The Scientist

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Author – Tigris

Title The scientist

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Type – Fiction

It was a beautiful night, the full moon on the sky shone big and bright, the motorcycle engine was loud but this didnât distract the driver from admiring the lights on the sky

The call on the evening had been enigmatic, the doctor required help and not much else was said, but that was part of the job after all, you have to be available whenever you are called, such is the world of science

The lab was a bit retired from the city for practical reasons, no interruptions from crime and other city related problems and provided a relaxing environment for creativity, the facility was modern and yet cozy, and offered every commodity imaginable, working in this particular lab was both a wonder and a privilege, they worked on every possible branch imaginable from simple mechanics to advanced medical research

The driver stopped the bike at the designated spot near the entrance, and made way into the building, a lone old and kind guard sat reading at the reception, having difficulty identifying the person that had just entered the lobby once he was aware someone was there

The driver removed the helmet and long beautiful strands of ebony black hair cascaded down as she shook her head for effect

The guard smiled as he looked on the beautiful face that had just been revealed to him

-Good Night Miss Miranda, odd to see you here at such hours, and dont you look ravishing tonight!, he said as she handed her ID and pass for him to check on the registry

Miranda was certainly a sigh for sore eyes, she looked like she belonged on the fashion world instead of a lab, her body was curvy and toned, long shapely legs, her hips and buttocks were round, perky and lovely, her waist was slim but not enough to look disproportionate, her breasts were ample, round and a little bit bigger than she liked but this wasnt bad, her face had the perfect form, her lips were full and shapely, her amber eyes had a kind and loving look on them, her eyebrows shaped on the exact way they should be, she even had a small beauty mark next to her lips, her long luscious raven black hair reaching down to her waist and adorned her frame in an exquisite way, but behind this loveliness hid one of the most brilliant scientific minds, she had a knack for almost every topic science had to offer, always excelled on every task that was assigned to her, she had helped many projects that were on a bump and made them push through, she was an asset to the Lab and she knew

-Good night Mr. Wheatley, thank you, I was on the company party and well, I wanted to look nice for it, she said smiling as she opened her bike driving suit showing a lovely cocktail dress that had a skirt that was perhaps a little too short for normal working hours

She certainly hoped she would not had to stay so long though, she pulled out a couple of high heels out of her purse and put them on as she stepped out of the driving boots and true enough, her makeup was superbly done, she had spent the evening on a salon wanting to be lovely for the evening, it was an important party, and many people were actually looking forward to speaking with her, of her future, of her possible promotion to head researcher

-Well Im certain you turned heads on that party, the good old man said smiling returning her stuff and handing her a lab coat from a rack nearby

Miranda smiled and chuckled a bit

-Oh Mr. Wheatley you are too kindâ, she said as she folded her suit and placed it along with her helmet and boots on a locker nearby

Miranda was certainly easy to get along with, she was kind, gentle and supportive, Miranda was someone you would love to introduce to your family

-What brings you here then at such an hour? Did you forgot something?, asked the old man as he made some notes on the entrance log

-Oh no, Doctor Jacqueline required help with the new project we have been issued, and I wanted to lend a hand, she said smiling

-Very well, I hope you have a good night of work then, said the old man returning to his reading

Miranda walked down the corridor smiling, she loved being complimented on, she always enjoyed the attention and the words of the old guard made her very happy

She then switched the scientific mind on, she had been very excited about this new project, she had only heard tiny bits of it, but it was something related to the beauty industry

As you might have imagined, Miranda loved everything related to such industry as well, to be honest, she was more than a little vain, she took great care of herself, exercising as much as she could, eating healthy, and long frequent visits to her favorite beauty salons, you could say she had a thing for hair and everything related to beauty salons, she always enjoyed her time more than a little bit when she was on the hands of an experienced stylist

Of course it never conflicted with her work, her beauty routine was strictly on her own time and could be interrupted if needed be, she was a scientist after all

She had finally reached the laboratory of Doctor Jacqueline, it was a marvelous place, not only did it had every instrument you could dream of for performing research, it was also tastefully decorated, it looked like a home if it wasnt for all the machinery around

Miranda was thrilled as she entered the lab, she could see bits and pieces of beauty equipment here and there, automated wash basins over here, a couple of hood dryers over there, rollers, brushes and the like over yonder, if she wasnt aware of the theme she would have been very confused, but the knowledge of the project had her excited, she locked the door behind her

