The Video Shoot Needed a Barber (Part 2)

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This is a continuation of this story:

It will probably make more sense if you read that first. Or don’t. I can’t tell you what to do. Again, I’m breaking this into parts because I haven’t had much time to write lately and this story is a bit on the long side.

Part 2: The Full Treatment

Natalie heard a thud as her Magic Wand rolled off the bed and landed on the floor. When she had caught her breath, she hastily closed the video player on her laptop and loaded a bowl. If Michelle had known what she was doing while watching these videos, she’d have had to pay $19.99 a piece to download them like everyone else. Natalie couldn’t explain why it turned her on so much, watching herself shaving off those three beautiful heads of hair, but she couldn’t deny it.

She’d started a new job at a high-end barber shop about a month ago, and for the first time in her career, had actually made a legitimate effort to improve her skills with a razor. While she had convinced two of her male clients to go from long hair to a clean shave, it just didn’t feel the same as shaving a woman’s head. She wasn’t destroying a thing of beauty, but rather, performing an act of mercy; both of them had advanced male-pattern baldness, and no man in history has ever made a skullet look good. Natalie wanted that feeling of taking away someone’s pride of joy, of reducing the source of their beauty and femininity to microscopic stubble. Not that any of her female victims were ugly afterwards. Much to the contrary, Michelle seemed to have the perfect facial structure to pull off a bald head, especially after she’d gotten a floral pattern tattooed on her scalp, which covered all the skin up to about an inch from the hair line.

Unfortunately for Natalie, though, six weeks had passed since she had shaved the heads of those three women, and another shoot was yet to be scheduled. Michelle assured her they were working on it, but it was difficult to schedule at the moment due to the holidays, and she hadn’t gotten any responses to her ads. She still had a standing offer of double the finders fee if she could convince her roommate and best friend Nina, but it was always a hard pass. Michelle had always worn a wig while working at the strip club, even before her real hair was shaved off, and she claimed nobody could notice, but Nina said she was full of shit. Nina had very long hair, and was a natural blonde. She felt that without it, she wouldn’t make as much in tips, and the modeling fee that Ron and Michelle paid wouldn’t come close to the money she’d lose. Of course, Michelle had also made a standing offer to Natalie to have her own head shaved, but she only wanted to be the one holding the razor.

Serendipitously, Natalie’s phone buzzed. It was a text from Michelle. “planning next shoot. Does Sunday the 14th around noon work for u?”

Natalie immediately texted back that she was available. That was a lie, she was scheduled to work from 10 to 6 on Sundays but she could always call in sick.

Sunday the 14th

The big day finally rolled around, and Natalie showed up five minutes early this time. Michelle had given Natalie some news that made her positively giddy. She would be doing three haircuts today, all three models would be having their hair cut in the nude, and they’d all be getting what Michelle referred to as “the full treatment”. Razor shave on the head and eyebrows, even cutting off their eyelashes. The AirBnB they had rented was a bit smaller this time, and the cameramen from the last shoot weren’t back, so Natalie had to help Ron, Michelle and a thick, curly-haired girl who would supposedly be one of her next victims unload the heavy barber chair from the UHaul and maneuver it into the living room. The stripper pole was also in the back of the van but they left it in there. Michelle explained that one of the girls agreed to model in the nude only under the condition that no men were present. She’d found a female camera operator for this shoot, and she was more expensive, but had her own equipment, so it wound up saving money anyway.

Michelle’s hair had grown in a little bit since the last time. It was darker than the long hair she used to have, but the colorful tattoo beneath it was still clearly visible. Natalie had offered to Michelle that if she wanted to go smooth again and show off her new tattoo, she could come into her shop and get it done on the house, but she was growing her hair back out to give to Ron as a gift. According to Nina, Michelle had always worn a wig at work, but today she wasn’t covering up her near baldness. She helped Ron set up the backdrop for the photoshoot and gave instructions to the first model, a short mixed-race girl with curly black hair with a southern twang who introduced herself as Kendra.

