The Start of Something New: The Next Volunteer

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Anna’s Welcome

Just as I had expected, Anna’s new bleached buzzcut had been a hit. The younger girl had confidently strode into our large house, practically demanding the attention of our cheerleader roommates. My mohawk had paved the way to this acceptance and Anna was welcomed to cheers, head rubs, and praise from our friends.

Running my fingers through my mohawk, I rolled my eyes in sarcastic annoyance at Emma who had walked alongside me. The brunette cheer captain put an arm around my shoulders and casually rubbed my shaved sides.

”You and your boyfriend are going to cost this team a lot of hair aren’t you?” she asked jokingly.

I smirked at her, pecking her on the cheek with my dark red lips, “Honey, I can’t help it if I’m a trendsetter. Are you next?”

Laughing so suddenly she almost snorted, Emma shook her head, “No chance, kid.”

Rolling my eyes, I ruffle her long hair, “You know you’re only two years older than me right? And why not? Look at how popular Anna is?”

Emma turned to head back to her room, “I’m the cheer captain, why would I need to be more popular?”

I chuckled as she walked away, Emma dramatically flicking her hair as she departed. The crowd around Anna finally began to disperse and I walked up to her, rubbing her head from behind.

”Well, I think your big change was received much better than mine,” I said with a laugh.

”It only went so well because you did something crazy first! I need to go do my makeup and work out some cute outfits because I’m about to blow up Instagram,” she said before turning to run up the stairs to her bedroom.

Something I had not done was post my new look on social media. People around the college knew about my new look but my parents and two younger sisters back home had no idea as I had been excessively careful while home for Christmas to ensure that no one had seen the new me. My dad had almost had a heart attack about my new piercings, seeing me with my beautiful long hair gone might have actually killed him.

Of course, my social media presence was vastly different than Anna’s. I rarely posted on Facebook and only kept it to stay in touch with high school friends and distant family. My Instagram account was private as well, only allowing friends and family to see my occasional posts. In everything I had posted recently, I wore my blonde lob wig that Evan had given me.

Anna on the other hand was the house social media star. Always on her phone, the budding influencer posted daily and was constantly adding to her Instagram stories. With a modest following of a few thousand, mostly flirtatious men, she was the most famous member of our cheer squad. If she was going to post one of her legendary thirst trap photos, now with the new buzzcut, she might in fact actually blow up Instagram.

House Buzz

Before long, just as I suspected, Anna’s Instagram indeed did blow up. On her first buzzed post, she had carefully chosen the most popular hashtags and immediately attracted the attention of buzzcut enthusiasts.

Since getting my mohawk I followed several short hair accounts for potential inspiration and because I was slowly discovering how arousing big transformations could be. It seemed as though each of them shared her posts to their stories and made their own posts in her honor. Her following nearly doubled overnight.

Following trends she saw, Anna posted new variations of her famous provocative posts, rubbing her buzzed head, posting clips of her trims, even doing polls to determine what color her buzzcut would be dyed that week. By the end of January, she had well over 30,000 followers with more coming every day.

With her success came quite a bit of buzz around the house over her buzz. She had already been contacted by sponsors and had been sent some wigs to wear in posts and around campus. Several of the other girls had unsuccessfully attempted to pursue the life of the social media influencer and discussions were constantly going on as to how others could match her success.

I sat on the couch in the living room on an early February day with Annie. We watched TV as we ate our breakfasts. Annie’s long silken black hair was tied up in a bun on the top of her head, while I had not yet showered, my mohawk recently dyed completely purple and sticking up in random directions, held there by the previous day’s hair gel. It was the day after my shave and a shadow was beginning to show on my shaved sides.

Anna walked by, her buzzcut back to her standard bleached blonde color. She was talking into her camera about the poll she would be posting soon. Wanting to have special hair for Valentine’s Day, the two options were hot pink all over or bright red with all over with hot pink hearts scattered all over her head. Her poor boyfriend, who had graciously accepted his buzzed girlfriend, could truly never know what she would look like unless he paid attention to her Instagram.

