The Study Abroad Mix-Up: Dani’s Story

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The Study Abroad Mix Up: Dani’s Story

Dani was panicking after getting off the phone with her dad. He was furious she was being sent home from her study abroad trip to Germany for getting drunk. Well it was a little more than that. She had gotten drunk and tried to break into the Reichstag building at 4am one night. With her friends egging her on, she had picked up a brick and was preparing to smash a window when the police spotted her. They chased her down and arrested her and the next morning she was kicked off the trip. When the professors called her father, he told her that she was on her own. He wouldn’t be paying the $2000 to buy her a flight back. In fact he was cancelling his payment to her school. She wouldn’t have a dorm apartment to return too if she could make it back to school. Her Dad had said that if she wanted to act like a drunk criminal, she could make her own way. Now Dani was stranded in the middle of Berlin with nothing. She had been able to pay her bail with her last $1000 dollars in Traveler’s Cheques. The police told her as she left the station, that for defacing a national monument she could spend up to 5 years in German prison. The only way the state would drop the charges would be if she paid for the repairs, possibly as much as 10,000. On top of that, she had nowhere to stay the night or even pay for food. As she wandered the streets looking for any way she could find a place to stay a young attractive German man approached her. “Hello Miss, you are looking sad can I buy you a drink?” The next thing Dani knew she was at a bar drinking a fine German lager, spilling the beans on her last three days to a random German man. He told her his name was Pieter and he could possibly help her with her money issues. He said he knew of a studio in town that signed out of work girls to big contracts to film movies that were for people with certain interests. Dani had a feeling she knew what kind of movies he was talking about, but she did not have many other options. She was definitely interested, especially when he said that the movies paid many thousands of dollars, and she could make more if she was willing to agree to make a more peculiar film. “How much are we talking about?” she asked. “If you agree to our most extreme films, you can make upwards of 100,000 US dollars per film.” That was more than enough money for a couple of years. Maybe she would even be able to pay the rest of her way through college with that kind of money.

Dani agreed to film a movie and quickly Pieter was leading her through the streets of Berlin. They crossed into the outskirts of the city and ducked through some rather sketchy alleys and backroads before finally reaching their destination. In a alleyway next to an old theatre, Pieter led Dani down some stairs. He opened a door and inside was a reception area. “Take a seat here I will talk to our producer.” Dani watched Pieter walk away. She saw several doors leading down the hallway, but otherwise she couldn’t see much besides the linoleum tiles and half-moon reception desk. Honestly, it looked more like a doctor’s office than a reception area for a porno studio. Finally Pieter popped his head in the hallway and waved her to the back room.

“Dani, this is the executive producer, Gerald. He will tell you what kind of films he is looking for actresses for.” “Please Dani, sit down,” Gerald said. She took a seat across from Gerald. “So right now I have actresses for all but one film. Currently for that film I can pay you 25,000. Now, once you sign this contract you have agreed to participate in all of the conduct contained within. Per the terms of the agreement, whatever acts are contained in the contract must be completed by you after you receive payment. As soon as you sign you will receive $25,000 directly deposited into your checking account. You will then be escorted to a studio to begin filming. This film may require you to perform sexual acts and participate in permanent body modification procedures.” Gerald then slid the contract across his desk to Dani. “Please either sign the contract now, or walk out of this office, we don’t have time to waste.”

After hearing that last bit, Dani wanted to read every word of the contract just to see what she was getting into. When she picked up the document and began to read it, she realized it was all in German. “Excuse me,” Dani said, “Can I get a copy of this in English?” Gerald put his hands on the table and stood up, “God Damn it Pieter, you said that she was ready to participate!” Then a long stream of German poured out of the two men’s mouths. Pieter stood up from his chair in the corner and walked over to her. “Look Dani, if you need the money, this is the only place you are going to find. Gerald isn’t going to wait to get this translated, he needs the film finished today. If you don’t want to sign, he is going to find someone else who will.” “But what kinds of things will happen during the movie?” Dani asked. “Don’t worry,” Pieter said, “just a little haircut and maybe some fake teeth. Sometimes the touch of a tattoo gun, that’s all. Nowhere else in town is going to offer you the money you need on such short notice. Besides its either this or the next 5 years in prison.”

