The Start of Something New: An Unexpected Addition

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Here’s the next part in Evan and Katie’s story! One by one, Katie’s teammates continue to fall for the temptation of the short and shaved hairstyles. Who will the next lucky girl/victim be? Thanks for all of the love on my newer stories, I’ll be sure to mix more of those into the rotation since it feels like the interest in my longer running series seem to be waning.

And of course the link to the first part of the story for any of you newbies who want to follow along from the beginning:

The Start of Something New

A New Season and a New Look

I jumped up and did a quick backflip, my fanned out mohawk slicing through the air as I twirled. My feet found the cushioned astro-turf as I landed my stunt and let out a cheer, putting one of my pom poms up and shaking it.

The new football season was on and, unlike my ex-boyfriend Jack expected, we were doing really well. It was only the first game, but we were winning. By a lot. And against a team that was supposed to steamroll our smaller school.

There was another difference this about this football season too. My mohawk, piercings, and tattoos were just one small part of it. Our captain Emma had her short, zero faded pixie cut dyed to match our school colors. Our newest teammate, Janie, had her teal and white pixie cut too. The other girls with short hair, Anna, Annie, and Elsa had all chosen to dye their hair teal. A full half of the team now had short hair that matched the colors of our uniforms.

The rest of the team looked much more like traditional cheerleaders, thanks heavily to two of my fellow juniors on the team. Shandra and her beautiful, long, kinky curly light brown locks and Betty with her even longer red hair that fell down to her mid back in voluminous curls both hated that I had led half of the team into having short hair and had almost split the team into two factions, those with short hair and those with long.

The other four girls that had sided with them always did whatever they could to flaunt their long locks, wearing it down or in perfectly styled high ponytails for our games, tossing their hair in routines.

Emma, though, was our team captain and was eternally fair, and she refused to let the team be split. For our routines she cleverly intermixed both long-haired and short-haired girls throughout our formation, never letting anybody cluster together.

However, this was Emma’s senior year and many on the team thought that Shandra would likely be the next captain. And that meant things could very easily change for me and the other girls with short hair. We all dreaded the possibility that we may find ourselves forced to either grow our hair out or wear wigs for our performances.

Our cheer finished, we all walked to our water bottles that were set next to the stadium wall that separated us from the thousands of screaming fans. It was a hot late August game and sweat was beginning to bead up on the smooth shaved sides of my head.

”Oh my god it’s so hot today,” I heard Betty say after taking a long swig of water.

Betty and I were next to one another in the formation. We were both juniors and weren’t normally part of the lifts so we got to cheer next to each other. I actually really liked Betty, we both made the team at the same time and had become fast friends. At least until she and Shandra got close.

Shandra was like anybody would expect a popular cheerleader to be. Bossy, gossipy, and just kind of bitchy. Betty wasn’t like that, at least not on her own, but when Shandra was around, you could always count on Betty to side with her. Betty’s support was why many on the team thought Shandra would be the next captain.

”I know it is, I think we need to reapply sunscreen or we might get burned,” I said, feeling my head and taking note of how wet my bare scalp felt.

”Yeah, me on my shoulders, and you on your head,” Betty said, nudging me.

She lifted her hair up and fanned her neck for a moment, so I took it from her and took over fanning her. It was weird holding so much hair in my hand, I hadn’t held hair that long in quite some time. I had even mostly given up wearing wigs so I could proudly display my favorite hairstyle wherever I went.

”Well we have a couple minutes, I’ll do yours if you do mine,” I said, dabbing her neck with one of the damp cooling cloths we kept in a cooler.

“You want me to put it on your head?” Betty asked, seeming a little uncomfortable.

”I mean you don’t have to, I can just do yours and then I can do my own. It’s not as hard as doing your back and shoulders,” I said, shrugging my well tanned shoulders.

Betty thought for a moment, her brow furrowing slightly as she pondered. “No it’s okay, I can do it. I’ve just never actually touched your head before.”

I laughed as I squirted sunscreen into my palm, “You’re joking! I thought everybody had! It’s fine, it just feels like regular skin. With a fresh shave, it feels a lot like your legs do after you shave them.”

Betty lifted her hair and turned her back to face me and I massaged the sunscreen onto her shoulders and neck. For a redhead she was tan, but compared to me and most of the other girls she would be considered pale. She was always the first to apply sunscreen and usually was always the first to get sunburned. I could see the slightest bit of red forming.

”Looks like I’m just in time with this,” I said as I ran my fingers up her neck.

