Thinning scissor haircut at saloon in india

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I am Rahul from indore.
I will share my haircut story, the best way to enjoy haircut fetish, haircut story of mine at a barbers shop of banglore.
I define my hairs: are straight more than medium length mop shine flicks hairs.
I headed to a barber shop in banglore for haircut, a nice barber shop with young hairstylist with 5 long comfortable chairs even we can rest my legs straight on chairs like partially laying on back support.

I entered the shop one cute guy with nice medium length hairs came forward, “sir haircut?
i said “yes haircut.
I seated on a chair.
He directly examining my hairs with his hands. My hairs are of medium length silky straight so as he is playing with my hairs as he is getting my natural fall of hairs & my style,
he said” kesi haircut karna h?
me”just trim karna h, ears par touch rehnedena & back se bhi jyada length kam mat karna, & thinning shears se density kam kar dena & top hairs ko point cut karna with texturising. …as fetisher i like only thing is Thinning shears haircut 😉��’�.
So the barber said” me kuch samjha nhi. I again said”dante wali kechi… “ohh haa with smiled 😀.

Then he covered me with protection cloth.
He took 3 types of combs with 1 wide tooth comb & 2 types of thinning scissors & 2 types of normal scissors.

Wetting sessions starts here with wide tooth comb, he first comb all hairs to front with a good amount of wetting, my eyes were hidden by front fringes,
After that he parted my hairs.
He took a scissor, point cutting from back side.. Coming to the sides.. Now he asked me “ok ya aur chote karu.
Me” sides toh thik h.. Abb thinning scissors se kr dena..

Now comes the wild attack of thinning scissors.
He combed with wide comb & wetting my hairs.
I generally admire barbers works on chairs itself, coz he may take more time & extra care with my cutting. Barber hairs is also a bit medium so he timely flicks their front fringes that looks too sexy.
Now again come to the story.
He took 1 of thinning scissors with wide tooth comb,
Attack on crown part. He blend once & combed in front he also told me down your head a bit, As he also likes the blending shear sessions,
1 shot blending then front combing..
1..2 shot blending then front combing..
…. Again & again.. For 15 times approx.
My was in standing position already..naturally wet..
All hairs stuck in comb & scissor tooth & half falling on my face & front cloth area. I was in woow mood. Barber also taking interest in blending shearing, he comb hairs infront in rude way by holding my chin with his one hand, hairs of full length, short, bunch of hairs & comb is full of bunch of stucked hairs, again & again combing in angles infront.
Now i was thinking he is the guy with my thoughts. He did great choppy with thinning shear.
He asked, sir side ke bhi nikalu baal,
I said “yess.!!
Now he again wetting my whole hairs as fan is over my seat a bit dried but not fully, he always wetted hairs till water is likely to drop.
With this other comb of regular space tooth he parted all my top hairs in 1side over my ears, he angled my head to comfortable for chopping, now again attacked with blending & did same on the other side. Again he wetted and pushed my head in front and blends on the back about 30 times.. A lot of hairs out with comb.
I cumed naturally that time.
He played a lot with his hand on my hairs coming on face.
He blow dried my hairs to front side with brush.
Now he said i will texturising straight top hairs with layers.
He section my hairs with comb & with 2nd thinning shear he chopped the bunch with 3.. 4.. chops. again & again. Layered with crown to front.
Chopped dry hairs all over on my face. A well enjoyment above expectation barber is doing with my hairs. 👱��’�chop chop chop..
With the blending point cutting my hairs going to be like justin bieber hairs what i like the most, finaly he blow dried, and set my hairs.
So this the haircut fetish my story who likes thinning scissors haircut & choppy-haircuts.
Reply here or mail me your reviews or who like to share their thinning scissors Experience.
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