The Stable Girl

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The Stable Girl


By Shorngirl

         “What about this?” My boyfriend asked, pointing to a classified ad in the Sunday newspaper.

         “Another secretarial position masquerading as a personal assistant?” I returned, slipping around to look over his shoulder.

         “No, I think this one is right up your alley.” He ran his index finger across the heading: Stable girl required.

         Taking the page from the paper and leaving him the rest, I disappeared into the living room to read the rest.

Stable girl required.

Girl needed for stable duties. Experienced only need apply. Equestrian training considered. If you are willing to learn, your experience will be enhanced. Only female applicants accepted. Salary is negotiable.


         Now, I had been riding and working in stables all my life, even having owned a horse at one point. This job seemed ideal. I quickly snipped the posting from the page, returning it to Lee, who was just beginning to wonder where I’d gone.

         “What do you think?” He asked, an eyebrow cocked.

         “I’m going to apply.” I smiled, gleefully. “This is perfect.”

         “Glad to hear that, Susie. Now let me finish reading the paper.” He buried his nose back into the Sunday Times, while I made off to reply to the ad.


         It was only a day later that my phone rang, and a number that I failed to recognize. “Hello, is this Susan Freeland?” A rather course but decidedly female voice inquired.

         “Speaking.” I looked up from the phone to grab a pen and paper from the counter.

         “You applied for the stable girl position?” She asked.

         “I did. Thank you for calling.” I gushed, surprised to hear back so soon.

         “You do understand what the position requires?” The woman asked, in an almost petulant tone.

         “Oh yes. I’ve been a stable girl before, and have loads of experience.” I insisted, ready to list what I knew.

         “Very good, then. Report to 6589 Sterling Road in East Brighton, tomorrow at nine AM sharp. I trust you won’t be late.” She moaned at the end.

         “No, Ma’am. I’ll be there at nine, sharp.” I answered.

         The phone clicked off. I was surprised by her lack of civility; not so much as a ‘see you then’, or even a ‘goodbye’. I hmphed softly under my breath and set my phone down, before jumping up in celebration. I had the job! I only hoped the woman wasn’t as unpleasant in person as she was on the phone.

         East Brighton was a good twenty miles from my apartment in the city. Actually, it was Lee’s apartment, where I had been freeloading since graduating from a community college. My mistake was not picking up a major, opting to coast through with a general studies degree.

         Lee seemed a bit reserved when I told him I got the job, and I was curious why. “I thought you’d be thrilled. I can at least chip in on expenses now.”

         “There’s something I think I need to show you.” He rustled through the stack of newspapers near the trash and came up with the page where I had cut out the want ad. “Look what it’s listed under.” He said as I stared at him, puzzled.

         Following up the column, I reached the heading. “Personals” I read out loud, shrugging my shoulders. “So?”

         “Look at the other ads under that heading.” He suggested.

         As I did, I realized that most of them were looking for dates and companions, some even referring to FWB, which I knew stood for ‘friends with benefits’. “They probably posted it wrong,” I explained.

         “You think so?” Lee cajoled, smirking. “I’d just watch out. If she asks you to take your clothes off, run.” He chuckled.

         “It’s a job, Lee, something I’ve been unable to find in over three months.” I stared back at him. “Come to think of it, why were you looking in personals, anyway?”

         “Because some of them are hilarious.” He mused.

         “Really? Whatever.” I tossed the page at him. She wants me out there at nine tomorrow morning.

         “Okay. Don’t let her put a saddle on you though.” Laughing, he disappeared into the bedroom to change.

         Dismissing everything he said, I tried to get excited again. This sounded like a great opportunity, and I wasn’t going to let Lee spoil it.


         As I pulled into the sprawling ranch, I had to be impressed. The fields and white corral fences went on as far as the eye could see. This lady had to be rich beyond measure. Parking my car, I looked down at my watch, realizing that I was ten minutes early.