”Oh no, am I starting to burn?” she asked.

”I think we caught it in time,” I said.

She took the sunscreen from me and twirled her finger in the air, “Alright, turn around. It’s your turn.”

I raised an eyebrow at her and put my hand on my hip, “Are you sure?”

“Just turn around,” she said, smirking back at me.

She started with my neck and shoulders, like I did for her. I laughed, “My neck and shoulders are fine.”

”Hey, just because you’re tan doesn’t mean you can’t burn. Besides, even a tan is bad for your skin,” she said.

She worked her hands up my neck until she got to my nape. I could tell her hands were hesitant, but she rubbed up my nape and began rubbing the sides of my head as well. I felt her fingers work the coconut scented sunscreen right up to the edges of my teal and white mohawk.

”See? Not so bad?” I asked, turning around.

”I guess it does feel kind of nice,” she said, rubbing her hands together.

”I’ll let you feel it right before Evan shaves it again. It’s always so soft before he shaves it,” I said.

”Your head is reflecting sunlight,” Betty said with a giggle.

“It does that sometimes,” I said with a laugh.

”Okay ladies, enough socializing, our guys are on their 20 yard line! Let’s get back to work!” Emma shouted.

I smiled at Betty and we both cheered and shook our pom poms in the air as we skipped to our spots in the formation.

We watched the field and cheered as our team moved closer to the end zone until, finally, one of the wide receivers slipped through the defense unseen and caught a quick pass from the quarterback. I jumped up and cheered, along with the rest of our fans who, though outnumbered, made their voices heard.

The rest of the game followed the same pattern. We ended up winning by two touchdowns and a field goal, 27 to 10. It had been an exciting game too. Not all of the girls loved football like I did, most just were happy to be on the sidelines in the cute outfits with the opportunity to cheer, but everybody felt the excitement from that game. Which was why Betty’s attitude after the game didn’t make any sense.

I could tell while we were changing out of our uniforms in the locker room that something was wrong. She kept checking her phone, kept typing away with her thumbs. She never looked up away from her phone or locker, she didn’t take part in any of the joking or laughing.

Finally, after I had changed into my little athletic shorts and tank top, the styling product rinsed from my mohawk, I sat next to Betty. She had quit halfway through changing and still only wore her sports bra and underwear.

”You okay?” I asked.

Betty looked up at me, but only shrugged. Her bottom lip quivered slightly.

I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head, “It’s nothing.”

I squeezed and brushed thick red hair out of her face. “What’s wrong?” I asked more firmly.

Real tears started to fall as if I broke the floodgates with my question. I hated to see her cry, but Betty really was a beautiful crier.

”Do you remember Jace?” she asked.

I nodded. Betty’s boyfriend Jace was one of the starting linebackers on the football team.

”Of course I do, what happened?” I replied.

“He, well, I think, I mean, he-,” she stuttered but was interrupted.

”Betty’s fine Katie,” I heard Shandra interrupt as she stood over us.

I looked up and saw Shandra looking down on us with contempt.

”Come on Betty, get dressed so we can get out of here,” Shandra said, tossing a shirt and shorts at Betty.

Betty nodded and stood up, peeling my arm from around her shoulders. She quickly pulled on the clothes and followed Shandra out of the locker room. Emma was the only one left in the room.

”What was that about?” Emma asked, her teal-haired head cocked to the side, hands on her hips. She held a t-shirt in her hand and stood there wearing black athletic shorts and a teal sports bra that matched her hair.

I stood up and shrugged, picking up my duffel bag. “No clue. Something about Jace. She seems pretty upset though.”

”I know, I would have talked to her if you hadn’t. Hopefully Shandra will be able to help. I doubt it though,” Emma said with a roll of her eyes.

A Hasty Decision

The rest of the Saturday went as most Saturdays went during the football season. The game had been in the morning so I had a chance to grab a shower, get a little studying in, and even have a dinner date with Evan. I had gotten in late after Evan and I got a little frisky in his car after dinner. My hunger had been satisfied in more than one way thanks to that dinner date.

Now, laying in my bed, just moments from sleep, I heard soft footsteps outside my door, followed by a knock. I checked my Apple Watch, it was 2am. The girls had been quiet that night, Betty and Shandra being the two who would normally partake in any partying instead Betty stayed in her room all evening.

I stood up, sliding my feet into my fuzzy slippers so I wouldn’t have to walk on the cold hardwood floor. I wrapped my arms around myself, cold in my oversized t-shirt I had stolen from Evan. Underneath I only wore a pair of his boxer shorts.

