The Study Abroad Mix-Up Part 3

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Study Abroad Mix Up Part III

As they fired off their FaceSpace message to Emma, they heard a knock at the door. “Hey, Abby, its me Sarah, are you in there?” “One second!” Abby slurred out. Sarah was Abby’s closest friend, but Abby wasn’t sure she was ready to reveal her new bald toothless self to her friend. She quickly put on her wig and tossed in her dentures, while John grabbed her some clothes. They both dressed quickly. Sarah, however, was impatient. “Come on, I don’t have all day!” Abby hustled to the door. As soon as she opened it, Sarah bounded into the room. Sarah was an athletic brunette, with brown eyes and a gleaming smile. “Holy shit, what did you do to your hair, it looks amazing!” Sarah said. “I guess it was just time for a change.” “Oh dang girl, do you get your teeth whitened too? Your smile is on point!” “Oh yeah, well I just found this kindof niche salon.” “And you haven’t told me about it yet,” Sarah asked, “I thought we were friends?” “I’m not really sure you want what this place has to offer,” Abby said. “As you can see the style preferences at this place are, well, they are rather dramatic.” “Oh come on,” Sarah replied, “you can’t keep this place to yourself. The rest of us have to look good too ya know! Plus not everyone has a boyfriend. Some of us have to work to get laid!” “Oh I know,” Abby said, “This place is just rather weird, and off the beaten path.” “Well, fine don’t tell me, but I’ll find it sooner or later!” With that Sarah left the room.

A couple hours later, Sarah knocked on Abby’s door again. This time, no one responded. She tried the door handle and sure enough it opened. “Abby must have a business card for this new hair salon,” Sarah thought. She started snooping around Abby’s room. She dug through Abby’s closet and came across a plastic bag with two wigs inside, one brown and one blonde. “Well that’s weird,” Sarah thought, “Abby never told me that she and John did wig play during sex.” Then she noticed Abby’s computer on the bed. She opened it up, to see if she could trace her friend’s search history to try to find the address, but the screen was locked. A business card was tucked into the plastic surrounding the screen.  Unlike Abby, Sarah could read some Madarin, although, she was completely unable to speak the language. She had just never been good at being able to translate English into a foreign language. “Ultimate Transformation,” the card read. 344 Xihau Way was the address listed on the bottom. “Well, Abby will be shocked when I get back from this place rocking a brand new style!” With that, Sarah called an uber and headed out to find this special new salon.

Not five minutes after Sarah left the room, Abby and John got back. They arrived to find Abby’s door open, her plastic bag full of wigs laying on the floor, and her laptop open. “Fuck, I must’ve forgotten to lock my door.” At that moment, an alert came up on her Iphone. A snapmessage from Sarah. Abby open the clip. It was a video of Sarah in the back of a car, she was holding the business card and bouncing back and forth in the Uber.” “Well, looks like Sarah is about to have a seriously shocking new style,” John said.

Unbeknownst to Abby, John and Sarah had a heart to heart a couple of weeks ago and they both had revealed to one another a secret. John had revealed that he had always thought Sarah was hot, and Sarah had revealed that at separate points in college, she had a crush on both John AND Abby. This led the two to hatch a plan to convince Abby to have a threesome over break, but the plan had yet to come to fruition. John figured that this was the perfect chance to have two hairless, toothless women to explore his deepest desires. Abby, on the other hand, was aware that Sarah had sex with both girls and guys, but had no idea John and Sarah had this discussion. “John, I can’t let her go to that place and come out bald and toothless forever!” Abby called an uber on her phone and headed out the door. “I’m going after her.” “I’m coming with you!” John called out. “I can’t let you go alone!” “Also, I can’t miss a chance to watch this transformation in person!” They both head outside to wait 10 minutes for the uber to arrive.

While Abby and John were still waiting on their Uber, Sarah was arriving at “Ultimate Transformation.” She walked into the salon. A bald Asian man smiled at her from behind the counter. Sarah smiled at him and handed him the business card. She pointed at it and gave him a thumbs up. The man waved her along behind a curtain, into a room with a barber’s chair and a mirror.

The man directed Sarah to sit down in the barber’s chair, then he walked off. He returned quickly, with a cup of tea and a bottle of water. He directed Sarah to drink the tea quickly. She did, then found herself so thirsty that she chugged the water. She quickly began feeling very relaxed as though she was melting into the chair. Then the man walked off again. He returned with a small cup full of mint smelling liquid, and a mouthguard. Sarah swished the minty liquid in her mouth and spat. Then the man directed her to open her mouth. Sarah could hardly feel her teeth, but she figured this was the tooth whitening that Abby had received. “I can’t wait to have a beautiful pearly white smile!” Sarah thought. The man then placed the mouth guard into Sarah’s mouth. Then he turned her away from the mirror. Sarah heard a humming sound fill the room, but was so entranced by the relaxed feeling of the tea that she wasn’t worried about anything.

Meanwhile, Abby and John had just arrived at the “Ultimate Transformation” salon. “As long as he hasn’t put the mouthguard on her teeth, we should be able to prevent any permanent changes.” Abby said. They rushed through the door and past the cloth into the salon.

Abby rushed into the salon just as Fu-Ya was buzzing Sarah’s head. “Abby!” Sarah said through the mouth piece. Fu-Ya smiled and waved with his left hand, as his right continued to buzz Sarah’s head, clippering her brown hair into nothing but peach fuzz. Abby smiled and said “Hey Sarah, John and I just came to make sure you found the place.” Abby was downtrodden, she was too late to save her friend’s perfect smile and long locks. John, on the other hand, was excited to witness this change in person.