Annie and I looked at one another and rolled our eyes after she left, bursting out in giggles. “She certainly is enjoying her celebrity status,” Annie said, her soft yet angular features perfectly complimented by a wide smile.

”If I had half a brain, maybe I’d turn this into a bunch of followers too,” I said, pointing at my wild mohawk.

Laughing harder, “I think the reason you haven’t is because you have a full brain. If you could see what it looks like now, you know you wouldn’t dare post that mess on Instagram!”

I opened my eyes and mouth wide in mock shock, “Um, rude!” I gasped before laughing, “Bedhead certainly is something else with short hair. Anna does it the right way with buzzing the whole thing.”

Scratching her head under her top bun, Annie looked at my shaved style with envy, “You know, sometimes I’m jealous of you two. I don’t think I could ever cut all my hair off but it must be nice.”

Raising my eyebrow at her I tilted my head to the side, “And why can’t you?” I held my silver lip ring with my teeth to complete my inquisitive look.

”Well for one thing, I have no desire to wear a wig for cheer like you two are going to have to. That seems like it would be so hot and sweaty, especially in those early season games. Plus, I’ve never had short hair and that’s kind of terrifying,” she said, replying casually as spooned oatmeal into her mouth.

I laughed, considering how hot the wigs will be come football season. But since Anna had shaved her head and it had become so publicly popular, I had a suspicion that the rule might be relaxed. Within the next week, Emma and our staff cheer sponsor were planning to meet and discuss several issues for the coming season and I had already put the bug in Emma’s ear about allowing short and shaved hair on the field.

”I bet they let Anna and me perform without wigs this season,” I said smirking.

“Oh you bet?” she asked through a mouthful of food.

”I do. I bet you that let us short haired girls perform without wigs. If I’m right, you have to let me take you to Evan for a big haircut that I choose. And I mean big,” I said, crossing my arms haughtily.

Annie put her bowl down and crossed her arms as well, sitting up straight on the couch. “Fine, but when I’m right, you have to finally let your family know about your secret mohawk. And I want to be in the room while you FaceTime them to show them.”

My heart pounded in my chest, suddenly hugely nervous over the penalty of a possible loss. It was worth it to me though to have the chance to get another one of my teammates to go short. And I had something special in mind for Annie.

”Fine, you have a deal. Enjoy your long hair because I’m going to make sure that Evan has an appointment available for right after the meeting,” I said, rubbing my stubbly scalp. “Maybe it’ll be fun to have two mohawks in the house.”

Annie visibly gulped out of nervousness, quickly throwing on a mask of self confidence, “Enjoy being your parents’ good little girl! I think they’ll be thinking of the new you a little differently.”

The Bet Paid Off

Later that week, Emma and our cheer sponsor, a former squad member turned college admissions staff member, Lisa had their meeting. To make sure the odds were even further in my favor, I encouraged Anna to make a post in her cheer outfit promoting our school’s upcoming basketball game. The post of course blew up and had a large turnout.

Annie had grown more and more nervous as time went on, seeing how good our buzzcut teammate was at bringing in fans and even revenue for the school. It seemed like every time I saw her she was gazing sadly at her long shiny locks, running her fingers through it as if it was going to suddenly fade away.

Truthfully, if there had been any forethought ahead of my big cut, I would have been a nervous wreck. Every day I saw my reflection in the mirror I was grateful that Evan hadn’t given me a choice. He seemed to love the mohawk and I was happy to have it.

Finally Emma returned to the house looking bored. Annie and I though were nervously waiting to hear the news and sat in the living room staring at the front door as she walked through. Our bet was a secret to everybody so that Emma’s decision would not be swayed by the outcome of the bet.

Emma furrowed her brow in confusion as she entered the room to the two of us staring at her from the couch. “I thought you didn’t mind wearing the wig that much?” she said, not understanding my nervousness.

