Tina with the goldens locks – Part 1 – Jennifer and Anna plans

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What has happened earlier?

Tina the beautiful girl with her warm brown eyes and her waist lenght golden blonde hair, slender and a bit on the short side has come back from her summer holiday. Entering the school building with her high heeled boots making that clicking sound when she walks.

Girls envy her. And mostly two girls named Jennifer and Anna. Today they will start making plans to dethrone Tina.

Jennifer is fat and chubby with short curly ginger hair, freckles all over her face. Small green eyes. Looks a bit like a pig.

Anna is tall and flat as a board, she has brown thin hair to her shoulders. The hair is so thin that the scalp is visible.

The first plot is forming, getting the team together

Jennifer is the dominant one, Anna is a follower, a Yes-girl. The thing they have in common is their deep envy of Tina.

During break they meet up in the school basement. Now is the time for planning. What to do about that Tina-girl!

The consensus is that they want to destroy Tina gradually, it will be a spiral. To take Tina down bit by bit.

Jennifer and Anna is a good devilish team, Jennifer is good at manipulating (she also got brains). Anna is great at using chemical compounds (formulas and serums that work on hair) and good with clippers, scissors and so on. Jennifer will be the organizer while Anna will be the worker.

The plan – dethrone Tina

The two envious girls talk and plan. The first plan is to somehow attack Tinas beautiful waist lenght goldens locks. But it must be done in a way that people won’t notice much at first. Gradually work with Tinas hair to degrade it.

Should it be with chemicals in the hair? Or forcing themselves on Tina snipping away small parts of her hair?

With chemicals they could do it the sneaky way, with the snipping way they have to bully Tina and threaten her somehow so she consents and keeps silence.

Jennifer has the qualities to manipulate someone to submission, Anna has all the sneaky talents.

Which way will this go?

To be continued…

  • Read Tina with the golden locks – Epilogue first, this is the second part in the series
  • The first plans are starting to form, this is a work in progress
  • Please let me know if you want me to continue writing this series


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