The Start of Something New: Twins No Longer

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Here’s the next part in the story of the cheer squad with the shortest hair in the NCAA! Slowly this story is transforming from Katie and Evan’s quest to shorten the hair of the whole team and instead is turning into more of an ensemble kind of story. That being said, Katie and Evan are still my favorite and they aren’t going anywhere!

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The Start of Something New

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In Need of a Change

”Why do we have to wait until tomorrow? Can’t we get in now?” Jessie complained.

I laughed at the eager girl, her hair parted on the right, with her long brown ponytail poking out from behind the left side of her head.

“Yeah, your boyfriend has always gotten everybody else in on the same day they decided to cut it! We had to wait all night! And we still have to wait all day today!” Jenny said, her long brown ponytail which poked out from behind the right side of her head bouncing as she moved her head for emphasis. Both twins were dressed identically, as always, both wearing white tank tops tucked in to soft pink shorts with some stylish white tennis shoes that had been intentionally dirtied at the factory.

“I know! But there’s two of you and he’s been pretty busy fitting the rest of his clients in now that so many of us go to see him,” I said, putting a hand on each of the twins’ arms.

Jessie pulled her ponytail forward and held it in her hand, “Do you understand how long we’ve been wanting to cut this off? And now that Shandra is out of the way, we’re stuck waiting!”

I nodded, “I know, I know. Long hair is terrible. But you just have to be patient a little longer.”

”You know, if we didn’t mind being bald, we’d both just do what Betty did,” Jenny said, crossing her arms.

”I mean, we can always do that. I do have my clippers,” I suggested with a shrug.

”What? No! I’m not ready for that! Plus Betty seems like she has been in mourning for the last couple of days. I am afraid it would be too much of a shock,” Jessie said, looking over to Betty who stood looking at herself in a mirror that hung in the hall, touching her head.

I grimaced a little at the sight of my friend. It seemed like she struggled to try and she wore no makeup and only had on a ratty oversized t-shirt over a pair of underwear. She had been having a tough time accepting the change that she had made. Sometimes she seemed so confident, like a woman reborn. Others, she seemed deflated. It had only been about two days since I shaved her head, after she cut a clump of hair off right at the roots after her ex-boyfriend had slept with our teammate Shandra.

”Girls, girls, please leave the woman alone,” Emma said, putting an arm around each of their shoulders as she emerged from her room.

”But we’re so ready! I’m sick of brushing this mess,” Jenny whined.

”It’ll be soon enough. Why don’t you two go see Melissa, she can French braid it for both of you and that will keep you from having to mess with it for at least the next day,” Emma suggested.

Jessie smiled widely, “Oh yeah, good idea! We might as well enjoy that because I don’t think we’ll be doing French braids again any time soon.”

Jessie and Jenny turned to head in the direction of Melissa’s room. Melissa had always been the most proud of her hair and was easily the most skilled in styling and caring for long hair. She would do a great job with the twins and hopefully that would keep them off of my back until Wednesday morning when I would take them for their haircuts. They still hadn’t decided on styles, but Evan was always great at helping with that.

Emma put an arm around my shoulders as we watched Betty, “What are we going to do with her? Obviously we can’t put the hair back on her head. But even if we could, would she really want that?”

I leaned my head against hers, “I don’t know. I think she really loves it, but I get it. Your hair wasn’t really all that long in comparison to how mine used to be or how Betty’s was. If I hadn’t had Evan and his support, I probably would have been just as conflicted as Betty is.”

“Yeah that’s true. And I didn’t go from all to nothing. I haven’t even shaved my head,” Emma replied.

”At least not yet,” I said, turning my head to look at her, “but we could fix that right now.”

Emma’s head went back in a laugh, “Yeah, not going to happen, kid.” She started to walk away to her room and continued to laugh.

”You know you’re just a year older than me,” I said as she walked away.

I stood there and watched Betty a moment longer. When she broke away from her wistful staring, I acted like I had just walked into the hall.

”Oh hey Katie,” she said distantly.

She tried to walk past me, but I stepped in her way. Looking down she tried to maneuver around me, but I grabbed her shoulders and held her in front of me.

”Babe, are you okay? I’ve never seen you like this before,” I said.

She reached a hand up and touched her stubbly head, “Yeah I haven’t seen me like this either. It’s just a lot to get used to. And it doesn’t help that I just got cheated on.”

I reached up and rubbed her head, “Well you look beautiful. And he can go die in a ditch.”

