The Start of Something New: A Unique Style

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Check out the beginning to Katy and Evan’s story in what has now become more of a serial style story by following the link below! Also check out my profile for the Austin’s Razor story which has a different feel to it than this one and then also my new hair cutting thriller, The Barbershop Assistant!

The Start of Something New

The Aftermath

Totally bald head shining in the sunlight of the spring afternoon, I left the fundraiser event. I held onto the arm of my tall, handsome, hair-stylist boyfriend who had just taken the last small amount of hair from my head. The mohawk which had almost felt like a safety blanket was gone and it was exhilarating.

I, of course, wasn’t the only one who had undergone a significant transformation. Annie was still inside modeling her new shorter faded pixie as the barbershop who hoped to sponsor her long term took photos. Emma, whose locks had been cropped short for the first time was still in the arena, making sure the workers who were responsible for tearing down after the event were doing everything correctly. Already a confident, outspoken young woman, the short style seemed to only further boost her confidence.

A quick check of Instagram showed that Anna, like me, had been shaved completely smooth bald. It looked like her head was even whiter than mine, her having always had a short layer of hair to break up the sunlight. She also wore a darker foundation than I did, my goth inspired makeup requiring a lighter color. It was likely that she would stay around and take pictures with fans for a while after.

I squeezed Evan’s arm warmly as I leaned my bare head on his muscular shoulder. He kissed me on the top of my smooth scalp which was an almost orgasmic feeling to me. I shuddered with the anticipation of what would surely come when we returned to his beautiful house. First we had a lunch date to get through. He was likely trying to build anticipation in both of us for the afternoon delight that was coming.

“So, how does it feel to actually be bald? I remember a few months ago you thought your hair was all gone but now that it actually is, don’t you love it?” Evan asked as we walked to his car.

”I love it so much. It’s a good thing you’re driving us to lunch! I just want to look at it and touch it the whole way there! Thank you so much for surprising me and doing this. And everybody will be talking about my auction price for a long time,” I said, smiling up at my handsome personal stylist.

“Well, you were the most beautiful girl up there so I had to pay a premium,” he said, opening my door and letting me into the car.

He smirked at me as he started his Range Rover, “Besides, I was going to shave you bald eventually, what better way to do it than in front of all of your friends? I’ll be shaving you daily for the rest of this week. Then we’ll see what happens next.”

“Yes sir,” I said delightedly.

I flipped the mirror down to look at myself as we drove. His hand stayed on my head, one of mine rested on the bulge in his pants. The other shared my smooth scalp with was now completely uninterrupted by hair.

Our lunch date was good but it did not last long. Neither of us could wait and we hurried home to his house to fully enjoy my new look. Our afternoon activities lasted much longer than the lunch had.

A Curious Friend

In the coming weeks, Evan did exactly as he promised. Every day of the week that I first had my head shaved, he shaved it daily, either in his salon, in my bedroom, or at his house. The shave he had done in my bedroom, standing over the sink with the razor I used to shave my legs and arms might have been the most exhilarating because I had to contain myself for fear of letting my teammates know how much I actually enjoyed having my head shaved.

After the first week, my time with a smooth head was over. At least for the time being. For the first time in years, I was actually seeing my natural darker hair color. Even if it was just stubble. It was lighter than I remembered, almost as much dirty blonde as it was light brown. For about three weeks, he let it grow out into a buzzcut. It was actually weird for me to not see my scalp the same as I was used to.

Once my hair reached a point he was comfortable with, maybe 3/8 of an inch long, he bleached my hair. Although it was no razor shave, I actually really enjoyed the experience. I got to sit in a chair while he applied the bleach and then, just as the chemicals began to feel warm, he rinsed my head and used purple shampoo to tone it. I always loved having my head washed before and after my shaves so this was a nice reminder of what I had gotten used to when he was maintaining my mohawk.

Anna, who had also been shaved bald, had actually kept hers shaved for longer than I kept mine. Her followers outright demanded it and, after a hefty donation on her patreon account, she decided to keep it shaved for two full weeks. Videoing the shaves, which she did every other day, she continued to grow in popularity. She had actually effectively expanded her Instagram and TikTok presence onto YouTube and had begun vlogging the life of a buzzed freshman cheerleader.

