Tina’s Cut & Classic Perm

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Tina arrived home to an empty apartment after a long, stress filled work week. Her ex-husband Tom had the kids for the weekend, so she had the whole place to herself. She hung up her keys and kicked off her pumps, before heading to her bedroom to get out of her work clothes. After stripping down to her bra and panties, she sat down on the edge of her bed and carefully removed the elastic band from around her thick, waist length ponytail.

After reaching for the paddle brush on her nightstand, she began to work it down through her trademark tresses from scalp to ends. As much as she loved her hair, it was becoming increasingly difficult to find the time to do anything with it. Feeling spontaneous, she set down the brush, picked up the phone and called Tom’s mother Sue. Sue had worked as a hairdresser for over forty years. Although retired, she still serviced many of her long time clients out of her small home salon.

Sue: Hello?
Tina: Hey Sue, it’s Tina.
Sue: Hey Honey, how are you?
Tina: I’m doing well! How about you?
Sue: Oh, not too bad. What can I do for you?
Tina: I was hoping to book a hair appointment.
Sue: Do you know what you want done?
Tina: Well, I’ve been thinking about going short… And maybe trying a perm.
Sue: Really?
Tina: Yeah… As much as I love my hair, it’s time for a more mature look.
Sue: Well, I can definitely help you with that, but I’ll need you to trust me.
Tina: Of course! You’re the expert, right?
Sue: Will nine o’clock tomorrow morning work for you?
Tina: Yes, that would be perfect!
Sue: Alright, I’ll see you then.
Tina: Sounds good. Thanks Sue!
Sue: No problem! Take care now.

Despite turning in early, Tina didn’t get much sleep that night. After dragging herself out of bed at 8:30 am the next morning, she threw on a pair of denim shorts and a tank top, secured her hair up into a bun and headed out.

Her heart was pounding, as she pulled up to the front of Sue’s house. After parking in the driveway, she got out of her car and followed the signs for the salon, which led her through a door in the back of the garage and down a set of stairs to the basement. “Hey Honey, you’re right on time. Hang up your purse and come on back.”, Sue said, as she entered.

“We’ll start with a good clarifying shampoo to strip any minerals or product build up from your hair.”, she added, as she led Tina over to the sink. As Tina was getting situated, Sue retrieved a vinyl cape and several clean cotton towels from the cabinet above. She then double draped Tina, before releasing her bun, guiding her head back into the bowl and wetting her hair. After a thorough shampoo and rinse, she wrapped up Tina’s hair, before removing the cape and towels and leading her over to the styling station.

“Have a seat.”, Sue said, as she spun the chair around to face her. Once Tina was situated, Sue spun the chair back toward the mirror and pumped it up to a comfortable working height. After wrapping a fresh towel around her shoulders, Sue tossed a nylon cape over the top and secured it tightly around her neck. She then unwrapped the towel from around her head, causing her hair to slowly unravel and cascade down the back of the chair.

After retrieving a comb and an elastic band from her station, Sue gently tilted Tina’s head forward and began to comb down through her long, damp hair. Tina was beginning to have second thoughts, as Sue pulled her hair back and secured it into a ponytail. “Alright… Are you ready?”, Sue asked. Tina nodded, too nervous to speak. After reaching for her shears, Sue slid them in around the base of the ponytail and began to force the blades through the thick mass of hair.

After nearly a minute of vigorous cutting, the ponytail finally came loose from Tina’s head, into Sue’s hand. “You’re looking better already!”, Sue said, as she handed the severed ponytail back to its owner. “Oh my God!”, Tina shrieked, in obvious shock. “Don’t worry… Once you get used to your new look, you’ll wonder why you didn’t cut it years ago.”, Sue replied, trying to sound reassuring, as she began combing down through the remaining hair.

Tina sat in silence, as Sue sectioned her hair for a short, uniform layered haircut. “Alright Honey, let’s get you evened up.”, she said, as she reached for the shears again. Large chunks of wet hair slid down the cape, as she worked her way around Tina’s head, quickly and methodically layering her hair. After cross-checking her work to make sure it was even, she set down her tools and stepped away from her station, leaving Tina alone to inspect her new haircut in the mirror.

Sue returned pushing a roller trolley with a perm kit, a plastic cape and several more clean cotton towels on top. “Well, what do you think?”, she asked, as she positioned the trolley next to the chair. “Honestly… It’s a lot shorter than I was expecting.”, Tina said, trying not to panic. “I know it seems drastic now, but I promise you’ll love your new look when I’m finished with it.”, Sue replied, as she unfastened and removed the nylon cutting cape, sending a large pile of hair down to the floor below.

After shaking out the cape and setting it aside, Sue grabbed a fresh towel from the trolley, wrapped it around Tina’s shoulders and secured it with a clip. She then reached for the plastic cape, unfolded it and tossed it over the top, securing it tightly in the back. After wrapping a second towel over the top, she removed a bin from the trolley, pulled out a plastic tail comb and began to section Tina’s hair for a basic nine-section perm. Each section was twisted tightly and secured down to her head with a plastic clip.

After releasing the first section, Sue drew the tail of her comb across Tina’s scalp to create a narrow subsection of hair, which was then combed straight up, secured between her fingers and lightly misted with water. After wrapping an end paper around the section and sliding it up over the ends, she grabbed a blue perm rod from the bin and rolled it down the length of Tina’s hair, securing it tightly at the scalp. The entire process was repeated until Tina’s head was fully encased in neat rows of small plastic rods.