Betty laughed and held my hand to her head, “Thanks Katie. You got used to it, right?”

I nodded, putting her other hand on my head, my mohawk currently hanging limp, “Yeah, I definitely got used to it. You will too. Or you’ll grow it out. Whatever makes you happy.”

“Thanks. I’m happy as long as Shandra isn’t happy. I heard her crying in her room last night. I think she’s taking the mohawk a little harder than you did,” Betty said with a shockingly sinister grin, her bald head almost making her look villainous.

“She has seemed pretty off since the big haircut. I haven’t seen her out of her room except for practice this morning and then when she left for class afterwards. If she wants to be on the team, she better get used to it,” I said with a shrug.

As if on cue, I heard the front door open. There were footsteps in the direction of the hall and I turned to see Shandra cross the hall to the stairs that led up to where most of our rooms were. She stopped before she walked up the stairs and looked at Betty and me. Her teal mohawk hung limp, not unlike my own except for her natural curls. She wore a simple cheer tank top and some black athletic shorts. There was a clear sadness in her eyes as she nodded at both of us in greeting, before hurrying up the stairs. Turning her head to the stairs revealed the paleness of her exposed scalp and she was gone in a flash.

It was strange seeing the normally confident Shandra look like that. She had put on a brave face during the cut, and if someone didn’t know her the way that me and the rest of her teammates did, nobody would have ever noticed the change. But she was different. She had truly been humbled.

I turned back to Betty, whose almost evil looking grin had transformed into a grim, closed-lipped smile. She nodded her shaved head and said, “Yeah, she hates it. Good.”

Wrapping my arms around Betty, I squeezed her in a hug, “Betty, don’t worry about her. You worry about feeling better about you.”

Betty pulled away from my hug and shrugged her shoulder, “Alright, fine. If you see Anna, send her to me. She’s had hair like this longer than anybody, maybe she can help me figure out how to feel better about it.”

“That’s a good idea. I’ll let her know you’re looking for her. It’s going to be okay,” I said as I watched Betty go.

I could almost feel myself deflate after our interaction. The other night, when I shaved her head, it felt like I had the old Betty back. We had actually had fun together. And although, like every other haircut I gave or received, it was extremely arousing, it had been fun because Betty was my friend again. But that had been so short-lived. The Betty that now stalked off was different and it wasn’t just because of her new haircut.

”I heard my name, what’s up?” Anna asked, putting her arm around me and standing up on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek.

”It’s Betty. She sees you as the expert on having a shaved head. I guess technically I have too much hair,” I said, looking upward as if I could see the teal strip of hair that ran down the center of my head.

”So she wants some fashion advice? I guess I have more hair than she does, but in a couple of days she’ll be here too,” Anna said, rubbing her teal, number one buzzed hair.

”She doesn’t seem okay, does she?” I asked, looking down at the short flyer.

She shook her head, “Not even a little bit. I don’t think it’s just the haircut. I think it’s everything all at once.”

I nodded, “I think if she gives the haircut a chance she’ll really like it. But you’re right. She got cheated on. And her ex cheated with a teammate. Not just any teammate either.”

”Right. That’s a lot. That’s why I prefer casual dating,” she said with a little smirk and a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah that’s it? Not that a boyfriend wouldn’t be into all of the content you post on social media?” I asked with a roll of my eyes.

”Definitely not that. Or that hookups are way more fun,” Anna said with a giggle.

”So you’ll go check on her?” I asked.

Anna nodded, now serious, “Of course I will. I love Betty and I’ll make sure she’s okay.”

The house had two floors, the first having all of the common areas. The second floor had all of our rooms stretching out in a long hall that was divided by a grand staircase in the middle. I followed Anna up the stairs and turned to walk toward my room, but, as if the universe understood that today was my day to put out fires, I heard my name called.

”Um, Katie?” I heard from Melissa’s room.

”Coming!” I said, doing my best to sound cheerful.

Walking into Melissa’s room, I froze when I saw the twins. Standing there, holding a detached braid in one hand was one of the twins. I guessed it was Jessie, but both had braided pigtails that were parted right down the middle into two braids so it was difficult to tell. The only difference was that one had a braid chopped off at shoulder length and the other stood there with a shocked expression.

”Katie, look at what Jessie did!” Melissa said.

Ever opposed to clothing, Melissa wore only a sports bra and a pair of soft looking short shorts. Her beautifully maintained long blonde hair was pulled up in a high ponytail styled in gentle, relaxed curls.