Kendra posed for a series of before photos. First in her normal clothes, then in a dress, then in a bikini, then in nothing. As the shoot was taking place, someone else walked in the front door. A tall young girl with strawberry blonde hair almost to her knees. Natalie tried not to let her jaw fall on the floor. Was this really going to be one of her models today?

Michelle confirmed that yes, indeed, she was. That was McKenzie, or Mac as she preferred to be called. Although she was the one who didn’t want to be naked in the presence of men, she had actually reached out to Michelle herself about wanting to be in one of these videos.

That would have to wait though, as Kendra was now ready to be shaved. This time, the videos were going to start with a brief interview. Ron and Michelle found it important to assure the viewers that all the models were acting on their own volition.

Michelle operated one camera herself, while the new camerawoman, a white woman with dreadlocks whose name was Rachel, made sure everything was properly in focus. She gave the ok and they began with Michelle asking Kendra a few questions.

“Could you please introduce yourself.”

“Yeah, my name’s Candy, I’m 27 years old, and I’m a pharmaceutical sales rep.” She used a fake name, and stretched the truth a bit about her occupation. The pharmaceuticals she sold weren’t exactly prescribed by a medical professional.

“And why are you here today?”

“Well, couple weeks ago I was out with some buddies getting some late night Waffle House, and you came up to me with that other girl asking me whose hair I thought was real. Couldn’t tell the difference so I picked you, then you took your wig off and I was like ‘daaaamn! she looks good with a bald head’ and then I said I always thought I could make a bald head look good too, and you told me I could get paid cash to do it, so I was like ‘fuck yeah sign me up!'”

When Kendra mentioned Michelle in her intro, Michelle made a motion to Rachel to point the camera towards her, but she already had. She was good.

“So what are you doing today?”

“The full treatment! Y’all are gonna shave my head and my eyebrows while I’m butt-ass naked!”

Michelle giggled. That was more colorful than she expected.

Ron reminded Natalie of the plan before they got rolling again. She started with the sides, plunging the clippers without any guard into Kendra’s curls. A pile of hair started to form around her. Next she cut the hair on top to about an inch in length and shaped it into a tight crewcut. After a brief pause to let Kendra check herself out in the mirror, she took the guard off the clippers and cut down the rest of the hair, pretending she was done before going back for the eyebrows. Next, she spread shaving foam over Kendra’s scalp and face and gave her a skin tight shave with a straight razor. For the final touch, she took a small pair of scissors and cut the girl’s eyelashes as short as possible.

Kendra was ecstatic. She sat in the chair looking at herself in the hand mirror and rubbing her scalp while Ron swept and bagged the loose hair around her. She snapped back to reality when it was time for the next step of the shoot. She took a quick shower to get off all the little piece of hair stuck to her body, and then posed gleefully in a series of outfits that went in the reverse order from before. Nude, then in a bikini, then a dress, then her jeans and T-shirt.

That felt like a warm up to Natalie. While Kendra had a lot of hair, it was a pittance compared to the amount of hair hanging from the next girl’s head. Those gorgeous tresses just waiting to be severed by her hand. It was all her eyes could focus on. She didn’t want a cigarette right now, or anything that would force her to lose sight of her prey even momentarily. She was the apex predator.

Ron explained the next shoot to Natalie before he left the room. She was barely paying attention but she got the gist. Ron had a buyer lined up for the hair, so she needed to get the whole thing in one piece, and sever it as close to the scalp as possible.

McKenzie, the Rapunzel whom Natalie had been passively eyeing for the last hour, walked up to her and got her attention. Natalie’s heart raced, as if her crush was about to ask her out.

“Hey” the long haired girl spoke “Could I just make one request, please.”

“Uh, sure, what” Natalie replied bashfully.

“Start right in the front, in the middle. Don’t give me a chance to back out.”

McKenzie posed in various outfits, as had the previous model. Unlike before, though, she went in the bathroom to change between each one. When it came time for the nude shoot, she suddenly became apprehensive.

Michelle had taken over as the director. “You don’t have to be naked. We can do the shoot in a bikini, or fully clothed if you’d prefer.”

