her job well. She made sure to grin widely at everyone she interacted, showing her gums proudly.

Three months later, Skye had decided not to get dentures. She didn’t need them. She had gotten better at articulating herself without teeth and her new diet wasn’t that restrictive. Sure, there were things she was unable to eat, but she didn’t miss anything in particular. She couldn’t go out to fancy restaurants either, not that she would want to. She loved herself and would never hide. She spent over 25 years trying to be normal in order to fit in. Never again.

Skye had gotten rid of all of her hair products and accessories. Some of it she gave away, others had to go in the trash. She had done the same for dental products. Now that she didn’t need any of that stuff, she was saving a lot of money. She didn’t save any on the water bill though, since she spent a lot of time masturbating in the shower.

Overall Skye didn’t regret a thing.

One day, Violet approached her work friend shyly. “I’m curious, what did you use for your transformation?” Violet asked.

“It’s called the “perfect wife treatment”. I know it sounds weird. If you’re interested I still have most of the product and it’s not expired yet.” Skye explained with a smile. She is pretty sure that the other was not just asking because of curiosity.

“You love it right? You seem much more confident and happy.”

“You’re right I love it. I feel happy and sexy. I also save a ton of money on hair and dental products.” Skye smirked.

“I didn’t even consider that, but I can only imagine.”

Skye felt absolutely certain that Violet would soon join her and become utterly hairless and toothless as well. Just in case she stowed the package of “perfect wife treatment” in her desk drawer at the office.

Two days later, Violet came back to Skye’s desk, looking excited. “I am going to do it.” she said with a grin.

The moment Skye saw the other woman approach, she retrieved the package from the drawer, so she could hand it over as soon as she finished her sentence.

Violet let out a surprised giggle, “You knew.”

“Call it a gut feeling.” Skye said with a wink.

“Thank you!” Violet said as she put the package in her pocket.

“I recommend you do it on a Friday after work, that way you have the whole weekend to adjust.” Skye said with emphasis.


The following Monday morning, Violet arrived and was completely hairless and toothless, like Skye. She looked happy and confident, and so sexy. A lot of people did a double take at there being two bald women now. Violet looks a little flushed from all the attention.

“Hi, you look amazing!” Skye greeted.

“Thank you!” Violet grins, showing her gums. “Everything feels so sensitive, though. Have you ever gotten used to it?” she asked more quietly.

“Well, the heightened sensitivity stays. Though, you will get better at articulating yourself with a little time.” Skye explains.

Whenever the pair of gorgeous bald ladies went anywhere together, they would get a lot of attention. Skye and Violet were spending a lot of time together outside of work as well. Even more now than before their transformations.

Over time, their coworkers got used to their unusual looks. The comments decreased. However, all the staring never stopped. When Skye paid close attention she could tell that some of those stares were envious and not just because of the attention they received.

Sky highly suspected that more fellow coworkers would follow suit and undergo the “perfect wife treatment”. It was a matter of when rather than if. Whoever was next, she would be there to guide them.

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