The Second Visit

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This story is inspired by an existing manga, my translation of which you can find here:


The Second Visit



I can hear her on the wind, her stifled moaning pressed against a pillow. My first feast of the night had been a fine opening course, but I hungered for more. My dark hair trailed in two thick tails as I flew out from the city, over suburbs, and water, into the star splattered sky of rural Ireland. I could hear her, and feel her passionate self-loving, but could only see my true prize with my own eyes. Don’t rush girl, I’m on my way.

Louisa squirmed under her blanket, she hated the chill October air, but had a few ways to keep warm. Her hands warmed with the heat of her cunt as she shut her eyes and imagined all the things she’d love to do, and have done to her, by a shifting menagerie of the sexiest men Hollywood had to offer.

I was close now, I could sense a few targets just in this little village, but only one held my interest. I could feel her building herself higher, closer to her orgasm. Little did she know the heights I could show her.

I floated, silent, outside her bedroom window, she was the only one home, that was usually for the best. I watched her back curve as she strained against herself, saw the sweat on her brow, the ring on her finger as she pulled her own hair. Married? That would be fun. I knocked the window.



Louisa startled, her head whip panned around the room, what was that? Had a bird hit the window? She heard the knock again, and pulling the covers about herself stepped from the bed and approached the dark pane of glass. She squinted, there was a shape outside, a person! A girl? A flying girl. What was this, Peter Pan’s sister? She must be dreaming.

The figure outside struck the glass again, and spoke. “Let me in, I’m here to help.” Louisa was unsure if this confirmed she was dreaming, or proved she was not. Yet, as if compelled by some unseen force, she reached to open the window. She pulled the pane up, it didn’t go very far but it was enough for the girl outside to fly her way in, graceful and waiflike. Her black hair was tied in two long tails, each must have been over 4ft long as they dangled at mid-thigh when she landed. Her skin was pure and smooth as silver … she has a tail! Wrapped around her hips, but definitely a tail, covered with a fine svelte fur…

“It’s ok, you can stare” I said, as Louisa gawked at my divine figure. I wore only a sleeveless black leotard, so I was very much on display, I found it helped with my goals to show off the perk of my tits and the firm roundness of my bum. “You may call me Mara, Goddess of Smooth Skin and Beautiful Hair” I always enjoyed watching my girls try to process that one.

“Why are you here?” she asked me, they always ask that, funny. They never lead with “get the fuck out” or anything even close to that, funny, what an innocent face will do. “I’m here to help you” I reiterated, closing the space between us. I tugged down on the blanket she’d covered herself with, she resisted, but only briefly. She let me take it, I dropped it to the floor and let her stand there, naked before me.

Louisa stared back at the girl, the goddess, who she’d just let disrobe her. She felt inadequate before her, this flying girl with hair of silk and skin of glass. She shook out her red curls, they were a mess right now, but one of the few features she had which may compete with the beauty before her. Here to help, how? In wordless answer, as if she’d read her thoughts, the girl approached. Cupped her face in one hand, then kissed her.

Only when she broke away did Louisa notice the girl had been floating several inches from the floor to do so, she had no wings so how …? The goddess fell to ground, or near ground, she was on her knees, but not touching the floor. Then she stuck her tongue into Louisa’s fiery cunt, and Louisa stopped trying to analyse the situation.

I love this part, the shock and confusion, so quickly giving way to acceptance and desire. I lapped at Louisa, she’d been doing a good job before I arrived, she was open, wet, swollen and yearning to break. This wouldn’t take long at all. I feel her hands in my hair, holding my twin tails as she pulls my head tighter to her rocking pelvis. Disrespectful, but I allowed it.

With strength she couldn’t expect, I lifted her by her thighs, never breaking the contact between my divine tongue and her mortal clit. I dumped her back onto her martial bed, then locked eyes with her from across the flat expanse of her stomach and the modest curve of her tits. She reached down, beckoning me up to her lips, and so I went. Kissing her with passion and drive she’d never felt. She came back strong, she’d have to be at least bisexual, I could always tell. The true straights caved to me as well of course, but they had more shame about it.

