Tina with the golden locks – Prologue

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Tina – the girl with the golden locks – Prologue

Tina is a beautiful Highschool girl. She has waist lenght golden blonde hair, all one lenght. Thick and gorgeous. Her eyes are the most pretty eyes, brown big eyes that warms the heart of everyone she ever meet. Tina is slender and a bit on the short side. But she is one of the most beautiful girls anyone ever seen.

Today the summer is over and school has started. It is the first day. Tina walks in the school corridor with her high heeled boots making that clicking sound on the floor. When she walks by everyone follows her with their eyes. The boys are drooling and the girl are full of envy.

Two envious girls has started to plan something. They want to dethrone Tina. Jennifer is a fat, short girl with short curly hair and has lot of freckles all over her face. She has small green eyes that looks like little holes on a fat potato head. Anna is tall and thin, flat as a board. She has brown thin hair that hangs lifeless over her shoulders. Her hair is so thin that the scalp is visible through the hair.

Jennifer and Anna will have to wait until the school day ends. Then they will have their first opportunity to mess with Tina and her golden blonde locks…

To be continued…

  • A short prologue that starts of a long series following Tina, the girl with the golden blonde locks
  • If you are interested in this story I will continue to write it as long as you want!
  • “Tina” is actually based on my first ever “crush”, Tina’s looks is based on that girl that I dreamt about many years ago, in this story her looks will be degraded as the time goes by
  • Please let me know if you want me to continue to write about Tina…

2 responses to “Tina with the golden locks – Prologue

    1. Thanks my friend 🙂 I was tired when I started to write and I am not native English writer/speaker. Well, I know that prologue comes first but my brain was very tired after a long day. At the same time I just wanted to start writing. I am not ignorant, just failed because of tiredness. But as I said, I had to start just to take the step into writing.
      I firstly write these stories for myself, I like them. If somebody would like them too I would be happy. But if not, then it is what it is 🙂

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