To Shave or not to shave. Pt.1

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This is a story of friends that have the thought to shave their heads. Will they go through with it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        It all started one Fall day. The fifteenth day of 6th grade at West Manchester Middle School. St. Baldrick’s and other head shaving charity organizations had been in the news lately, and some kids were very excited at possibly being a part of doing one of these charity’s. They had just finished English class and it was first lunch followed by recess. Some of the children you had at lunch were: Abigail, Alexis, Lindsey, Debbie and Molly. While at lunch Lindsey asked a puzzling question, “Would any of you girls ever consider shaving your heads?” Alexis answered first saying, “well I will have to take some time to think this over, but as of right now, Perhaps.” This shocked the rest of them, but not to much. Next Debbie responded, “I to will have to think this over, but at this moment I might.” Same reaction from the rest of the group as before. Next response was from Abigail who said, “Same goes for me, I will have to think this over, but might do it given the right circumstance.” Molly was the last to respond saying, “I to will have to think this over but as right now I’m not sure.” Abigail then asked Lindsey, “Would you ever shave your head?” Lindsey replying to this question said, “Sure why not if given the right circumstance , if you all would to.” The whole group agreed they would have to think this over and come back to it later. A few days later Lindsey brought the subject up again. She asked them, “So have you all thought it over? Would you ever consider shaving your heads?” This time Abigail was the first to respond by saying, “I have thought it over and sure, but not right now, but maybe some day.” Abigail and the rest of the group then asked Lindsey, “Why do you want to know so bad?” Lindsey replied, “Well I was just curious since we’ve been hearing about people shaving their heads for charity. Plus I’ve been thinking recently about wanting to become a Hair Dresser when I’m older.” The whole group then said, “oh, okay that’s understandable.” And one by one they all expressed an interest in wanting to become hair dressers to. Abigail was first to respond saying, “I have thought about it and might do it in the future, not right now.” Alexis was next to respond,” I agree with Abigail, I might do it in the future, but not right now.” Debbie went next saying, “I too agree and might do it in the future, but not now.” Molly was next to reply saying, “I have thought it over and I am still not sure. I guess I might in the future if you all did too.” The whole group then said: “We could always cut our hair for charity, but not shave our heads”. Everyone else was in agreement. So they then tried to come up with when and where they should have their hair cut at. Debbie then had a brilliant idea why don’t we organize a charity hair cut here at school. I’m sure we could raise tons of money if both girls and boys take part in it, besides we all need hair cuts anyway and I’m sure our parents would jump at a chance like this. What do you all think? Abigail was the first to respond by saying, “I absolutely think that is a fantastic idea and your right we all do need hair cuts and all our parents would jump at this chance for us to do this. Everyone else reiterated the same thing and so the planning started. After talking to their parents they organized the hair cut charity event for October 12th. By the end of the event 150 children had gotten their haircut, of the 150 children 50 were boys and 30 of the boys were shaved completely bald. They were able to raise 12,500 dollars for charity. For the next 2yrs. until High school the charity event grew, by the end of middle school they had raised about 35,000 dollars.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           When they started High school at West Manchester High school yet again they were at the same school. One day when the group was seated for lunch a girl walked up and said: “May I sit with you all?” The group said yes. The girl than sat and said: ” Hi my name is Jessica.” The group than one by one said their names. A few months past and wouldn’t you know it the head shaving question came. The group than turned their attention to Jessica and asked her if she had ever donated her hair to charity. Jessica than said: ” Yes. Actually I have many times, me and my best friend Lynn did every year for 4yrs.” The whole group was amazed and Abigail said: ” Well then your an expert at doing this, We did a school fundraiser where some kids at the school cut their hair and we raised $12,500. Jessica then said: “That’s fantastic.” While they were all at lunch Jessica asked the question, “Would any of you girls ever consider shaving your heads?” She asked. The whole group answered saying, “Actually that very question was asked 4yrs. ago by Lindsey.” Molly was the first to answer Jessica question saying, “Yes, I might be willing to Shave my head.” Everyone’s jaws hit the floor. The group said “Wow Molly! Why the sudden want to?” Molly then replied, “I don’t know just for some reason, I got the sudden urge to.” Alexis was next to reply saying, “You know if Molly is willing to Shave her head than I’m in to.” Yet again jaws hit the floor. Debbie was next saying, “Well if Molly and Alexis are willing than count me in