         There was a parking spot available near the stables, so I pulled in, stowing my purse in the glove. The air was laced with the smell of horses and straw, I smell I was only too used to. As I walked towards the large entrance to the barn, a tall, masculine-looking woman appeared. Despite this, she was striking, and quite attractive.

         “You must be Susan. Thank you for not being late.” She held out her hand, which I took, her skin not rough or calloused as I had expected. “Come on in, and I’ll show you around.” She smiled, and I was hopeful that her short attitude on the phone had been a one-off.

         After going over what my responsibilities would be, and then the generous salary I was to expect, I was excited to start. “Thank you for taking me on. I won’t disappoint.” I assured her.

         “We’ll see. Now, you surely must realize that your responsibilities don’t end with the stable work, young lady.” She grinned, eyeing me strangely.

         I couldn’t help but be reminded of what my boyfriend had warned me of the night before. “I’m sorry?”

         “Oh, come now, Susan. You didn’t honestly think this was only about the work, did you? Oh, I mean, it’s a large part of it, and you’ll be paid handsomely. There is the personal side of the agreement, however.”

         ‘Oh, shit.’ I mulled over what she was saying and shivered. “Um…”

         “Come on. Let’s go up to the house, and we’ll discuss it.” She waved towards a large modern ranch. Not having too many options, I followed, certain that what I was thinking was beyond reality. Besides, there was no way I could pass up working at such a beautiful ranch.

         The woman, who had introduced herself as Harriet, led me through a well-appointed home to an office, closing the door as I entered. I suddenly felt shut in, trapped, but tried my best to silence my suspicions. She walked around me, not offering me one of the chairs that faced the large oak desk, which she slipped behind. So, I stood, awkwardly, while she looked at me.

         “Well, don’t keep me in suspense, girl. Take them off.” She smiled, steepling her index fingers in front of her lips.

         “What do you mean?” I asked, sounding foolish, suddenly. “You want me to strip?”

         “Everything. I want to know what I’m getting here.” She instructed.

         At that moment I was ready to take Lee’s advice and run out of that office with everything I had. Something glued me to the spot, and I have no idea what that was. Perhaps it was the insistent glare from Harriet, the expectation she had of seeing me vulnerable and naked. A twinge ran through my sex, and it caught me so off guard that I shuddered with it.

         “You know you want to, Susan. Go ahead.” Harriet insisted, waiting with bated breath as I faltered.

         As soon as my fingers reached for the top button of my blouse, I knew I was in trouble.


         I stood there, turning what must have been every shade of red imaginable. Every stitch of clothing lay draped over one of the chairs that I had not been offered upon entering the imposing office. I had done exactly what my boyfriend had told me not to do. But, what were my options?

         “You do strike an impressive figure, Susan. Hands at your side; turn for me.” Harriet demanded in a soft, almost coercive tone.

         My hands, which had been covering my breasts and sex until that moment fell away. What was the point? The move was strictly symbolic as they really did nothing to hide my ample bosom and unkempt thatch of pubic hair.

         “Wonderful,” Harriet exclaimed, once I had completed two full turns. She rose from her chair and approached me, examining me with greater scrutiny. “Obviously, some grooming will be required.” Tugging gently at my ample pubes. “And, of course, the mane will need some attention as well.” Harriet ran her fingers through my hair, which fell to mid back.

         Her attentions brought more twinges in all the wrong places. My nipples tingled and my sex was wet. For reasons I could not comprehend at the time, I was finding her examination arousing. The idea that she might change me to suit her desires only deepened my sense of want, and I could begin to smell myself in the still air of her office. If I could smell it, I was certain Harriet could, as well.

         A finger suddenly swept through my sex, gliding smoothly between my labia, lubricated by my arousal. “It’s good that you are enjoying this, Susan.” Harriet decided. “Very good, indeed.”

         I wanted to say something in my defense, anything, but all I managed was to open my mouth mutely. I was certain Harriet only saw it as a reaction to her forward gesture. She brought her finger to her nose, inhaled me, and smiled. “You’re clean and fresh, at least.” She said, regarding what must have been a shocked expression on my face. “Come.”