The person outside the door knocked again. I hurried to the door and swung it open. What I saw shocked me completely.

Standing in front of my door, crying was Betty. In her hands were a pair of scissors and a long lock of her beautiful red hair. My eyes opened wide, the tiredness being shocked out of them.

”Oh my god, Betty! What happened!” I whispered.

“Jace cheated on me,” she cried softly.

I grabbed the hand that held the lock of hair and swept her into my room, closing the door and locking it behind her.

”No! You’re kidding!” I said, holding both of her hands.

She cried as she shook her head, “And I cut my hair!”

Flipping on my lights, I finally looked up to examine where the lock of hair came from. It wasn’t hard to see once I actually looked. Right in the center of her forehead, Betty had snipped off a decent sized clump of hair. It was cut so close I could actually see her scalp.

”Oh my god, you really did,” I said, holding a hand to my mouth.

”Katie, what do I do?” she asked me desperately.

”About your hair or about your boyfriend?”

She shuffled her feet anxiously, “I guess both? But my hair! Your boyfriend is a hair stylist! What can I do?”

”Do you want me to call him? He might be asleep,” I said, holding her hand and leading her to my night stand where my phone was on its charger.

”No! You can’t call him! I’m so embarrassed!” Betty said, holding a hand to her head where the patch of hair was missing.

”Betty, maybe he can come over and fix it!” I said.

I knew there wasn’t much that could he done, the hair in the front was too short. But maybe it would sound better from Evan. He had a way with delivering hard news in a good way.

”Oh, do you think he can?” Betty asked hopefully.

”I don’t know. Maybe. But we won’t know if we don’t call him,” I said.

Betty nodded, still clutching her scissors and the clump of hair in her hands. I unplugged my phone and called Evan on FaceTime. He’d need to see her to see if there was anything he could do. The phone rang a few times before he picked up.

The room was dark on his side and I saw the camera shake a little as he flipped on the lamp on his nightstand.

”Katie, what’s wrong? Is everything okay?” he asked, pulling on a pair of wire framed glasses. I always thought they were cute on him, giving him this sweet, nerdy look like Milo Thatch in the Atlantis movie I watched when I was a little girl. His shirtless chest could be seen and was nothing like the thin and lanky character that the glasses reminded me of.

”I’m fine. But it’s Betty,” I said.

”Betty? What’s wrong with Betty?” Evan asked, sitting up in his bed.

”Um, well,” I said, pointing the camera so that Betty was in the frame.

”I cut my hair and my boyfriend cheated on me,” Betty said once she was in frame.

”Hold me closer,” Evan immediately said.

I held the phone closer to Betty’s face and pointed the camera right at the patch of missing hair.

”Okay. I have some not so good news Betty,” Evan said.

”No, not more bad news,” Betty sobbed.

”I’m sorry, but I can’t fix that. Your best move would probably just be to shave it all off. That’s the only way it’s going to be even. There isn’t enough left in that patch for me to work with,” he said apologetically.

”Shave it all off? No! No that can’t happen! What will Jace think?” Betty said, her voice starting to raise and get loud for the first time.

I put a hand on her arm and held my finger to her lips to softly shush her. Betty looked at me and nodded through her tears.

Evan spoke up again, ”I don’t think there’s anything else that can be done. And as for what Jace will think, I don’t think you should worry about that. He cheated on you so his opinion doesn’t matter. Shave your head and rock it. And dump his ass.”

”Yeah, he isn’t worth your time or your concern,” I said, nodding as I rubbed her arm.

Betty held her hand to her head, still clutching the scissors in the same hand. “So what? Do we go to your salon? Or your house? Or do you come here?”

”No, it’s just a quick headshave. Katie can handle that. But, if you decide to grow it out, just come to me once a month and I’ll make sure to help it grow out well. I’ll keep you looking good, I promise,” Evan said.

I couldn’t believe it. Evan was letting me shave her head. He always did the big transformations. Sure, I had trimmed Anna’s hair before, but she trimmed her buzzcut once a week. If I did this, I would be shaving off thick, mid-back length red hair. And I was excited at the opportunity.

Evan then spoke to me, “You’ve got your clippers right, babe?”

I nodded, “I do. I can take care of her.”

”Good. I’ll check your work in the morning and clean anything up if you need me to. And save the hair so we can donate it, she has great hair. But Betty? You’re going to look amazing. And I’m so sorry about Jace,” Evan said.