to.” Abigail went next saying, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, Count me in too.” Lindsey went next saying, “If the rest of the group is going to than count me in too.” The group then asked Jessica. Jessica replied saying: ” Yes, I absolutely would, It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had a head shave.” The group was shocked by the last part of what she said. They asked her very puzzled: ” What do you mean it wouldn’t be the first time you had a head shave?” Jessica then explained by saying: ” Well me and Lynn after our last hair donation thought the next year that we might shave our heads, We also always wanted to be Hair dressers when we grew up. We never did because when the next year came and after we found an event to do it, Lynn suddenly got very sick. When her Mom took her to the ER they found she had Cancer, they then told her and her Mom that luckily they had caught it in time so she would be okay after a few months of Chemo. As it turned out she and I shaved our heads seeing her hair would fall out soon anyway. I have wanted to shave my head again for a while, So that’s why.” The group than said: “We understand now, Now we really do have a good reason to do it.” Alexis just as if awoken from a day dream asked, “What the heck did we all just agree to?” Molly sounding rather shy in the moment said, “I think we just said we all would shave our heads. Can’t believe we just did that. I guess we all just took a giant leap forward, from the last time we heard this question back in middle school.” Debbie also sounding shy in the moment said, “So when and how do we go about doing this deed?” Alexis than came up with a brilliant idea and said, “Hey I have a brilliant idea, why don’t we do another fundraiser. It worked in middle school. Now that we’re in high school it might be a bigger success and might raise double the amount as middle school.” The whole group agreed and the planning started. Jessica than had a great idea, she told them: ” I know exactly what we can do, We can do it in the Cosmetology department, I’m good friends with the Instructor and also know a former Cosmetology student named Victoria who has a key and helps out sometimes. Plus, I help out by cleaning up after her teaching is done for the day. She has also been teaching me how to do mine and other people’s hair since I’m interested in being a Hair dresser. I’m getting pretty good just look at how good I can do my own hair.” Jessica then further said, “She is Lynn’s Mom.” The group than said: “Oh really? Well that sounds like a fantastic Idea! You did your own hair, It looks really good.” So the plan was set only question was, WHEN? Each member of the group talked to their parents about their head shaving idea. Jessica had absolutely no problem seeing that she’d done this so many times before. The rest of the group had a tougher time convincing their parents. Not that their parents were completely opposed, they were at first and just didn’t think their daughter’s would want to do this and be okay with the result. Eventually after a lot of convincing their parents gave in seeing that a lot the school might do it too. Little did everyone know what lie in the near future for the girls, that the head shaving might come sooner than expected.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Three weeks later Jessica and the rest of the group happened to be passing by the Cosmetology Department after their after school activities, when Jessica said: “Do you all want to take a look inside?” The group then asked: ” Won’t we get in trouble if she’s not here?” Jessica said: ” No. In fact I can go in there anytime I want, she doesn’t mind, just as long as I don’t break anything and give her a heads up and lock up when I’m done. Also the school knows I do this.” Jessica than unlocked the door to the cosmetology department, turned the lights on and ushered the rest of the group to take a seat in the salon styling chairs. Jessica and the rest of the group proceeded to sit in the chairs in front of some of the stations. Jessica than asked would anyone be interested in shaving their heads right now? The rest of the group looked at Jessica and got up from their chairs and replied saying: “ I don’t know. This is kind of sudden, wouldn’t our parents be really shocked if we do it now as opposed to doing it at the fundraiser?” Jessica then replied saying: “ Well ordinarily they might, but actually I already spoke to your parents and told them that we might do it sooner than the fundraiser to get more people interested in doing the fundraiser.” Molly than asked: ” What did they say?” Jessica than said: “ They were shocked at first but then said Ok after some convincing and I told them my plan.” The rest of the group was still hesitant about doing it so much sooner than expected. But to everyone’s surprise before anyone could say another word Jessica said: “Well I’m going to Shave my head whether you all do or not.” And before anyone could say another word or react Jessica through a cape on herself and snapped it closed, opened one of drawers of the station in front of her grabbed the clippers plugged them in flicked on the clippers and ran the unguarded clippers down the middle of her head and said: “Well, no turning back now.” leaving in it’s wake a pale white path of skin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               To be Continued.

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