Dani knew that Pieter was right. No matter what was in the contract she would have to sign it. There was no other way she would be able to get the charges dropped and get back home. She grabbed the pen off of Gerald’s desk and signed her name on the last page of the contract. Gerald gave her the thumbs up and said alright, now let’s get down to filming.

As Pieter led her through the corridors of the building, Dani’s phone alerted to $25,000 being deposited into her account. Now whatever was asked of her would be contractually required. Pieter led her to a room that looking very medical. Inside was a dentist’s chair with various devices. Dani noticed hair clippers, razors and shaving cream as well as various needles and other items. Pieter saw her looking and said “do not worry, they are just props.” Dani was realizing that for $25,000, this might be more than the average adult film.

Pieter had Dani sit down in the dentist’s chair. Then he passed her a white cup with some opaque liquid inside. “What is this?” Dani asked nervously. “Just something to help with your anxiety. It will calm you down. You must drink, it is required by the contract as is everything that comes next.” Dani grimaced and gulped down the liquid. “Wait here. Your co-star is getting ready. The next time I see you, you will be a different Dani.”

As Pieter walked out, Dani’s thoughts began to drift away. Her body relaxed. She felt her worries about what was to come leave her head. This would just be a new experience. She took off her clothes and waited for her “co-star.”

Soon the door opened and her costar walked in. A big bald german man with scrubs on entered the room. Dani could immediately see that he was the most handsome man she had ever been with, and also the most well endowed. He grabbed her hand and shuck it, “Hello, I am Phillipe.” A voice came projected from speakers in the ceiling announced “ACTION,” and with that, Phillipe went to work. He picked up a syringe with a green vial and flicked it several times. Then he firmly picked up Dani’s arm and injected her with it. Then he guided her off of the chair and directed her to her knees. He pulled down his pants, exposing an enormous cock. With a firm grip on Dani’s head, she understood the instruction and took his enormous member into her mouth. Philipe began slowly, but soon was thrusting into her mouth. Dani was enjoying this experience, she always loved when the man took control of her.

Philipe let go of her head and reached over to the trays of tools. A humming sound filled the air. Dani felt Philipe gather up the hair on her head, but kept pleasuring him as vibrations spread along her head. They were starting at her forehead and running down the middle of her scalp to the back of her head. Dani hardly noticed her luscious red locks piling up on the ground around her as she sucked Philipe’s cock. She was enjoying pleasuring him so much and the vibrations on her head only added to her pleasured. After two quick vibrations over her eyes, the humming stopped and she felt a cool lather being rubbed all over her head and two quick touches on her forehead as well. As she sucked Philipe furiously, the lather began to get hot. It felt like someone had rubbed icy hot all over her head. After a few minutes, the burning sensation stopped and she felt Philipe rubbed a towel over her head.

Dani was so engrossed in sucking Philipe’s cock, she didn’t process what was going on as he wrapped his two hands around her bare scalp and slid himself deeper into her throat. Dani felt Philipe’s cock pulse and was prepared to take it in her mouth, but when she opened up wide and stuck out her tongue, she felt Philipe pull himself out of her warm mouth. She felt him explode on her head and rub it all over her. She looked up at him and smiled. Wiping a finger on her head and putting it into her mouth. “Yum, you taste good Philipe.”

After touching her head, Dani realized that she was bald. But after all that had just happen, she wasn’t even mad. She felt sexy. No one had used her like this before. Philipe looked down at her and smiled. “I like my women smooth.” He picked her up and led her to the dentist chair. Stirrups dropped from the ceiling and Dani realized what she was supposed to do. Her pussy was already dripping from her long blowjob. She was so ready to be fucked.