Betty nodded, dejected. “Thanks I guess. I’ll get to see you just as often as the rest of the girls now.”

”I look forward to it,” Evan said with a sweet smile.

”Alright, we’ll take care of this. Thanks babe, I love you,” I said.

”Love you too, bye,” Evan said. He then ended the call, probably to roll over and go back to sleep. He had also gotten his hunger satisfied in the parking lot after our dinner date and probably needed to sleep it off.

I put my phone down and took the scissors and lock of hair from Betty’s hands. I set both down on the top of my dresser.

”Alright, are you ready?” I asked her.

She couldn’t talk and only nodded. I could actually see her shaking with the nerves. It was strange to see her like this, she was always so confident. Ever since I first met her when we were trying out for the team as freshmen. But now this was uncharted territory for her. She was about to be bald and she was scared.

”So first I’m going to put your hair in a few ponytails and cut those off. Evan has a charity he likes to donate hair to so we’ll let him take care of that,” I said.

That statement wasn’t entirely true of course. Instead of donating the hair, Evan would donate money to the charity and keep the hair for himself. He had already done that with the hair of the other teammates and my own hair as well. Every once in a while we would pull the wigs out for me to wear on dates or when we were feeling particularly adventurous in the bedroom. The wig made from Betty’s hair would make a fun addition to the collection.

Betty nodded, “Okay. Let’s do this.”

She took my desk chair and sat down on it. Fortunately for her, I hadn’t thrown out my massive collection of hair ties after having all of my hair shaved off and I had plenty for what I was about to do.

I sectioned out her hair into four ponytails, one on each side of her head, one on the back, and one on her crown. Her hair was so thick that if I had tried bigger ponytails I probably would have been sawing at them for a while.

The scissors she had used were just a basic pair of crafting scissors, but, along with the clippers Evan had given me, I also had a high quality pair of hair cutting scissors. Fortunately, I even had a back cape that I now draped across Betty’s body and snapped around her neck.

”Do you want to watch? I can move my mirror?” I offered as I stood behind her holding my scissors.

”Yes, but do you have anything to drink? I’ve been drinking in my room all night but I think I need something stronger,” she said.

I laughed, “Want to do some tequila shots? I’ll do one for every one you do.”

Pulling out a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses from my bottom drawer, I held them aloft.

Betty’s eyes opened wide and she looked at me in shock, “Katie, I cannot believe you keep a bottle of tequila in your room! I always took you for the quiet one!”

”Hey, I’m the one with the mohawk, tattoos, and piercings, remember? Maybe I have a wild side,” I said.

”Okay, you got me there. Hell yes I want a shot. Maybe two. Can you handle that?” Betty asked.

”Two shots coming up, I’ll pour,” I said.

We both threw back two shots as fast as I could pour them. I hated the taste of tequila, but after two shots I could already feel it. I moved my mirror in front of her and we were ready.

”Alright, now we start,” I said, probably a little too loudly.

Using my scissors, I snipped the ponytail from her crown first, “Here’s your first step in forgetting Jace!”

”Forgetting who?” Betty asked sarcastically, laughing like the liquor was effecting her too.

I cut off the ponytails on her right and left sides, putting them with the lock of hair on the top of my dresser. Stepping behind her, I turned her head and played with the last remaining ponytail on the back of her head.

”What do you think? She would leave this one?” I asked.

”Ew gross! Absolutely not!” Betty said, giggling at her ridiculous appearance. The hair that had been cut short hung around her face uneven and choppy.

”Alright, I guess Evan did say we need to shave it all off!” I said, snipping the last ponytail off.

“And with that, I want another shot!” Betty said, ruffling her hair with her hands.

I poured us each another shot and we each slammed it back, both grimacing at the taste and the burning sensation that came with it. I picked up my clippers and turned them on.

”Okay, now let’s shave your fucking head,” I said.

”We are now entering the bald Betty phase!” Betty said, mock yelling in what was now barely a whisper.

I put the clippers in the middle of her forehead and pulled them straight back. They plowed through her thick hair with ease and removed the remnants of hair from her initial cut all in one sweep. I continued running them back over the back of her crown and then pushed them down her nape, leaving one long bald strip with only barely visible red stubble remaining on the paleness of her scalp.

”Now it’s like you’re the reverse version of me!” I said, ruffling my limp mohawk and giggling.

”Oh my god Katie! You gave me a reverse mohawk! I look so stupid,” she said, her giggle turning into a full laugh.

