The Private Show Pt.1

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Carolina had been between jobs, she practically lived paycheck to paycheck but after being fired she had no ways to make money. She had been sitting on what seemed to be a rainy Sunday morning, looking through the newspaper, she had her hair tied back in a bun, her bangs practically over grown going almost all the way over her face, she had to use pins to make sure it didn’t cover her vision, the rest of the length sitting perfectly at her mid back, she was looking through the ads for jobs or modeling, her slim waist, nice 36c sized breasts and her even bigger behind made her the perfect size for a nude gig. She had found a ad. It seemed simple enough, she read it out loud to herself. ” Madame Amy’s Show & More. Looking for one girl, between the ages of 21 and 27, non smoker and non drinker. Must be willing to sign multiple contracts for one night. Call 999-111-222 if interested. ” She read further seeing that the ad said, must be willing to change hair style, nothing else. She immediately called the number, hearing a sultry almost sexual sounding voice behind the phone. ” Hello? This is Madame Amy, what can I do for you? ” Carolina explained her situation, the conversation going quickly, she had told to send a picture of herself with her hair let down and if Amy liked how she looked a form and contract would be emailed to her, within a hour of sending the picture her phone lit up, she received a email from the woman, it seemed to be over 15 pages of papers she needed to sign and date. She printed them out, reading all of them over and over, one of the pages made her feel weird. The top read. ” Freedom Contract. The first sentence said that she was allowing the woman to do as she pleased to her and that once she received the time and date that she would have no freedom and that she would practically be the slave of Amy until she was free to go home, Carolina needed the money badly, she figured the worse that would happen would be a shorter bob cut, she never knew that more, sexual things would be happening to her, she signed the papers right away and sat them in her printer, faxing them to Amy.

Carolina sat on her bed waiting a few hours before she received a email and a text, it read. ” Thank you for signing up and filling out the contracts, you will come to third street at four pm on Tuesday. No sooner. No later, you must be wearing the outfit provided 24 hours before your appointment. You will be let into the building and will be signed in,you will meet me when you are signed in. ” This seemed so professional, her nerves were practically calmed thinking it would just be a photo shoot nothing else and she would be on her way, but that freedom contract really worried her. She sighed and texted back responding that she couldn’t wait and that she was excited. In reality she was anxious. The next day came so quickly, awakening to a knock at her door, a woman standing outside with a box, she was handed it and off the woman went. Carolina walked back into her apartment and opened it, a leather skirt, fishnet stockings, expensive designer heels and a leather looking crop top, with a matching jacket to keep her ” warm”. She saw the sized and figured it would fit, before sitting down. The day went by faster than the last, finally the day had come, she was going to be somebody else’s property for however long she was there. But she was being payed for her efforts. She had a small lunch, before standing it was 3:30 and she stood naked in her mirror wearing a pure white lace thong and a matching bra, she pulled her clothing items on, slowly the skirt then the top, the jacket came neck, she was informed to leave her long raven colored hair free to let it hang down her back, she had to at least pin the bangs back so she could see. The heels matching the fishnets perfectly as she left her apartment, only her phone and purse in tow.