”Well what did you decide?” I asked, ignoring her question.

”Well I guess you and Anna should be happy. No wigs. We were worried Anna’s fans might be disappointed if they show up to games and see her with hair,” she said, shrugging her shoulders before walking down the hall to her room.

Annie didn’t make a sound but it looked as though all of the color left her face. I turned to face her as a grin stretched across my face.

”Well come on then,” I said, taking her by the hand to my car that was parked outside.

“But…but…but…” was all Annie could utter as I nearly had to buckle her seatbelt in the passenger seat of my SUV.

I sent Evan a text saying we were on our way to his salon and we left. Annie, who wore her hair down in an attempt to be able to brag about keeping it if she won the bet, was looking at herself in the mirror on the fold down visor in front of her. She didn’t look sad or even angry, just completely shocked.

“You aren’t really going to give me a mohawk, are you?” she asked, fear in her voice.

Snickering to myself, I gave her a sideways glance as I drove along, “Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. There’s no changing things though, Evan and I already discussed your fate.”

She gulped audibly as I made the drive that I now knew by heart. Although I only went for weekly shaves, I hung out with Evan most days along with Joining Anna for most of her appointments. I had even accidentally appeared in the background of some of her posts and was developing a reputation as the mysterious mohawked girl.

When we pulled into the parking lot, I thought I would have to drag Annie out of my car. Much to my surprise though, she confidently stood and got out of my passenger seat and strode into the lobby of the salon. Not even allowing me to take the lead, she walked up to Lacey at the counter.

”I have an appointment with Evan,” she said firmly.

Lacey smirked as she saw me walk up behind my friend and teammate. “Oh no, are you another one of Katie’s friends? The last one left here almost bald. Funny thing is she keeps coming back. There’s something about you cheerleaders,” she said with a giggle.

She directed us to take a seat but before we even had a chance, Evan emerged from the back. His constantly perfect hair had just been trimmed, his gentle fade fresh and flawless as always. He wore a little product in his hair today with the front pushed back and slightly to the side. The perfect amount of stubble bristled on his chiseled cheeks. As he smiled at my friend and me, his dimples appeared.

”Nice to see you, Annie. We have something planned for you, come on back,” he said with a sly grin.

Annie gulped and followed him to his room in the back of the salon. I followed, closing the door with a wink to Lacey as I left. My bold teammate was already seated in the chair and caped before I could even get the door to the room closed.

The room was the same as it always was when I came for my shaves. The chair, the sink, the impressive display of barbering tools and multi-colored hair dyes, all intentionally and meticulously placed. There was one difference today, though.

Today there was a large sheet covering the mirror. Evan and I had agreed to fully surprise Annie with her new look by covering the mirror so that she would be unable to watch until the job was finished.

Shuffling nervously in the seat, Annie fought the urge to get up and run as Evan pulled her bone straight dark brown hair into a low ponytail. I took Annie’s right hand in my left as I stood beside her the same way I stood with Anna for her haircut.

”Relax, Annie,” Evan said in a warm voice. “I’m really good at this.”

Without warning, Evan snipped off the long ponytail with almost no effort. Annie’s hair had been no match for my boyfriend’s razor sharp scissors as he deftly snipped through it. He took the ponytail and set it on a counter along the back wall, another prize for his collection.

Using a white clip, Evan gathered the hair on her crown, using her natural side part as a guide and clamped it on the top of her head. He then turned and grabbed the clippers, leaving the blades with no guard attached.

With the clippers humming to life I felt Annie clamp nervously down on my hand. I felt that same familiar tingle in the pit of my stomach as Evan tilted her head down to prepare to buzz the hair away from her nape. I could see that her eyes were closed tightly but no tears fell.

Evan then plunged the clippers into her nape, driving them up to the edge of the hair he had sectioned off at the back of her crown. The skin left behind was shockingly pale, likely as pale as mine had been when I was first shaved.