“Should I keep going?” I asked, my laugh building as well as she looked at herself in the mirror.

”God yes! A reverse mohawk doesn’t look near as good as a real mohawk,” she said, wiping tears from her eyes as she tried to calm down.

I continued shaving her head, pulling the clippers back over her crown. Her thick hair was no match for the quality clippers my wealthy hairstylist boyfriend bought me.

”Oh so you think my mohawk looks good?” I asked, raising an eyebrow and wobbling my head in a way that made my hair bounce.

”Of fucking course I do. Shandra is the one who hates it, I think it’s badass,” Betty said.

“Ah well that doesn’t surprise me I guess. Why haven’t you said something?” I asked, shaving away the last bits of hair from her crown.

”Because Shandra would have made fun of me too,” Betty said, pursing her lips uncomfortably.

”Well she’ll probably have a lot to say in the morning,” I said pointing at her head that now looked like an old man’s.

Betty turned her head side to side. “I don’t know I kind of like this! And I don’t give a shit what Shandra says anymore,” Betty slurred.

”But I should keep shaving, right?” I asked.

”Definitely,” Betty said, drunkenly nodding.

The drink was effecting her more and I could tell it was catching up to me as well. I needed to hurry if I wanted to be able to stand long enough to finish her hair cut. I started shaving up the right side of her head, around her ear.

Then I worked my way around the back, shaving the rest of her nape. I could already tell she had a great head, it was perfect, round, and completely without blemish. Although I suspected a few freckles might pop up after exposing it to some sunlight. She would really have to be careful about sunscreen until her hair grew in.

Soon, I was finished with her nape and began shaving the left side of her head. I had gotten plenty of practice on Anna’s head and the clippers were sharp, so I was finished just in time for my head to really start to swirl.

Betty reached up and rubbed her bald head. The bristly stubble made a sound that I loved, like sandpaper being rubbed.

”I’m bald! Holy shit, I’m bald! Two more shots, now missy!” Betty said, standing up and sending the hair from her cape tumbling to the ground. She wobbled a little, but steadied herself.

I poured us each a shot and after we drank those, I poured two more. I was now five shots deep and about four shots past what I would ever normally drink. Sitting down on my bed, I felt light-headed. Betty sat next to me, still wearing her cape and leaned her now bald head on my shoulder.

I put my arm around her and we laid back on my bed. She curled into me and put her arms around me.

”I miss being your friend, Katie,” Betty said, closing her eyes and putting her mouth close to my ear.

”You’ve always been my friend,” I said, kissing the top of her bald head.

”Oh good, I can sleep now,” Betty said, yawning in my face. I could smell the tequila on her breath and closed my eyes as well.

We laid there together, my legs hanging off the bed, hers curled up with one thrown over my waist as she cuddled me. She almost instantly fell asleep. After the long, satisfying day, I had no trouble joining her in sleep.

Household Drama

I was woken the next morning by Betty who sat on the edge of my bed, rubbing her bald head.

“We did not shave my head last night. This isn’t real. I’m not bald,” she was saying, holding her stubbly head in both hands.

”Look on the ground, that’s definitely not on your head anymore,” I said, squeezing my temples as my head pounded.

”Oh god I’m going to puke,” she said, jumping up and running into my bathroom.

I heard her heave and tried to cover my head with my pillow. It was too loud. And the sun poking through my curtains was too bright. This was why I didn’t ever drink more than one shot.

After a few moments she stopped heaving and flushed the toilet. I heard her plop down onto my tile floor. Sitting up, a wave of nausea swept over me and I was up and at my toilet, puking up all of the contents of my stomach as well.

When I was done, I laid next to her on the floor, each of us facing on another as we laid on our sides.

”Never again,” she said.

”The haircut or the alcohol?” I asked with a pained chuckle.

”The alcohol definitely. Probably the haircut too. I’m afraid to look at myself sober,” Betty said, ruefully rubbing her head.

”Well you look great. And at least you aren’t the first girl in this house to go bald,” I said, reaching out a hand and rubbing her head.

”Fucking Jace. I hate him. And Shandra,” Betty said, standing up from the floor.

I shakily stood up too, “Wait, why Shandra?”

Betty took off out into the hall and I hurried to follow her. We passed Emma who was clearly coming back from a morning run. She wore a sports bra and skin tight biker shorts with a baseball cap worn backwards. Her AirPods were still in her ears.

”Whoa, big haircut, huh?” she asked as Betty stormed past her.