Now in the house, Anna, Annie, Emma, and I all had short or shaved hair. Annie was now scheduled to get monthly touch ups at the formerly all male barbershop that had sponsored her. They had also bleached her hair blonde in a big transformation video for their social media account. Emma seemed to love her new short locks and had already come along to Evan’s salon with me so she could get a touch up on her skin fade while I was getting my buzz edged up.

Most of the girls in the house loved our short hair but they were also terrified at the thought of having their hair cut short as well. Not all though. I noticed that one of my teammates had taken a particular interest in each of us who had been shorn during the previous months. And I also noticed that she followed several short and shaved hair pages on social media. I suspected she was looking for inspiration.

Elsa had long, white blonde hair. She was actually from Iceland originally but when she was young she moved to America with her family for her dad’s work. I always thought she looked like a beautiful Viking goddess. She was slender and lithe with clear, perfect skin, and hair that reached her waistline except for the perfect bangs that always rested just over her eyebrows as if she trimmed them daily.

Interestingly it was Elsa who always seemed to be touching my head wistfully. She was jealous and I could tell. One day, while helping her style her long locks into relaxed curls with a curling wand for a photo shoot for the upcoming summer, I heard her sigh. In a way that I could tell she wanted me to ask her a question.

”What’s the matter sweetie?” I asked, wrapping a section of long hair around the wand.

She sighed dramatically again before replying, “Oh I don’t know. I’m just so tired of all of this hair. You girls that have cut all of your hair off are so brave. And it always seems like you are ready faster than the rest of us.”

I smirked at her. My dark makeup was already finished with winged eyeliner and dark purple lips. I was also dressed in my shirt denim shorts and tank top. I had been ready for quite some time and she was still working on styling her hair and hadn’t even begun getting dressed or applying makeup.

”Well who says you have to have long hair?” I asked innocently.

”Nobody, I guess. If I did it, I’d want a buzzcut like you and Anna have but I’m scared to lose my bangs. I’ve always had them!” she said as she nervously played with a strand of long hair.

“Interesting. Maybe I could talk to Evan and you could go in for a consultation. Just to see if there’s something you could do. He’s pretty good you know,” I offered.

”Do you think he could get me in before the photo shoot? If I hurry and do my makeup?” she asked eagerly.

It seemed to me that short hair is contagious and this house was a hot spot for the infection. Another cheerleader down with a major case of the short hair virus.

”Hurry up and we’ll go. If you don’t cut it, I’m sure he’ll finish styling it for you. We have a couple hours so hurry!” I said, grabbing her makeup kit for her.

Before a half hour had passed, Elsa and I were in my car headed to Evan’s salon. It was his lunch hour and he was willing to do a “consultation” for a short cut since Elsa was a friend of mine.

When we pulled in to the parking lot, I could see that Evan was waiting for us in the lobby. Elsa seemed excited and nearly ran to meet him.

”Please tell me you have some good ideas,” she begged with anticipation as soon as she was close to him.

Evan laughed, “Come back to my room and I’ll talk you through some options. Maybe if you’re up for it, this consultation can become a quick haircut!”

I smiled at my teammate’s enthusiasm. She was probably the most excited that me or any of the other girls had been about the first big cut. I remembered crying when I first realized what was happening to me. Rubbing my buzzed head with delight, I followed my friend and my boyfriend into the back area of the salon where I had been so many times before.

”I really hope we come up with something good, I’d love to get all this hair cut off today. Something light and comfy for the summer photo shoot,” Elsa said as she walked into Evan’s room and plopped into the seat.

”If you’re that ready, I’m sure we can make it happen. What did you have in mind?” Evan asked, gathering her long hair up and clipping it to her head so he could drape a black cape over her body.

“Something short, maybe even shaved! I’m sick of this long hair! But there is one thing though,” she said, first with excitement and then displaying the hesitation she had.

”The bangs right? Katie told me you’re pretty attached to them,” he said, letting her long hair fall down from the clip and casually playing with her perfect blonde bangs.

“Yes! I wish I could just shave my whole head like Katie and Anna but I hate my forehead. So I guess maybe some kind of a pixie cut?” she said, pursing her lips in disappointment as she looked at herself in the mirror.

”What if I could shave your head and keep your bangs?” Evan asked with a sly smirk on his lips.

”How? I’ve never seen something like that,” Elsa said, tilting her blonde head to the side.