”I just couldn’t wait! Can you help me finish it?” Jessie asked with a happy grin. She could barely contain her excitement and shuffled her feet.

I laughed, “I guess you couldn’t! It’s a good thing you didn’t cut that too short, otherwise you would have limited what Evan can do.”

”So will you help me?” Jessie asked, holding a pair of scissors with one hand and her recently separated braid in the other.

”Well I’ve gotten to do a lot of haircuts lately, what if we let Jenny do it? I’ll help her of course,” I said, looking at Jessie’s shocked twin.

Jenny shook her head and snapped herself from her stupor, “Um, yeah, sure, I guess.”

”Well come on then. Jessie, go ahead and grab a seat,” I said, pointing to Melissa’s empty desk chair.

Jessie eagerly pranced over to the chair and sat in it, “Come on Jen!”

Jenny took the scissors from Jessie and stared for a moment, “It’s just so weird. We’ve never looked different before.”

”Well then you can go after I go!” Jessie said.

Jenny looked hesitant as she stood behind her sister, holding the scissors with both hands. I could tell the idea of her sister cutting her hair, right then and there, terrified her.

“It’s okay, she can wait until Wednesday. Maybe it will be a little fun for you guys to have a different haircut for a couple of days,” I suggested.

Jenny thoughtfully nodded, “Yeah, that could be interesting.”

”Well come on then! I feel all lopsided!” Jessie said, ruffling the now drastically shorter hair on the right side of her head. It hung just above her shoulders and had that extremely satisfying look of freshly cut hair.

Jenny held the scissors around the braid, but carefully kept them still. She looked up at me for approval. I smiled back at her and nodded.

”Go ahead, cut it. She wants it. Just make sure it will line up with the other side. We want to go into the salon on Wednesday with plenty of length for Evan to work with so just don’t cut it too short,” I said, touching Jenny’s shoulder to provide a little encouragement.

”Then on Wednesday it can be really short,” Jessie said with a smile.

Cautiously, Jenny closed the scissors around the braid. She seemed surprised that they didn’t slice right through but several hairs separated away with the first cut. She clamped the scissors down again, now much harder and more hair was severed. Sawing again and again, she fought through her twin’s thick hair until the braid came away in her hand.

Jessie shook her head, shaking the hair that remained loose from the twists of the braid.

”Oh my god, yes! Oh this feels so great,” she said, ruffling her shortened hair with her hands.

Melissa smiled at our teammate, but held her ponytail in her hands, “You’re crazy Jessie.”

”You’re crazy for not doing this! It feels amazing!” she said, shaking her head and letting out a loud squeal of excitement.

”Are you sure I can’t do yours? Come on, sit down!” Jessie said, holding her twin’s shoulders.

Jenny shook her head with an uncomfortable smile, “No, I’m okay. I think I want to wait.”

”You aren’t quite finished anyway, Jess,” I said, running my fingers through her hair. The hair was much shorter, but was slightly uneven.

“Oh yeah, Jenny, come on! Even this out!” Jessie said, sitting back down.

Jenny set to work with the scissors, doing her best to cut the hair that could now be described as a lob into a semi-straight line.

”What are you guys doing?” I heard a small voice ask from the door.

It almost startled me and I turned around to see Heather and her long brown hair that hung down in an extremely long braid. To contrast all of us who comfortably wore shorts and tank tops, or Melissa who hardly wore anything at all, she wore sweats and a sweat shirt. The house was fairly cool so it made sense to be cozy, but the long haired girl always seemed to cover her skin. For being one of the best flyers I had ever seen, she was so meek and modest.

“Well, Jessie got a little impatient so she got a little haircut,” I said, smiling at her sweetly.

”Oh,” she said, holding her braid shyly.

”And Jenny is getting one soon too,” Jessie said, winking at her sister.

“Yeah, but I’m letting a professional do it,” Jenny said, tossing her hair.

”That’s probably wise,” another voice said.

I turned to see that it was Shandra. Heather flinched at first, but when she noticed it was Shandra, she smiled like she was starstruck.

”It looks good, though. I can’t wait to see what Evan does with the both of you,” Shandra said, gluing a smile to her face.

“We can’t wait either!” the twins said in unison, in a way that only twins could.

”What do you think, Melissa? Runt, how about you?” Shandra asked, nodding at Melissa and then nudging Heather in a way that could only be described as fond.