Betty didn’t even acknowledge her as I hurried in her footsteps. Emma looked at me, confused. I shrugged my shoulders and we both followed our caped, bald teammate.

We followed her past Shandra’s room which we could see was empty as we passed it. Finally, Betty stormed into the kitchen where Shandra sat. Another one of our long haired teammates, Jessie, sat across from her. Both were eating cereal and both gasped when Betty burst into the room.

”Oh my god, Betty! What the fuck did you do to your beautiful hair?” Shandra asked in disgust.

Betty walked right in front of Shandra and slapped her in the face. Hard. Shandra cried out and fell to the floor, holding her cheek.

”Betty! What are you doing?” Emma asked as she and I hurried to grab our teammate before she launched a further attack.

”I want her off the team!” Betty shouted.

”Whoa, why?” Emma asked.

”Because this bitch is the one who slept with my boyfriend!” Betty spat.

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  1. And we have another baldie added to the team of short-haired cheerleaders! Of course with my recent trend, it’s another redhead. What did you guys think of the extra cheerleader drama I threw in there? And what will be Shandra’s fate?

  2. Hi, I pretty much never public comment/post anywhere, but I had to make an exception. I LOVE these stories. Please don’t stop. I 1st discovered this site back around Feb of this year. I saw one of your stories & went back & read the whole series in one sitting. I don’t read you other series but have read many of your other individual ones. Now I have to wait patiently for each new chapter. I meant to comment on your last chapter but didn’t. I love reading & trying to predict what will happen, sometimes I am right & sometimes I am not but it’s always enjoyable. About the only thing that could make this better would be pictures/visuals, but I understand the difficulty/challenge in that. I’ve recently thought, it would make a great miniseries of short films if anyone could ever find the resources/talent to actually film it.

    Anyway, I have several thoughts/ideas about future installments & how the series can continue. I know EXACTLY what should happen with Shandra. I’ve had some ideas for a while, but of course it’s your story & I would never want to usurp that. Also don’t forget about more updates on Katie’s sister & her roommate. There is so much more potential there as well. (Spin off?)

  3. Oh shit! Hell yeah, Betty! As for Shandra’s fate… I got some good ideas, but I don’t want Betty or any of the others getting into too much potential legal shit for it or needing to go as far as going to a pig farm for some uh… Waste disposal. Maybe just keep it simple and have them shave her head and kick her out? Maybe also eyebrows for an added kick of humiliation? A cross-over with Kit could also be really cool, but if memory serves, this series is set a bit too far north for that to be feasible.

  4. @No<3 no spoilers, but I don’t know, those punishment ideas seem a little short lived to me. Don’t worry, I have something special in mind! And yeah, that would be something if all of my main girls came together in a massive crossover event but they’re all pretty far apart from one another!

  5. @wozziewoo I see your comment but can’t figure out how to approve it! I’m flattered by how much you enjoy this series, it’s my personal favorite. If you like this one, you’ll definitely need to check out my others when you have the time. The Barbershop Assistant series would probably be more your style if you like this one. I agree though, this would be so much fun to see in some form of visual media! Also, I love suggestions and regularly use ideas from them so if you have any, don’t hesitate to share! And I’d never forget about Kelly 😉

  6. Thanks for seeing my comment. As great as it would be for it to be “approved” what mattered to me was that you saw my feedback. After reading your stories, I get ideas about the future & sometimes while I’m reading I predict where the story goes. After I posted this previous comment my mind has actually been flooded with ideas & a whole outline/plot. As I mentioned, it’s your story & you do a great job, so I would never want to take over or think I could do it better then anything you come up with. However, I’d love to share my thoughts with you, & you can feel free to use as much or as little as you want, or none at all & tell me I’m way off base with the direction. I was wondering, if there was another way I could get my ideas to you. I don’t want to post on here, because a) it’s long & a lot, & more importantly b) I wouldn’t want to give anything away to anyone else who might read the comment. So, if your interested I’ll put together a whole outline for you to peruse & you can let me know how to get it to you. If not, then that’s fine as well, & I’ll just await the future installments.

    Also, I might check out one of your other series. You don’t disappoint, & It’s nice when there are a bunch built up to read all in a row. I BINGE-WATCH most of my television shows, I guess I like to BING-READ my stories as well.

  7. If it works for you, you can email me. My screen name on here at yahoo. I’ll type everything out on a document with notes & can then reply to you. If that works, it’s the best I can come up with. Otherwise some kind of messenger or something maybe would work.

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