Louisa grasped and scrambled at the girl, Mara, wasn’t it? Was she a devil, or an angel, a goddess of whatever sort… she didn’t care, so long as she kept touching her like this. She grasped at Mara’s leotard, a single thin scrap of clothing. She could already see erect nipples though the fabric, and wanted to taste the breasts of a goddess.

The fabric tore as she pulled. Mara’s breasts were small, smaller than her own even, but perfectly shaped and firm as if carved from marble by a master. She took her mouth to one, daring to even bite down a little, she was certain she heard the goddess moan in response.

This one was bold! Not many try to pleasure me in return, but I always appreciate those who do. I decided then to leave her an additional gift when we were through. But first, I unwrapped my tail from my waist, and let it hang high above out collective heads, so she could see it. “Relax now Louisa, you’ve never felt anything quite like this.” I whispered tenderly as I chewed her ear, knowing her eyes would be on the tip of my tail as I allowed it to engorge. She gasped as the unmistakably phallic head pushed itself from my tail tip, then relaxed her hips and broadened her legs, and I knew I had her.

I pushed into her cunt with ease, driving into her until I felt her limit, then withdrawing and charging again. This bit was the most fun, they could never resist from here on. Not that it was all skill of course, my divine physiology plays a big part. I lapped at her ear and chewed at her breast, I curled my tail to rub her ass as it pounded her cunt, I bit her lip and grabbed her hip, and all too soon she was screaming. She bucked as if fitting as I pumped her full of what you may mistake for cum. Then she fell limp to the bed, breathing fast and shallow as she softly closed her eyes.



Louisa drifted out of thought and time, as the ceiling melted away into darkness and she felt as if all the world was just her the intense burn of what Mara had just done to her. She felt a touch at her cunt, she couldn’t be going in again could she? Louisa didn’t think she’d survive another round with a goddess. The small fingers stretched and pulled at her skin, as if examining her. Then she felt breath on her face, but no weight of any body, the divine girl must by flying again, how incredible … Louisa opened her eyes.

Mara floated above her, smiling, holding a straight razor in one hand. Wait, that couldn’t be right. Mara reached down and took a hold of her hair, then brought the razor to bare. Louisa couldn’t register what happened, the girl drew a thick lock of red hair up and away into the air, then dashed it upwards where it vanished before ever returning to the bedding. Then the blade again, she didn’t feel a single cold touch, scrape or cut from the thing, but she did feel the vanishing of her hair, as if it had simply fallen off in fear before the razors edge. She tried, and failed, to fight or scream or even move. She could just about move her eyes, and as the blade come down again she realised the first hair to go much have been that red tangle between her legs.

I lowered by blade again, a long stroke across her scalp as the shimmering magic cut her hair at the root, despite being not particularly close to it. I could do the same by touching the hair at its most extreme length, but this was so much more fun. Wave after wave of thick red, brown, orange hair came away in my hand and vanished from the mortal realm. Another tribute to myself. I twisted her head about as more and more of her hair scalp was set free. Working faster now, the last remnants of her locks fell to my blade.

As the last of her milky scalp was liberated, pale even against her freckled Irish complexion, I smiled down at her and exhaled. I felt my hair tingle and grow, just a few millimetres, but enough, another worthy sacrifice. The girl was weeping now, she couldn’t move yet of course, only daybreak would end that spell. She’d done well though, tried to return a fraction of the pleasure I gave her. As reward, I brought my razor down again and cleanly removed both of her eyebrows. Her pupils traced the motion as the razor cut them away, still crying. Poor girl, Lisa was it? They never truly understand my gift of Smooth Skin, not at first at least. I’m sure her husband will love it though.

I slipped back out of the window, leaving it open behind me as I sored back into the sky. Stretching out, I measured my hair against myself, still some inches short of the knee. Disappointed, I sighed. Maybe a stop off in Spain or Portugal next, then onwards to the America’s as Midnight falls there… so much still to do.

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