The Study abroad mix-up part 5 – Robbery Gone Wrong!

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The Study abroad mix-up part 5 – Robbery Gone Wrong!

Becky Lee was dressed in her black leather catsuit. The form fitting suit highlighted her DD breasts and voluptuous butt. Her long red hair flowed down her back. She carefully gathered it all and pulled it into a pony tail.

Becky Lee was a well known socialite in the Shanghai area. She attended every event and movie premiere. She was stunning, with bright blue eyes and her perfect body, she was very hard to miss. Many thought she had made her wealth from modeling. Some speculated that she was a social media influencer. Even others said she had gotten it all from a parent that wanted her out of the way. Most would never suspect the real truth. Becky Lee was one of the most successful burglars in the world.

Each night, just like tonight, she would pull on her tight leather catsuit and don her mask and prowl the streets of a country of the world in order to steal the most rare artwork, expensive jewelry, or innovative technological achievements and then disappear as soon as the sun was up. On this particular night, her target was a lab in Shanghai run by a young female scientist, Emma Hardison. The rumor in the city was that Emma, just like her father, was making great technological strides in the field of beauty products. Becky Lee was hoping to get in on that game. She was outside the building at 6 am. First she saw a Blonde haired beauty unlock the lab and go inside. Then she saw the same blondie leave. An hour or so later, a young red haired girl showed up. Maybe 30 minutes after that, the blondie returned, pulling at her hair just as she walked in the door revealing a slick, shiny, bald scalp. Finally, around 3 pm, the blondie and red head left the lab. Both talking excitedly.

Becky Lee relaxed in her car and watched the lab until darkness settled over the city. Then she pulled on her mask and snuck over to the front door, quickly picking the cheap lock on the front. She slipped inside the lab and activated the specialized lenses on her glasses. The entire lab turned green as the night vision setting activated.  Becky Lee quickly began grabbing up vials, creams, injections, and pills without regard for what their labels said. Anything that was experimental would make her money when she sold it to the big beauty firms to be reverse-engineered. As she made her way to the second floor of the lab, she heard the door open. She peered down and saw a figure enter the lab. She clicked off her night vision, anticipating the fluorescent lights of the lab being turned on. Sure enough, they were, and they revealed the red haired visitor to the lab.

“OH MY GOD,” the red haired girl said out loud.

Becky Lee watched as the girl pulled out a cell phone with one hand, while the other reached up and plucked a red colored wig from her head, revealing a slick, shiny, bald scalp, just like the blondie.

“Ms. Hardison, I think you need to come to the lab, ASAP. Someone has broken in.”

Becky Lee glanced around the lab, there was a row full of industrial style windows. She silently darted over to them and eased one open. Her years of yoga training allowed her to slip through the window and onto the fire escape outside. With her catlike reflexes, she swiftly descended the fire escape, and slipped through the darkness to her car.

Only 5 minutes after Summer called her, Emma arrived at the lab. She wasn’t wearing a wig or her dentures when she walked in, only a robe with the monogram “EH” and pajama pants. She took one look at her lab and instantly knew which products were missing.

“Come on Thummer,” Emma lisped through her toothless mouth, “Let’th get back to bed. The perthon who thole thith thuff ithn’t gonna get what they wanted anywayth.”

“What do you mean Mith. Hardithon?” Summer lisped back. She had removed her own dentures while waiting for her boss to arrive.

“I believe thith ith the work of the famouth burglar The Red Cat. The ith infamouth for thealing technology and thelling it to technology firmth who reverthe engineer it. While all of the productth taken are breakthroughth in root removal technology, none are ath advanthed ath the Chinethe Wife Treatment mathine verthon 8.0.”

With that Emma grabbed Summer and walked her out of the lab.

“Pluth, I know some guyth who can’t wait to thee the new you.” Emma said.

Becky Lee arrived at her penthouse apartment only 25 minutes after she left the scene of the crime. Immediately, she began unloading her haul on the table in front of her. Each of the vials had hand written labels and they all said different things. One said “Partial body hair removal.” Another said “Painless eyeless depilator.” There was even a jar of cream that said, “Hair root destruction formula, for a permanently smooth scalp. Becky Lee did not like the sound of that, her firery red hair was her trademark. Finally Becky Lee found one that sounded interesting, “Smooth all over formula, Final Version for Beta testing in CWTM version 1.0.” She picked up the case and opened it up. Inside were 5 hypodermic needles filled with a bright green serum. On each needle was a tiny label that read “Hair Removal Injection.”

“This sounds promising,” she thought, “And it doesn’t say anything about head hair. Plus those techno geeks can sacrifice one of these tiny vials so I will never have to go to the salon to get waxed ever again. I mean what are they gonna do, SUE ME?” Becky Lee laughed to herself as she pulled off the leather catsuit, revealing her milky white skin, double breasts and voluptuous ass. Then she grabbed one of the green needles and walked into the bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror, taking in her sexy body. Her judgmental eyes noticed all  the tiny hairs she wanted removed.

“No time like the present to get rid of all of these little guys,” she thought.

With that, Becky Lee grabbed the needle and plunged it into her arm, injecting all of the green formula into herself.

“Time to wait and see,” she thought.

After 5 minutes, she began noticing a tingling feeling over her whole body. Her skin and mouth felt numb. She began pulling at the hairs on her pussy, but nothing was happening. She decided to shower while she was waiting turned the hot water on. After waiting a few minutes for the water to get hot, tugging on her pussy hair all the while, Becky Lee stepped into the shower. She left her hair up, she only shampooed it once a week anyways and today was not that day. As the hot water poured over her head, Becky Lee stood in the steam and allowed it to relax her. She shut her eyes, thinking about the heist. This burglary was almost too close to call. Maybe it was time for her to hang up The Red Cat persona and just live as the exotic millionaire Becky Lee? Hopefully this job would net her enough to put her over the $500 million mark, then she would be set for life no matter how extravagant she decided to be.