Philipe slid his member into Dani’s wet pussy. His throbbing cock was still ready to go even after he had doused her whole head in cum, the magic of the porno industry. As Philipe was thrusting away, Dani reached up and began to rub her bald head. It was so smooth and erotic. It felt as if she had never had hair on her head. As she began to moan, Philipe put his fingers in her mouth. Dani began to suck on them as if they were his penis. Then Philipe reached over and put a mold into her mouth. Dani bit down into it an realized that she couldn’t open her mouth. The mold had hardened over her teeth. Dani wasn’t worried about this though. She was too buy enjoying the experience. Rubbing her bald head, while a handsome German man made her pussy explode with pleasure had caused Dani to stop worrying about whatever else she had signed up for.

After Dani’s pussy pulsed with orgasm for what seemed like the 8th or 9th time, Philipe pulled her out of the dentists chair and had her kneel in front of him. “I like my girls perfectly smooth,” he said. Then he pulled on the mouth guard in Dani’s mouth. She tried to open her mouth and this time, she felt light pressure as Philipe pulled the mouth guard out. “Now your mouth is just like your head.” Philipe said. As his cock entered her mouth again, Dani’s tongue explored a mouth that was now devoid of teeth. Biting down on his cock, Dani pleasured Philipe as only a toothless woman could. Her gums stroked his whole shaft. She could feel his enjoyment as his strong hands wrapped around her bald head and guided her mouth over his member rhythmically.

This time, Dani was able to make Philipe cum in half the time, mostly thanks to her newly toothless mouth. Once again she felt him cum all over her bald head. Philipe rubbed the cum over her head and said “The smoothest heads are the ones like yours, where hair never grows again. Those are my favorite. Dani just smiled and licked the tip of his cock, letting the last few drops spill over her toothless gums. After that, Philipe left the room. A voice came on over the speaker again “Dani that was perfect. Our clients will be very happy with this movie. Please take some time to rest. We may have another opportunity for you if you are interested.

As Dani stood up, she rubbed her hands over her head. The effects of the relaxation drug was beginning to wear off. Now she realized what Philipe had said. Was she really never going to grow hair again? Were her teeth really gone? Her tongue certainly could find nothing but gums in her mouth, and her head was extremely smooth to the touch. Her scalp felt virgin, as though no hair had ever grown from her head. She walked over to the dental chair and looked at the tray. There was a cream without the top on it. It read “Permanent hair removal cream. She could see in the shiny metal tray that her bald head was reflecting the light from the room. Then she smiled and rubbed her tongue over her gums. Sure enough she was toothless. Even more interesting was that her eyebrows were gone too. But somehow, Dani did not find herself mad that this was her new look. In fact, she thought she looked exotic. Her bald head made her look even more elegant. Her browless face showed off her perfectly blue eyes. And what other girl her age had a toothless mouth, with all the benefits that come from that. She noticed that Philipe had saved her teeth in the mold on the other dental tray. She grabbed them, and put on her clothes.

Dani opened the door to leave her studio and looked down the hallway, several other girls were leaving as well. One had girl looked at her right in the eyes and Dani saw a look of relief flash across her face. Dani did not know why, the girl had gotten a Word tattooed across her forehead in big block letters. Dani looked down the hallway and saw another bald head poking out. It looks like shaved heads were in high demand. Just then, Pieter came out of nowhere. The new Dani looks stunning.” He said. Dani rubbed her hands over her head and smiled, “You all definitely got your money’s worth, she slurred out.” Pieter smiled. “We sure did. I’m happy to say that our preview of your video has already received 200,000 preorders and it is steadily climbing. Gerald has demanded that I sign you to another contract immediately. I will also have to take those teeth we extracted from you as well. Gerald has already promised them to a very high paying customer and as you know you signed them over to us in the contract. We will be sure to send you several sets of replacements as compensation. Dani ran her tongue over her gums. Is there anything you have I can wear in the meantime. Its quite hard to talk like this. Pieter chuckled. “All of the toothless starlets say that after their extraction scene. Of course we have temporary replacements set up for you, but first let me take you to talk to Gerald. He wants to get you lined up for more work ASAP.

And with that, Pieter led the bald, browless, and toothless Dani, back into the Gerald’s office. She could only wonder what changes would await her in the next studio.


To Be Continued.

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