         Harriet led me out of her office, and I was hesitant to follow. We were not alone in her house, having passed what must have been a servant of some sort on the way in. “Don’t you worry about my employees, Susan. They are well used to seeing mares such as yourself, strutting about the place.”

         ‘Had she just referred to me as a mare?’ I questioned, inwardly, positive that I hadn’t misheard her.

         “Although you certainly are the youngest, and the best looking of all of them, thus far,” Harriet added, as she made for the rear door of the house.

         ‘Surely, she wasn’t going to take me outside, naked?’ I fretted. But, that was exactly where we were going, and before I knew what was happening, I was padding nervously across the sandy loam of a paddock toward the barn, utterly nude. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t uttered a single word since I had removed my clothing. ‘Had the experience rendered me mute?’ “Say something!” I managed under my breath. “Harriet. I…”

         “Don’t you worry about a thing, Susan. My groom, Fiona, will see to you right away.” We made our way down the impeccably clean tile floor of the center aisle, past the tack room, and into an office I had yet to be in.

         A middle-aged woman raised her head from her small desk and smiled, obviously amused by my nudity. “You must be Susan.” She stood but did not offer her hand. “My name’s Fiona, and I’ll be seein’ to your upkeep.” Her name wasn’t a lie, but her gentle brogue seemed to ease my nerves.

         I suddenly felt very much like a horse, and I suppose that was Harriet’s intention. Goose bumps raised on my skin as the realization sunk in fully.

         “For now, I want you to see to her perineum, Fiona. We’ll deal with the crest tomorrow. I don’t want to scare her off.” Harriet chuckled. “Oh, she’s winking a bit right now, so feel free to deal with that.” With that said, Harriet disappeared into the stable.

         Having been around horses most of my life, I knew what winking was, and I was taken aback that she had used the term concerning me. Winking was a sign mares exhibited when they were in heat, a slight protuberance of the vulva. I should have felt insulted, but I didn’t. Instead, the admission only served to heighten my arousal.

         My reverie was interrupted by a leather strap, which was lowered over my head. I could feel small but secure straps that wrapped around my nose and under my jaw. Fiona cinched the entire thing tight and grabbed at the rear with what could only be reins. I’d been haltered. ‘Holy shit!’ As I was led down the aisle, still quite naked, I suppose I should have been grateful that it hadn’t been a bridle and the accompanying bit.

         Led to the opening of the barn, a place where I would normally wash and dress a horse before and after riding, I should have expected what was about to happen. My wrists and ankles were secured to rings on either side of the opening, spreading me fully to the great outdoors, and any passersby.

         A tack bucket was pulled to between my legs and with a brush that was a bit too harsh to be called kind, Fiona began to scrub me down. “Nothin’ like a good scrub, right Susie girl?” Fiona mused, slathering my trunk with suds which I quickly recognized as Orvus soap. It was a scent I could never forget, its rich oatmeal base made for a very characteristic odor.

         The humiliation was really getting to me, and I could feel myself swoon slightly in my restraints as she worked. No part of me was spared, not even my hair, and I dreaded what the harsh soap would do to my precious locks.

         By then, a few of the ranch hands had gathered to watch the proceedings, leaning lecherously against a fence line on the opposite side of the courtyard. I could hear them snickering and laughing amongst themselves as my grooming continued.

         The icy spray of the hose quickly brought my attention back to my predicament, as Fiona rinsed me off, leaving my reddening skin wet and slick in the morning sun.

         “Let’s see to this unsightly lot down here, then. What do you say to that, Susie?” I knew what was about to happen, and even though I should have been protesting wildly, my only response was to thrust my hips forward. “That a girl.” Fiona smiled, running a hand over the slippery skin of my bottom.

         When I saw the clippers, I panicked, momentarily. A few unintelligible grunts and moans escaped my lips as she brought them close and flipped them on.

         “Easy, girl. This won’t hurt a bit and you’ll be as sleek as a gazelle, too.” She kidded.