“No, no… I definitely want to do this. I want to do this to the fullest extent possible, just, give me a second.” the Rapunzel took some quick breaths. “I’m just nervous about being naked and everyone staring at me. I’ve never been naked in front of anyone before.”

Michelle lifted her shirt over her shoulders and tossed it on the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Then she slipped off her jeans and panties.

“Does this make it easier?”

McKenzie smiled. Kendra, who had stuck around to help with the rest of the shoot, took her clothes off again. Next Rachel, the camerawoman, shrugged and took her clothes off as well. She had a toned body but didn’t appear to have touched a razor in some time, sporting dark brown bushes under each arm and between her legs. They looked at Natalie.

“Uhh… I’m good” she said awkwardly. While she didn’t particularly care for the idea of being naked on camera, Natalie was in no way motivated to help this girl build up the courage to take her clothes off and do yet another round of photo shoot, instead of just starting the haircut right now. She had never been a patient person.

McKenzie didn’t even seem to notice, as the other women’s nudity gave her the courage to take off her bikini. To Natalie’s chagrin, she had to wait through another set of photos, as the petite young girl stood in a series of poses that covered her small, perky breasts with her egregiously long hair. Rachel took her time to make every shot was properly lit and in focus while Natalie silently resented her perfectionist nature.  Finally, she was done and they were ready to start the pre-haircut interview.

“Could you please introduce yourself”

“Hi, I’m McKenzie, but everyone calls me Mac, I’m 19 years old and I’m a student.”

“And why are you here today?”

“Well, I grew up in an extremely religious household. I was always told from a young age that a woman’s hair is her crown, and I had to grow it as long as I could in order to be feminine. But I never cared for dolls and baking and long hair and all the other things girls are supposed to do. My parents would keep telling me I’m going to go to hell if I want to play with trucks or play sports or things that only boys are supposed to do, which… well that was basically everything I wanted to do, but the biggest sin of all was cutting my hair. When I was 13, I hacked a lot of it off with a pair of scissors, not even that short, just about shoulder length. So they had me kidnapped in the middle of the night and taken to this place in the desert for troubled teens, where they basically tortured me into acting like a good Christian girl. So after that, I was scared enough to grow my hair out long and only do girly things and pretend my only goal in life was to marry a man and have lots of babies, and pretend I still believed in god. Then last year, my great aunt died, and she left me a lot of money. The lawyer said I could start my own bank account since I was legally an adult. So I used some of that money to escape from home in the middle of the night, and get my own place and go to community college. For some reason though, I never cut this stupid long hair, and I spend at least an hour every day brushing and maintaining it. One of my friends from my study group is a psych major and she said I’ve kept the hair because I have trauma from what happened last time I cut it. She’s probably right. I’ve just always been scared because of what happened last time, and at this point, it’s basically 40 inches of reddish-blonde fear. So, once I got my first computer and learned how to use it, I immediately started looking online to see if I could sell it and eventually I found you guys, so, here I am.”

Michelle looked horrified. She paused for a second and signaled at Rachel to stop filming. “Umm… wow… I’m really sorry that happened to you. That’s horrible… I think it’s a little darker than the vibe we’re going for here. Could we maybe… umm… just do that again but say you’re sick of having such long hair and you really need the money.”

“Aww man. I rehearsed that speech in front of a mirror a bunch of time last night.” They tried again. “I’m here because I need the money and I’m sick of all this hair.” Mac said, almost sarcastically.

“You ready?”

“Yes! let’s do this!”

Finally. It was time to go. Mac relaxed in the barber’s chair as Natalie tied her doomed mane into a tight ponytail so that it would stay in one piece. With her hair hanging behind her, there was nothing to cover her slender body, and the girl didn’t seem to care. “Remember. Right down the middle” she whispered.

Natalie was happy to oblige. Once she got the assurance that the cameras were rolling, she fired up the Oster clippers, with no guard, and plunged them down the front of Mac’s scalp. The hair was so thick that she had to slow down a bit as the clippers began to make angry noises. She made pass after pass at the front, slowly, and from side to side, until the hair began to peel backwards. Carefully and methodically, one inch at a time, she severed the massive strands at their roots, until finally, the whole thing detached, and she dropped it on the floor. It was so large it almost made the ground shake. Natalie cleaned up a few spots on Mac’s scalp where you could still see a couple millimeters of hair until it was all even. Mac immediately reached for her scalp.

