The shared experience continues

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After Miss Judy and I were both finished, in a manner of speaking, I began to rinse the conditioner from her hair. I was kind of difficult as both of us were finding it hard to stand up because our legs were shaking. I finally got the conditioner rinsed out and wrapped a towel around her hair. I had her sit down in the chair and began to comb and section her beautiful mane. She always had such beautiful hair to work with and I loved that I got to learn hairdressing with her. The conditioner had worked wonders as her hair was soft and smooth and easy to comb through.

I began combing up sections of her hair to roll as Barbara handed me the rollers and then the clips as I needed them. The girls started talking as i was setting Miss Judy’s hair. Miss Judy said ” I brought a lot of make up for us to try on her and us if you want to?” Barbara replied ” I would love to try out some vintage 40’s and 50’s make up looks on her and you can comb out her hair in an older hairdo to match her make up.” Miss Judy told me we were going to try a lot of make up on me that night and then tomorrow before we all go shopping. I said ” we are going out shopping tomorrow?” Miss Judy replied ” relax, it is not like you have not been out dressed and your hair in curlers before. Besides when you are wearing make up no one can tell your are a boy.” I kept rolling Miss Judy’s hair and listening on what they had planned. Barbara asked Miss Judy if she was getting hungry and Miss Judy replied ” yes I am, that activity worked up an apatite.” Barbara said she was going to order a pizza and her nephew would deliver it.

Barbara got up and called to order the food and asked if Joey could deliver it. She smiled at me and said you are going to like Joey, he is a couple of years older than you and really cute. Miss Judy said “we are going to have to get some make up on her before he gets here.” I told her that had not finished setting her hair yet. She said it can wait until I had some make up on. She had me sit on the chair as both of them went to work on me. They used some face powder and a little make up on my face then went to work on my eyes with some pink and blue eye shadow and a little eye liner. Then came the mascara that they laid on heavy. Finally the lips, Miss Judy used a small brush to apply the lipstick and a smaller one for a bit of lip liner. Barbara got out some small hoop earrings and put the on me under the hairnet.

Miss Judy sat back down in the chair so I could finish setting her hair. Just as I was done with the top and the left side there was a knock on the door. Barbara said the she would get it and left the room. Miss Judy looked up at me and whispered Joey is a little gay and has been to our shop a few times to get his hair cut. Barbara came back in with the pizza and Joey followed behind her. I turned around and saw joey standing there in his jeans and a button down shirt. I did recognize him from the beauty parlor as I had shampooed his hair a couple of times. He said : Uh, Hi, my aunt said you were here what are you doing?’ I told him that we girls were setting each other hair and were trying out some new make up. He continued ” well I like your make up, it looks very pretty. I also like your hair in rollers. You look good in rollers.” Miss Judy and Barbara just laughed at how jJoey was stumbling on his words.

Barbara said ” well this pizza is getting cold, lets eat.” She got out a bottle of wine and some sodas and we all sat down to dinner. Barbara had Joey sit next to me at the table and she and Miss Judy sat on the other side. Joey got out the pizza and fixed me a plate. He then fixed his and sat down. Barbara gave us both a very small glass of wine with our meal and said ” you kids enjoy.”

Joey and I were talking about school and work and he told me he always wanted to talk to me at the shop but got nervous especially when I was shampooing his hair. He came out and asked me ” would you like to go out with me sometime?” I told him that I would like that very much. I did remind him that I was a boy and like to dress this way a lot. He said that he knew and told me that he liked it and it did not matter.

After dinner Barbara and Joey cleaned up as I finished setting Miss Judy’s hair. I placed a pink net over her rollers and tied it up front just like Barbara and I had. Joey said he had to get back to work and I walked him to the door. I gave him my phone number and told him he would have to pick me up at his aunts house or the beauty parlor because that is where I would be getting ready. I touched his hand and leaned in a bit and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I told him I was looking forward to going out with him.

As I walked back inside Miss Judy and Barbara were looking at me and then broke out with excitement. Miss Judy said you need to be a good girl with him for about two to three dates. Kiss, hug hold hands for the first couple then if it feel right and you want to go further with him you can come to my house and used the extra bedroom. Barbara said ” you can also come here if you two want to be alone, just to let you know he loves it when you shampoo his hair it makes him excited.”

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  1. Please continue to write. I enjoy your stories. This site is *not * just about haircuts (the clue is in the name). There are many ways to write stories about hair, and it’s easy enough to avoid authors you know aren’t to your taste.

  2. ShampooGirl, I agree with f35h–please keep writing! I’ve been enjoying your adventures and writing.

    I would love it if you would share more styling detail. I am a big fan of “done” hair, and enjoy the texture of firmly set, well sprayed hair. Did any of your adventures involve big teased hair?

    Thanks again for your stories. I know how much work it is to write these stories. Thank you for sharing them.

    1. Thank you Bill, I will keep the stories going and shared experiences. I did get some big bouffant hairdos back then with all the back combing and teasing that came with it. I loved the hairsprays back then also. Aquanet, Miss Breck, All Set to name a few. I will include the styling aspect in the next few.

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