Melissa chuckled nervously, holding her ponytail like she was protecting it, “Oh I don’t know. I’m sure they’re going to look great.”

Heather, still starstruck, smiled, “Yeah, I’m sure they’ll look great.”

I was a little put off by the way Shandra called Heather “Runt.” The two had been working together quite a bit since Heather had come in. As strong as Shandra was and as light and acrobatic as Heather was, the pair made a really good team. But Shandra always brought suspicion in my mind.

”Alright, well I’m off to another class. But Jessie, you look great,” she said with a broad smile.

I smiled at her when she nodded a goodbye to me, but as she left, I couldn’t help but scrunch my eyebrows together in confusion. Shandra had a play. I couldn’t tell what it was, but she was up to something. Maybe she was just trying to be a good teammate. But maybe it was something else.

Shaking my head I turned back to the girls still in the room, “Alright Jess, are you feeling better now?”

Jessie nodded and smiled.

”Jenny are you sure you want to wait?” I asked.

Jenny nodded and smiled in a way that was identical to her sister, except for her now vastly longer hair.

”Alright, well I’m out of here then. I have class too. When you’re done with them, leave the braids in my room and I’ll get them to Evan so he can donate them,” I said, turning to leave.

I checked my Apple Watch and saw the time. It was already almost time for my class to start so I would need to hurry. No fanning the mohawk today. Just enough time to grab my backpack and slide my MacBook inside it. I had fortunately already done my makeup, with my favorite dark eye shadow and eyeliner, with a deep purple lip color. My clothes consisted of one of my cheer squad t-shirts and a pair of black bike shorts.

As I left my room, I saw Betty and Anna leaving Betty’s room. Betty looked like a new woman. Her makeup looked downright sexy, she had big hoop earrings on, and she wore a black tank top and some cut off jean shorts. Anna saw me looking and sent a sly wink my way. I nodded in approval as I hurried off to class.


The day had finally arrived. It had been a busy couple of days with classes and practices, so very few people had even seen Jessie’s relatively minor transformation, even her boyfriend hadn’t been able to see her yet as his practice schedule further complicated things. The twins rode in the back seat of my car, always sitting beside each other. It made me feel like a chauffeur, but whatever made them more comfortable.

Jessie and Jenny had both agreed that they should enjoy their last morning with hair and both wore their hair down. Jenny had curled the ends of hers and it hung down well past her boobs. Jessie had actually discovered since her big chop that her hair was in fact naturally wavy. She had done nothing more than blow dry it and run a brush through it.

We got out at Evan’s salon and I opened the door for the twins. They both looked at each other, took a deep breath in unison, held hands, and walked through together.

Inside, Lacey greeted us, “Katie! I guess these are your friends that Evan is going to be transforming today?”

“That’s right, this is Jessie and this is Jenny,” I said, pointing at each girl in turn.

”Hi Lacey!” they said in unison.

”So they’re really twins then?” Lacey asked me.

“That they are,” I said with a knowing smile.

”Well you guys grab a seat, Evan is wrapping up with a client and then it’s their turn,” Lacey said sweetly.

I looked at her for a moment and cocked my head to the side. My mohawk, which I had styled in liberty spikes of alternating white and teal that day, stood rigid.

”When are you going to try something new?” I asked.

Lacey reached up and touched her half green, half black chin-length bob, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, you remember what I looked like when I first came in here right? Well how many new things have I tried since then? And you’ve had that same cut and color since I met you. I can’t believe Evan has let you get away with that,” I said with an amused smile.

Lacey laughed, but touched her hair thoughtfully, “Yeah maybe I’m just lucky.”

I smirked at her and then joined the twins in some of the seats in the waiting area. Before long, the door to the back opened up and I heard Evan’s voice.

”Alright Isla, I’ll see you in a month?” he said, leading a woman who looked to be in her 30s out from the back.

Evan looked as sexy as ever, his nearly faded and trimmed hair was perfectly styled and he wore dark jeans that fit his ass just right and an olive t-shirt that hugged his muscular arms. He had kept his beard long after our summer on the yacht, but it was neatly groomed and cared for. The man consistently made me feral, even just on a normal day.

”Yeah, I’ll see you then,” she said, reaching up and feeling her nape.

Isla’s hair was styled in a bowl cut, with her nape and sides buzzed down to what looked like a number one. It was dyed flame red and the top hung down and covered her eyebrows.

”Hey babe!” Evan said when he saw me.