”It’s called a Chelsea cut. Do you trust me?” Evan asked, already gathering her long hair back into a ponytail.

”If you promise it’s going to look good and I can keep my bangs, let’s do it!” Elsa said, her excitement nearly raising her voice to a shout.

“Alright, let’s get rid of all of this then,” Evan snipped through the high ponytail with his sharp scissors. The choppy hair fell down and framed my roommate’s face.

”Oh my god!” she gasped, raising a hand from under her cape to cover her mouth.

”Evan!” I said with mock shock and a laugh.

”She said she was ready,” Evan said with a shrug as he grabbed his clippers and attached a number two guard.

Before he returned to cutting Elsa’s hair, my boyfriend leaned his face next to my ear and whispered, “When she’s done, you’re next.”

Immediately I felt my crotch grow damp as I was instantly aroused by the thought of a surprise haircut. I didn’t know what he had planned and that only made the thought more intoxicating. Fighting down the urge to act on my sudden hunger, I watched as Evan flicked the clippers on and unceremoniously began to shave Elsa’s nape.

”This is so weird!” she squealed as the clippers ran up her nape, sending pale blonde hair cascading onto the dark floors.

Evan only laughed as he took the clippers up to the back of her crown and started a new strip up. I didn’t know what a Chelsea cut was but he was buzzing her hair short and didn’t seem to be concerned if he buzzed away hair from her crown as he reached the top of her nape.

As quickly as he had begun, he was done with her nape. My boyfriend’s sharp clippers never struggled to remove the hair from any young woman’s head, whether she was willing or unwilling. He moved to the right side of her head and I noticed that before he began he gathered her bangs into a clip to keep them away from the humming blades of his clippers.

Folding her ear down with his fingers, Evan buzzed the hair around her ear and everything else from the right side of her head. I noted that he was not particularly careful with getting everything from the edges which meant he was probably going to give her some kind of a fade. Each time he pushed his clippers up, he buzzed up onto her crown, buzzing that hair away too.

Finally as he pushed his clippers up through her sideburn, he carefully buzzed away the hair immediately behind her bangs. It became clear to me that he was going to buzz her whole head and leave the bangs alone completely. So a Chelsea cut is a buzzcut but with normal bangs.

He finished her right side and most of her crown before moving over to her left side. Holding his hand on the already buzzed side of her head, he buzzed up into the hair that was left on the left side. The blonde hair that fell onto her lap starkly contrasted the black cape that held it.

With practiced hands, he finished her left side and carefully buzzed away the remaining hair behind her bangs. Every moment she could, Elsa looked at her newly cropped hair with a wide grin. I could tell she was loving every second. Honestly, I was even getting a little jealous of her being able to experience this.

Her head now fully buzzed aside from her always perfect bangs, Evan now removed the guard from the clippers and, using a comb as a guide, began to fade her nape and sides in a high fade, buzzing everything from her temples down into almost nothing. With her pale blonde hair, it looked as hairless as my razor shaved head had looked. The thought of the razor shave made me miss my mohawk and being bald but perhaps that could be what Evan had planned for me.

Evan knew we had limited time and moved quickly and soon Elsa’s transformation was complete. Removing the clip and letting her bangs hang naturally, Evan quickly did a small trim and she was finished. Grin glued to her face, Elsa’s hands reached up to feel her newly buzzed head.

”This is the best! I can’t believe I waited so long! And I get to keep my bangs!” she exclaimed, eyes wide with delight.

”And just in time for the photo shoot!” I said, rubbing my hand over her buzzed head and playing with the bangs.

”I know summer is a couple months out but this is going to be the perfect summer cut!” Elsa said, looking up at Evan and me in the mirror.

A New Cut For Me

”Alright, now I need to get Katie ready for the photo shoot,” Evan said, sweeping the long blonde hair he had shorn to the side for his special collection.

”I didn’t know you were getting your’s cut too!” Elsa said, smiling while still seated under her black cape.

Evan shot me a look warning me not to reveal perhaps the wildest part of our relationship, his complete control over my appearance.

“Yeah I can’t go to get my picture taken for the summer promos looking like this!” I said with a smile on my face, trying to hide the excited nervousness that fluttered in my belly.

Elsa’s cape was removed and she took a seat in a chair in the corner as she took selfies and played with her new hair. I took my seat in the chair I had sat in so many times and waited for what would be the new me. There wasn’t much hair at all to play with but Evan always could surprise me.