“Whoa! This is so cool! I love it!”

“Well I’m not done yet” Natalie quipped back. She held Mac’s head in place and quickly buzzed off here eyebrows.

Mac was on cloud nine as Natalie spread the warm foam over her head and eyebrows. She sharpened her straight razor and then carefully scraped it off. After that, she spread another layer of lather and gave it another go, just to be sure every single hair was gone. As the camera zoomed in on her eyes, Natalie snipped off the bulk of her eyelashes.

Natalie stepped out of the scene as Rachel zoomed in on Mac’s reaction to rubbing her smooth head.

“Oh my goodness! I love it so much. I’m an egg!”

Michelle chuckled. “Maybe in more ways than one.”

Mac got up and hugged Natalie. She didn’t have a single hair left on her body. She had been so excited and anxious about this shoot that she had shaved every bit of her skin below the neck to get a taste of how it was going to feel. Six times. In the last week and a half. She picked up her severed hair and held it like trophy, not even bothering to put any of her clothes back on.

“My head feels so much lighter!” she shouted

Natalie needed a smoke while Mac took a quick shower and they shot the ‘after’ pictures. Then she needed another smoke. That was everything she hoped for and more. She couldn’t wait to see the video. When she finished her third cigarette and came back inside, Mac had put her clothes back on and was just finishing up the photoshoot. Rachel, weirdly enough, had not.

She heard Michelle having an angry phone call in the other room. “A deal is a deal! Everyone knows about it and if you show up tonight and still have all your hair, you might as well just not show up!”

Natalie wasn’t sure what that was about, but she wasn’t paying much attention.

They finished shooting Mac with clothes on and no hair, as the camerawoman, with no clothes and an excessive amount of hair, took shot after shot. Michelle handed Mac her cash and asked Natalie and Rachel to come meet with her and Ron privately. She reminded Rachel that she could get dressed if she wanted to.

Michelle looked annoyed as she addressed them. “So, our next model seems to have had some confusion about when she was supposed to be here, but she assures me she is still planning on following through, and will be here at 4. It’s… 2:45 now. How long can you two stay today? We’ll pay you extra.” She said with a sigh.

“Actually, since we have time…” Rachel paused “How much do you pay the models for these shoots?”

“Why?” Ron asked “Are you interested?”

“Well yeah. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve shaved my head, or been naked on camera.”

Ron explained to her how much she could get paid for anything from a crewcut to a full body shave. He assumed she would be accepting the extra pay for nudity.

“I had an idea the other day, and we don’t have to do it, but hear me out.” Rachel smiled “As you can see, I’ve gotten kinda lazy with grooming my body hair lately. It doesn’t usually look like this, I’ve just been on a bit of a dry spell, and next thing I know I wake up one day looking like the sasquatch. I think that this current situation presents an opportunity for a very unique look. What if we, basically, make an imaginary vertical line down the middle of my body, and shave off all the hair on one side while leaving the other side the way it is, then do everything on the other side?”

Ron and Michelle didn’t seem to have a problem with that. They looked at Natalie.

“Well, I’m not sure I want to shave your… you know.”

“Oh it’s fine.” Rachel assured her “I’ll get all the body hair myself and you can just focus on the actual barbering part.”

“Ok. Sounds good to me” Natalie shrugged.

When they returned to the living room, Mac and Kendra were still there. Rachel asked if either of them wanted to operate the camera and they both agreed in unison. Mac deferred and allowed Kendra the opportunity. Since Rachel’s haircut was so last minute, she didn’t have any outfits other than the clothes she brought, which included neither a bra nor panties, so she just did two ‘before’ shoots- one clothed and one fully nude. As usual, she was meticulous with the angles and lighting, and kept stopping to make sure Kendra knew what she was doing with her expensive equipment. Natalie was once again annoyed with how long this was taking, but she’d soon be taking out her frustration on those stupid dreadlocks.