”Babe? Is this the one that captured the elusive Evan?” Isla said, looking from Evan to me.

I smiled and stood, offering her my hand, “I guess so, I’m Katie.”

Isla ignored my handshake and instead hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, “It’s about time he found a nice girl. We all thought he was just going to be single forever. And my husband hated me coming to see some attractive single man. He was so excited when I told him that Evan had found a twenty-something cheerleader.”

I laughed, “I’m glad my existence could put your husband at ease.”

“It’s very nice to meet you, Katie,” she said before turning to speak with Lacey about paying and setting her next appointment.

”Alright, girls, who’s first?” Evan said, smiling at the twins.

Back in Evan’s room, I took the seat that I had taken so many times before while watching my teammates’ transformations. It never got old and I knew that later that night, Evan and I would both be pretty wound up from what would happen in the room and would have plenty of fun.

Jessie took the seat first, with Jenny holding her hand. She had been the most eager to get her hair cut so she would get to go first.

”Do you have any idea what you want?” Evan asked.

”Well we don’t want to be bald or have a buzzcut, at least not all over. We want it to be unique and something that no one else on the team has. And we’re thinking teal for the color,” she said, conspicuously saying “we” for each pronoun she used.

”But you’re open for anything? I have something in mind,” Evan said, sweeping a black cape over Jessie’s body and snapping it around her neck.

“Yep, anything new and not bald,” she said, looking at him in the mirror with a smile.

Evan set to work, using several clips to section out a patch on the right side Jessie’s head, the patch tracing along the line of her side part and around the back of her ear. Without explaining his plan, he took his clippers and snapped on a number one guard. He flipped them on and they hummed to life.

”You’re not shaving my whole head, right?” Jessie asked, for the first time showing some nervousness.

”You said not to right?” Evan asked, plunging the clippers into the hair in front of Jessie’s right ear and driving them up where her hair was sectioned out.

Jessie gasped and I could see that she squeezed Jenny’s hand. Jenny winced but then giggled, “Oh my god, he isn’t shaving all of it but he’s shaving part of it! I can see your scalp!”

Jessie’s mouth hung slack as Evan folded her ear down and shaved another strip up. He then worked around the rest of the sectioned out hair, leaving Jessie with a closely buzzed side part.

”Wanna feel it?” Evan asked after using a trimmer to shape around her ear and the right side of her neckline.

”Of course I do!” She said, reaching up and feeling it with her fingertips.

”Oh wow, I mean I’ve felt the other girls’ hair, but it’s just so different on your own head,” she said in near shock.

Letting the hair down from the clips, Evan combed it out and began the rest of the cut. First he used his clippers on her nape and buzzed the hair in a downward angle about halfway up her nape at what he had told me was called her occipital bone. He pulled the clippers up once he reached that point and cut through the hair that hung down, using his comb as a guide. He buzzed everything off below that line down to a one.

Once her nape was done, he continued following the diagonal line with his clippers, leaving the very end of her earlobe exposed. The line continued down to the front, her longest hair stopping just above her chin in an asymmetrical bob.

Using his spray bottle, he wet her hair and set to work with his scissors and comb, adding texture to the hair.

”You have wavy hair so I’m removing weight to let it stand out even more. What do you think so far?” he explained before checking in with his newest client.

”I can’t believe that’s me,” was all she could utter as she stared at herself in the mirror.

She looked so drastically different, that was for sure. I was worried that Evan may have pushed it too far, but her face broke into a grin.

”I love it! It’s so different and unique! And it’s so cool that it’s wavy now! I never knew! I can’t want to see what it looks like after you’ve dyed it!” Jessie said happily.

Using his trimmers and comb, Evan tapered Jessie’s nape into nothing and brushed her neck off with his fingers.

”Well I’m done with the cut so now we’ll apply some bleach so we can get the teal you’re looking for,” he said, already mixing the bleach in a bowl.

He applied the bleach to the longer parts of her hair first, starting with the ends and then moving to the roots. He saved the buzzed parts for last and then when he was done, he looked at Jenny.

”Alright Jenny, you’re up. We’ll at least get this cut started on you first. I’ll pay attention to the time and if we need to take a break for me to rinse your sister’s hair, then I’ll do that and let it air dry a little bit before I apply the dye,” he said.

Jessie stood up and eagerly switched places with Jenny, including taking her sister’s hand. I noticed she stood on Jenny’s other side, like they had been in those positions in the womb and had chosen to stay that way ever since then. I realized then that they always stood like that, with Jenny on the left and Jessie on the right.