         As the blades of the clippers began to nip away at my pubes, I felt as though I might actually faint. Naked, and strung up for all to see, I was having a most intimate part of me stripped away. The humiliation was intense and without compare, in all of my experience. The stares of the men across the yard from me intensified as the hair fell away, a clump at a time, and I could feel the cool breeze of the morning caressing the newly exposed skin, wet from my bath and my own juices, which I knew were flowing copiously.

         “You are a randy one, aren’t you, Susie.” Fiona mused as she wiped a weeping strand of my arousal from the inside of my thigh. “I’m sure one of those stallions across the way would do for you. But, I think the Missus has other plans.”

         I melted at the inference that I could be taken in such a cavalier fashion by one of those men. My thoughts instantly went to Lee, and his warning to me. And yet there I was, sinking to depths beyond anything he might probably have imagined. I heard the clippers fall silent.

         “There, now.” Fiona fawned. “That’s so much better.” I leaned forward to regard my sex, not hairless but sheared so close that the blonde stubble was almost invisible. I’d never shaved, but had to admit that the look was not unpleasant.

         Fiona reached down and rubbed my clitoris in a quick but deliberate manner, causing me to groan loudly, certainly a wanton display of lust for my audience. “Now then, Susie…” Fiona whispered, pulling my hair back to expose my ear. “…the Missus wanted us to wait on the mane until tomorrow. What do you say we surprise her with your enthusiasm?” Fiona pressed, running her fingers through my hair easily.

         She continued to caress my sex, and whatever will I may have had to resist was quickly flowing away as I edged closer to what could only be an explosive orgasm. “Uh… Oh…,” was all I managed as she stopped her attention.

         “I thought you might feel that way.” She disappeared into a vestibule at the side of the aisle, returning with another bucket, a smaller one. When she removed the halter, I knew I was in trouble. Taller than me by half a foot, she had no trouble working on my hair, which I knew was about to suffer a drastic change. Fiona parted and clipped, parted and clipped, separating the hair into what must have been a thin strip along the center of my head.

         For now, my long-treasured hair still hung down around my face as she worked. “There, now.” She finally said, stepping back to admire her work. “It’s a wee bit wider than a standard mare,” Fiona admitted. “Seeing as you’re a bit of a Palomino, it’ll have to do.”

         The tossing about of all these equine phrases as it concerned me, was only serving to heighten my humiliation, and with it, my sexual excitement. Yes, I had to finally admit that this was the most wildly sexual experience of my young life. So as Fiona approached me with the clippers once again in hand, all I could do was bow my head in submission.

         “Why thank you, Susie. What a good horse you are.” As though sensing my need, she reached down to play with my throbbing nub, and I very nearly buckled at the knees. A wave of pleasure coursed through me; not quite an orgasm, but so very, very close.

         Fiona wasted no time, running the clippers along what felt like a very neatly parted line high on the crown of my head. I stared at the tiles between my stanchioned legs, as clumps of my blonde hair fell in an almost orderly fashion. The water that still pooled from my bathing quickly soaked into the locks, plastering them to the floor, as another row joined them, and the process began again.

         Just as with my sex, I could feel the cool morning breeze caress my scalp where Fiona had removed my hair. With one side done, she moved around to the other, the pile of hair growing larger as she began anew. These locks were no different than the others, the water quickly soaking in, until they lay flat and lifeless between my bare feet.

         When, at last, the clippers stopped, and Fiona set them aside, she raised my head and rested a kiss against my lips. “There you are, girl. There won’t be any tears, now, will there?” She smiled. “Of course not.” Another quick peck and I realized that it was the first time I had ever been kissed by another woman. I didn’t hate it.

         “Now, let’s get you braided.” In short order, and undoubtedly from years of experience, Fiona braided my ‘mane’. Front to back, she quickly worked the remaining hair into a braid. “No, that won’t do.” She winced, as she stood back. She reached into the bucket, coming up with a large set of shears. “Just neatening the look a bit, girl.”