”You ready, babe?” Evan asked as he draped a new black cape across my body.

”Of course I am, love,” I said, batting my eyes at him in the mirror.

Evan nodded and immediately set to work. His time was limited and I also knew he seemed to enjoy sudden starts to transformations. No fanfare for this man, he just gets right into the action.

Taking the clippers, I could immediately tell what he was doing. He began on the right side of my head and carefully pulled the clippers back. Leaving the same familiar one and a half inch wide strip alone, Evan traced where my mohawk had been.

This mohawk would be different. There would be no length to fan out, nothing hanging down when I chose not to style it. I could tell I would be getting a buzzed mohawk. Maybe he would let it grow out into my old mohawk, maybe he’d keep it. There was always the possibility he’d get bored and just shave it all off completely again. But today, I’d be leaving with a new kind of mohawk that would be immortalized in the photo shoot.

He first shaved away the quarter inch long hair from the right side of my head, bringing to light my now so familiar scalp. The brief time with the short hair had already made the now exposed skin paler than the rest of my skin. I realized how much I missed seeing it, even if I had enjoyed my bleached buzz for the brief time I had it.

Finishing the brutally short buzzing of my right side leaving a shadow of light brown stubble behind, he then shaved the left side of my head to match. I found myself closing my eyes from the pleasure of his clippers gracing my head again. If he brought out the razor for a smooth shave I was pretty sure I would actually die or have an orgasm right in the chair.

Much to my excitement and nervousness, he finished the buzz and began the process of the razor shave, covering my head with a hot towel as he heated up the shaving cream that he would soon apply to my head.

”What are you doing now?” Elsa asked, curiously looking up from her phone at my towel wrapped head.

”I’m about to razor shave the sides. That’s what I used to do before we shaved the whole thing off. Every time I do a razor shave, I use the hot towel on her head. It makes the hair softer for the razor and it’s good for her skin. Pretty much it just makes the whole experience better for her,” Evan said, patiently answering my friend’s question.

She then looked at me and tilted her head to the side with a slight smile, “This is really relaxing for you isn’t it? I can tell you’re having a good time. I know it felt like the best head massage ever when he was buzzing mine.”

”Yes, exactly, it’s relaxing,” I said with a nervous laugh.

In reality it was the furthest thing from relaxing. I could only ever relax after I was finished with the shave and then finally either have sex with Evan or masturbate. The burning tension in my womanhood never allowed me to fully relax during a shave.

Evan removed the hot towel and began to use a brush to apply the warm shaving cream to the two sides of my head. I closed my eyes, trying to relax just how Elsa said but ultimately failing and fighting the urge to start rubbing my clit right in front of her.

My wonderfully teasing boyfriend then quickly and carefully used his razor to first trace the right side of my mohawk. He shaved backward with the razor, making my already conditioned to shaving scalp glassy smooth on the first pass. Then he worked his way from the center to the edges, finishing on my nape after carefully shaving around my ear.

The tall, dark and handsome hairstylist who I belonged to then shaved my left side as quickly as he shaved the right. My new look now complete, guided me by the hand to the sink where he rinsed my freshly shaved scalp. The warm water was, as always, entrancing.

Helping me sit up, he then towel dried my head by roughly but affectionately rubbing it with the towel. He removed the cape and offered me a hand to stand. As I stood, he greeted me with a warm but short kiss.

Elsa stood to leave, and just like always, Evan told me, “One more down.”

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  1. Another teammate has gone short and Katie has a new style yet again! What do you think will happen to her hair next? And who will go under Evan’s relentless clippers? Keep reading and find out next! Also, both of these cuts came from the suggestions of readers, I love seeing comments and getting to interact with you guys so comments and suggestions are always appreciated!

    1. Have you read the first story in this series? That’s kind of what happens to Katie, at least in terms of her hair, makeup, and piercings. That being said, I’m sure it’s something I could make happen if Katie’s experience is lacking in some way!

  2. Your stories are so well written. I love that you incorporate color into the story as this really enhances the individuality of each cut. I also like that you mix up the cuts and don’t just shave everyone’s head the same.

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Of course I would take the suggestions! I love writing these for me but I also enjoy writing stories that other people will love too so I take any and all suggestions seriously. I have another one coming within my next few posts that will be coming from another suggestion as well!

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