She looked around searching for Doctor Jacqueline but couldnt see her, she walked over the different wings without much success

When suddenly she stumbled upon something very intriguing, a lone old barber chair, sitting in the middle of a room, with what looked like a hood dryer behind it, although this dryer had lots of cables attached to it and it looked a little bit weird, long but slim, she walked close to it when a hand surprised her

She screamed a little bit and turned around to find a smiling woman behind her

-Doctor you scared the soul out of me!, exclaimed the lovely researcher as she caught her breath

-Forgive me Miranda, you walk very fast, it was the only way to reach you!, exclaimed the doctor

Jacqueline was a lovely woman as well, not as impressive as Miranda, but no slacker either, she was a little bit smaller, her breasts were perky but not large, she was slim and lovely, her blonde hair was cut in a short bob kind of cut, her nape was completely bare though

-I am terribly sorry I pulled you out of the party, she said smiling admiring the way her colleague was dressed

-Not at all doctor, I am actually very thrilled about this whole project!, smiled Jacqueline as both women began to walk to a nearby room -how can I help you?

Jacqueline smiled and pointed to a table while she made two coffees

Miranda walked over and began looking at the different schematics on top of the table, moving a few around

The device was impressive, it was designed as an automated station, but it seems it was incomplete

-Doctor are you sure this are the correct schematics?, she asked as she grabbed her cup of coffee

Jacqueline looked over them and was a bit surprised

-Oh! Im sorry, they are but they are of the complete build, some of the features havent been implemented yet, she responded

-We could checked them over if you want!, mused Miranda as she took a sip of her coffee, it was delicious, not to hot and it had a nice vanilla touch to it

-Oh that isnt necessary right now, we will work on it when the time comes, said the doctor hugging her colleague and walking back to the room they were previously on

-I need your help testing the current built, she said smiling as she walked over to the chair and caressed its arm with her finger

-You need my help with the test?, asked Miranda a little confused, she had never been a test subject before

-Well, yes, I know you love this world, said Jacqueline smiling at her knowingly -and I thought you would like to join my team on it

Miranda was a little surprised, she was sure she had hid her hair interest very well, how did she?

-I am flattered doctor but I dont really know what you mean, she said smiling nervously at the her colleague

-My dear, I live very closely to one of the salons you visit often, I meant to say hi but there was never much chance, you were lost in another world inside the salon, she said smiling

“Busted” Miranda thought

-Oh, well, err, Im sorry about that, she said feeling a little conscious

-Why would you? Its alright! There is nothing wrong with having something you love, thats why I thought you would like to help here, Jacqueline said smiling handing her a form, requesting her transfer to her team

Miranda looked at the paper, and then at the device, she sighed smiling, and signed the paper

She handed the form back to the doctor, and nodded

-So how should we proceed?, she asked smiling

-Please remove your coat and take a seat, said the doctor as she walked over a computer turning it on

Miranda did as she was requested, placing her coat on one of the tables and sitting on the barber chair slowly, it was very comfortable, she placed her hands on the arm rest and sighed

The doctor walked up to the contraption behind the chair and moved it over Mirandas head, lowering it carefully as it was a very tight fit, the helmet was lowered until it covered her eyes, her ears were covered as well, Miranda could feel as her ears lightly touched the sides of the device, Miriam stopped once the back of the helmet had touched Mirandas neck

-Its a little bit tight isnt it?, asked Miranda looking inside, although there was not much to see, a little bit of light managed to enter from under the helmet but since it was so small she was almost in complete darkness

-Its supposed to be, we wouldnt want any hair flying around would we?, said the doctor as she turned the helmet on

What happened next surprise Miranda a little bit, a powerful suction was felt from within the helmet, sucking all the hair that dangled around her in, even the little hairs on her neck stood from this, she felt her hair was clasped by something, and the suction subsided a little, she was really surprised not knowing what was happening

-This passes all safety protocols right?, asked Miranda a little concerned now, biting her lip a little, caressing the armrest out of nervousness

-Only staying in bed is safer than this machine my dear, said the doctor -but tell me, is there any pain? Is your hair being pulled too hard?