Soon Fu-Ya was finished buzzing Sarah’s long brown hair into a butch buzzcut. Sarah noticed the humming sound turn into silence. Abby and John were both watching intently. The old Chinese man reached for Sarah’s mouth and pulled the mouth guard free. Abby and John stared as Fu-Ya pulled out the mouth guard from Sarah’s mouth. Clearly visible in the tray, were most of Abby’s teeth, however, several were still in her mouth, one of her front teeth in the top, and one of her canines on the bottom. They watched as Fu-Ya reached into Sarah’s mouth and quickly pulled them out, facing no resistance from the tooth at all. Sarah then grinned at Abby, running her tongue over her smooth gums. “How do I look Abby? Sexy as hell John?” She slurred out of her toothless mouth. John simply nodded back, stunned at watching this beautiful girl be transformed into a bald, toothless, dream girl right before his eyes. Abby, while disheartened that she couldn’t save her friend’s beautiful smile, was also aroused. She wondered what it would be like to rub her tongue over Sarah’s smooth gums, to caress her friend’s denuded scalp. She gulped, how could she tell her friend the results of this transformation? Was it better to just let her find out in the shocking reveal?

Sarah, on the other hand, was very confused. Why was it so hard to get the words out of her mouth? Why did her teeth feel so smooth and seamless? Why was so much of her hair piled up on the ground? Sarah, was so relaxed by the effects of the tea, though, that none of these questions troubled her.

Finally, Fu-Ya began lathering up Sarah’s head with shaving cream. He even put two dashes on her eyebrows. Sarah felt a scraping feeling on her head, while Abby and John watched as the last remnants of her long brunette locks were scraped from her head as well as Sarah’s eyebrows. Then they watched as Fu-Ya unscrewed the lid from a jar. He took a handful of cream from the jar and rubbed it all over Sarah’s head, and put two lines where her eyebrows once were. After a few minutes, he wiped it off, revealing Sarah’s new permanently bald head.

After scraping the last of her hair away, Fu-Ya wiped off Sarah’s head and then quickly head deeper into his shop.

“How does my new style look guys? What kindof hairdo did I get?” Sarah slurred out excitedly. “Do my teeth look good? I can’t hardly feel them in my mouth at all,” Sarah said as she ran her tongue over her gums once again.  “My mouth feels so numb, its hard to talk!” “You look sexy,” Abby said. John blushed and said, “Abby’s right, your new look gives you a real sex appeal!”  “I can’t wait to see myself!” Sarah slurred. Fu-Ya returned and walked behind Sarah. He placed a short, blunt, banged, bob wig on Sarah’s head. Then he walked in front of her and drew two blonde eyebrows. Finally, he directed Sarah to open her mouth, and he arranged a new set of pearly white dentures where he perfect teeth had once been.

Finally, Sarah was turned towards the mirror. “Wow, my hair looks so good!” She said, as she combed her fingers through the short blonde bob wig. “I never pictured myself with bangs! My teeth look great as well. I’ve never seen them so white.” Sarah said, as she smiled into the mirror and ran her tongue over the dentures. Then Fu-Ya smiled and waved Abby over. He took bother her hands and placed them on Sarah’s wig. He then gave Abby a thumbs up. Sarah watched in the mirror with shock as her friend’s hands grasped the seam of the wig and pulled it from her head, revealing a slick, shiny, bald scalp. Sarah gasped and put both hands on her head. As her hands slowly felt her smooth, slick, shiny bald head for nonexistent signs of her luscious brown locks, Abby reached into Sarah’s mouth and took hold of her teeth. “What are you doing?” Sarah muffled out, only to be stopped as Abby pulled the dentures from Sarah’s mouth.  “Holy shit,” Sarah slurred, “What happened to my teeth!” It was just then that Sarah’ got another shock as Abby plucked her own red wig from her head and pulled her teeth from her mouth. “We tried to tell you Sarah that maybe this place was a little too extreme.” Abby struggled to say through her toothless mouth. Sarah looked into the mirror and rubbed her tongue over her gums while her hands explored her bald head. “So whats the deal, am I bald permanently or something?” The slurred words spilled out of Sarah’s toothless mouth. “Yeah, bald permanently and toothless, just like me.” Abby said. “Its called the Chinese wife treatment. But you look sexy, Sarah. No one even has to know, unless you want to show them the benefits.” Abby slurred out, as she winked to emphasize the benefits of the toothless look. Then Abby shocked Sarah, and even John, as she bent down and gave Sarah a deep kiss, exploring Sarah’s now empty mouth with her tongue.

As they pulled apart, Sarah looked once more into the mirror. Taking in her new self. The perfectly smooth, shiny scalp. The slightly sunken cheeks. The toothless mouth. She smiled into the mirror and rubbed her hands over her head. Then she grinned wide and ran her tongue over her gums. She blew a toothless kiss to the mirror, put her blond, banged, bob wig back on her smooth scalp and put her dentures in her mouth. Then she got out of the barber’s chair and turned around to see an aroused Abby and John making out in the back of the shop, while Fu-Ya stood in the corner smiling with a bag in his hands.

“Ok you two, can we please continue this erotic experience at home?” Sarah said. Abby and John broke apart, both blushing. Fu-Ya handed Sarah the bag and bowed as Abby put her wig back on her head and her teeth back in her mouth. Then the trio headed out the door of the shop, back to Shang-Hai to experience the new “benefits” given them by the “Ultimate Transformation” salon.

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