”Alright, so Jessie kept saying we so I’m assuming we’re doing the same for you? Except we’re going to match this left part?” Evan asked as he draped a cape over Jenny, pulling her long hair out of the way before snapping it.

“Actually, well I-,” Jenny said hesitantly.

”What?” Jessie asked in shock.

”Well I have actually kind of liked that it has been easy for people to tell us apart. Maybe I could do something different?” Jenny said nervously.

”Of course we can! Did you have something in mind?” Evan said, Jessie still standing there shocked with a head full of processing hair.

”I want something shorter than Jessie’s. But I don’t want something normal like what Annie and Emma have,” Jenny said.

”You know what, I have something perfect in mind for you,” Evan said with a smile.

He first tied back Jenny’s hair in a hair tie at the nape of her neck. Then he winked at Jessie as he passed the scissors to her. He motioned for her to cut, just above the hair tie. Eagerly she used his sharp scissors and sliced through it with great ease, especially in comparison to how hard I had seen Jenny work at cutting through just one of Jessie’s braids.

Jenny’s short hair fell free from the ponytail as her sister cut through it and soon she had a cute chin length bob, something shorter than anything she’d ever had before.

”Wow, you look amazing, Jen!” I said, admiring her new bob. Although I preferred shorter hair, there was something mesmerizing and enticing about a freshly cut bob and Jenny shook her head like she was trying to draw me in further. Evan and I would definitely have a great time later.

”I do! But you’re not done right? This is longer than Jessie’s,” Jenny asked, looking up at Evan.

”Of course not. Just getting rid of some of this bulk,” he said, putting the ponytail down.

He sectioned out the hair on Jenny’s crown with the same clips he had used on her sister and left the sides hanging down. Using his clippers and the number one guard again, he tilted her head forward and plunged the clippers into her nape.

”Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, am I doing this?” Jenny asked as hair fell around her face and into her lap.

”Yes you are, and we’re in too far now so you’re definitely doing this,” Evan said with a laugh.

He finished buzzing her nape and Jessie reached over and rubbed it, “Oh my god, you really are doing this. Are you just trying to make me jealous?”

”No, I think I’m going crazy,” Jenny said, lifting her chin and letting her head be pushed to the right allowing Evan to start working with his clippers on her left side.

It was then that I noticed that Jenny’s eyes were filled with unfallen tears and I heard her sniffling.

”Jen are you okay?” Jessie asked.

”Mhm. It’s just a lot. I wanted this bad, but now that it’s happening it’s a little scary. That hair used to be me for so long. Or I guess it used to be us. Now this new hair will really just be mine,” Jenny said.

”And it’s going to look great on you,” Evan said, moving to the right side of her head and buzzing more chin length hair away.

Evan checked his watch after he folded Jenny’s right ear down and buzzed the hair around it away. Then he flipped the clippers off and used his trimmer to give the edges of Jenny’s hair a sharp line. He shaped her sideburns into little points and made the otherwise harsh buzzed hair a more feminine and soft look.

“Alright, Jessie, take a seat at the wash station, we need to get that bleach out of your hair or we’ll be shaving your head today,” Evan said, directing Jessie to the chair.

Jessie laughed as she sat down, “You’re joking right?”

Evan shrugged, “I mean it wouldn’t happen right away, but bleach will just melt your hair off. That’s why you let professionals like me do this. Never try doing this with your friends at home or you’ll be just as likely to end up bald as you are to end up blonde.”

Jessie’s eyes opened wide, but she stayed silent as Evan began to rinse the bleach from her hair. After her initial surprise at how dangerous the process was, she slowly melted into the chair as Evan rinsed her hair. Getting my hair washed by him was always my favorite and it was why I would always come to his salon for my shaves and touch ups. The cutting and washing always led to more and it was nice having a private room.

With the bleach rinsed from her hair, Jessie’s now yellowy blonde hair was lightly towel dried. She looked at herself in the mirror in wonder as Evan left her to work on Jenny’s hair.

”I’ve never been a blonde before. I have to say, I don’t hate it. After the season is over, can you bring me back to blonde?” Jessie asked.

”Of course I can. Just don’t try it on your own, deal?” Evan asked as he let Jenny’s hair down from the clips and began to spray it wet.

“Deal, boss man,” Jessie said with a smile.