After about ten minutes, Becky Lee shut off the water and grabbed the towel, rubbing her eyes with it, before stepping out of the shower and wrapping her red hair up in the towel. Now, she could barely feel any of her skin, and her mouth was so numb her tongue was just flopping about. It was like she had been injected with novacaine. Finally, she rubbed off the mirror and began examining her perfect body. First, she stood back and looked at her legs. She didn’t notice a single black hair poking through, even though the last time she had shaved was yesterday morning. Then her gaze went up to her pussy. To her surprise, that was perfectly smooth as well. Not a single trace of the once firery red hair that graced her wetness. No more questions about “does the carpet match the drapes?”! She shifted her eyes up once more to her arms. The light airs that once dusted her arms were gone, leaving only baby smooth skin in their place. Then she lifted her arms. Once again, her arm pits, which hadn’t been shaved in four days, were completely bare.

“Wow, she thought, this little needle really worked, they need to get this out to all the women of the world!”

Then her gaze shifted up to her face and Becky Lee went from excited to shocked. Not only were all the little unwanted hairs around her face gone, but so were her red eyebrows and eyelashes. There wasn’t a traces of hair left on her face at all. Becky Lee lifted her hand to her mouth in shock, then traced the space where her perfect eyebrows once were.

“HOLY SHIT!” she exclaimed. “My perfect brows are gone! Hopefully….” Her voiced trailed off.

Her gaze shifted up to the towel that was wrapped around her beautiful red ponytail. She slowed unwrapped it from her head and gasped. Becky Lee’s red hair had receded considerably. Instead of a once full and strong hairline, it was no receded about an inch onto her scalp on all sides. The evidence of this change was right in the green towel in her hands. Clumps of red hair clung to towel as Becky Lee stared at her once perfect self in the mirror.

“OH MY GOD, MY HAIR.” She said.

She reached up with both hands to pull the scrunchie out and let her ponytail down to see if she could somehow hide the damage. But when she put pressure on the scrunchie to pull it out, she watched as her ponytail began to pull away from her scalp. Becky Lee began to panic and pull at the scrunchy harder, and screamed as her whole head of hair pulled away from her scalp in one swift tug. The red hair slapped to the floor as Becky Lee dropped it in shock. All that was left of her luscious red locks were wisps of thin red hair, hanging on to her otherwise smooth scalp by a thread. Becky Lee began to rub her hands over her head and the wisps floated down to the floor, leaving her with a perfectly slick, smooth, shiny, bald scalp.

As she continued to rub her hands over her head, taking deep breaths, Becky Lee realized the feeling of touching her slick, shiny, bald, scalp was refreshing, almost erotic. She looked at her new hairless self in the mirror and realized she was even more exotic than before. She could always put on a long red wig, just like that girl at the lab, and Becky Lee was certain that this look would attract its own sort of sexual deviants ready to satisfy the smooth sexy socialite.

With that, Becky Lee took a deep breath and smiled into the mirror. It was at this moment she realized what the phrase “Smooth all over,” really meant.

As Becky Lee smiled into the mirror, she realized that some of her teeth were feeling loose. She pushed at her front right tooth with her tongue and watched in wonder as it popped right out of her mouth. Her reflexes took over and grabbed the falling tooth before it could plop down the drain. She leaned into the mirror.

“Holy Shit,” Becky Lee whistled through the new gap in her teeth as she talked to herself. She dropped the tooth in the enamel cup she kept by the sink. It landed with a satisfying “tink.” Becky Lee then reached up and touched her left front tooth lightly. It too popped out with ease, landing right in the enamel cup; “tink.” Each tooth that Becky Lee pressed on with her tongue popped out. One by one she removed all of the pearly white teeth from her mouth and dropped them into the enamel cup.

By the end of the night, Becky Lee was looking in the mirror at a hairless toothless woman, where before a head full of red locks and perfectly pearly white teeth once existed. She looked at the cup which held all of her perfect teeth. Then she looked at the clump of red hair on the ground, with its tiny little pony tail sticking out. Then Becky Lee looked in the mirror. She ran her hands over her slick shiny bald scalp and felt that erotic shudder tingle up her spine. Then she smiled and ran her tongue over her gums, exploring her toothless mouth. The same erotic shudder pulsed through her once again.

“Maybe this isn’t all bad,” she thought, “I bet my blowjobs will be out of this world now. But I still have to do something about this. I can’t go out hairless and toothless tomorrow!”

With that she retreated to her bedroom. She grabbed two items. One, was her laptop. She was gonna email that Emma Hardison with the contact info from one of these experimental items. The other was a self freezing dildo. Nothing like a blast of cold to really set a lady off. Becky Lee settled down on her couch and opened up her laptop. She looked at her table and read the contact info off of one of the items. Then she put the ice cold dildo in her mouth and began to suck it, guiding it over her gums with her other hand. The cool sensation began to stimulate her toothless mouth like nothing had every before. She closed her eyes shuddered as the erotic sensation she had experienced in the bathroom now began to consistently run up and down her spine with the rhythm of the frozen dildo. Her shudder caused to click the “video chat this online email user now,” icon next to Emma Hardison’s email. Becky Lee, didn’t notice this however. She was too busy stroking her smooth, shiny, bald scalp, and guiding the frozen dildo over her gums.

“Well well well, what do we have here? It appearth the Red Cat hath become the Smooth Cat.”

Becky opened her eyes to see, a hairless and toothless Emma Hardison staring at her through her computer screen.


To be continued……

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