I felt my scalp, now in need of a shave which would likely come later today. My purple hair was fanned out with a rigid matte finish styling product, which was Evan’s favorite way for me to wear my hair. It was actually starting to feel long, the front now falling in my eyes when I didn’t style it. Today would be a good day to trim it.

Deep in thought as I watched Annie’s nape being shaved nearly to the skin, I contemplated my outfit choice for the day. It was still cold so I had worn a scarf to cover my exposed neck along with a red and blue flannel shirt, skinny, tight fitting blue jeans and my brown riding boots. Although the appearance of everything from my neck up was that of a goth girl, Evan and I both agreed that we liked the contrast of my normal college girl attire with the appearance of my face and hair. It was arousing to the both of us to see something so out of place.

Soon Annie’s nape was shaved and Evan took her top knot in hand to lift her chin and tilt her head towards my side. He moved to shave away the hair on the left side of her head, quickly and efficiently turning the thick hair into stubble. I resisted the urged to feel her nape so as to not ruin the surprise. She would be going home with me so I knew I had plenty of opportunities to rub her freshly buzzed nape.

Carefully folding her ear down, he finished shaving her left side. I stepped aside to allow him to shave her right side. He began to shave when Annie spoke up.

”You’re not done, come hold my other hand,” she said, holding out her left hand expectantly.

I laughed, “You know I never took you for being much of a hand holder. You don’t seem like much of a toucher.”

Annie opened her eyes, squinting to see me and nothing else, only to give me a good natured glare. “Just hold my hand,” she said, taking mine in hers and squeezing.

Evan continued to work as we chatted, carefully edging the side he worked on. “You know you’re a lot stronger than Anna, she didn’t hurt my hand near as much as you are when she got her first cut,” I said, shaking my free hand ruefully.

”That’s why Anna is a flier and why I’m a base when we do lifts,” she said proudly, keeping her eyes closed tightly.

”You know you can’t see anything even if you opened your eyes right?” I asked her dryly.

”Shut up, it feels better this way,” she said through clenched teeth.

”I certainly hope you don’t do this for all of your trims. You’ll start to get headaches,” Evan said, speaking up for the first time as he examined his now complete job of buzzing the hair on her sides and napes to almost nothing.

Annie, who no longer felt him touching her head looked up at him, opening her eyes only to look at him in exaggerated confusion, “What on earth makes you think I won’t be growing this out right away?”

He chuckled at her question, “Well I think you’ll be surprised with how much you like this. And even if you don’t, I can still give you monthly cuts to help the grow out process be less painful. But I guarantee that you won’t want to grow this cut out.” To punctuate his statement, he pulled the clip from the hair on her crown and let it fall into her face.

Sputtering she only muttered, “Rude,” as Evan began spraying her hair to wet it for a scissor cut. The plan was to give Annie an undercut pixie with a high undercut but with enough hair on the top for her to put into a small ponytail. I knew that Annie enjoyed wearing her hair up on the top of her head and felt like that would be a nice surprise for her.

Evan began to snip away hair with his scissors, combing up sections and sending dark clippings showering into her lap and onto her cheeks and ears. Pausing occasionally to blow hair away from her face with a blow dryer, the skilled barber shaped the hair into the style he had in his mind.

When he finished cutting, the wet hair hung to her right side down to the middle of her ear. He used a comb and a small amount of product to begin to slick her wet hair back, giving it the illusion of being cut into a mohawk that was roughly double the width of my own. We had discussed pulling this little prank to scare her before showing her what her new style actually looked like.

With the mock mohawk finished, Evan stepped away and clapped his hands together. “Finished, are you ready to see?”

Annie held the armrests of the chair and took a deep breath. I stifled a giggle and gave Evan a knowing look.

”Ok, I’m ready.”

Evan pulled away the sheet and Annie’s draw nearly dropped to the floor.