After applying a layer of protective cream to Tina’s ears and hairline, Sue wrapped a cotton coil around the perimeter of the rods to absorb any excess waving lotion. She then reached for the perm kit, tore open the box and removed the two small bottles and plastic cap from inside. After handing Tina a towel to cover her face, she punctured the tip on the first bottle, and began to thoroughly saturate each rod with the cold, smelly solution.

“Pew… That stuff stinks!”, Tina said, after pulling the towel away from her face. “Sorry, I should’ve warned you… Cold waves are rather notorious for their strong, foul odor.”, Sue replied. When she was finished, Sue tossed the empty bottle in the trash, before replacing the saturated cotton and covering the rods with the supplied cap. She then set a timer for 20 minutes and grabbed an old magazine for Tina to read while the strong chemical solution went to work, breaking down her hair.

When the timer expired, Sue removed the plastic cap and cotton coil, before unwinding one of the rods to inspect the curls. “Looking good… Let’s get you back over to the sink.”, she said, as she re-secured the rod. After a thorough rinse, Sue gently blotted the rods dry with a clean cotton towel. She then pierced the tip on the second bottle and began to apply the neutralizer to each rod. When done, she set the timer for 5 minutes, giving the neutralizer time to rebuild the broken chemical bonds in Tina’s hair.

After a second rinse, Sue began to carefully remove each rod from Tina’s hair, dropping them into the sink as she went. Once the final rod was out, she gently towel dried Tina’s curls, before wrapping them up and leading her back to the styling station to finish up. Once Tina was seated, Sue stepped back behind the chair and slowly unwrapped the towel from around her head. “Well… What do you think?”, she asked. “It’s so tight!”, Tina cried. “Oh, I know… Your hair really took the perm well!”, she replied.

After tossing the towel aside, Sue reached for her comb and shears and began to lightly trim Tina’s hair, removing any split ends caused by the harsh chemical processing. When finished, she set down her tools, grabbed a plastic styling pick and began to work it up through Tina’s perm, lifting and separating each curl. Satisfied with her work, she set down the pick, reached for her hand mirror and held it up behind Tina’s head, allowing her to see the finished style from the back.

With Tina’s inspection complete, Sue set down the mirror, lowered the chair and removed the cape and towels from around her. “What do I owe you?”, Tina asked, as she stepped out of the chair. “Oh, don’t worry about it Honey.”, Sue replied. “Really?”, Tina asked. “Yeah… I really enjoyed doing it! Just remember to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair to avoid the possibility of relaxing your curls.”, Sue said. “I’ll do that… Thanks Sue!”, Tina replied, before grabbing her purse and heading out.

Tina stopped at the drug store on her way home and picked up a shower cap, a can of mousse and a plastic styling pick. After arriving back at her apartment, she headed straight for the bathroom to put away the supplies and get a good look at her hair in the mirror. As she examined herself up close, she was surprised by how much older she looked. Although her makeover was more drastic than expected, she realized that she couldn’t really complain, since she had technically gotten what she had requested.

She was standing in front of the mirror, contemplating how her friends and family were going to react, when someone began knocking on the apartment door. After quickly wrapping up her hair, she rushed out of the bathroom and headed for the door, opening it to find Tom standing outside. “Hey, where are the kids?”, she asked. “Mom called and suggested that I drop them off at her place and come over here to visit you. I didn’t really understand why, until she gave me this.”, he replied, holding up her ponytail.

The harsh-smelling combination of ammonia and burnt hair hit him instantly, as he stepped across the threshold and into her apartment. After strutting toward him seductively, Tina reached up and slowly unwrapped the towel from around her head. “Well… What do you think?”, she asked. He was at a complete loss for words. He just stood there speechless, staring at her hair. After noticing the bulge in his pants, she grabbed him by the arm and began to drag him down the hallway toward her bedroom.

They were both so aroused by the time they got to the bedroom that neither of them could get out of their clothes fast enough. Tina pulled her tank top up over her head, before unfastening her shorts and sliding them down onto the floor. She then dropped her panties, before removing her bra and crawling into bed. After removing his t-shirt and jeans, Tom dropped his briefs, lowered himself down onto his ex-wife and began vigorously thrusting his fully erect penis up into her moist, smooth-shaven vagina.

“I’m in love with your hair!”, Tom said, as he raked his fingers up through her curls. “I can see that!”, Tina replied, obviously a bit surprised. “You look gorgeous in short hair and that perm is so sexy!”, he added. “I was expecting something much more subtle, but obviously your mother had other ideas!”, she said. “That’s strange… It’s like she knew exactly what would turn me on!”, he replied. The intensity of the sex continued to increase until Tom had a sudden orgasm, shooting hot ejaculate up into her body.

As they were lying in bed, sweaty and exhausted, Tom realized that he couldn’t keep his fetish a secret any longer. It was then that he opened up to Tina, explaining that he’s been obsessed with perms for as long as he could remember. He admitted that he loves the smell of traditional cold waves and that his ultimate fantasy was to get one himself. Tina was surprisingly understanding, even suggesting a trip to the beauty supply store to pick up everything she would need to give him an old-fashioned home perm.

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