With Jenny’s hair now sufficiently damp, Evan raised her seat as high as he could. He combed her hair straight down in the front, sides, and back. Then he bent a little and, using his scissors, he carefully began to snip hair off in a straight line, starting with bangs that just barely covered Jenny’s eyebrows.

He continued around the left side, grazing the top of her ear. Wrapping around the back, he continued, then making his way over to the right side, letting the newly trimmed hair barely touch the top of that ear as well. He finished his circle around her head, leaving a perfect brown bowl cut.

“Oh my god, a bowl cut?” Jenny asked as Evan snipped his scissors into the ends of her newly shortened hair.

”You said you wanted short and unique, I think it looks great. My last client inspired it and from the moment I saw you, I knew this was your look,” Evan said proudly.

She looked at herself in the mirror after Evan finished adding texture, “I’ve never seen myself with bangs, but I-I think I love it?”

Evan grinned his perfect smile, “Of course you love it. So do you want yours teal too?”

Jenny slowly grew more confident as she looked at her new self in the mirror, “Actually, I was thinking maybe we could try white?”

I was shocked, but if the girl liked the bowl cut, who was I to be surprised that she would go for something so different from her sister.

”Oh my god, yes! That’s perfect! Me with teal hair and you with white!” Jessie said excitedly.

”That’s what I was thinking!” Jenny squealed.

Evan laughed, “Alright, alright. Let’s get the bleach on, we’re going to take you as light as we can go and then with a little toner we’ll get you to white.”

Just like he did with Jessie, Evan applied bleach to the longer portion of Jenny’s hair. There was a lot less, and so soon he was applying it to Jenny’s buzzed sides.

With Jenny’s short hair developing under the bleach, Evan then began work on applying the teal dye to Jessie’s hair. With her hair so short, it took him very little time and soon the twins were both staring at each other in the mirror as their new hair colors developed.

”Mom and Dad are going to kill us,” they said in unison.

”Imagine what my parents thought when I went home with all of my tattoos and piercings. I had to wear a wig the whole time I was there the first time because I didn’t want the shock to actually kill them,” I said with a laugh.

“Oh my god, I can’t imagine,” they both said, turning to me and covering their mouths. Even with the vastly different hair, nobody would ever doubt that they were twins and I laughed a little at their reaction.

When the colors were finished developing, Evan first rinsed Jenny’s hair and then Jessie’s. All that was left was to use the white toner on Jenny and then to style both of their hair. The white toner was actually purple to neutralize the small amount of yellow left behind after the bleaching process.

With Jessie’s hair, Evan blow dried it and let her natural wave do the rest of the work. He made sure that the hair was all brushed away from her side cut, revealing the teal buzzed hair. She smiled at herself in the mirror.

”Yep, this is perfect. It’s so edgy and different. Thanks Evan,” she said, giving him a tight squeeze.

He laughed, “I’m just glad to have another happy customer.”

Jenny‘s hair was soon ready to be rinsed and, once all of the toner was washed away, she was left with a vibrantly white mushroom of hair. I could see that, just like Jessie, Jenny’s hair had a slight wave to it.

Using a round brush and his hair dryer, Evan was able to straighten the waves out and give Jenny’s bowl cut a perfect bounce.

“Your hair is wavy like your sister’s so get yourself a little straightener or do what I did with a round brush and blow dryer and you won’t have any problems with it,” Evan explained.

Jenny shook her head side to side and let the bowl shaped hair bounce. Styled, the hair fell just above her eyebrows and she seemed ecstatic.

”Perfect! That seems easy enough, thanks!” she said, bouncing out of the seat.

”Alright ladies, you’re both done. I’ll make sure and get all of this hair sent off to the charity. Jessie, thanks for sending yours too,” Evan said graciously.

He and I locked eyes. We both knew that their hair would make great wigs for a fun night of roleplay. And the charity would appreciate the big monetary donation that Evan would send in place of the hair.

“I’ll pick you up for dinner later tonight,” Evan told me after he kissed me.

I led the girls out as they excitedly shuffled by Lacey. Winking at her I mouthed, “You’re next.”

She nervously laughed as we passed her.

Date Night Times Three

Jessie and Jenny’s boyfriends knocked on the door, each knocking in unison. I was ready for my date and was waiting on Evan so I was closest to the door and was the one who answered it. I wore my favorite little black dress and had my hair slicked back, wearing my signature shadowy makeup and dark purple lip color.

”Hi Katie, we’re here for Jessie and Jenny,” Tate and Tim said in unison.