Rachel took her clothes back off and got in the chair. Ron had plenty of spare sets of clippers, so both her and Natalie had their own. She had checked to make sure the camera was running, and gave the go ahead to start the pre-haircut interview.

“Please introduce yourself.”

“Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m 29 years old and I’m a freelance photographer.”

“And why are you here today?”

“I’m gonna have my head shaved! And everything else too!”

“Are you excited?”

“Yeah definitely. I actually shaved my head for charity about 8 years ago. Not all the way, just a buzzcut. I sort of missed having such short hair. I knew when I started wearing my hair as dreadlocks that I’d probably have to shave it all off again eventually. When you hired me and told me what kind of videos I’d be shooting, I thought maybe I’d want to do it too, but I worried it would be degrading. It really isn’t though. In fact, it looked like fun. I’m ready!”

The interview completed, Michelle let them know that they’d be starting on the cut shortly.

“I’ll race ya!” Rachel winked as she placed the clippers towards the side of her bush. She lifted her leg over the arm of the chair. Natalie could smell her wetness, maybe from the impending doom of her hair, maybe from the exhibitionism, but she was in no position to judge anyone for being aroused right now.

Both clippers roared to life in unison. Rachel started mowing away the right half of her pubic hair while Natalie pushed the clippers back towards the right of the center of her dreadlocks with haste. Rachel finished removing the bulk of the hair around her pussy, and switched the clippers to her left hand to get the hair from her right armpit. Natalie interrupted her.

“Hold your head still for a second.” She said as the buzzed off the right eyebrow “There. All done.”

It wasn’t much of a race. Natalie teased Rachel for her slowness while she finished running the clippers over her leg. She spread the shaving foam over the denuded half of Rachel’s head with and went at it with her razor. Slowly and meticulously this time, as she had to hold Rachel’s head still while she lathered up her own body and scraped the foam away with a disposable razor. While Rachel finished her legs, Natalie picked up the smallest scissors she had and trimmed off most of Rachel’s right eyelash. She hadn’t confirmed this was supposed to be part of the cut, but Rachel made no attempt to stop her.

Rachel was now totally hairless on the right side of her body. The next part of the shoot was the most important to her- the halfway photos. She was even more careful that the lighting and focus were right, checking each photo and demanding many of them being re-shot. She was clearly in command, even though she could not have looked more ridiculous. Her half-shaved body and half-dreadlocked head made her look like a character from a futuristic sci-fi, or maybe an ancient priestess to some long-forgotten god. It was as exotic as a white woman named Rachel could possibly look.

Satisfied with the collection of mid-cut photos, Rachel sat back down in the chair to finish the job. Natalie took her time to reduce the rest of the hair on Rachel’s head to an even layer of stubble, savoring the moment as she wasn’t sure whether or not this would be the last haircut she’d perform today. As she sliced away at Rachel’s dreadlocks, Rachel did the same to her body hair. Natalie removed the remaining eyebrow right as the last of the armpit hair fell to the floor. Next, she spread the shaving foam over the remaining stubble and reduced it to nothing with the straight razor. Rachel had already gotten better about keeping her head still while shaving her legs and pubic area, and Natalie finished the job perfectly without a single nick. Once she clipped off the remaining eyelashes, Rachel was now symmetrical.

After rinsing herself off, Rachel took command of the phot shoot again. Meanwhile, the last model still hadn’t shown. Natalie asked Michelle went to the other room to talk.

“I take it this last model probably isn’t going to show, right. I mean, it’s 4:15 already.”

“No, she just texted me 5 minutes ago that she was 5 minutes away. She’s going to show. She has to!”

“Oh, awesome! Well I don’t know how this last shoot could possibly top the last ones.” Natalie smiled.

Michelle chuckled. “Well, you’re in for a surprise. It will.”

“Really, wow, how is that even possible?”

With perfect timing, both Michelle and Natalie turned to look out the front window of the house. A car pulled into the driveway and parked. It was a silver late 2010’s Audi A3.

That was Nina’s car.

To be continued.

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