Miranda didnt felt any discomfort at all, it was actually quite relaxing

-No doctor, everything is perfect, she responded, relaxing a little bit

Then, she felt something weird, as if she had just fallen asleep, but she was conscious, as if she was dizzy but nothing was out of place or moving, she felt like she was having the best of dreams, she felt happy, very happy, she was thinking how happy she was under this device, how much she would love to be here again, and again

She didnt notice that she was smiling silly as the machine began to toy with her hair, she couldnt see what was going on so it was her nose who told her what was afoot

She felt the smell of water being sprayed tingle her nose, her hair was being damped, but not a single droplet of water made it past her hair line

Then the sweet essence of shampoo surrounded her, the device was washing her hair, so tenderly it almost felt human, she didnt understood how this was so, and at the moment she didnt care, she closed her eyes enjoying all the sensations she was getting

Tiny finger like tendrils dug into her hair and began massaging around, caressing her scalp with care, yet with firmness

She felt in heaven, she wasnt thinking anymore, they could do whatever they wanted and she would be happy with the results, she didnt know the reason but her mind was telling her that she was going to walk out a 100% more beautiful than when she sat down

Lost on her that little voice on her head, she didnt notice when the tendrils retracted and another little machine began to buzz, it was a low buzz, almost hidden by all other sounds inside the helmet that adorned her head right now, this machine seemed to be a diadem, covering the length of her head, or at least, the part of her head that had hair anyway

And this little buzzing machine positioned itself on her forehead, right below the hairline, as if it was a massage it began to move forward, removing slowly everything in its path, Miranda didnt felt it really, she just felt a lovely massage moving through her scalp unabated

The diadem moved over her head, from forehead to nape, and back up again, a couple of times, evading her ears easily, going all the way down to her neck, Miranda felt her head weight a lot less, and it was amazing

After the diadem left head, another water spray touched her skin, and she could not notice anything wrong

A few moments later, something entirely different was being spread on her head, she didnt knew what it was

It felt fluffy and soapy, it covered her head completely, she enjoyed the sensation of this thing being sprayed on her head a couple of seconds more

The diadem returned, but this time she felt cylinders rolling on it, it moved in the same way as before, from her forehead to her nape, but this time it made only one pass, they that fluffy substance was sprayed once more, then the diadem appeared at her neck, and moved back up to her forehead, this processed was repeated a couple of times more, it was the greatest thing she had ever felt

Something that felt like a towel dabbed her head a couple of times, she didnt understood what she was feeling, but it felt amazing, a little tingle fired up between her legs as this thing danced around her head

She didnt realized that she was now bald

She felt a new substance being sprayed on her head, and then a couple of rotating buffers moved around, she was being rocked about, she could feel her breasts bobbing up and down as the machine worked, and she smiled at the pleasantness of this very new feeling as she was worked on

Last, she felt warmness inside the helmet, as if something was heating up a little

After this was done, and a little bell went off, the helmet was lifted from her head, not a single strand of hair fail off, or was around her, she felt light headed, there was something new once Miranda was able to see again

A screen was in front of her, showing her what the machine had done, it seems that there were a lot of small spectral cameras inside the device, as she saw the diadem removing her hair slowly and perfectly, how her head was covered with shaving cream a lot of times and the diadem shaving her baby smooth

She saw her head being shined by the buffers, and once the video was done and the image was gone, a mirror stood in front of her, she was able to see herself now, her head without a single strand of hair in it, perfectly smooth, lightly tanned in perfect coordination with the tone on the rest of her skin, shining lightly

She should had been terrified, indignated, angry, but instead she marveled at the woman that was looking back at her smiling as broadly as she could, a pair of hands removed the cape, she forgot what was happening or where she was

-How was it?, smiled the doctor as she looked at her colleagues new look

-I… I cant describe it, it was the most amazing thing I have ever felt, I… I am just so happy right now, it feels incredible, I just love it!, exclaimed Miranda as she got up from the chair, unable to take her hands off of her head

-I am glad, responded Jacqueline with real relief on her voice -I wasnt sure it would complete its task with success

-I dare say it was most successful!, responded Miranda as she saw the doctor taking her place in the chair

-Would you be a dear and lower the helmet on me please?, she said smiling

Miss Miranda was a little bit shocked, but smiled

-Doctor, it will be my pleasure!…

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