Jessie and Jenny’s boyfriends were also twins. They were both on the football team and were the two starting outside linebackers on the defense. Both were already on the radar for one day going into the NFL, but they only worked well together so whatever team got one would need to get the other as well.

They both wore matching navy blue suits with white shirts and no ties. They also both had matching dirty blonde buzzcuts with neatly trimmed dirty blonde beards. They both were over 6 feet tall, but weren’t quite as tall as my 6’4” Evan, had bulging muscles from their regular workouts and they were both good looking enough to deserve Jessie and Jenny.

”Hey Tim, hey Tate,” I said, smiling knowingly.

They both tilted their heads to the side, squinting their eyes.

”What is it Katie?” Tate asked suspiciously.

I giggled, “Oh nothing.”

Tate and Tim stepped in to the house and looked around. They were even more confused to see several of the girls standing around, watching for their reactions. Melissa, Emma, and Janie all stood around, smiling as they eagerly awaited our newly short-haired teammates to emerge.

”Oh my god,” they said in unison as they looked up at the top of the stairs.

Side by side, Jessie and Jenny came down the stairs in their established positions. Using a hefty helping of gel, Jenny had slicked her white bowl cut back, revealing the undercut and pale white sides that the longer hair covered. She wore a sparkling red cocktail dress that stopped several inches above her knees with a neckline that plunged down almost to her belly button. She paired her new white hair with teal eye shadow that shimmered like her dress and a rich red lip color that perfectly matched her dress. Her red heels were high and sparkly just like her dress.

Jessie left her hair the way Evan had styled it that morning and wore a black bandeau top that was split down the middle showing every bit of cleavage she had. She also wore a black miniskirt that left most of her lower body uncovered, except for the high black heels she wore. Her makeup felt heavily styled after mine with smoky black eye shadow and winged black eyeliner. The main difference was that her lip color was completely black, revealing perfect white teeth when she smiled.

Their boyfriends’ jaws were dropped as the two girls moved to their men. Not wanting to give any confusion now that their signature hair parts were a thing of the past, Jenny stepped in close to Tate and kissed him while Jessie did the same to Tim.

They kissed long and slow before stepping back and asked in unison, “So what do you think?”

Me and the other girls cheered at their grand entrance while Tim and Tate’s slack jawed mouths transformed into genuine smiles.

”Wow Jess! I mean wow! You look-,” Tim looked around at all of us watching and then shrugged like he didn’t care, “You look so sexy!”

”You too, Jenny! The hair! The makeup! The dress! Come on, I’m getting you out of here right now,” Tate said, taking Jenny by the hand and leading her out of the house.

Tim and Jessie followed suit. Janie followed them out to close the door and shouted, “Alright, y’all have a good night!” in her adorable southern drawl.

Me and the other girls all looked at each other and laughed. Then there was another knock at the door. Janie opened it and was welcomed by Evan who was dressed much like Tim and Tate had been, except his suit was black.

”I guess their boyfriends like their looks? They were speeding off in their car before I had a chance to say hi,” he said with a laugh.

”Yeah, you could say that. They were actually awestruck,” Janie said.

”They were actually speechless,” Emma giggled.

Evan looked around the room, “Melissa, you’re starting to look a little out of place.”

Melissa, whose hair hung down in her signature ponytail, laughed. She seemed like she wanted us to believe her laugh, but the way she held her ponytail and the way her eyes expressed nervousness rather than amusement told me that she was actually feeling that way.

I reached up on my tiptoes and kissed Evan, wiping his lips with my thumb after I pulled away to make sure none of my purple lipstick stayed behind, “Come on big guy, let’s get out of here.”

”I thought you’d never ask,” he said, offering me his arm.

Online Fun

After a night of dinner and some extracurricular fun, this time at Evan’s house, I found myself in my bed. The gel I used on my hair had been rinsed off and my makeup had been removed. I now wore a pair of Evan’s boxers and one of his hoodies I had stolen.

I was just about to get into bed when I felt my Apple Watch buzz. Looking down I saw I had a text from Evan.

”I found this video, I thought you might enjoy it. Maybe we’ll have to try something like this one day,” he said with a wonky face emoji.

There was a link to a popular fetish page that we both looked at from time to time and I tapped on it once I had my phone.

The video started when the lights of a small studio style room flipped on and a cute girl with mid back length, sandy blonde hair stepped in. What happened next made me pull my vibrator from my dresser drawer for just a little more fun before bed.

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