“You didn’t,” she said, gawking at her strange appearance, “You did not give me a mohawk! It’s even shorter than yours!”

I could no longer contain my laughter as I reached down and felt her shaved sides, “I mean, at least it’s wider than mine, right?”

”Oh whatever! Evan was trying to be all cool like I’d like this! What makes you think I’d like a mohawk?” she turned to glare at him now, the long hair that hung down the back of her head flopping as she swiftly turned her head.

Evan could no longer keep the secret and ruffled her hair, revealing its actual length, “Don’t worry, it’s not a mohawk, look.”

He finger combed the hair to the side, showing her the length as she examined herself in the mirror in renewed shock. “It’s an undercut pixie. You’ve got several inches of length up here. Katie actually requested that you have enough to tie it up if you wanted to. She knows you like top knots.”

Slowly, Annie’s open mouth transformed into a smile. She turned her head side to side so she could see her new look better. Bravely she even reached a hand up to feel her hair, feeling her shaved nape.

”You really shaved these sides short didn’t you?” she asked, holding her hand on the back of her head and rubbing gently with her thumb.

”I find that the shorter the better when buzzing Asian hair. It has a tendency to stand up more. Part of the reason I thought you’d want to keep this look up is because the grow out process might be a little rough. But also because it looks so good,” he said, teasing her hair with his fingertips, pushing it forward, to both sides, and straight back.

”There was no way that I thought I would like how this lost bet would turn out but you’re right, it does look really good. Maybe I will keep it. Do I get a wash and style out of this deal too?” she asked, now grinning at the thought of enjoying the rest of her salon experience.

I now spoke up, “Of course it does! We wouldn’t take away all of your hair and at least not give you the full experience!”

Evan politely offered a hand to my newly short haired teammate and helped her to the seat in front of the sink. He shampooed her hair, showing in his hand how little shampoo she would now need for washing it.

I took a seat and watched him towel dry the hair before assisting her back to the seat in front of the mirror. Using a hair dryer and round brush, he did a basic style, just adding volume and body to the short hair as well as moving it the the right which followed her natural part.

Finished, he allowed her to play with her new hair in the mirror, feeling the new light weight of her head and rubbing her hand on the stubbly nape.

”I’ll have Lacey book you a spot in a couple weeks so I can touch up that undercut. The top will just need a trim every six weeks.”

Annie nodded happily, “I didn’t think I would be thanking you guys after this but thank you Evan for this sexy new cut and thank you Katie for making me do this.”

With your welcomes going around the room, I then looked at Evan and pointed to the door. “We have to get out of here, she has an evening class that she’ll need to get ready for. I’ll be back later for my shave and our date.”

I kissed him on the mouth and whispered into his ear, “That’s two down.”

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  1. Katie and her mohawk are back at it again, now bringing roommate Annie into the shaved style fold. This cut is a little less extreme but I needed a change of pace after my last Austin’s Razor story. I hope you all enjoy! Also, comment your favorite, non-bald hairstyles and maybe I can start working some in!

  2. This one was kinda wholesome? I love it! Also, as for the fav non-bald hairstyles prompt, I absolutely love chelsea cuts, especially with shorter bangs. I don’t think I’ve seen how the results would actually look, but I do like the idea of a chelsea that’s buzzed to a 1 on top, with a high, tight skin fade around the sides and back.

    Also, more of an idea for Katie than her teammates: a buzzed mohawk. Like, keep the sides shaved smooth, but buzz the mohawk itself really short, like, a #3 for example.

    Do with either of these as you will, and regardless, I can’t wait to see what comes next with either series!!

    1. Lol that’s almost kind of my intent! Everybody is so focused on the forced stuff and even my other storyline I have going is that way too so I wanted to branch out and have a nicer setting. As for the ideas, I think a Chelsea cut would be a good idea for one of the cheer squad girls. I’m trying to be a little more creative with them. And don’t worry, I have plans for Katie’s mohawk that should be pretty satisfying!

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