Click click click, her heels were heard down the street as she approached the building standing outside knocking several times. A woman the same one who delivered her clothing answered she helped her through the front door and handed a sign in sheet over, which she signed right away. She was told to get on her knees, she looked at the girl with a weird look but she was shoved down, a collar being snapped against her neck with a almost designer looking leather leash being attached, a woman could be heard her loud heels hitting the floor as she walked through a door to the far right, she looked at the girl waiting for her on the floor a hand through her hair as she plucked the pins out and tossed them in the garbage, her body looked gorgeous, she had long red hair, it was pulled high up into a bun with no hair left behind on her nape, her shapely body covered in a black metallic dress, her thighs covered by the black pantyhose she wore, 6inch heels matching her outfit as she took the collar and walked the girl through the building, she turned right before reaching her studio and spoke. ” When we go in there, your time will start you will call me mistress. You will not speak unless spoken to and you will oblige to everything I say and tell you to do. ” At that moment she did not question the woman and crawled behind her into the studio seeing a fully lit hallway, it wasn’t a room it multiple doors leading to what looked like kink rooms, she didn’t know what she got herself into, but Amy continued walking before pushing a door open guiding the girl inside. It seemed to be a old fashioned barber shop. She flicked her finger up telling the girl to stand, she spun her around and unclipped the leash before pointing at the jacket barking a command for her to take the jacket and the top off, she did so right away and then her she felt her breasts being touched molded around to the cold touch of Amy. She was told to take everything off, but to put the fishnets back on right after. She had no choice but to comply stripping as she then pulled the fishnets back onto her body, the heels sitting next to the chair as she had put them down a arm wrapped around her neck, Carolina looked to the table seeing a few clippers and immediately she spoke.
” Are you going to shave my head? ” A swift slap across the face was her answer. Amy spoke angrily. ” You little cunt, when I tell you to talk you may. ” She sighed and sat the young woman down in the chair, Carolina never noticed the straps and bondage items waiting along the chair, she knew this girl did not read the whole contract stating that she would be receiving a haircut of Amy’s choice, most young girls never did and it made her smirk, gently she massaged the girls shoulders relaxing her practically nude body when the girls eyes closed, a snap was heard. Handcuffs around her wrists and then out of nowhere a double ended belt wrapped around her ankles surrounding both of her legs. She tried to kick and pull herself from the chair right away. Amy smirked and danced around her before leaning the chair back, she pulled a small chair attachment looking at the girls freshly shaved cunt, she snapped the custom piece to the chair and turned it on, it started vibrating the girls pussy, she reached down un clipping a small attachment as a plug was forced into Carolina’s ass, the chair was snapped back shut. Amy walked behind her letting a transparent latex cape fall free placed over her shoulder she figured Carolina was going to not behave, she pulled a back strap over the girls waist and buckled it shut so she couldn’t move almost at all. The cape finally draped over her body, she felt the cape tighten around her neck, it wasn’t snapped shut it buckled and then a lock was drawn through the buckle to make sure it was as tight it as it could be. Amy wasn’t done yet, she pushed a gag into the girls already parted lips, she clipped it as tight as it possibly could go, she wasn’t going to waste time washing her hair, she ran a finger through it and tied it into a ponytail taking a scary pair of scissors as she flicked the vibrator up to the highest setting before taking a huge chunk of hair snipping it in random spots. She smiled as it dropped onto the girls lap, Carolina screamed and tried to jump against the chair, she couldn’t move but her ass shaking forced the invading plug to go further and further inside her, Amy¬† walked away before returning with a old pair of clippers the hand held kind, she started at the middle of her head and slowly a click click click was heard, the old style clippers finally started forming a path down her head, she did a few lines down her skull before, she threw them to the table dumping the locks onto her lap, a huge smile taking her sadistic smile over as she took a pair of clippers out, she flicked them on right at Carolina’s ear and just pushed them back up and around her head, through her once beautiful locks, she now was practically bald except for the stubble being left behind, Carolina meanwhile was practically moaning and bucking against the vibrator and plug, she was riding her orgasm as she soaked the barber chair, her juices hitting the floor as her head was forcefully shaved. When it ended Amy turned the vibrator off and whispered. ” How about you become my personal hair slut. We can make videos together, you can live with me and live a amazing life as my pet. ” Carolina would have no more bills to pay she nodded her head and her hand was let free to come up under the cape she was handed a pen and a contract was held out which she signed right away, Amy smiled and patted her head before turning walking out of the room to let Carolina rub her head and play with herself some more, her desk girl walked to the door standing watching the bald pet touch herself until she was ready to leave. She was soon untied and let go, a collar and leash reattached to her fishnet wearing body and she was walked off to the house which was located in the back of the studio, to let her hair grow back until the next video was ready to be shot.



  • Part 2 coming soon, more in depth hair cutting and more major bdsm themes.

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