         I felt the cold metal of the scissors at the nape of my neck only briefly before she began sawing through, removing all the length, and very nearly to the hairline. I gasped, both from shock and from the waves of pleasure that were now slicing through me, as surely as the scissors were hacking through my hair.

         The long braid fell at my feet, joining the rest and I knew that she must be done. A quick fastening of what remained, the tightness of the cinch almost painful as the drastically shorter stump was dealt with. “There now. One Palomino mare for the Missus.” She declared. “What do you say, Susie girl?”

         Whatever dignity remained within my tattered mind, kept me from whinnying as I’m sure would have delighted the groom. The only words I could think of to say were, “Thank you.” It seemed so absurd after I had said it, but there it was.

         “Oh, no need, girl. Now, let me go fetch the Missus.”


         I stood, somewhat defeated at the center of Harriet’s office. I was still nude but quickly found the condition less intimidating. Perhaps with everything that had happened at the barn, my senses had been oversaturated. What I did notice was that my clothing was gone; put away, no doubt, by a dutiful servant.

         The mirror that graced the wall over a large fireplace, reflected what had been done to me in vivid detail. The majority of my scalp had been shaved to the skin, save for a two-inch strip that was left, tightly braided, and mimicking the curve of my skull. It was a stark, unforgiving look, revealing my rather pointy ears; something I had always found embarrassing.

         The halter was back, and with the new mane accentuating my equine appearance, it seemed almost complementary. I had never quite achieved an orgasm back at the barn, despite Fiona’s playful ministrations. I was incredibly aroused, even still, and it was more than apparent to Harriet.

         “I trust you enjoyed your grooming, Goldie?” Harriet asked.

         Puzzled, I looked at her, and then quickly to the floor. “Goldie?” I managed.

         “Yes. Well, Susan just won’t do, and seeing as you are… golden, I took the liberty of assigning you a new stable name.”

         “Not much gold left,” I said, finally finding my voice.

         “Enough. Just enough, I think.” She mused, fingering the nub of hair that remained at the top of my nape. She caressed the sides, the closely shaved stubble eliciting the response she was hoping for. I moaned, my sex begging for attention.

         Just as Fiona had, Harriet leaned in and kissed me, only hers was not tentative at all. Her tongue found its way into my mouth, and I had no choice but to succumb to her. Her hand quickly found my naked mons, a finger slipping through the moistened lips and into me, inside me, and I lost all control. She held on tightly to my frame as I came, and came hard, stiffening in her arms as she worked me, molding me into the object of her desire.


         “What do you mean you’re moving out?” Lee asked, as I packed my meager belongings into a single suitcase. “Come on. I mean, I was willing to put up with this crazy hairstyle you went out and got. Hell, I even liked what you did downstairs.” Lee pleaded, but it was all to no avail. I was smitten.

         “I’m just not interested in you anymore, Lee,” I admitted. We had been dating for what seemed like years, but the sex had always been, lackluster for lack of a better word. Now I knew why. Now I knew why sex with men had always been, lacking for me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him what had actually happened. My new boss had transformed me into her personal pony, and it had been the most amazing experience of my life.

         As I drove towards East Brighton, I caressed the shaven sides of my head, knowing that Fiona had plans for me upon my return. I had overheard Harriet as she made the request. Although the Missus had grown fond of my mane, braided or not, she felt the new look would be a symbol. I would no longer be an employee, but then again, it was bound to happen eventually.

         It had only been a few days earlier that Harriet had led me to the indoor stall she had created, just for me. Calling the elaborate and lushly appointed enclosure a stall was a stretch, but outwardly, that was how it appeared. A plaque with my new name hung neatly over the door. The luxurious stall had been the lure that landed the catch. I was hers.

         I ran my fingers from the sides to the top, feeling the tightly woven braid that ended so abruptly at my neck. I imagined Fiona, undoing it for the last time before ‘roaching’ it as Harriet had requested, the clippers reducing it all to a thin bristled strip along the crest of my skull. Yes, it was a fitting initiation into my new life.


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